About Family Talk

The Importance of Relationship

We are designed by a loving Creator for relationship with God our Father, and with one another. The institution of the family serves as the basis for developing those relationships and contributing to a strong society. But, the truth is, we remain incredibly human! Our own inadequacies, shortfalls (and flat-out rebellion) can wreak havoc in the home. The good news is that God didn’t leave us to our own devices; He established rules, rules that both protect us and introduce us to a more abundant life.

Spouses and Siblings

Respect. Unconditional love. Intimacy.

Husbands and wives can thrive when such basic needs are met. Even sons and daughters blossom when mom and dad remain committed to one another for life. Follow that with a basic parental understanding of the difference between childish irresponsibility and willful disobedience, and it all adds up to a happy, healthy home.

Culture Watch

With each new wave of technology comes a new set of challenges. Whether it’s “sexting” or Internet porn, or other life and death issues like cutting or an obsession with the occult, we must be on the guard. This is no time for shrinking back. God has uniquely called and equipped us to engage the culture.

Keeping our Priorities Straight

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what drives us. It’s what keeps us going and forms the basis for all we do. When our chief purpose in life is to glorify God and bring Him honor, He’ll take care of the rest. “Family Talk” is committed to evangelism.