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Mystique in Marriage

Mystique in Marriage

Honesty may be the best policy, but let your anger and frustration cool down before you pour it on an unsuspecting partner—in the name of honesty!

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Forgiving Our Parents

Have you noticed how difficult it is to forgive your enemies? And all the more so, when they happen to be your parents.

Dieting Craze Reaches Teens

When we as parents focus on physical attractiveness, our children pick up on our prejudices and our value system—to their peril!

Teens: Choose Battles Carefully

As parents it's a much better outcome if you don't make a big deal out of what may be essentially a non-issue.

Parental Burnout

You can avoid burnout if you take some time to re-charge your batteries. And that takes careful planning!

Building Your Mate’s Self-Esteem

Marriage was intended to build the self-esteem of its Partners—and it starts with overlooking flaws!

Teaching Failure to Children

One of the very best ways to show your children how to succeed may be to teach them how to fail.

Parents and Kids’ Sports

The question is: Are the sports your children are involved in about them—or about you? A child's self-esteem may be at stake in your answer to that question.

Over Commitment

When you look back on your life, what will have mattered the most? What will rank at the top of the list?

Toddlerhood Traumas

If you're a parent, it doesn't hurt to have a sense of humor while raising your children!

Food as an Instrument of Control

Dr. Dobson advises getting proper treatment for an eating disorder before it gets out of control and become life threatening.

Anticipating Problems in Marriage

It's good to anticipate problems and crisis points in a marriage before you find yourself in the middle of the storm!

Parents and Guilt

Coping with a strong-willed child is difficult enough, but some parents find the hardest part is dealing with their own doubt.

Hold Them Close and Let Them Go

Letting go is every parents nightmare. But it's absolutely necessary that you do! It's today's topic—one you don't want to miss!

Teenage Attitudes

What happened to that sweet little boy or girl that lives in your house? They became teenagers! Today's Commentary will be good news!

Depression in Children

Depression in adults is difficult enough to diagnose—in children it's even more difficult. Know the facts!


If it's true we forget more than 80 percent of what we learn—why bother? It's the question Dr. Dobson answers with his "learning pill!"

Safety in Learning

A teacher who can control a class without being oppressive is almost always loved by her or his students. But how does that happen? That's today's Commentary!

After the Wedding

What's the role of parents and in-laws after their children are married? It's a subject every parent needs to consider!

Adolescent Communication

The teenager years. Dr. Dobson's counsel is to "just get 'em through it!" His encouragement? A better time is coming!

Power Transfer

Parents walk a fine line when transferring power to their children. Today's commentary is a must for every parent!