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Families Helping Families

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Have you been blessed abundantly this year? Are you looking for a way to reach out and bless someone else who may be in need this season?

We reached out to our friends on our Facebook page, asking those who were struggling in one way or another to write in and let us know what their family's greatest need is this Christmas season. All responses have been listed below as they were submitted. In an effort to keep requests and donations anonymous, we have numbered the requests. If you are able to help out any of these families, please send an email to us here (social.media@drjamesdobson.org) with the number and how you can help / donate. In your email, please list your full name, mailing address, and phone number.

If you are unable to help, we would still covet your prayers for each situation. Your support means a great deal to us!

Blessings to you and your families during this Christmas season!



#1 Bangkok

I am a pastor/missionary formerly serving in Japan and now Thailand. I have lived overseas for 7 years but because our parents have both passed on, I have made the point of flying to Dallas to spend Christmas with my sisters. I have been doing this every year.

I have been seeking a new ministry where I can do what I have trained to do in seminary, and preach the word, but the doors have not opened.

I currently do not have the funds to make the trip and I would really like to be able to fly from Bangkok to Dallas, and spend the holidays with my sisters. Because I am retired from American Airlines, it is easy and inexpensive for me to fly. My need is $1000, for plane fare and to be able to get presents for my sisters. Thank you for your consideration. God bless you.



#2 Eaton, NY

I just found out that I am pregnant. I have no clothes for myself and cannot afford them. Just lost my job and my other half has left. Will be put on bed rest because of pregnancy and I am very high risk. I have two children to care for, under 10. We have nothing for Christmas, though that is not an absolute need. It's still nice for them. I heat the house with wood and also need a fan to circulate the heat. What money I do have goes towards the basic bills and I cannot afford things like light bulbs, toilet paper, laundry and skin soap etc. And maybe a muffler for my car. It can be used, I am not picky at all. Something is better than nothing. I am all for community help and help as much as I can. So if there is ANYTHING that I can do, I will do it. Thank you so much and may God bless you!



#3 Mobile, AL

The week before school started in August, I found out I wasn't going to have a classroom - the enrollment was down in the Christian school I was teaching. (I have a certificate from Mississippi). I can't receive unemployment because I worked in a Christian school. There goes my income to pay my younger son's enrollment (we are still behind) and other son's child support (I owe since August). My husband's hours have remained steady but we relied on his bonuses to help with mortgage and truck note. They have been cut. When he has Navy Reservist training, he loses hours at work and his full time job does not cover this. We had to take out a Title loan to pay for the electric bill and get groceries last month. We've also have to help support my daughter and her son in our home since June. She works but not enough to get her own place. Thank you for your prayers, and have a blessed day.



#4 Cheraw, SC

I know that I don't have anyone dying that I know of in my family but we still have hardships .In 2001, I got custody of my 3 grandchildren. My husband and I had a daughter still in high school at home and then got the grandkids. We had a little money saved at that time and I had to be out of work over a year due to the baby was sick so much, I had to just stay home. We used up our savings during that time. We have struggled through these years and we have made sacrifices for ourselves and our baby daughter has had to give up things we could have done for her but couldn't because our income went to her nieces and nephew. We had just started trying to save up again and my husband got sick and has been in and out of the hospital for extended stays these last 3 months. He has not yet returned to work and I was out a lot with him during that time. Our house is in need of repairs and we have no money to fix the things that need fixing, our baby daughter, now married with a 3 year old is having financial burdens as well and she has to find somewhere to live in the next month and we cant help her because we are limited to income at this time. We have one granddaughter now in college; one a senior in high school and the baby boy is in the 6th grade. Like all other children, they want things for Christmas we cannot provide but would love to be able to. The college student wants gift cards for things she needs and food to eat, the high school student likes pretty clothes and gift cards, the boy wants a new iPod, an electric drum set and he needs uniforms for school., and he wants hunting things. I would love to be able to purchase gifts for the 3-year-old grandson as well. I know Christmas is not about gifts and they know that too but it does my heart good to be able to give and this year, we just don't have it without using credit cards. I don't want things for myself, just to be able to give to my children.



#5 KZN, South Africa

Goodday. I live in KZN in South Africa. I have twin girls in grade 11 and cannot pay their school fees monthly. I am in a bad financial situation and live in a rented house. I give you permission to email to me at the above email address. Your assistance will be much appreciated.



#6 Sioux Falls, SD

I am a single parent struggling this Christmas season with my Dec. rent of $650. I thank you for your time and appreciate any help.



#9 El Paso, TX

I'm the sole parent of three very busy teenagers and a 9 year old. I have a small car that is in desperate need of repair. We need reliable transportation to get to work and school events. Please consider my plea. Thank you and God bless.



#11 Rawlins, WY

I am a single mom of two little boys...this Christmas we are focusing more on giving rather than receiving. We are in a really tight financial situation and would just like to ask for prayers. Prayers that we would be faithful in giving, and that we would be at peace knowing that God is in control and will provide all we need! God bless!



#13 Gresham, OR

Our family has NEVER asked for help. We were always the ones that helped others, but we humbly accept your offer. My husband and I have 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren. Our 30-year-old son, is a disabled Vet. He served 12 years as an Arabic Analyst. He did 3 tours in Iraq. He's married with 3 daughters. His wife and girls are still in Georgia. He came to Oregon ahead of them because he needed to get rated through the VA for his disabilities. It's a very long process. In the meantime, they have no income. He's using some of his retirement money. We've helped as much as we are able. Their church in Georgia has also been helping. However, their home is in foreclosure now and the family needs to be out by the first of Jan. We don't have the funds to move them here to Oregon. Dec. is the most expensive time of year for flying, so that's completely out of the question. I'd like to fly over to pick up the 3 girls, and then fly back, but that's impossible at this point. We also need a moving company to help Micah pack and move. We don't have the resources to drive there, help her pack, and then drive all of their belongings back here. When they arrive they'll be living with us, so we need to hang on to our money so we can feed them when they arrive. My husband John is a retired Police Officer for the city of Troutdale. He still volunteers. I'm a retired hairdresser. Our daughter-in-law isn't working. She recently finished college with a bachelor's degree in religion. David and Micah are Christians. They've sacrificed a lot for our country, as well as being good stewards of their financial resources to the church. Even if you can't help our family, we'd appreciate it if you could point us in the right direction. I know that there must be some kind of help out there for disabled vets, to help with moving expenses. Our family isn't any more deserving than anyone else, we've simply been faithful stewards of God for many years. My husband is an Elder at Mountainview Christian church in Gresham Or. We've been members there for 22 years. We've also been married for over 37 years! Family is extremely important to us. Next to God, they've always come first. This is not a case of enabling. This will be a story that we can tell to people that need encouragement. We know that God has good things planned for our family! We fully intend to give him the glory and praise that's due him. This is a stressful time, but I look forward to seeing what God will do! I won't limit him. Anything is possible when we ASK God. One way we ask God is by asking people. As difficult as it is to ask, it's in God's will to do so. We accept that this is way beyond our control, so we have no intention of trying to take control. God is fully able to meet our needs, and he will do it! He'll finish the good work that he began in our family a long time ago. Thank you, again.



#14 Exeter, CA

My husband and I have six kids. My husband works as a server and I pick up a few shifts a month at the school, but only when someone calls in sick. We have recently lost about 1,000 dollars a month income and we are barely making enough to live day to day, even after getting rid of all unnecessary extras like satellite, junk food, and the landline. There is no room in our budget for most extras and that means no money for Christmas this year. We have already talked to the kids and they understand, but it's breaking our hearts not to have a little extra money to put at least one gift each under the tree for the little ones. Neither of us have family that can help. The kids (ages: 6, 9, 10, 14, 17 & 19) really need warm clothes, shoes, socks and jackets.  If someone could help us out with these needs, we would be ever so grateful! Even if you can't help, pray that God can meet our need by sending the right guests to the restaurant my hubby works at. Merry CHRISTmas & God bless!



