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Handling Holiday Blues

Handling Holiday Blues

Is there a way to avoid the blues during and after the Christmas holidays? Dr. Dobson tells how!

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A Cure for Underachievement

What’s the cure for an underachieving child? It’s what today’s commentary is all about.


Isn’t it time to cut one another a little slack? Let’s stop wounding the people we care about most.

The Evening Rush Hour

Rush hour may not be what you think it is. But anyway you look at it — it’s a stresser!

Balls & Strikes

Dr. Dobson shares what you can do when the roof caves in at your house!

Avoid the Comparison Game

One of the surest ways to damage your child’s self-esteem is to play the comparison game.

Newlyweds and Money

Problems over the use of money are among the most common sources of conflict in marriage. What’s the solution?

The Power of Affirmation

Given a choice between a compliment and a criticism, which would you choose? Your children are thinking the same thing!

Empty Nest Fathers

We usually think of mom when we think “empty nest.” But today’s commentary is all about dad!

Pressures on Moms of Preschoolers

There’s a way husbands can help their wives that you might not have thought of. Stay tuned!

The Test of Time

How to know if you’re really in love? It’s today’s topic!

Children and Finance

What’s a parent to do when it comes to teaching children the value of money? And how to say no!

The Personality of the Home

Did you know your home has a personality? And it doesn’t take long to discover what it is!

Crossing the Barbed-Wire Fence

Instead of getting our feelings out—we stall! So how do we get beyond the norm?

Don’t Label Your Kids

Playful nicknames can greatly impact how a child sees himself—and the person he becomes.

The Loss of a Child

Today’s commentary is dedicated to those parents who’ve suffered the loss of a child.

Diffusing Low Self-Esteem

Have you noticed? It’s much easier to handle stress if you have some warning it’s coming.

Value Your Marriage

Love’s a fragile thing—it has to be cultivated if it’s to grow and thrive!

Teaching Independence, Slow and Sure

How does a child learn to handle freedom and independence. Parents—it starts with you!

Hang in There Parents

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent—but we can make a stab at it!

Preparing Your Child for Adolesence

You need to set aside some time for this all-important discussion. Before you do, join us for today’s commentary!