Families Helping Families

We reached out to friends of our ministry, asking those who were struggling in one way or another to write in and let us know what their family's greatest need is this Christmas season. At this time, we are no longer accepting "Need A Blessing" stories.  Below, you will find a list of the needs that are still yet to be fulfilled and we encourage blessing others throughout the remainder of 2014.

You may bless a family that is listed below by clicking   “BE A BLESSING." Thank you for your generosity. If you are unable to help, we would still covet your prayers for each situation. Your support means a great deal to us!  

Blessings to you and your families during this Christmas season! 

The stories below are of families who are still in need.
All responses have been listed in alphabetical order below by the state they reside in. 
In an effort to keep requests and donations anonymous, we have numbered the requests. 
If you have submitted a story but do not see it listed below, please have
patience with us while we continue to update this list each day.



I am writing after a long year of turmoil. When my husband lost his job we lost our home and our two girls were forced to leave their school to move back with family. Due to the large amount of stress we have since separated and are not able to catch up with anything or any issues. I'm now a single parent and am praying for my girls to find peace and stability. Somehow I want to show them the spirit of Christmas still exists. All of my family has passed away so I'm at the low end of the stick for support and motivation.


I'm a single mom with a job but I don't have the resources to give a Christmas to my 6 kids. And I'm hoping to get some help.It would mean a lot to me to be able to give to my kids.


Single mother of 3you kids,only two still at home. I do work full time,still can't make ends meet. I am behind 2 months on rent. Cannot afford Christmas for my kids.I only get $158/mo. in food stamps,and for 3bringing of us that doesn't go far. We have no food hardly. My ex was abusive,he is behind in child support. I only get $300/ mo. My kids at home are 17 yr old female, 9 yr old son. God Bless you for considering us.

I am a Mother of 4, three of which are under the age of 13. I worked for the State of Alabama and was laid off with barely any notice and it has been difficult to find a job. I am limited to the hours that I can work because of the children and childcare cost. My Husband was laid off in September and just recently found a job a couple of weeks ago. We have been struggling to pay our bills and some of them are really behind.I was diagnosed with IBD and chronic anemia and have going for Iron infusion therapy three times a week. I have had several medical procedures done over the last two months. I just need a blessing, my faith in Christ is strong and I continue to pray about our situation. I am having a hard time with Christmas because I know we just will not have the money for gifts for our children. Our Utilities and house payment will just have to come first. So any kind of blessing would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


We are a family of 7. My husband works full time and makes a little above minimum wage. I am a TN and am the main breadwinner. I was injured in August and my short-term disability ends Dec.1. After this date we be relying on God for our every provision. My younger kids have Christmas lists that would fill my heart with joy if I could fill for them. My scheduled date to return to work at this time is April 2015. Thank you.


my wonderful husband walked out on our marriage as the sole provider leaving me and my 3 children without a dime to spare. I am literally trying to sell everything we have to pay our utilities but it's still not enough and I can't find a job anywhere. I have prayed everyday for God to bring him home and wake up but his words only get more hateful. I am trying so so very hard to keep my faith.

Hazel Green

I have 3 kids: 4, 2 & 1. I just got laid of from my job with no chance of re hire until March. My truck broke down and I had to buy a new vehicle. Funds are very tight for my family this year and any help would be great.


My husband works part time as he is starting school in Jan. We have three boys, the oldest will be 7 this month and two younger ones 4 and 3. i heard about fhf through facebook, we are behind on our power bill and i dont see much christmas happening for our boys due to this. i know God will provide, I am trusting in Him.


I am a single mom of two boys 15 &12. I just can’t seem to get ahead this year to start any Christmas.  I have been thinking a lot about what to do.  My boys are so wonderful and haven't even asked for anything but I cant imagine them waking up on Christmas morning with nothing under the tree.


I am a 48 year old father that had major back surgery in May. Prior to that I was working 40 hours a week for the past 15 years. Now waiting on social security to approve disability. I have 5 kids with 3 at home. I haven't made a house payment in 3 months just to keep the necessities going. My kids will have a small Christmas but I need a lot of prayers. We still have managed to help a kid at my daughter's school with a thanksgiving meal. I try to keep everything to myself as not to worry my wife and kids. We need prayers. It only takes one. God is in control.