#15 Kings Mountain, NC

Hi, I was wondering if maybe I can get some help for Christmas for my Kids... They are really not kids my oldest is 26, then 21,and 19... For the last 2 years we could not give them gifts for Christmas and they all still live at home... I know they are all older and they know monies are tight and they know it's not about the gifts... But this year I was hoping to give them something but I can't... My husband does not work the hours he had been and I am emotionally disabled. My oldest son is in prayer to go to college ... it's a Christian college in Greenville and wants a laptop... My 21-year-old would love to have one too... But really wants a car and there's no way we could do that or expect anyone to do that... another would love a job too.... My youngest son is 19 and I really don't know what he wants... he hasn't said much... But he plays the bas and loves music... It's hard for me but I know the lord will provide some thing... My husband works so hard and we both feel like we have failed in our lives... Spiritually I feel we both have a great relationship with our father and no matter if we get help or not something will be provided for our children. Anything would do...



#16 Cleveland, TX

I am a 47 year old women raising a 17-year-old son and a 10 year old grandson on my own. I clean houses for a living and was recently diagnosed with Lupus. It has made it hard for me to work full time. This holiday season is hard on us, My car keeps breaking down; the boys and I need clothes and shoes, My 10 year old grandson is wishing for a few gifts on Christmas day, I have no money to buy gifts this year. I am praying we can get a little help especially for my boys. Thank you.



#17 Fort Worth, TX

I have never done this before and am sitting here struggling to even ask for help, but am at the end of my rope and am hoping you would consider myself and my family as a recipient of Families helping Families. I am a single mother of 4 beautiful girls 18, 13, 8 & 4 I work full time, until recently I attended TCC on the weekends and volunteer at my church. I by the grace of God barely make ends meet; He truly carries me every month. I am paid once a month as I work at a school as a teacher's aide. After my tithes and bills are paid by the fifth day I have no money. On a Monday morning in October I wrecked my 2003 Honda Accord LX. I was very exhausted from moving the whole weekend, as I was approaching a red light it didn't register that I needed to stop right away. The wreck was my fault, I only had liability insurance or so I thought and come to find out it had expired just five days prior to the wreck. I have no extra money to fix my car and could sell it for parts but would still be left without a car to drive and not enough money to purchase a used car. I am blessed with a great church family and work friends who help me when they can. I am not asking for presents for my children or myself, but I am humbly asking if there is anybody who could help me fix my car for a discounted price or if the Lord lays it on your heart for free this Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Lord willing.



#18 Columbia, SC

Working for a Christian school, I am in need of money to have two abscessed teeth fixed/pulled since 2010. Do not have enough money to pay rent, utilities, buy enough food to eat, clothes, pay for health insurance, etc.



#19 Columbus, OH

My son has been unable to work since October. He is 46 and worked at this major Dept. Store for about 10 years. He woke up one morning and had severe vision loss in both eyes. He needs his vision to read work orders and product placement. We tried to get him linked with anyone who could help with an eye exam and corrective lenses. He has no insurance. We have been unsuccessful. I am on disability and my husband receives SS benefits. We have been trying to help him with food and other things. He filed for unemployment but don't know when or if he will receive benefits. We would appreciate any assistance we would be able to receive. Thank you.



#21 Selden, NY

My husband and I both work 5-6 days a week. We are struggling financially still. We desperately need a sofa and loveseat (or a sectional). We also need a refrigerator/freezer with separate temp controls (the one we have now only has one and the refrigerated stuff is ALWAYS freezing!) Please help us!



#22 Butler, GA

I am in need of a stove or microwave so I can cook for my children. I have 3 children two girls ages 14 and 17 and a son age 13. I am currently out of work. We've been building our house ourselves, no money for gifts.




Dear Friends, I am writing for my Son and his family. Their 3rd child, two-year-old C was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in September. He has had 5 surgeries in these last 2 1/2 months. Surgeons got 60% of the tumor but it is stage 3 and without a Miracle from God, We wont be able to watch little C grow up. To add to the heartache, my husband died at age 27 from the same brain cancer and his father died of it 15 years later. We had no idea that brain cancer was hereditary! That means my son (C's Daddy) plus C's 2 brothers are at very high risk as well. I am asking for prayers for a Miracle. Prayers for God to heal C and spare the others from this horrible cancer. Also, because my son has no insurance, I would ask if someone would consider helping pay for him to get an MRI. We really would like to know if he has the cancer in his brain as well. My son and daughter-in-law have four children. A is 6 and has type 1 diabetes. B turned 5 last week, C turns 2 tomorrow and G is almost one month old. Money is tight as Mommy is a stay at home mom and Daddy is a self-employed landscaper. We are trusting God and resting in His amazing love for us. Thank you for your consideration and prayers.



#24 Bakersfield, CA

I was a manager of a restaurant for 10 yrs, had a car, apt, and job, unforeseen circumstances came along.. it was like a domino effect... I lost everything... I am now going to be homeless in two days (as of Nov 26), I'm asking for food, maybe some warm clothes, and I would love for someone to rent me a garage or a RV or trailer. I only get $280.00 for me and my 15 yr old daughter a month!! thank you.



#25 Greenville, SC

I have a small family that I love very much. This holiday season is tough for us for many reasons. My husband is in Afghanistan. He has been there for 9 months, and my son, our only child who is 8 is having a tough time. He really misses his daddy and with one income, and us having to put myself through college full time, it is hard for the extra income for the holidays. With myself having to pay for another semester of college, and books, and holiday toys and bills all with his deployment check gets tough. I dont have a large request. I am healthy and so is my son and I have a roof over our head, both amazing things. But we do have a few extra bills that I need some help with and a few toys for my son. Anything is helpful to us and I and my husband in Afghanistan will be grateful. Thank you so much for your consideration of help.


#27 Overland Park, KS

My son and I live in Overland Park KS. I am the single parent of a special needs teenager and my job closed it's doors in early April, a little over 8 months ago. I struggle every month to be able to pay the car payment, electricity, or rent. At least one is always late in order to pay one of the others that is already late and about to be turned off. God is good and has always provided. I am grateful that you are offering the possibility of some assistance for those in need, whether for me or for someone else. I think I have only been unemployed 2 times in my life of 46 years, and never thought it would take me this long to find a job. My unemployment will end in December, and I know God must have something good in store for us.



#28 Gauteng, South Africa

This must be God!!! and just the thought about it...Thanks God for this email.I would please appreciate it if you can help me. I was referenced and now working for a company that cut my salary in half and I am really battling at the moment am living with my. 2 boys and my mom is 78 years old, she also had 2 operations but God healed and restored her..Half of my salary goes for the NDPA because I am under debt review was thinking that Christmas is coming up and we don't even get Christmas bonuses at work. I also have to feed my 3 brothers @ my moms place because my elders brother is mentally ill he also just came out of the mental Hospital. I am at a point where I don't know where and what to do any more. But it is by the Grace of God that I am still surviving. Mom gets her Pension but she needs to buy her medication and she suffers of Asthma...I divorced my husband because he had a second marital affair whereby he has 3 children with this other woman. Thank you so much I will really appreciate it if YOU can assist me in any way. Thanks and warm regards.



#29 Manheim, PA

I am a single mother I have 3 daughters, my youngest is 10 years old. I am struggling to make my bills each month so Christmas this year is gonna be almost impossible. With the prices of gas and heating oil going up but my hourly pay not things to be getting tougher & tougher. My older 2 daughters are married and have children of their own. My youngest daughters father signed off all rights to her so I do not get any child support for her. He got married and adopted his new wifes 3 children. All my daughter keeps asking for is an ipod touch 5th generation a blue one she keeps asking and asking that is the only thing that she wants, she just keeps saying mommy I hope Santa will bring it for me. (Yes she still believes in Santa) She is well behaved and she does well in school & I wish so badly I could afford to get her one but there is just no way I can possibly get it for her. So if I could get help with this I would be forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this.



#30 Nairobi, Kenya

I am married to a beautiful lady from Somali and blessed with a handsome one and half years old son, I lost my job three months ago after my then supervisor who was a muslim learned that i converted and married one of their own, at the moment am finding it hard to pay my rent and feed my family, I know by the grace of God we will go through this hard time as proverbs 3 vrs 6 says, In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.



