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UPDATE: "A Nation Shaken by the Sandy Hook Tragedy"

On Monday, December 17, as a heartfelt response to the massacre of the 20 schoolchildren and 6 adults on December 14 in Connecticut, Dr. Dobson and LuAnne Crane aired a special Family Talk broadcast.

In the program, called "A Nation Shaken by the Sandy Hook Tragedy," Dr. Dobson briefly summarized the causes and conditions, both in the nation and in individual homes, that well may have contributed to such a horrendous event. His focus for this broadcast was on helping listeners understand why such a tragedy could have happened. He emphasized especially the issue of divorce, and parental prioritization of time. He spoke of the impact family breakup has on a child, and on parental involvement with their developing children. He referenced some important thoughts expressed by famed Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Armand Nicholi thirty years ago--applicable and predictive factors into relationships and child development that are so relevant, they could have been written today.

This special broadcast was heard by a great number of listeners, and many appreciative responses were received by Dr. Dobson and the Family Talk team. Some listeners brought forward their own further concerns and questions, especially when dealing with the problem of discussing the Sandy Hook school tragedy with inquiring children, and Dr. Dobson's responses to some of these can be seen here.

As often happens whenever Dr. Dobson speaks from his heart about important events, there is a small minority of blog pundits who seem to manifest a fiery, warlike spirit when such tragedies occur. A few of these, without having bothered to listen to the broadcast or understand Dr. Dobson's presentation, have distorted his comments, perhaps as a way of drawing attention to themselves. One such writer said Dr. Dobson was "blaming God" for the Sandy Hook massacre, when nothing approaching such a blasphemous comment was said during the broadcast. Family Talk constituents, especially those who have been exposed to Dr. Dobson's books and broadcasts over the years, know well of Dr. Dobson's heart for the family and for children, and of his deep love of God and commitment to His service. Listeners and constituents are necessarily reminded, once again, that when such out-of-context assertions and distortions are heard or spread around the internet, a grain of salt is recommended. These angry bloggers often have their own axes to grind, exploiting even a national tragedy impacting so many families and children to do so.

Dr. Dobson and all of us at Family Talk remain dedicated and committed, first and foremost, to serving God, and then to serving families with truth and insight to help them nurture and develop those they love.