I am a divorced single mom of two boys ages 15 and 12. I work full time as well as go to school full time three nights a week. Two years ago we were homeless due to the separation and lack of support from my then husband. Thankfully we have been in our current rental for two years this coming February because the landlord went off my word. We live paycheck to paycheck and I juggle my bills. My children know that money is extremely tight. A few weeks ago I asked them about Christmas and they both said that they didn’t see anything that had caught their eye this year and that they were fine. It breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same time to hear my children say this. They said it because they know the struggle we are in. Last year I was unable to buy them anything not even a tree. We spent the night at my moms so they didn’t have to wake up to nothing. They were able to open the gifts their grandma got for them. It is difficult for me to ask for help because I always feel like there is a family who needs it more than me. Putting my pride aside i am going to ask for help this year for Christmas for my boys. I tell them all the time that we are blessed to have the little we do have because others have even less than we do so I know that whatever you provide they will be greatly appreciative to you for it. They served on a mission trip on spring break in New Orleans and fed the homeless so they know that it could me much worse and are very thankful. Any help is greatly appreciated and I may not be able to pay it forward in money but I always do with acts of service. Thanks In Advance :-)


I lost my job back in September, and my oldest is having some educational problems I had to go to school and clear up. She was diagnosed with ADHD and probably has dyslexia and possible learning disability. My husband has seizures and it's hard for him to find a job so he works odd jobs to pay our bills. We have a 5, 2 and 1 year old, and I hate that they aren't going to get the great eat Christmas cause we have to pay bills to keep a roof over their head and utilities to take care of them.


The last several years have been some trying ones, for my family of 5. This year, the stresses of life and bills caused my husband and I to separate. God is good, and he brought us back together, only after 3 months. From there, we have been struggling to pay our bills. With the help of my in-laws, we have managed to stay a little above water. With Christmas coming up, my husband and I have barely even talked about "gifts." Avoiding the idea of that added stress, we desperately want to keep our Christmas Holiday MERRY. We simply just do not know how Christmas gifts will ever be for our 3 boys; age 14, 6 and 2. It requires a lot of humility to ask for "help," but whenever it comes down to my children and their happiness, I am not too proud for anything. God knows our hearts, and he also knows that we have given and helped others when our finances were different. I appreciate this opportunity to share my story. Many merry wishes to Dr. James Dobson and family! Dr. Dobson is such a breath of fresh air and certainly has helped me in "raising boys" by me reading his books and literature. God bless.

Orange Beach

I am not sure even where to begin or condense our story. I am a single mother of 3 children 18,17,13. My daughter is still recovering from brain and spinal surgery and I have had almost 20 surgeries and am struggling after injuries from Domestic Violence and going through both criminal cases for this and he filed for divorce during this as well and we have been drug back and forth 12 hours for these cases every month for 18 months in order to continue his control and to run us out of money so that we would have to return to that situation. I haven't been able to work due to injuries, PTSD and having to travel back and forth for court. I cannot even pay for attorneys and unrepresented. I am doing my best to provide and protect my family and we have been under attack by the enemy and he has used many people to his work, It's hard to comprehend how he recruits people. We are at our lowest point right now and holidays seem to magnify it. We are about to lose a place to stay and are trying to remain safe and together. We are praying for god to work a miracle in all this. It is programs like this that restore our lost faith in humanity. The court system and abuse just rips everyone to pieces and you see in the world there is no justice or compassion but there is through Jesus. Domestic Violence and control is something people do not seem to understand how much and how many it affects and how it changes people and tears families apart. We were left with nothing. I used to be in a place where I could bless others and it is hard to ask for help. Thankful for Dr Dobson and this wonderful support page. We appreciate your prayers and blessings and may God bless you as well.



I Hello. I'm a mother of 4 daughters. I recently had the 4th daughter on 9/24/14. I've been out on maternity leave since Sept 5th and haven't been making any money for Christmas. I go back to work in a few days, but I'm so behind on bills that I'm afraid I won't be able to make this Christmas happen. In need of some help and prayer.

North Pole

Good evening. We are a military family of 6 currently stationed in AK. We live in North Pole, AK. Our children are 14, 12, 4, and 1. I currently teach at North Pole Christian School. We spent 5 months in a hotel waiting for base housing before we decided that it wasn't going to happen. We bought a house in North Pole after realizing the rent options were not feasible. The cost of heating oil and everything else here is so much greater than we expected. Any help, including prayers, would be greatly appreciated this season. Thank you so much. Dr. Dobson feels like a part of our family. He has been such a great help in raising our children. Good bless and Happy Thanksgiving!!!