#31 Spokane,WA

We are just starting out with a little boy to be born in December, near the 22nd. We would like to request some help for providing some basics for him. My wife is out of work and will be a stay at home mom. I just started a new job after going about a month without a paycheck. We are behind in our bills and not sure how we will afford the remaining things we need for our little boy, if you can help that would be great, however i know it is a tough economy and there are people in more need than us. So at the very least please pray for us.



#32 Albuquerque, NM

This is the first time in years that we are struggling! We have never asked for help before, but after a loss of a good job for over a year now, it has been very hard. We are a family of 5, my husband, two children, one with a disability and my elderly dad who is also disabled. We are in desperate need of help with our mortgage, utilities and other bills. I never believed that this would ever happen to us! But now I can really say, never say never! We were the ones who would always help out others in need, now it seems the tables have turned and we are the ones who are in need!

We are setting aside pride and truly believe God will come through for us. May God Bless All who are in need.



#33 Gulph Hills, PA

I'm writing on behalf of the "W" family. They have countless issues and are under constant affliction. The wife has acute scoliosis (curviture of the spine) which has her almost bent over in half. This is crushing her internal organs making it difficult for her to breathe and digest her food. As the breadwinner of the family, she works as an aid helping a patient with ALS. She has to lift, bathe and completely care for her wheelchair-bound patient. This is VERY difficult given her health condition. She also now has a terribly infected 'great' toe which has gone untreated because her medical insurance has lapsed. We are afraid she will lose her toe if she doesn't get help soon. She also has terrible problems with her teeth and has lost several over the last few years. Her husband, doesn't read or write. And he's been bedbound for over a year after a botched foot operation. He suffers depression as he watches his crippled wife trying to keep the family afloat. The children each have their own problems. Their 15-year-old suffers juvenile diabetes and a severe learning disability and the 12-year-old has ADHD. They cannot make their mortgage payments and only have 1 car that barely runs. They have no medical insurance and really need help at Christmastime. If there is any way you can help, they are SO needy and desperately need you.



#34 Ephrata/Lititz, PA

I am a single mother of a beautiful adopted daughter. Recently found out my dad has cancer, multiple myeloma. My mom was the primary sitter for my daughter, however with so many doctor appointments, I have had to cut back on my hours & spending. I can't afford my car payments anymore. I don't like to ask for help, but I could use some.



#35 Lititz, PA

I would like to first off say Thank You for the opportunity, even if I dont get chosen. When I sit and think about what I need, its hard for me to write because its not for just myself. I am a single mother of four children ages 4, 6 (boys) and 10,12( girls). We are really blessed and to the naked eye and my imagination we don't look like we NEED anything...but that is far from true....

* Household...
Ideas are a few bills,
Car repairs,
Gas cards,
Paper goods,
Laundry money (no washer and dryer+four growing kids is like WOAH!) ...
.some of my biggest concerns!

* For my kids...
Ideas are
Shoes/winter boots
Twin bed sheets.comforters
For the older girls...Haircuts.
Bikes(all 4).... Anything really, they are used to not getting much but they are getting older and I know what that is like.

* Myself...well anything really. Im used to giving but its worth a shot. To be able to feel like I can provide more than what I do...would be the best!
Money, Gift cards, ect.
A laptop/Ipad..will be going back to school at some point and I borrow someones now, when it works.
A Kitchen table, two chairs are broken/ready to break f not careful and main table is wobbly and screws seem to come out often. We dont sit at the table to eat together...ever. No room

**These are just ideas of what we could use and what we wont get anytime soon in a regular situation. Im currently searching for a job as well.



#36 Lancaster, PA




#37 Belle Glade, FL

Hi, I'm not really sure where to start on this because it's my first time ever doing something like this. I just had a baby at the end of October and I have had to go to the OB often to make sure his heartbeat was at the proper rate so between gas and all I have racked up some medical bills and have pretty much neglected others but not by my choice.

I really don't care about anything else I will settle those when the tax return comes in. My most pressing problem right now is my boys' school tuition. I am behind on it and they might cancel their enrollment if not paid by the 10th of December. I am trying to work with them on this to get caught up. We homeschool them through Abeka because our schools here are not very good and we want them to have a Christian view of science, history, and Bible lessons. And my car is behind. I may even focus on that when the taxes come in; that would alleviate a headache. I can provide my account numbers and contact information for verification if requested. I have no problem doing that.

I would like to be able to buy them some outside toys. Some ideas I had were a scooter each, a football, basketball, or baseball set. I'm not very sure which I'll get though. They LOVE Paws and Tales and I had thought about getting the videos for them since they're on clearance with Christian Book Distributors. So I'm still not sure what to get them.



#38 Conway, AR

9/11 it was a tragic day but for me it was exceptionally tragic. My ex husband stole my 2 little girls from me at that time they were 7 and 9 years old. I also have another daughter from a previous marriage. My oldest daughter and I stayed together and we looked for my other 2 daughters but we could not find them. He was able to legally but illegally in my eyes take them from me through lies and deception. It's a long painful story but the past few years I have come in contact with my 2 girls. I always believed that God would restore to me what was taken. My heart's desire has always been for all 4 of us to be together again but I cannot afford to bring my family together. I'm not good with words as I write this it seems choppy to me but I hope you hear what my heart is saying. I need help getting my oldest daughter who has moved out of state back here with me so all 4 of us can be together for Christmas. I will have my 2 youngest daughters here but I need to fly my oldest daughter and her friend here and I would like our pictures done together. Please help me make this possible.



#39 Vancouver, WA

My husband and I recently separated. There has been several years of drug and alcohol abuse that has affected our family greatly and the most tragic is that it started involving our oldest daughter. Sexual Allegations were made against my husband and his cousin and my daughter removed herself from the home (through CPS). She left January of last year and just recently (August) decided that she was ready to come home. With one exception—my husband could not be living in the house. Our marriage was already suffering greatly because of all that had happened and I had struggled tremendously trying to keep the marriage intact. It is very difficult to be with a man that has made sexual advances at his own daughter!!!!! When she said that she was ready to come home I knew that it was time to "break the chain" of our unhealthy relationship and separate for the time being. And I wanted my daughter home!!!!!!! By the grace of God an affordable apartment opened up in the complex I had looked at previously (before that there had been quite the waiting list!!) and me and my other two children moved out in July and prepared for her to come home. My husband moved in with friends and finally cleaned up his act and has been sober since July. In the midst of all this, we also have gone through some drastic financial changes as well. He was self-employed but due to lack of work he had not drawn a paycheck in months and we really got buried in living expenses and credit debt. I am working part time now and so is he but it is barely enough to cover the basic needs and have very little left over for extras. As with all children, there are MANY wants and desires at Christmas time!!!!! I have been able to get a few gifts here and there using gift card earnings that I receive from doing online surveys but it is not much.

Their wish list is as follows: (my 8 yr old) wants a Lalaloopsy dollhouse set that she found at Target. "But Mommy, its ONLY $42.99!!!!" she exclaims every time we see it. $42.99 seems like a fortune right now!

(my 15 yr old) -- we've been telling him for over a year that we were going to go back to Michigan to visit family but every time we tried to plan the trip things fell through because of the situation with my daughter and then after my husband lost his job it became a real financial struggle. He misses family TERRIBLY and has mentioned SEVERAL times that all he wants for his birthday (Dec. 27th) is to go home and see Grandma. This is a HUGE request but I know it's his greatest wish and it breaks my heart that I can't find a way to get him out there!!!!

my 17 yr old)-- she graduates this year!!!!!! She's come home with all the brochures for all that is needed for graduation-- announcements, invitations, memory books and class rings!!!!! Her hearts desire is to make this last year memorable!!!! So many other years had been marred because of the issues and struggles me and my husband were going through with his addiction issues. She wants to feel special and I don't blame her! Anyways, she has mentioned SEVERAL SEVERAL times that she wants a class ring.



