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Love is a Rose

Love is a Rose

Where does your marriage rank in value to you? How’s it stacking up in priority to the rest of your schedule?

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Changing Our Perspective of Our Parents

Often it’s the child who needs to understand the parent! It answers a lot of questions.

Security in Defined Limits

How are you at setting boundaries for your children? It’s a must for their sake and yours!

Letting Children Express Anger

On today’s commentary, Dr. Dobson gives tips for teaching Children how to deal with anger! It’s what every parent needs to hear.

Parent/Child Separation

What are the results of separation with a child and a parent? You need to know!

The Effects of Divorce on Children

The impact of divorce on children may be more serious that most people know!

Loving Whole-Heartedly

Whole-hearted love! It’s the best gift you can give your family.

Dealing with a Pregnant Daughter

What does a parent say with they hear those words, “Mom and Dad, I’m pregnant?”

Friendships Between Women

It’s important for women to understand that some of their friendship needs can’t be met by men.

Your Child’s Speech Development

Dr. Dobson suggests some simple methods that will help you help your child get up to speed.

Newborns: A Blank Slate

We are one-of-a-kind from the very first moments of life outside the womb!

Reserve Forces and Kids

The teenage years can generate more pressure on parents then they’re ready for! It’s time to call in the reserves!

Pre-Marital Counseling

Before you’re married, Dr. Dobson recommends pre-marital counseling. You may not know each other as well as you think!

What is Adolescence?

Adolescence is often understood, especially when it’s prolonged. And it can cause a problem for moms and dads.

When a Child says, ‘I Hate You’

Parents need to each their children how to handle emotions appropriately—for their sake and the sake of the parents!

Mystery in Marriage

Do you want to put some new life in your marriage? It's what today's commentary is all about!

Healthy Fighting

Dr. Dobson cautions: "It not the fights that should worry you, it's what happens when the fights are over!"

Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is an everyday companion and the sooner we learn to cope with our situations—the better off we'll be!

Molder of Romantic Dreams

A young girl's attitude toward men is shaped by her father. Dr. Dobson says, "And much of what goes into marriage starts with a girl's father."

Preventing Problems in Our Old Age

You'll want to hear the five ways you can keep your brain healthy—and it doesn't hurt to start while you're young!

Mothers and Sons

Whether single or married, many women find it daunting to raise a son! In today's commentary, Dr. Dobson gives encouraging counsel to moms!