We are a family of 8. We recently moved to a small town to be able to have more quality time and time outdoors with our 6 children. My husband works hard at a demanding full time job in the prison system and I homeschool our youngest 2 boys along with working a few hours a week at our church. This Christmas season I am feeling overwhelmed. I always plan far in advance but this year the needs are mounting and seem impossible to take care of on our own. We recently moved to a colder climate and my husband needs a winter work coat, kids all need shoes, and food is always a concern. We trust God to take care of us as he always does and if you are unable to help please keep our family in your prayers this Christmas season. God bless you.

Lake Havasu City

Hello, this is the first time I have ever really reached out for help. I am a stay at home mom of two children under 5, and am currently expecting my third due in 10 weeks. I do not work, or have an income of my own since I decided to stay home with our children. We are living off my husband's income. Over the last 5 1/2 years, we have experienced many hardships and challenges. My husband works for his family at their business. His family and the business have suffered major losses and financial issues after an accident that left my father in law paralyzed and unable to work. My husband has had to run the business for them since they are unable to, and has worked without pay for over a year because they can't afford to pay him. The overwhelming demands of the family business, his disabled father and his parent's own personal financial troubles have demanded so much of his time and energy, that my husband has had to spend more time away from our own business that we recently started and have been trying to get off the ground. He has been working so hard trying to run 2 businesses, and care for his parents and their financial troubles, with very little help from his 3 siblings that it has taken much of his time away from our kids, and our own personal finances, as well as myself. There has been so much negativity and fighting in his family, that his 3 siblings have either refused to help or will only do the bare minimum, which leaves him with most of the burden. The financial issues of his parents and their business have overflowed over to us and have negatively impacted our finances as well. The stress has been enormous, and I sometimes feel helpless that there's not much I can do. I sometimes get angry that we have been affected by it, and there's nothing I can do about it. There is very little income coming in, and we have piles of bills that are past due and mounting, and I have know idea how we are going to pay them. I wish I could go back to work, but I'm having a baby in 10 weeks, which makes it difficult to find work, and also my children are young and need their mother to be with them. Back in June, my husband and children were kicked off of the state's Medicaid program, which forced us to get a temporary health insurance policy for them. Unfortunately, this policy doesn't really pay for anything except for major medical after the huge deductible has been met and the policy is expiring in Dec. We have medical bills coming in that we can't afford as a result. We have looked into an Obamacare policy, and have found it to be so expensive that we don't even have the money to afford it, but will be penalized at tax time, if we don't get it. On top of the pregnancy, I am also dealing with a medical condition that has affected my health. As a result, the added stress has triggered daily anxiety attacks, and is not good for my unborn child. I am trying my best to cope with everything, I have been relying on my family, and my church to help me through it and encourage me. God has been amazing and has provided us with most of our basic needs, and I am truly thankful for it. I've been trying to keep my spirits up and trust that HE will provide, but sometimes the pressure of the situation that I loose hope sometimes that we will ever get out of it overwhelms me. I have pleaded with my husband to detach ourselves from his parent's situation, so we can focus on our own personal turmoil, but to no avail. His loyalty to his family is so strong that he is willing to go down with them, and take me too. I've struggled with anger and frustration over it, and am just deeply saddened and wounded over it. I'm trying to give it all up to God, that He has a bigger plan in all of this, but right now its hard for me to see it, as I just feel so defeated and have no more energy left to put into this. More Importantly I need prayers. Prayers for our finances and that we can break free from the bondage of his parents and their financial issues. I need prayer that God will reveal to my husband that his loyalty to his parents has clouded his judgment in making financial decisions that he will turn to God for the answers. I need prayer for myself to keep a positive attitude despite all of these things and that I can remain a cheerful spirit for my children. I need prayer for my health as well as my husband's as we are both under so much stress that our health is being affected. Thank You so much for any assistance that God would provide to us, I am deeply grateful! :)

Litchfield Park

I am a single mom with 2 teenage boys at home. I am struggling financially even though I work 40+hrs a week because my sons father stopped paying child support in july. I am a survivor of domestic violence, a recovering addict clean 4.5yrs while I was in jail I was saved when I got out of jail God placed me in proximity to a wonderful church where I began attending Celebrate Recovery 4yrs later I am leading codependant/chemical addicted womens group also running the first impressions ministry at our church. I am very grateful God rescued me from a toxic relationship, I still have a hard time understanding why my sobriety angers the father of sons to the point he lashes out at our boys by spewing hate to them about their mom. I am in yet another court battle trying to get help feb 2 will be the 2nd trial in 9mo I have won the last 4 all in 2yrs with little or no relief from the courts he continues to mentally attack our sons who are also young Christians baptized on may 18, 2014 along with mom :) he calls God their imaginary friend. Whoever is reading this I need real help like prayer of protection for my family and my sons, ages 15 & 13.  Prayer that the court puts a stop to his continued abuse thru these court proceedings that are putting me in a financial crisis pray I get relief. Also pray my son is able to attend the landing which is a recovery program aimed at teens which his father is opposed to because it's a Christ based program & it interferes with his parenting time even though I have offered to make up the time. Thank you & God Bless.