#40 Stevens Point, WI

I would not normally ask for things, but this has been a very hard year for my family and me. I came within days of losing my home to the bank. Even with this and many other problems my grandson has held firm to the fact that you must help others, especially those in need in your community. He started a charity site Noah's Dream Catcher Network when he was 9 years old. He has completed so many worthwhile programs. His first one was on his 9th birthday he had a Halloween Birthday party and asked everyone to bring food and things for Boot Strap (a local food bank) He took them 6 carts of toys, food, diapers etc. His next project with a classmate (they both had grandpas in veterans home) was a Hugh rummage sale that took in over $600 to fund the family picnic, as funds were cut back for the home and they were going cut the picnic. He has done things like collect money for a terminally ill mother to take her daughter to Disney for a final memory, the mom passed on before he completed the project so he gave the money to the father who took her in her Mothers memory. This past year he did a fund drive to save my home and he completed it and went to the bank himself and cleared up the past due so it would not go up for auction. I am still struggling but he gave me a chance to stay in my family home of over 100 years. It is a small home but find for me. I can never repay him that is one reason I am looking for help so he can have a nice Christmas with a couple of nice gifts to open. Since I am on a fixed income and trying to stay in this home any help you can give would be very much appreciated. He has given out gas card for people in need to get to work and local store cards for shoes for people in need. This year is very difficult for our entire family and there will no presents for the boy unless we find some help. He does not ask for a lot but he is only 13 and should have a couple of gifts. He is a good christian boy. goes to church and believes God will look out for him and his family. As I said he is not expecting a lot but a couple presents under the tree would be a God Sent.



#41 Watertown, TN

I have prayed for a couple of days about whether or not to submit anything here. I have never approached any organization for help before and really do not know what to type here about our situation this year. My husband and I have always been on the giving end and never the receiving. We have always followed God's wishes in helping out families in our community and to be on the other side of the fence is a bit daunting for us. We have had what I feel is the worst year of our lives and possibly the best, in different ways. We have had five deaths in my husband's family this year, two of which being his step-father and mother two weeks apart from one another. The expense of traveling 12 hours from home repeatedly has been a financial struggle for us. To add to the stressful situation, I was fired from my job after the first funeral back last January for taking the time off for the funeral. Having never been fired before, this was somewhat of a shock to me. I have worked from home for the past 15 years, since having my first child, to be able to be available for my children. That has and always will be a blessing in my life. Due to policies enacted by the current White House administration, jobs in my field have been hard to come by. I have been working, but at half of what I had been making. My husband is a diesel mechanic for large national company that has been hit hard by the current economy and has had to take two pay cuts amounting to 20% of his salary over the past two years. I think we could have survived most of this until my son became ill and I had to take off from work to take care of him. But the real punch in the stomach I believe happened last week as I had stopped at the grocery store after going to the bank to cash my paycheck and my husband's check. I had the cash from a month's wages in my purse when it was stolen from me in the parking lot of the grocery store. It was stupid in retrospect to have that much cash on me at one time, but we had taken to using an envelope system to pay for things and bills and would put the money in each envelope. Losing approximately $2000.00 has us in a hole I am not sure we can recover from. I know who is in control of our lives and that He will see us through this, but for this moment in time, I feel so very helpless. Bills pile up and calls start to come and it just all seems to spiraling in around us. We have explained to our two so very precious children that Christmas gifts will be put on hold until we pay bills first. They are brave about it and say they understand but you can see the struggles on their faces as we yet again have to tell them we cannot afford something. My biggest concern is making our house payment and paying out electric/gas/water bills. I know God has a plan for us, I just sometimes wish He would let us know what it is. Thanks to anyone who reads this and can help us out. Know it is always paid forward in our household at some point. I also unfortunately lost my full time job November 26 and it just seems to be another blow on top of everything else. Thank you for praying for us.



#42 Fort Worth, TX

I am a single (since 1996 when my husband left), disabled mother of 3 grown children in College and one with Aspergers ( High Functioning Autism), Chronic Fatigue,OCD, anxiety attacks, and a mood disorder, still at home, that I home school. My needs are many, so I will list them in the order of priority and if anyone wants to help or feels led to, they can choose from the list.

My car's transmission went out on me 6 months ago and it was going to cost more than the car was worth to fix it so I junked it. Not having a car is very difficult because I have to depend on other people to get me to the grocery store. I am not able to go to physical therapy to help my pain levels or take my daughter to participate in a Homeschool Educators Group for her electives and social needs. Not being able to go anywhere but to the grocery store, when we can get a ride, has taken it's toll on my daughter. Her so called friends aren't willing to come visit her. We have been on a Big Brothers Big Sisters waiting list for 2 years. I had planned to start an online business before my car broke down but, the things I would be selling require me to go to garage and estate sales, which I can't do now. We used to go on "adventures of discovery" or field trips for pleasure and to enhance learning. Not being able to do this has put my daughter in an unmotivated state. If anyone has a used running car that they would be willing to donate, We would be most grateful.

I have had a cracked abscessed tooth for at least a year and a half, perhaps longer. It was literally poisoning my body and my health has taken a downward spiral during this time and the infection had become resistant to the only antibiotic I wasn't allergic to. I finally, after 4 months of preparation, had a garage sale over 2 week-ends, selling furniture and non-essential to life, things. My daughter donated her books, toys, and movies to the cause because she wanted to help me be out of pain. I was able to raise exactly what it cost to get my tooth out, however; I have another 3500 dollars worth of work that has to be done that is also affecting my health. I have had no other choice, but to neglect my needs over the years in order to provide for my 4 children, especially my youngest with special needs, so here am I now in dire need of fixing. If anyone would want to donate to my medical need, I would be eternally grateful and may even go into remission if I could get all the chronic poisoning from my teeth to clear up.

Lastly, there is a math product that I feel would help my daughter with her struggles learning more complex math concepts it is called 'Teaching Textbooks'. It is available at christianbook.com and costs $185.00 This would truly be a blessing as I can't afford it or a Math tutor. Also, her other curriculum items come to $100.



#43 Delhi, CA

My son and I are on our own, and with the bills as they are and having only a part time job, I am unable to give him the Christmas he needs at 3 years old. I have tried to explain things to him, but I know he doesn't yet understand that we are struggling. I have a car that is broken down; I have rent that is backed up; I need $1500 just to make sure that there is everything that he needs and wants. Thank you so much for your kind consideration of this request.



#44 Lititz, PA

My family is in need this year. I need food for my home, some gifts for my children, and clothes for me. I work full time, but I just can't afford anything. I was out of work for 2 months, cause I needed surgery. now I am so behind on my bills. I try so hard to give my children what they need, but I don't make enough. I am also behind on my rent. I just don't know what to do anymore.



#45 Athens, GA

We were missionaries for the SBC HMB back in the early to mid 80s and we built a SBC church in Rowlesburg, WV. We both have been very active in our churches up until our last few years. My husband is also a veteran of the Korean War. My husband has Alzheimer's, dementia, heart issues, incontinence issues, etc. Both my husband and me are cancer survivors and heart patients. During our younger working years we always helped others whenever and wherever we could. But in the past few years we have been struggling real hard and the mounting medical and medical supply expenses have become real hard to endure. There never seems to be enough to get by and at times we have to do without food or do without medicine until the 1st of the month rolls around. This year we don't even have enough money to get our grandkids and great-grandkids anything for Christmas.



#46 Fort Gratiot, MI

For many years I have dreamed of having a complete family and God has been very gracious to me and blessed me with my 3 children, 1 granddaughter and very loving husband and an awesome extended family. All that I would desire is not for me....it is for my daughter and her husband. They have tried and tried to constantly and consistently do what is right by getting their education, marrying in the eyes of the Lord and working hard each day to provide food, clothing and shelter for each other. I know God will continue to supply their needs; however, they are in desperate need of prayer for their current struggles of trying to conceive. I pray for them each and every day that God will bless them with a child of their own. My Christmas prayer and wish for them is and if it is God's will is to become parents that they so desperately want and deserve. They have hearts of gold and hurt so much not being able to conceive. Yes, this may seem trivial to some but they have so much to offer a child of God.

