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Sept 2

Avoiding Infidelity - II

Guests: Bob and Cheryl Reccord

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While marital infidelity is typically associated with men and physical temptations, emotional infidelity in women is just as common and problematic in marital relationships. Listen today for advice about building a solid foundation for your marriage.

Bob Reccord is a nationally recognized speaker, author, consultant, and currently serves as Executive Director for the Council for National Policy (CNP), a non-profit educational foundation based in Washington, D.C. CNP’s mission is to restore and sustain American freedom by providing a forum for leaders to deepen their understanding of the great spiritual, economic, constitutional, and national security issues confronting the nation. In short, CNP seeks to advance the “First Principles” of this nation’s Founding Fathers.

He also serves as the Founder and President of Total Life Impact Ministries, challenging people from all around the world to Live a Life that Matters, speaking to over 185,000 men in the last 5 years.

Bob’s previous roles include nine years as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) North American Mission Board, overseeing 5000+ missionaries, one of the top three disaster relief entities and a radio/tv network. During that time, Bob hosted a national radio show called Strength for Living. His other roles have been as Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Norfolk, Virginia and Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. He also served as a co-pastor at Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Reccord has authored eight books which include Beneath the Surface, Forged by Fire, and Made to Count. Bob is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and adventure lover. Whether as a pastor, businessman, husband or father, Bob has dedicated his life to helping people discover their calling and to effectively develop and exercise their passion for God and His mission to change the world.

Cheryl Reccord is President/CEO of Total Life Impact, Inc. She is also a respected Life-Coach, author and speaker.

Cheryl may also be entering the best years of her life. After committing her life to raising three amazing kids, she’s got them (almost!) out of the nest and given them their wings. Now Cheryl is putting those valuable life skills to work in new ways, and she’s surprised how much demand there is for a woman with ideas and insights to share with others. Her latest book project is Launching Your Kids for Life ( W Publishing Group, 2005), co-authored with her husband, Bob.

A native of Michigan, she followed her dream of becoming a pianist to Indiana University. There she found that music was only part of God’s plan for her life. She discovered the difference between a religion – and a relationship with the One who would lead and inspire her forever. She also met her future husband. They married and entered vocational ministry. Along came graduate school, children and the challenge of greater pastoral responsibilities, interspersed with years in the secular workplace and para-church ministries. The Reccords’ life together has been a great teacher, and Cheryl has learned well from her experiences. She’s gained in wisdom. And now, she mentors other women, wives and mothers – meeting with them one-on-one, in groups or by speaking at conferences and women’s events.