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The Class of ‘65

The Class of ‘65

Dr. Dobson uses a famous study in today’s commentary to show what happens when parents fail to teach values and ethics to their children.

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Talking to a Teen

What do you do when your sweet, cuddly, cooperative son or daughter turns into a sullen, silent teenager? It’s every parent’s nightmare!

Why We Fight

Today’s commentary is a reminder that one of the most common sources of conflict between husbands and wives is often a matter of differing assumptions.

Risks of Compulsive Parenting

Dr. Dobson underscores in today’s commentary, that moderation is the key to healthy family life—even in parenting

Willis B. Dobson

In this most touching tribute to his father, Dr. James Dobson tells of his hero and role model—a dad known for his selfless commitment to others.

Basic Temperaments

Parents be encouraged! It is more difficult to raise an independent, strong-willed child—but you can do it!

More About Children’s Temperaments

Dr. Dobson encourages parents that rebellion often runs its course and most strong-willed children return to the values of their parents as adults.

Strong-Willed vs Compliant Kids

Today’s commentary is a reminder that the temperaments of children tend to reflect those of their parents—strong willed or compliant!

Discipline of a One Year Old

Have you ever wondered how to discipline a one-year old child? Today Dr. Dobson shares a personal experience and provides some helpful tools in disciplining these children.

What’s Money Worth

How can we expect children to know the value of money and how to handle it if we don’t teach them ourselves? Dr. Dobson offers some helpful suggestions.

Time with Kids

It’s true laughter is a great medicine in raising kids during the child rearing years. Dr. Dobson shares a story that will make you smile.

Two Kinds of Kids

Have you noticed there are two kinds of kids in the world? The compliant ones and the not so compliant ones. Dr. Dobson offers hope to parents in raising these kids.

Shakespeare and Me

You’re likely to identify with Dr. Dobson and this childhood story! Admitting it out loud may be quite another thing. But it’s a great lesson to pass along to your children!

The Bum Rap

Dr. Dobson loves that age group we call “toddlers!” And as much as they get a bum rap for their antics, we’re reminded that when they “explore” and “investigate” their world—it’s a good thing!

Beauty and the Beast

We live in a culture that awards great value to some and unabashedly withholds it from others. So how do we navigate our children through these sticky situations.

Telling a Child About Adoption

How do you tell a child he or she is adopted? On today’s commentary Dr. James Dobson offers four helpful suggestions for raising an adopted child without unnecessary trauma!

It’s Never Too Late

What’s up with the youth culture? With the fear of getting old? What about wisdom and experience? Your life doesn’t have to fall off a cliff at 50!

A Painful Memory

Dr. Dobson remembers exactly what he was like as a kid! Today he shares how it helped him years later when his children did stupid things!

A Breed Apart

If girls are made out of “sugar and spice and everything nice”—where does that leave the boys? Dr. Dobson has some ideas on that he shares today in his commentary!

Decent and Wholesome Families

As parents we can do better! And we don’t have to give in to the cultural pressures around us. Dr. Dobson calls it “good parental guidance and it’s the least we can do for our kids.”

My Children’s Inheritance

We’re made to give! All our stuff will eventually rot away—but love will last forever! And it’s an inheritance Dr. Dobson suggests is priceless!