A couple of months back my husband of nine years filed for divorce leaving our eight-year-old son and me. We have not seen him nor does he help financially. I work but only make enough for our bills. I have been praying for a miracle within my marriage and have not shared with our son or extended family of the divorce. This year I cannot afford to do the family dinner and gifts and my son had been upset with this. I am doing my best but making sure he has all he needs is a struggle right now.

This has been the hardest year of our lives....I have 3 children - Joseph 16, Anastasia 13 and Dentine 10......my husband is unemployed and my car just broke down.....all of our income goes to keeping the roof over our head, I don't see a Christmas in sight. But I do know our Lord will meet our every need.

Show Low

I am a single mom with 5 amazing children. I do have a job but it just doesn't seem to be enough. I work graveyard shift and then homeschool during the day. I have had some financial setbacks in the last few weeks that are going to render me unable to provide gifts for my children. We live where it snows so I would really like to be able to provide them with warm clothes and shoes if nothing else. I would be forever blessed and grateful for any help that God lays on your heart. Thank you for your time and consideration! God bless you!

It seems like it has been one thing after another the day before Thanksgiving my car broke down, my boyfriend's hours have been cut in half his last paycheck was $283 that's not enough to cover our rent let alone fix a car we have two small children and I don't know how we are going to make it luckily my girls don't ask for much but I feel like I am failing them. I was scrolling through my newsfeed and I just so happen to stop on the post for families helping families and I feel like it was a sign from God that I was to write you. I just want to say God bless you.


I am a single (divorced) Mom with chronic pain illness but work fulll time. I have a 12 yr old son and an 8 yr old daughter. My ex just informed us he lost his 2 part time jobs and as of January I will be out $550: a month. I may lose my house, 1 mile from the kids school, because $ was already tight. Pleadexzé



I am a former R.N. now on disability. It has been about 7 years since I could give my kids Christmas. My husband of 16 years decided to have an "alternate lifestyle " and I went through major depression and a bipolar break. God has brought us through all that and even brought me a new husband who loves my kids more than their dad does. But this year my oldest daughter has moved back home and doesn't have a job. My child support has been raised 10 fold, but he isn't paying yet. I am almost $500 negative at the bank and don't know how we will even make it through the month. Anything would be nice to give my kids this year. 24, 18, and 17.


My husband and I have 7 children combined. He works part time. We are in need of some assistance for Christmas. Thanks and God Bless.

Hot Springs

We are a family of 5 struggling for over a year now, to make ends meet. My mother was living with us but had to move closer to a relative to help with their struggles. When she left, I also lost my job, along with her monthly help with the bills. Now only my husband is working. We are trying to keep bills paid but we have fallen behind. We may lose our car and I am not sure how we will do much for our kids at Christmas. I have prayed for the Lord to provide and I know he will, one way or another. I feel bad for writing this. I have never done anything like this before but it has been a rough year. Thank you in advance for anyone who can help and may the Lord bless you too.

Pine Bluff

This is the hardest holiday season I’ve ever faced with my family not just financially it s always hard financially but we make due pull together with family this season our family has changed with such heartache my 19 year old brother in law committed suicide September the 9th my mother in-law had left my father in-law after 32 years of marriage about a month previous to that she moved 800 miles away my children are so used to having their grandparents and aunt and to uncles around plus my husband is torn apart we stayed in church though don’t really know what I’m even asking to be sponsored for my children are 8 , 6 , and 5.


We have 2 children at home and would like for them to have a good Christmas.



My husband works seven days a week 3/4 weeks in the month. We have 3 children and I just found out God is blessing us with another. After losing our home 2 years ago we have moved twice. Praise the Lord in all he does. Since moving to your current leased house I have lost the extra 400$ a month income. And our bills are starting to pile up. I'm not going to worry. The Lord has always provided. Please pray the Lord will direct our family and that we accept his will for our lives. Also for a few things for the children. He knows what they need.


