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Diffusing Low Self-Esteem

Diffusing Low Self-Esteem

Have you noticed? It’s much easier to handle stress if you have some warning it’s coming.

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Value Your Marriage

Love’s a fragile thing—it has to be cultivated if it’s to grow and thrive!

Teaching Independence, Slow and Sure

How does a child learn to handle freedom and independence. Parents—it starts with you!

Hang in There Parents

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent—but we can make a stab at it!

Preparing Your Child for Adolesence

You need to set aside some time for this all-important discussion. Before you do, join us for today’s commentary!

Look in the Mirror

What you do as a mom or a dad—really matters. Find out why on today’s commentary!

For Better or For What

What’s the key to a life-long relationship? It’s today’s topic with Dr. James Dobson.


Be sure to join us. Today’s commentary is all about the “why’s?” of every parent!

Parents of Rebels

If you’re the frustrated parent of a rebellious and difficult child, today’s program is just for you!

Cat’s Cradle

Don’t squander these years with your growing children! It’s Dr. Dobson’s advice on today’s program.

Fatigue and Emotion

Fatigue is common—but “stay tuned” there’s a simple prescription!

Parents as Detectives

Sometimes being a good parent requires the skills of a good detective!

Teaching Our Children to Work

Why do some children love to work and others get depressed just thinking about it? It’s today’s topic!

Mistaken Identity

It’s better to make a child stretch to reach your high opinion of him than stoop to conform to your disrespect.

What’s a Grandmother?

Today’s program features an essay from a nine-year-old you don’t want to miss!

Children Don’t Fit To-Do Lists

What you’ll hear in today’s commentary will give you the building blocks of esteem for your child!

Knowing Your Child’s Learning Style

Don’t miss today’s commentary! When you know your child’s learning style—it’ll help him or her succeed in school.

Helping the Underachiever

Underachiever is just a fancy word for kids who don’t do well in school. A wise parent can make a big difference!

The Pain of Release

When the time comes, it’s difficult for parents to release their child –for some, almost impossible!

Divorce Equals Disease

Who would have thought there’s a correlation between divorce and disease? But it’s true—and it’s today’s topic.

Alcoholism & Alanon

It’s a discussion of the one of the most common and difficult crises facing families today—the problem of alchoholism.