I desperately ask and pray that everyone surround them in prayer and fortitude to help them through their struggles and that God will bless them in his time, this I understand. My heart aches so much for both of them and I wish so desperately I could take their pain away. After all, as a Mom myself, that is my job.



#47 New Castle, DE

I live alone and AM expecting any day now I am in need of a bassinette BABY clothes diapers bottles furniture and anything for a apartment I live very far from my family and don't know how I am going to get the apt in order without help BEFORE THE BABY COMES OR SOON AFTER. Thank you so much in advance God Bless you all.



#48 Dallas, PA

I have never asked for help before, but I feel that I really need to this year. I am a mom of 5. My husband is self employed. My two oldest are grown. We have at home still a 12yo boy, 10yo boy, and 6yo girl. I do not have any $ to get them any Christmas gifts at all. After paying most (not even all) of the bills, I have only $60/week for food and gas for the car. I have cut out every extra I can. I am heartbroken every time they talk about how excited they are for Santa to come. All three are asking me for tablets(computers) like my two oldest have. I really thought I was going to be able to afford them.....now I know it is not going to happen. I also am asking for prayers that my husband will find some work.



#49 Post Falls, ID

We are a family of 7 adopting two older children internationally and while we can provide for them once they are here there are certain parts of preparing the house for them and our home study that we aren't able to put money aside for while also working through the expenses of bringing them home. We need three prehung RH doors and some drywall. We have almost everything needed to finish an extra bathroom in the basement but need some plumbing supplies to run the water lines and a nozzle, drain and pan for the shower AND a plummer. We've gotten it as far as we can with our limited building knowledge. We could use an inexpensive 4x4 (we live up a very steep hill) to help my husband save gas money for his commute. He is driving a full size pickup to work since our Subaru broke down. If we could get 20-30mpg we would be in much better shape.



#51 Mojave, CA

I am a single parent to 6 children. 4 of which are school aged. Due to the economy this last year, I invited my recovering adult son to stay with us and look for work and be encouraged, as well as an encouragement for us. Earlier this month we became homeless in the state of Washington due to my increasingly low hours of work and other issues. We sold all our belongings and gave away those we couldn't sell.

It's been a devastating few weeks for us, but we are confident that Jesus is with us through it. We then decided to travel in 2 cars over 1200 miles to visit our family in SoCal. While here, our arrangements we had made to stay with friends from Texas fell through. Knowing now our only option was a shelter, and that our family would be split up, we were graciously offered to stay with our family here in California, as they wanted to purchase a home to share with us. They have been approved, and it will now be in escrow. I cannot think of needs to request or even offer up. As we have very little, it is also little we can retain here in a cramped 1 family residence. The home that was purchased was gutted. My dad is planning to pay for the complete remodel on a credit card over the next few months while me and my adult children look for and retain jobs. We currently are in the south kern area of Rosamond ca. It is an extremely depressed area and state, but the offer to be 1/2 mile away from my father, and my children to know better their grandfather, I believe this is Gods providence. I guess I just ask for prayer for us for work, that is godly and still can provide for our existence. Also, I have twins; a mentally ill son with untreated as yet O.D.D., another with learning disabilities, and a daughter with a newly diagnosed cardiac issue that may be serious. Pray we are led to physicians that God would approve. I also have a 13 year old who is a fabulous student, but now in need of a equally fabulous God fearing Boy Scout troop. A 19 year old son, who was finishing his high school credits in wa, due to graduate in June, was told earlier today that there is absolutely no program for him here due to his age.

I feel defeated even as I struggle. Pray also for my heart is its grown colder in these trials and my joy is fleeting daily.



#52 Wallins Creek, KY

I am a 53 yr old woman with many health problems and permanent disabilitiesand dont have much money. This time of yr is so hard. I had to use the money I had saved for christmas on the electric bill. I really need to get some christmas presents for my gtandchildren but I am on a small fixed income. I really need help. My house needs so much work done on it. We dont have siding and it is cold in here even though we do have heat. I have some floors I think needs to be replaced and so much more things need to be done. I dont make it a habit to ask for help because I used to be a productive person but am no longer able. If there is any hep available for me I would be very happy.



#54 Auburn, IL

Myself and my Wife Foster children we love it and we adopted our son thru the foster program. our need is simple our house is falling apart from the roof to the walls on the outside we get some money for The care of the kids but it GOES FAST! we have used all our back up savings for The 2 girls we foster for and even if they go back to family we would love to Carry on Fostering. our family goes to church also and cant see life without christ in our lives we have shaped the 2 foster kids we have even at their young age for the better.

ANY HELP IS A GOD SEND to us and we thank you in advance for any help. God Bless



#55 Monterey Park, CA

I am on unemployment right now. I am composing this e-mail from my van parked in a Denny's parking lot...you see ...many times nights, I sleep in my van because my wife is so frustrated that she gets angry and tells me to leave the house....it is difficult for her and our three children. My twelve year old attends Montebello Christian School by the Grace of God...I have been unable to make the November tuition payment and I will also run out of gas any moment now. I don't know how I am going to drive him to school until my next unemployment check next week. After we pay our bills; there is not much left for food and gas. I am praying for a job interview soon ....I have a good job prospect. It's just extremely difficult right now. My wife also needs diabetes supplies and high blood pressure medicine. My three year old needs Huggies Pull-ups size 4T-5T. I'll cut it short here. There is so much more; but these are our immediate needs. God Bless you and thank you.



#56 Clarksville, TN

I had a friend share this with me because she knew my circumstances . I am a single mother of four that 2 of them still live at home. A 16 year old boy and a 8 year old girl. They are the loves of my life!!! I was working two part time jobs and was recently released from one of them after 10 years of employment. Money is super tight right now and rent and utilities and trying to get my old junker fixed has to be priority . I would sincerely appreciate it if you would consider putting my children on your list. Thank you ahead of time for bestowing this blessing on us. May God bless you a hundred fold!!!!!



#57 Columbus, OH

I prayed and asked God if he would move mountains with our finances this week. Shortly after my quiet time I came across the post on Facebook. I feel unworthy of such requests, however do not want to limit God in what He might be doing. I hope that makes sense. I realize there are families in much worse situations than my own. We are a family of 6 on a single income. My husband works full-time and is a full-time student in grad school. He is pursuing a degree in clinical counseling. Together we homeschool our children and serve in the Children's ministry in our church. My husband was separated from the military at the beginning of this year for medical reasons after 12 years of service. This forced us to obtain insurance through our civilian employer. Between the increase in healthcare premiums and the loss of military income it was as though we took about a $13,000/year pay cut. We do not have a large amount of debt. Our home, two older model vehicles, minimal credit card debt. That being said, we try to live a frugal life and continue to struggle to make ends meet. We fell behind in our house payment in September and have been trying to catch it up. We currently owe for October and November with December coming due on the 1st. Our goal was to have it caught up by November 30th, finances have not allowed for that to happen. Our house payment, with a late fee is $615.65/month.



#58 Tampa, FL

I am single mother of three beautiful, intelligent, and gifted children that God has blessed my life with. I lost my job in August of this year and have been diligently seeking God's will for my family's life. My family and I just moved out of a homeless shelter the beginning of the year and now we may have to become homeless once again. I was served with eviction papers since August, but because of the God's amazing GRACE we are still in our home for now. My family needs help financially to keep from being evicted until I start receiving public assistance or gain employment to pay my own shelter expenses, as well as provide clothing and shoes for my kids. They have outgrown most of their clothes and shoes it's amazing how fat they grow up, I also ask for prayers over my kids so that they may become willing and obedient servants of the Lord throughout their lifetime.



#59 Bemidji, MN

I'm a mother to 3 beautiful children (12, 4 and 2). My husband works on the road, so he's gone all week every week. Once in a while I'll do mystery shopping or take a survey for an extra $20-$30. Well, the one company I work for sent me an e-mail to mystery shop Western Union. To make a super long story short, I got scammed for $1450 by cashing a bad check. I've worked with this company many times so I never thought twice about it being a scam. Had I checked their website, I would have seen it was. So after this screw up, we are 1 mortgage payment behind, which is so so scary. I've definitely learned my lesson about being too trusting but at the expense of my family. My husband is being tossed around in his job and doesn't really know what his future holds so we're trying to save $2000 for him to fly to texas and get the training he needs to better his career. Then with all the chaos going on, it's hard to play for Christmas. My oldest son has Autism and didn't speak any words at all until he was around 5-6 and he requires different meals almost every night. I don't feel defeated, as I know the Lord will help us through but I am definitely scared for all the basics let alone Christmas gifts.