I've been a single mother of three teenage girls for 7yrs I've never had support from their father so they have to understand I can only give them what is needed, recently I had surgery and my job did not take me back due to being off for awhile so we struggle even more now. Above all they are grateful we have a roof over our heads but me as a mother carry a lot of sadness and depression that I cannot give them what they want. I'm still jobless and struggle with my health but hide it from them. They are smart in school and I'm so proud of their achievements however at times its not easy only God knows my tears we leave it all in Our Lords hands and trust Him. All I ask is prayers and I believe prayer is power.

A mothers Love for her children. I am 52 years old. In January of 2013 I lost my job. This was a part of life and I was trying to figure out what my next step would be. I was on unemployment and then in June of 2013 I found a lump in my left breast? After 3 different biopsies, in July I found out and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I embraced this hurdle with courage and hope and with vibrancy that life is so very precious and even though I was going to have to have a double mastectomy that it would all be ok. See, I am a single mother whom raised her 3 kids on her own.. I thought to myself God's got this!! He has brought me this far I'm not going to quit now. My surgery was in October and my reconstruction in December. I was in the healing process when I received a phone call on February 18th that my 22-year-old daughter had been hit head on by a Semi truck and was being Life flighted to Stanford Medical Center. My daughter was fighting for her life on a respirator, and I was told that they were not going to be able to save her leg. I dropped everything and for the next two months I stayed by her side. Friends that I had not been in touch with since high school, surrounded me with support, strangers I didn't know came and held my had at the hospital. The burden I carried and did not share was that my daughter’s accident was her fault for she was coming down off a meth high and fell asleep at the wheel. My eyes are welling up with tears as I share my story because my heart has been broken into a million pieces. I moved from Orange County to Paso Robles, where she had been living, but moved not knowing where I would stay. At this stage my own health had started to decline from the financial stress and not having my own place? God provided a room with a loving Christian family and I was there to help my daughter get stable and take her to doctors and therapy appointments. The part of this story has not ended; she also has a little boy whom has been living with the father the whole time. They eventually moved in together and I continued to be there to help. When she was in the hospital, the sweet girl that loved the Lord came back. She had told me "Jesus took the Wheel" she said I'm never going to do drugs again. Well as the months went by I slowly began to see a change in my daughter and then found out that she had relapsed. The family I was staying with had told me that I could no longer stay with them. I had a limited little bit of money left and my short-term disability was going to be ending. The oldest of my 3 kids is my son and I found a home to get together in Bakersfield I had to go see my Breast Surgeon in Orange County because I had been experiencing pain on the side my Cancer was on. That same day after my appointment I was experiencing extreme stomach pain and drove myself to the ER. I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and was hospitalized for 7 days. On my drive back to Paso Robles, my car broke down. Stranded on the road crying my eyes out, I cried out to God! I just could not understand. Since 1993 I have been on a Journey that has had me without a home with my kids, a working welfare Mom that pulled herself out of the trenches. Had a heart and served in ministry. Worked my way out of poverty making almost six figures. I never remarried, the son I am living with is not a believer and his maturity is that of like a 16 year old. Not the best of living situations. I have four grandchildren, my middle daughter lives in Georgia and the twins are 2 1/2 my son also has a daughter who is 19 months and the mother has decided not to let him or myself see her. My daughter that lost her leg wrote me a horrible letter telling me I'm not her mother and said things I can't repeat because they are so Vulgar. I have $9 to my name, I've been selling material things to try and raise my rent and bills. While having a garage sale a week and a half ago I tripped and fractured my ankle. To just pile on to the list of things I cried all day on thanksgiving alone... I don't think I can take much more. My heart is so sad, I also have fibromyalgia and I'm out of medication until my state insurance kicks in Dec 1 and then I can get into a doctor. I also need a MRI for my breast. I don't know how I'm going to cover bills for January and am praying that my SSI will be approved for my permanent disability. I'm overwrought with sadness and physically have no more strength left. I need a miracle!! My bills now are 1600 a month. I miss my grandchildren so much. I wrote the mother a letter with no response. I am trusting God with everything that I am, but I am also human and this woman is at her breaking point and crying out for help.

Second Message: This is a cry for help a prayer group I'm in posted this I have been in the ICU I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and Saturday a clot developed in my leg and I had a heart and the clot traveled to my lungs. Pulmonary embolism extensive clot wrapped. Around both of my lungs I've been disabled for the last year and a half due to breast cancer, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and in October was also hospitalized for Diverticulitus. My short term disability stopped and I'm waiting on permanent. I have no income and have been trying to sell things,but know I'm flat on my back. I could sure use a blessing anything helps. Have not made Decembers rent yet.


