Radio Broadcasts

Do you have an idea for a show? We'd love to hear it.

Some of the best ideas for programs come directly from our audience. So, the Family Talk team invites you to submit your suggestions.

  • Do you know of a family whose circumstances should’ve flattened them, yet they are standing strong and serve as an inspiration to those around them? Introduce us!
  • Have you met someone with a profound ability to convey marriage and parenting truths in a fresh and dynamic way? Tell us who they are!
  • Have you recently been in the audience when the speaker shared a personal story of God’s faithfulness in his or her life? Send us an audio copy (CD, DVD, MP3)!

Or contact us the old-fashioned way by mailing your package to:

Family Talk
540 Elkton Dr., Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Please be sure to include an audio sample whenever possible. We look forward to hearing from you.