Dr. James Dobson Radio Broadcasts

Dec 31

Healthy Habits Begin Today - III

Guest: Mr. David Meinz

On today’s broadcast, nutritionist David Meinz concludes his talk on healthy eating. With his characteristic humor, he explains everything you need to know about making mealtime with the family both happy and healthy.

Dr. Dobson talks about the drastic changes he made to his diet after having a heart attack, and closes by pointing out that losing weight is partly so difficult because unlike other vices, you can’t completely avoid food, and eating is often associated with happy occasions.

For more information about healthy eating for the body and soul, click here.

David L. Meinz, MS, RD, FADA, CSP specializes in consultations and workshops that enable people to improve their health. He presents information from his book Survival of the Fittest internationally to businesses and associations. Meinz earned a Master's Degree (MS) in Human Nutrition in 1981. He is also a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Fellow in the American Dietetic Association (FADA).

He has also earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation in the National Speakers Association.Meinz has been a consultant and professional speaker since 1991. He has taught at Norfolk State University and Hampton University, worked in human nutrition research through the University of Missouri, practiced hospital clinical dietetics, and was director of a hospital health promotion program.

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