This last year I found out I have copd I am now on oxygen, I was in the hospital for two weeks, which cost me $2200.00. I have no money for Christmas gifts for my 5 nieces and nephews and any help will be a blessing cause they usually count on me for their presents.


My husband and I have 3 children. My husband is a police officer and I have been out of a job for the past year. There are times that we have $40.00 left until next paycheck and we are still behind on our mortgage and bills. I've looked for jobs with no prevail. At this time of year we do not have any funds to buy extras let alone Christmas gifts.

Garden Grove

I am a divorced single mother of two daughters, my ex husband has cut our monthly court order family support the last 6 months, he left and i could not continue paying $1500 plus bills i was not working.- i had gone back to college. We are temporary staying in an RV a family friend sold to me and helped me move to a space - while we get financially stable and can get a more permanent housing. I'm still in college - Second year- just started working a temporary position that may turn to full I time after February 15th. Just a Christmas dinner, warm socks, sweaters and boots would be so much appreciated for the girls and prayers request for a small warm more permanent little place we can afford for us. Thank you.


Hi, thank you for taking the time to read our story. We are family of five struggling to make ends meet with a single provider for our family. My husband works very hard as a farrier to meet our needs; however, holidays really slow down our business. Unfortunately last month our business truck and the family car, 1996 1999 models went kaput. We had to buy a newer model on short notice. This took all of our emergency money and regular cash flow. It has been particularly frustrating because I (wife) cannot work. I have been disabled for the last three years following a flare up of a systematic arthritis.. This year we almost cancelled Thanksgiving sue to the necessity of meeting a new vehicle payment and insurance rates. My grown daughter and son surprised us with a full holiday meal! I am very worried about Christmas. Not just the gift giving but making the rent. Being disabled we have discounts on utilities but our bills due to life saving equipment and A/C ran up to nearly $700 over two months.. So we have paid that off as well. My husband, He takes any horse, any day, at any time and never turns down work. It breaks my heart he feels that we cannot even get the boys who are three and five small gifts... Any toys for our boys would be amazing! We have bought a few books. But that is about it. My five year old loves the military and games. He wears a size five, clothes are always needed. His favorite book is on special forces. He loves playing yahtzee with the family and riding a bike. My three year old loves dinosaurs! He loves dancing and music. The little tyke music things would make his year. He wears a size four. He loves ninja turtles also. We do not have any type of games in the house.. Long sleeve shirts and hoodies are especially needed. A world globe or anything universe would also bless the boys... Along with books.. Board games, skate boards or hats... They love dress up. If anyone should decide to accept our family, thank you in advance!



My husband and I are on disability and raising my 15 year old granddaughter money is tight, but we manage with a lot of prayer. We just would appreciate help for my granddaughter to have a blessed holiday. Thank you


We are a blended family of 8. Our children range from 17 to 5 months. My husband took a job out of state and we plan to relocate to the mid west in the spring. Until then, he is only able to come visit every 2-3 months. I have not been able to return to work due to not being able to make enough money to pay for childcare for my younger children. The emotional and financial challenges have been huge this year. We normally only do 3 small gifts for each of the kids (something you want, something you need, and something to read) but even that will be difficult this year. God is good and he always provides more than we expect in ways that we could never have imagined.

Lake Forest

I am a single mom with twin children I am taking tax classes that will get me a job starting January but until then I am struggling an need a little help just for the kids Christmas thank you for your consideration.


I am raising my daughter who is 17 and have been struggling for months. I work full time and have been looking for a second job. Every month I worry and stress how I'm going to make it. Buying groceries and all the things we need is struggle and it's hard to go without, but even more, the wondering what I'm going to do to pay my bills every month and provide for my daughter and her needs, I just want to be able to get through and not wake up stressed everyday.

Los Angeles

I have 5 kids and I'm a single mom and have a disability.  I can't afford gifts and  i need help with paying my utility.  Its very hard.

Hello. We are a family of four, myself, husband and two kids . Basically our struggles come from a marriage struggling to stay together. We love theLord deeply and we love each oother. The problem cones from lack of knowing how to keep it together and we have now lost everything and pretty much are homeless. I'm desperately looking for a job, and my husband recently moved to California after we were separated for three months and he is homeless too since he can't get shelter where the kids and I are staying. MTT family needs a lot of restoration and mending. I live my husband and he loves me and our childrenare our most precious treasure but me messed up and now we don't know how to get back on our feet and get out family back together in a home and with jobs to be self sufficient. My kids and I live off luggages as that is all we own and my husband stays in a morel that's infested with drugs and prostitution as it wasa cheap roof for shelter for now. Please pray for us, please pray that we may find a home to restore the marriage and family and that we have the basics to live in and jobs to be self sufficient. That my kids have a wonderful Christmas and that God leads us into His will in Jesus name, Amen !!!!! Thank you! God Bless this site and the people that care for broken people and families like us. Thank you!


