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To Fight or Not to Fight

To Fight or Not to Fight

There is a place for conflict in marriage. Find out just what that is on today’s commentary!

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Book Learning vs. Community Support

Dr. Dobson offers his counsel to you as a parent. You may know more than you think you do!

Smoking and Children

What are the dangers? As a parent you can make a difference!

Domestic Help for Mom

As the saying goes, “The wife you save may be your own!” There’s more on today’s commentary!

Parental Guilt

If you’re a parent — you have guilt! So what do you do about it?

Love and Respect

Is parental love enough to protect your child’s self-esteem? It’s the commentary theme on today’s My Family Talk!

Dating Your Mate

Don’t lose the wind in your romantic sails! Some good advice today from Dr. Dobson!

Don’t Quit Early

When it comes to raising your children — don’t quit too soon!

The Courtship Game

Today’s commentary is a “how to” for teaching young women how to relate the young men in their life!

Taming Mealtime Madness

Take a listen today to Dr. Dobson’s commentary. You CAN turn mealtime madness into more peace and tranquility!

Is Average Good Enough?

Just how much should you expect from your children? It’s today’s subject with Dr. James Dobson!

Alcoholism & Alanon

Dr. Dobson suggests ways to help you and your family taking the first step toward recovery from alcoholism.

Around-The-Corner Syndrome

With the economy in a tailspin — there are some key questions you need to ask yourself! Find out more on today’s commentary!

Money for Better Grades

If you want to help your child do better in school — a new study you’ll hear about today, may show the way!

The Family Meeting

Caring for aging parents doesn’t have to be a time for families conflict. There are ways to come together!

When Friends’ Marriages Break Up

Today’s commentary gives helpful suggestions for offering sensitive encouragement and love to your friends.

Childish Irresponsibility

What’s the difference between willful disobedience and a child who’s irresponsible? There is a difference!

The Courtship Game

Today’s commentary is a “how to” for teaching young women how to relate the young men in their life!

You Don’t Trust Me

Learning that trust comes in stages will help you keep your sanity in raising teenagers!

Try Making a Game Out Of It

When you try to teach your young child to be responsible — and you just don’t get anywhere, what can you do?

Parental Insensitivity

If there’s one lesson we need to learn, it’s to guard what we say in the presence of children.