#60 Warren, MI

I have 2 children that I cannot get any christmas presents this year for because of financial problems. If you can help in any way that would be greatly appreciated. I have a 17 year old daughter and a 22 month old son who I want to have a good christmas and it hurts me to know that I cannot provide them one.



#61 McMinnville, TN

I'm going through a divorce, I've lost 3 jobs since 2010, and am currently working part time making $9.19/hr. That's only 1/4 of what I was making in 2010. We have lost two houses, and moved 4 times since 2010. We are needing to file for bankruptcy. I have three kids age 14, 11, and 5. I am in need of $350 to register a van that I bought from a friend in July. My registration expired in August and I just can't ever come up with the extra cash to pay for the registration. I am also in need of a twin mattress and box spring. My 11 year old has to sleep with me because we don't have a mattress and box spring for her bed frame that was given to us as a gift.



#62 Conroe, TX

I am requesting help, not for me, but for my son, daughter-in-law & grandchildren. My son made some mistakes in his life & ended up having a son when he was 17 and a junior in high school. He loved his son's mother & made a commitment to take care of them. He quit high school & went to work to support them. He is now 21 & his son is 3 and they have just been blessed with a beautiful daughter. His father & I have helped them financially since the birth of his son, but we are not longer in a position to do that due to health problems leading to my husband going out of work on disability. My son works full time, but does not make a great deal of money and is always a month behind on his rent & struggles to avoid the electric being shut off monthly in their apartment. Their biggest need is money to catch up on the rent. The deposits & initial move in costs for their apartment drained him financially. I believe he could make it monthly on what he has coming in if he could get caught up, but late charges constantly leave him in the hole. They want their children to have their mom at home and are trying to avoid her having to work. They are good parents and their son is very happy, healthy and secure. I am very proud of how hard they always try to do the right thing. They are also in need of a crib mattress and I am wondering how they are going to be able to afford any presents for their 3 year old, much less the baby. They received $200 from my mother-in-law as an early Christmas present and were hoping to use that, but their van had to have brakes. The van needs other work and we all just try to keep it limping along. There is no way they can fit getting another vehicle in their budget. Any help we can get them would be an answer to our prayers.



#63 Black Creek, WI

I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself and my family. My name is Ashley. I am nearly 26 years old and have a beautiful little family. My fiancee is M. W. and we have three children. My oldest son is three, we will call him A. R. my step daughter is A. M., she is 2 1/2, and our littlest one is W. J., he is 14 months old.

M.W. and I both work. M.W. works full time, days (6a-215p) and he'll work that 6-7 days in a row, with only one or two days off in between. I work five nights (4p-10p generally). We both feel as though we are single parents at times and we do not often get a lot of time to spend with each other.

Our current financial situation has been rather difficult. We are living paycheck to paycheck and we are doing the best we can to break even. M.W. had gone through a divorce and although it was finalized quite some time ago, he is still being taken to court and we still have thousands of dollars owed to his attorney and the guardian at litem. This is, for certain, the one thing we are unable to get ahead at. We are not asking for help in this particular portion of our life, but I've mentioned it to merely give an idea as to one of the reasons we are struggling at this time.

We've done everything we can to ensure that our bills are paid on time, although we were behind in our water and facing that getting shut off. I'm currently on a payment plan and close to being back on track with that. We do not have money for clothes or any extra necessities aside from our immediate needs. We use what money we have left over for groceries, diapers, and gas for our van.

We spend nearly $450-$500 a month on gas to get both of us to work. The drive for just one of us is appr 50-60 miles round trip. We both make this trip during the day as we both work in the same city.

We are not able to take the kids anywhere to do anything, and although we do not feel we need to live an extravagent life, it weighs on me that I'm not able to take my kids to places like a Children's museum or anything of that likes because we simply cannot afford it.

The same goes for M.W. and I. We never have the money or the time to do anything together. We enjoy so many things together, but everything costs so much. That also applies to our future. We've been wanting to be married for some time now, but unfortunately we cannot afford any of it. We have been talking seriously about how we are going to put the money aside or when we think we could afford to, but at this rate, we'll never be married if we're relying on the funds to do so. We are hoping for a fall wedding and so I'm shooting for October of 2013.

The boys have been blessed with a few family members and friends that have been able to hand down some clothing. A.M. is the only one that is currently in real need of any new clothes. She is growing out of her 2t and I did make a special trip to purchase some things for her, but I just didn't have the money to get her all of the things she needs. She needs pants, and the hardest thing with pants for her is that they typically don't stay up. The best we've been able to do is get her pants that have the adjustable waist. She also needs long sleeved shirts. She is moving into a 3t at this time and she needs this the most. She also doesn't have any shoes for winter. We do have a pair of boots and we also have a pair of shoes I would consider summer shoes. She is currently a size 6.

A.M. is also growing out of her winter coat and I'm afraid we will need to be getting her a new one this winter. We have one for A.R., but I'm afraid my littlest one may be growing out of his already and winter has just began. I believe A.M.'s coat size would be 3T and that W.J. may be able to fit into an 18 month-2T. I have snow pants for each of them. I think I have boots for all three of them also.

We just recently bought A.M. a toddler bed. For the longest time we were unable to afford to get one so she was sleeping on a toddler mattress in her room. We were given one for A.R., so we were very lucky there. This kind of thing breaks my heart. That we are unable to provide the bed that our little one needs bothers me so much. But this gives you an idea as to how tight our budget is. It's gotten a lot harder for us towards the end of this year.

M.W. and I have not been able to purchase any clothing for ourselves for quite sometime. It's at a point where I'm re-wearing things during the work week because I just don't have enough work clothes. Some of the things I have are falling apart or they have holes. I've sewed them numerous times but some of them are beginning to be beyond repair. I do have some nice clothing, but I continuously wear a lot of the same thing. Most of my pants don't fit me, though. I have to use a hair tie to keep my pants "buttoned", if you will, because I can't completely button them. After I had my second child, I didn't lose all of the weight. I am working on that, desperately, but I just cannot seem to lose the weight. I do not have any work pants that fit me and I have one or two pairs of jeans that are pretty snug on me, the rest do not fit. I also do not have any warm shoes for the winter. I have some flats that were cheap and good for the summer, but now as it is getting colder, I know that I'll need some sort of nice shoes for work, that are warm and comfortable enough, but I can't afford any.

M.W. has a few good pairs of jeans and a few good clothes that are in decent shape. I believe he doesn't need a whole lot for clothing. M.W.'s professional requires him to wear a uniform everyday to work, therefore he's not wearing a lot of his normal clothes too much. This keeps his things much nicer for longer.

I want to add that I have come to the Lord again, within this last year. I've been so blessed to have a beautiful family and that I've been given what time I have had with them. As hard as our schedules may be, we've been able to avoid a daycare or sitters for the majority of the time. That is a blessing from the Lord. I thank the Lord for allowing me to have such wonderful children and an amazing man by my side. M.W. has not yet dedicated his life to the Lord, but it is something that my family and I pray on and we will continue to speak about.

I pray, often, about the situation that we are in. An example of our most recent struggle is that as I had off Thanksgiving, my next paycheck will be short because I do not receive holiday pay. I pray that I will be able to make all of my bills and that I will also be able to provide the things that my children need with this next check. This will also be the same for Christmas. I have off Christmas Eve, which is a day that I would normally work, and I will not be paid for this holiday which then causes my check to be less than it normally would be. I cannot afford to lose that money. I will not have any money at all to do anything for any one of my children or for M.W. for Christmas.