I am a single mom with 3 children and am working full time.  I don’t make even enough to pay for the rent for us to live but still manages to get it in full every month because God is good. Every two weeks I bring home 1011.00 with my rent @985. They started to garnish my wages, which now my checks are 920. I got car payment 234.00 to get to work and drop kids off, car insurance. Electricity, gas electricity about to be cut off on the 1st if I don’t pay the remaining pass due balance of 170 and of course the every day necessities For the home and food. I’m continually stressed out even though I know my God provides and my kids never went with out food and we always had a home to live in. I would love to have gifts here for them during this time. Thank you!


Hello, I am seriously struggling this year. I am months behind in my bills and trying to figure out ways to pay my bills and rent. I am a single mom of 5 going through a very difficult, long divorce. So far, 18 months. I've borrowed as much as I can. My kids are emotionally struggling with the divorce and changes along with now knowing we are financially struggling is hard for them. I try my best to help them not worry but have had to make drastic changes to survive that they see. They also do not have many warm clothing that actually fit and shoes that need replacing. This has humbled me deeply and now finally able to reach out for help. Please help us. Thank you


We are now delinquent on our mortgage. We put down 190k on a 329k house but hubby had heart attack and quadruple bypass...we are not deadbeats..we lost 2 grand babies this last 12 months... Our daughter just got back to work in Sept 2014 she lives with us..her husband drives a truck, but is slow now due to rain so short paycheck..but this month we just don't have the funds. Just paid 1400 electric bill which was turn off notice 12/5 now that was money for mortgage so for 750 I will go into forclosure..over 55 and no jobs are interested in hiring me..wish I could find a job, but am unsure what else to do...not a good Christmas season. We can't even buy groceries this month. Only get 1165 per month from ssi for my husband.


My name is Jessica Elizabeth Osuna and 24 yrs old,I was born with a severe unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate,craniofacial syndrome,tempomandibular disorder,malocclusion,hypoplastic teeth,epidermal nevus syndrome,polycystic kidney disease.partial deafness,neuropathy. I am about to lose more than half of my teeth,it would cost more than 15,000.00 dollars to repair them in root canals and crowns.I am suffering immensely,our famly vehichle that transports me and my parents to our doctor appointments,needs new brakes,shocks,registration.I am a caregiver to my parents and unable to afford any dental or car repairs.My parents are disabled,both of them had back and neck surgery and unable to afford to help pay for my teeth to be repaired or to make any car repairs. They are on a fixed income and only make one thousand dollars a month for a family of three peopleThey have tons of bills and we would be grateful for any kind of asisstance during this time of hardship,from the bottom of my heart.... Jessica E. Osuna


I'm not sure if my story was posted earlier so I am trying again. I am a stay at home mom my husband is the sole provider. We have 3. Children the smallest is 3 Month's old . My family has been struggling financially for 3 months. My pregnancy was a difficult one and when I delivered my husband decided it was best to stay by my side at the hospital since I was there for almost a whole week after our baby was born. That one week my husband didn't work he was also not played and it has set us back in such a a hard way. My request is that the Lord would provide and meet our financial needs how ever that may be. We are behind in bills for 3 months and we have to choose and see which bills we will have to pay each month. I praise God bc we have food every day on the table and clothes on our backs and our baby has the diapers he needs . But we do need help I.pray and ask for prayer and to please lift this family of 5 up in prayer. That the Lord would work it all out. Thank you again.


I am a mother of 3 wonderful boys by choice. When my youngest son was diagnosised with autism almost 2yrs ago, I had to leave my job and concentrate on early intervention services. To say it's been ruff financially is putting it lightly. My 2oldest boys are awesome students. They deserve some holiday cheer, that I simply cant afford.

