"Nothing But Truth" Interview

Dr. James Dobson responds to President Obama's recent remarks indicating his personal support of gay marriage.

This week Dr. Dobson was interviewed on American Family Radio's "Nothing But Truth" program with host Crane Durham.

"...there hasn’t been one single state where the people were allowed to vote where they have voted in favor of same sex marriage. " James Dobson, Ph.D.

Listen to Dr. Dobson's Interview Here



Marriage Under Fire by Dr. James Dobson
Marriage Under Fire provides the foundations of a battle plan for the preservation of traditional values in our nation. Our response could not be clearer. The well-being of the family, and thus our nation, hangs in the balance. Now is the time to speak out in defense of marriage and the family.


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Sign the Manhattan Declaration
Send a message to the President and let him know you support biblical marriage between one man and one woman


Other organizations in the fight for traditional marriage weigh in on President Obama's announcement:

National Organization for Marriage
Family Research Council


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