I pray to the Lord to also grant me the courage to pursue my dreams of singing. I hold on to the hope of making it someday and being able to provide for my family more than what we are now. I hope that someday I will not have to struggle, that I will be able to afford to take my children places and that I will be able to afford to do more for our family. As they get older and grow, things will continue to be needed. They will need new clothes, new shoes, new coats, all sorts of things. I want to be able to provide that and more without having to ask for help or without worrying where the money is going to come from. I feel that if I can make my singing dreams a reality, I may someday be able to do those things for my children and for M.W. Not only do I want to provide for my family, but I so desperately want to help others that are in need. I look at so many that I know and see that they're in a similar situation and my heart goes out to them. There is a few women at my workplace that are organizing an "unofficial" adoption of anothe coworker because she is also in need, but unfortunately I cannot participate. I want so badly to help them but how can I help another when I cannot help myself? If I were able to make a career out of singing, I feel as though I would not only be able to help my family but I would be able to help others. I do understand that the Lord shall provide and I am putting my family in his hands and doing what I can to provide at this time.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. I understand if there isn't anyone that is able to help. I feel almost ashamed that I have to ask for this. Last year we had to do the Salvation Army just to provide presents for our children. My Mother had suggested emailing into you and I felt that you may be the right people to connect with for this kind of help. I know that even if we are unable to get any financial help that we will get the emotional and moral support that we need.

Thank you so much for your time and God Bless you for all of your kindness.



#64 Sealy, TX

My husband and I are parents of two precious blessings, M who is 5 and H, who is 3, will be 4 this New Year's Eve. She's our little blessing born with Down Syndrome. Both are the lights of our lives.

We are a one income family and have been struggling for the past several months. Not having the money for our December rent, and NOW, today our alternator went out on our minvan, costing us $400.00. This has taken every penny we have, and we have other bills that are due within the week. I'm afraid we're not even going to be able to get a Christmas tree or gifts for out kids this year because of our current situation.

My husband, is such an encouragement, always encouraging me to remember that God will take care of our needs, he doesn't know how, but knows God WILL provide during this difficult financial "season" of our lives.

It's very hard for me to ask for help. I've always felt that I am an adult, and should take care of things without anyone's help, but as this Christmas season is upon us and we have had to spend bill money on our minivan, I just don't know what to do, other than send this email and swallow my "pride" and ask for help.

We would be greatly blessed if there is ANY help your organization could help us with. It's my sweet children I'm concerned about.......my husband and I can do without, but I don't want them to.

#65 Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for such a great offer to help families make it through the holidays. I recently left my job to stay at home with my son. He has been having difficulties at school and have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, severe anxiety, and is being evaluated for aspergers. I had to leave my job because I was constantly being called out to his school. I am currently seeking a more flexible working position (possibly work from home) so that I can be available for him. I am also in the midst of a battle with his school to make sure they provide him services so that is difficult. I am considering homeschool if all does not go well with the schools. In any event me not having a job has left us in a bind. It is just he and I. I would just be happy if he could get anything this holiday. He is a growing boy and mainly is in need of clothing and shoes. I would also like him to have the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Precept Discover For Yourself series for kids. Thanks for making this a great Christmas!



#66 Pennington Gap, VA

Thank you for doing all you do for our Lord Jesus.  I know God uses you to give wise Godly advice and also I see the Word in action in your ministry.  This is a very difficult thing for me to do.  I work full time, and I'm not hungry or doing without anything that I need.  God is true to His Word.  My daily needs are supplied.  Like thousands now, I just find that I live like this, struggle, struggle, and struggle.  We don't receive any public assistance. But.........we are so behind on everything!  Except for God's grace and mercy we would be homeless.  My husband is disabled due to traumatic brain injury and has a very small Social Security check.  I have a professional job.  Not a large salary.  I am so grateful just to be working.  After 15 yrs. on disability due to Multiple Sclerosis, I came back to full time work 4 yrs. ago.  I tell you all this just to say I don't have any means to give anyone a gift this year, not even my daughter or grandson and granddaughter.  


#67 Lagos, Nigeria

thanks so much. food, cloth and christmas gifts.


#68 KZN, South Africa

My husband and I have taken sole responsibility of my grandson who has lived with us from birth. His parents who are not married to each other do not support him in any way.

I am in my last year of employment before retirement and my husband is unemployed and is of retirement age therefore cannot be employed.  My concern is how we would be able to pay his school fees which is over R10,000 per year.  Please your assistance will be much appreciated.


#69 Wickenburg, AZ

I am in need of a few things...a pair of glasses...a  cell phone and  2 front tires for my car.  Adopted (as a single parent)  2 kids with special needs...fostered over 100 children as a Therapeutic Foster Mom for  Special Needs.  Now I am an "empty nester"...my kids are grown and moved away.  Being on disability ($870 a month)...and in pain 24/7...from an inoperable tumor...have vertigo from meneires disease...and have polymyalgia rheumatica.  I do not have a land line phone...and my cell phone "died" about 4 months ago.  The concern is that I fall a lot and have no way to call for help without a phone.  Some of my Doctors appointments are 45-50 miles one way...thanking God for traveling mercies so far.  The front 2 tires need to be replaced as they are splitting.  Thank you for your consideration ...and for helping others.


#70 Petoskey, MI

To briefly  share our situation.  We have 3 beautiful children that our amazing. My husband lost his job due to lack of work. I am working and doing the best of my ability.  My sister and family needed a place to stay so I felt I needed help them.  They have been with us for a while.  She has 3 children as well. She is looking for employment, but no job opportunities yet.  Our financial situation has been trying but we serve a big God. 

Our kids clothes sizes:

Child 1) Pants:34W 30L Shirts: Large Socks: 7-10 Boxer: large Shoes:9 1/2 Pj's: 34W 30L

Child2) Pants: 6-7 Shirts:6-7  Panties: size 6 Shoes:1 Pj's: 6

Child3) Pants:5T Shirts:5T Underwear: 5T  Socks: boys: 9- 2 1/2 Shoes: 91/2 Pj's: 5T

Child4) Pants:14 husky Shirts: 14-16 Socks:7-10 Underwear: Medium Shoes: 6 Pj's: 14-16

Child5) Pants: 5T Shirts:5T  Underwear:5T Socks: boys 9-2 1/2 Shoes 11 Pj's: 5T

Child 6) Pants:2T Shirts:2T Socks:Girls toddler's Shoes 1 Pj's: 2T Diaper's size 6, diaper wipes

Hat's,gloves, board games


#71 Oklahoma City, OK

It has taken me all day to decide to write. Although I live on a very limited income, I always know that there are many others who are probably worse off than me. I always feel like I should be the one helping and not asking...I am a single mother of two teens. Although I work hard, there almost never seems to be enough to provide for the "extras." And while I know that Christmas comes around the same time every year (ha), no matter how hard I try, there never seems to be enough to save. I need everything I make just to make ends meet (and no, I don't have too many "ends.") I'm not sure what I should really ask for, so I will share a couple of my bills and a couple of things I know my son and daughter really want for Christmas, but I just don't know how I could ever provide them with it. I totally understand if no one can help. Seems as if everyone struggles these days... Bills:  I have a $300 Propane bill. They will let me pay it out, but it would be nice to know that I don't have to make a payment...especially at Christmas. It provides my heat and hot water.

I also have a rent payment of $500. I can pay it in December, but when I do it limits how much I am able to spend for Christmas. (which is fine generally as I don't feel that Christmas should be all about "stuff", but I love Christmas and it is the one time of year I try to give my children and parents those items that I can't really get during the rest of the year....so I get caught up in the giving, and then my bills seem to suffer...and while I can get caught up with my tax return, and while I also have a fairly understanding landlord, it would be nice to be able to do both this year without sacrificing one or the other....

My Daughter:  A couple of years ago, my daughter was able to take horseback/rodeo lessons from an old rodeo cowboy. She fell in LOVE with horses. He provided these lessons free of charge, but after a year, his situation changed and he wasn't able to devote the time anymore. I would love to be able to provide her with a series of lessons. I have looked into one stable near our home, but honestly don't know if I can do it for long at all. If any help could be made toward some lessons, that would be great. I have promised her for over two years that I would get her started again, and...well, obviously, it's been harder than I thought. Also, a pair of cowgirl boots (size 9) would be great.

