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What is Adolescence?

What is Adolescence?

Adolescence is often understood, especially when it’s prolonged. And it can cause a problem for moms and dads.

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When a Child says, ‘I Hate You’

Parents need to each their children how to handle emotions appropriately—for their sake and the sake of the parents!

Mystery in Marriage

Do you want to put some new life in your marriage? It's what today's commentary is all about!

Healthy Fighting

Dr. Dobson cautions: "It not the fights that should worry you, it's what happens when the fights are over!"

Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is an everyday companion and the sooner we learn to cope with our situations—the better off we'll be!

Molder of Romantic Dreams

A young girl's attitude toward men is shaped by her father. Dr. Dobson says, "And much of what goes into marriage starts with a girl's father."

Preventing Problems in Our Old Age

You'll want to hear the five ways you can keep your brain healthy—and it doesn't hurt to start while you're young!

Mothers and Sons

Whether single or married, many women find it daunting to raise a son! In today's commentary, Dr. Dobson gives encouraging counsel to moms!

Helping Children See the Value of Learning

Sell the sizzle! If we can sell our children on the advantages of learning, they'll be motivated to cultivate their minds!

How Dad’s Shape Kids

Dr. Dobson shares his experience with his dad—and how his influence changed his life!

Your Family as a Hot-Air Balloon

Soaring or weighted down? If you want to soar, there are things you can do to change the situation!

A Father’s PR Agent

Who in the home decides if dad is thought of as a hero or a bum? Don't miss today's commentary!

Communicating with Word Pictures

You talk and talk—and your point's not getting across. Maybe it's time to try a new approach!

Saying No to Our Kids

Saying "no" to our children can sometimes become an unfortunate habit! Saying "yes" is often a good thing!

Rebuilding Marriage with Bonding Steps

Do you want to put some romance back into your marriage? Today's commentary tells you how!

Creamed Frogs

Dr. Dobson asks the question, "What's your response to adversity?" Are you like frog #1 or frog #2?

Keeping Grandparents Close

Grandparents: Your children need them more than you might even think!

Respect for the Elderly

It doesn't matter how old you are, self worth is essential. And today Dr. Dobson tells us how we can show respect to the elderly among us.

Caring for Elderly Parents

Dr. Dobson shares the secret to what many elderly people wish they could tell their children.

Teachers Defend Picked-On Kids

When a teacher defends the least popular in her class, she or he is demonstrating that everyone is respected.

Of Machines and Men?

We may not be able to stop the onslaught of technology but Dr. Dobson suggests we can quietly rebel against it in our own ways!