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Safety in Learning

Safety in Learning

A teacher who can control a class without being oppressive is almost always loved by her or his students. But how does that happen? That's today's Commentary!

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After the Wedding

What's the role of parents and in-laws after their children are married? It's a subject every parent needs to consider!

Adolescent Communication

The teenager years. Dr. Dobson's counsel is to "just get 'em through it!" His encouragement? A better time is coming!

Power Transfer

Parents walk a fine line when transferring power to their children. Today's commentary is a must for every parent!

Compliant Child (2)

There's nothing simple about raising children—but there is helpful advice for giving it your best effort.

Compliant Child

Some children are born to lead—others are born to follow. Today you'll find out how to appreciate both!

Early Learning

In today's commentary, Dr. Dobson says a child's early years are the best opportunity to instill healthy respect for parental authority.

No Magic Bullets

The task as parents isn't to remove every obstacle for our children but to give them tools they'll need to navigate their world!

Learning to Slow Down

Here's a thought! How about some creative "time wasting?" A killing pace isn't good for anyone!

Get ‘Em Moving

Find out how you can make a careful assessment of your child's strengths. It'll come in handy as they enter the adolescent years.

The Vulnerable Child

Dr. Dobson offers some sage advice to help you with a child who has a poor self-image—good counsel for every parent.

Loving Toughness

Mutual accountability an how to obtain it—it’s today’s focus with Dr. James Dobson with a couple of checks and balances to help along the way.


Dr. Dobson presents two ingredients needed to produce academic excellence. But are they simple answers? Find out!

Are Men More Sensitive Today?

A lot of women complain their husbands are less sensitive than men in past years. True or false? What’s changed and what hasn’t is today’s theme.

Terrible Twos

Just saying those words can strike terror in the heart of a parent! But Dr. Dobson urges you to "hang tough"—you'll get through it.

Flattery vs. Praise

Praise is essential to a child's self-esteem—but when praise becomes flattery—that can be a problem.

Taking Pride in Children

Can a parent take too much pride in a child's achievements? It's the question Dr. Dobson answers on today's commentary and it may surprise you to discover ego has a lot to do with it.

Talking About Self-Esteem

If as parents, we value confidence for our sons and daughters, just how do we go about achieving that goal? Join us today!

Natural Process

What’s the secret for maintaining an intimate, long-term marriage? It’s the focus of today’s commentary with Dr. James Dobson.

Just the Way They Are

Even the best of parents struggle to let their child be who they are. So what’s a parent to do?


What’s appropriate for your children whether it’s in a theater or on the Internet or sitting in the family room? Who’s agenda is being served? That’s the question.