My son:  He has been taking drum lessons for about 6-9 months. He has gotten permission to practice on the drum set at church. He has been doing that, but he really wants his own set. I have priced new ones and just about fell over from sticker shock. I am looking for a good used set.

Well, not sure if that's what you were meaning or not when it said to ask for help. I know that there are probably many that need assistance. Thank you for at least reading and considering my requests.


#72 Bangs, TX

I don't know where to begin, and I have never done anything like this before, I've always been fortunate enough to have a job to take care of my family, but I guess there's a first for everything. Like lots of others this year, I was laid off from my job earlier this year, since it closed down.  My husband , works for himself but since the economy is as bad as it is , he has barely had any work as well; so he has been job searching everywhere but hasn't had any luck. I get unemployment while it lasts but even still that's only   $432. 00 a month and with a family of 5 that doesn't even cover an eighth of our bills and etc.. I decided I was tired of struggling working with these minimum wage jobs I've always worked and decided to go school full time and do something with my life. I've also been trying to find a part time job but no luck either. Me going to school makes it a lot harder because the money already isn't enough, so buying supplies and books I need for school, but the gas is the worst, I have to drive 18 miles one way to go to school daily. I can go on and on with the rest of my problems and bills that are overwhelming and believe me they've been accumulating since last year, but I don't think you'd want to take that much time.

So as for my families needs; First and foremost we def need a lot of prayer. And second of all, I don't no where to begin, I'm so overwhelmed by everything right now (bills way over due, utilities going to cut off, vehicles going to get repossessed, bills that are going to get cancelled, my needs for school as well as my kids) and Christmas is right around the corner, I've already talked to my kids about more than likely not getting anything for Christmas. Of all the things I have to deal with daily, that's the hardest part is to see the disappointment on there faces. I'm just so overwhelmed and stressed I no longer know what to do. So I'm not going to specify a specific need since we have so many, we would greatly appreciate anything right now even if it can't be anything more than a few kind words and prayer, I have faith that God is with us and pull us through this, it's just really hard right now. I want to thank y'all for doing this. So if you pray for my family, it would be most appreciative (my family consists of my husband, myself and our 3 sons)


#76 Harlingen, TX

My husband has been fighting cancer for the past 5 years. This disease has been a burden to our finances. A year ago we moved out of our home of 17 years in Ar, bc we just couldn't afford to keep it. It has not been foreclosed on yet. I have always thanked God for it and will continue to claim it truly belongs to God, and someday I will live in it again. We have been bless to live for one year in a friends' mobile home in Harlingen Tx. We moved there, bc we have family there. 

In 2007 my husband was dx with cancer, and his liver functions were so bad that the oncologist gave him only 6 months to live, he then developed diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. We are now at Ochsner in Kenner LA, he just had a liver resection, common bile duct removed, and pancreas detached. Now, his stomach isn't emptying; it is not working. He will be having a feeding tube placed in his system today. We have been here since Nov.13th. 

Our financial needs are too much to know where to start. I wasn't going to send this in because I felt that our situation is overwhelming. But after reading the post today, I thought of my explorer it needs some work on it. It is paid for, but it has some miles on it. So the need God brought to my attention was my vehicle. 

We have three daughter whom all have children of their own, and I don't know how we are going to get them some Christmas gifts, but I do know that God has been our provider, and I trust he will continue. 



#77 Bellevue, NE

I was recently found disabled in September and have been unemployed since April. My daughter works but with her check and my ssi we barely make ends meet.

I would like to request an acustic guitar for my daughter. She loves music and she sings on the worship team at church. She has been asking for one for years but we just couldn't afford it. Please grant her
wish. Also I would like to ask for a Christmas dinner for 2 complete with Ham, green beans, stuffing mix, potatoes, an apple pie and cool whip and the basics for cooking, milk, eggs, etc.

Thank you so much and may God shower you with His mercies and grace.


#78 Wichita, KS

I'm a 38-year-old single mom of three kids, 16,10 and about to be 7 year old and a son in heaven. My 16-year-old son who has Cerebral palsy is a shy, funny, loving kid. He loves the Eagles football team, Wichita thunder hockey, music, movies and he loves going to church. I am blessed to have him, the doctors had told me he was going to be born without a brain or severely brain damage he surprised us all. He can walk and play sports but has had over 12 surgeries. He's one of the strongest people I know.

My ten year old son is a very smart, loving, caring and sensitive kid. He also had a rough start, he was born at 27 weeks but besides having asthma he's a healthy kid. He loves video games, movies, music and sports and loves the Cowboys football team.

Then there is my 6-year-old girl who will be 7 on the 13th of this month. She was a twin and he was born without a skull, I was blessed to have him for 43 hours. My daughter is a happy, funny, energetic kid who loves to talk to everyone. She's in cheer, which she really loves. She likes music, movies, lala loopsy and Justin Beiber and of course, cheer.

This year has been hard on us. I stopped receiving child support and my only income is my son and I disability which barely gets the bills paid. It seems like everything is happening at once, I'm having troubles with my car and it's in need of some repairs and it really needs some tires, I have a lot of Dr appointments for my oldest son and I. We are really in need of clothes . I understand that some people would ask for toys or luxury items for themselves but we really need the basics to get through our daily schedule more easily. My kids understand that money is tight and life is hard sometimes. My car is not doing too well. The estimate that I received on it was around $800 and we depend on it so much, my tires are balding and I worry about having a blow out and we're really in need of clothes. We all would be blessed and very thankful.



#79 Deltona, FL

I am a single mother of 4 children and I am struggling this year to make ends meet. The courts have failed me several times in that I receive no child support. I can’t afford to go back to court again. My children are ages 21, 17, 7, and 8. Three boys and one girl. I have discovered that this year I will not be able to provide them with Christmas gifts and I have been praying about my financial situation. If there is any way that you could help me I would be most grateful. Maybe just a few gifts for each of them would help me greatly.



#80 Kalamazoo, MI

My husband and I are newlyweds and are struggling to make ends meet. He lost his job about three months ago and has had his new job for almost three months now. He drives over an hour each way and uses a lot of money on gas. Until our lease is up at our apartment in March, he will  have to commute. I also lost my job around the same time and have still not found full-time work. I work here and there at Bath & Body Works, I am trying to sell Mary Kay, and I am starting a temporary 4-week job on Monday. I have $30,000 in student loans I need to pay off (I have a BA in public relations). I also have type 1 juvenile diabetes. I don't qualify for medicaid until we can get on our feet (my husband won't start getting insurance until sometime in December) so my mother has to pay out of her own pocket for me to have insurance (thank God for her!) Without insurance I would be spending over $2,000 per month on diabetes supplies.  We don't ask for much, but we do have a hard time keeping some basic items around the house, such as cleaning products and basic food items. Here is a list of our needs. Of course we DO NOT expect for every need to be met. Any donations are greatly appreciated.  

Disinfecting wipes
Dish soap
Dishwasher detergent
Laundry detergent (unscented)
Swiffer refills (off-brand is fine!)
Paper towel
Toilet paper
Feminine hygiene products (thin overnight pads with wings)
Shampoo, Conditioner
Body wash (men's and women's)
Men's razors (Schick Xtreme)
Old Spice deodorant
Iams Sensitive dog food
Iams small breed dog food
Meijer gift card for groceries or Aldi giftcard (I'm not sure if Aldi does gift cards???)
AAA batteries for insulin pump
Gas card



I have a  2 1/2 year old daughter.  I have been a single mom since April of 2011.  I was married for 7 1/2 years and my husband was not faithful and left our family.  Our divorce was final in January of 2012. I recently lost my job in September of 2012 and I have actively been looking for a new job to support my daughter and I.  I am in need of some financial help to catch up on all of my bills and to put some food on the table.  At times I feel as though I will never get my head above water but I know that God is faithful, will never leave or forsake us and that this is just a season we are in.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and accepted with a thankful and grateful heart!!!