San Jacinto

I was recently in a car accident, and have spent over 2k in rental, medical and deductible costs. I will be reimbursed for partial but its highly unlikely it will be before Christmas. My husband is in construction and this is an uneasy season without my income helping. My kids will be grateful for the simple gifts we provide them. Our request is a family laptop and/or internet service. That was what our savings was intended for. The kids are having to use school computers during their lunchtime because we cant afford internet at the moment. We do have a desktop but it is very old and outdated, however still usable if we had internet service. I believe that there is hope for us, my kids are brilliant and it hurts to watch them so limited in their academic abilities. I am hopeful that the lord will work through FHF to reach us. Thank you very much <3

San Jose

HI! I am a single mom of a seven year old lil boy. I am a recent graduate of Teen challenge and I am doing my internship with them to hopefully one day open my own family recovery center. At this time, I am going through a divorce and barely can make ends meet on a 300 a month stipend that I receive. This is going to be the first Christmas that my son and I are away from family and him away from his father due to this separation. I know that God has already provided many things and will provide this holiday season. Thank you and God Bless

Santa Ana

2.5 my husband abandoned my daughter and I. Previously, I was employed from 15-28, stopped to stay home to raise our boy and home manager. I have not been able to find employment. Although, I'm in college trying to finish my degree. Meanwhile, the resources haven't been my standard of living. He paid me $3300 5/2012-5/2013, $8200 5/2013-5/2014. My lawyer did not go by tax returns & I was not present in court. Financially I'm running in the red every month and without my car for the last 5 months. Please help me give my 2 teens a Christmas.

Spanish Lookout

My husband is Jake and I would like to tell you our story. I grew up in Belize.There was a lot of pain and suffering in my childhood. When we left Belize in 1999 I was angry and bitter towards my family. In 2002 we became born again follower of Jesus Christ. After a lot of counselling and healing in my heart we felt that God was calling us to move back to Belize to make things right with my family. So in 2012 we moved to Belize. Before we left he sold his share of a contracting company. When we got to Belize we found out due to some unfortunate circumstances the company went bankrupt and we would not receive the money from the company. We had $800. bze to start a new life with here in Belize. At first I was ready to just pack up and move back, but we both felt that God wanted us to stay here. So we have been obedient to His call and stayed. It has not been easy but God has been faithful.God is doing a wonderful work in our family. My Mom of age 75 has excepted Jesus and our relationship is slowly getting better. My brother who molested me came over and asked me to forgive him and I was able to say freely that I had forgiven him a long time ago. We are still praying for his salvation. My family that was so broken up is slowly healing, thanks to our Father in Heaven. And I could tell story after story how God has provided for us in the last 2 years. God is Faithful. We have 4 children. 15, 14, 12 and 9. We are still struggling financially. Our children have struggled a lot but are all doing fine here. They know what it is to go without. My reason for asking for help is that I would really like to surprize my family with a wonderful christmas. Our children have been so wonderful and have excepted our financial situation with out much complaining. My hearts desire is to bless my wonderful children with a beautiful Christmas this year. God Bless


I am a single mom, struggling to make ends meet for my two children and I. They are a 17 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. We just came out of homelessness into our own home and need some furniture (beds, dressers, chairs for kitchen table) and food and gift cards, etc. Thank you for any and all you can do.


From the outside world my life looks great. A husband, and two beautiful children. My husband and I have been married for 34 years. After 21 years of marriage and unable to have children of our own we adopted our first when we were both 42 yrs old and our 2nd when we were 46. Now at 56 years years old we are raising our "gifts from God". I worked for a dentist for 20 years. About 9 years ago, my employer got addicted to prescription drugs. I did all I could to help him ( for 7 years) including lending him $42K on my credit card to keep his business going. ( I helped him because in my heart, I felt that was the right choice) After about a year, with no effort on his part to make payments on my credit card - it began ruining my credit and just snow balled from . there. Because my husband was unaware of the bad decision I made to lend my boss the $, I borrowed from friends and family to get this $ off my credit card. As time went on ....everyday I went to work with a smile on my face STILL attempting to help by "friend" boss with his addiction. I prayed that the Lord would use me as a blessing to this man's life and somehow...just somehow,,,,I would be able to help him get his life back on track...not only for him ,but for his wife and 3 children. Instead of thanking me...he bankrupted his business which included me. I had no choice but to quit. Long story - short version - I couldn't get another job. No one in the dental field would hire me because I "had too much experience". So for 2 years I lived off unemployment, food banks, etc. Praise the Lord.....we made it through. Now, I have started my own business and it is going.....slowly...but going. God is good...I have also taken on two side jobs. Between the 3 jobs..I can pay our bills and put food on the table. However it leaves no time to spend with my children. Sometimes I just can't figure it out - God didn't give me children for 21 years and now I have children...and no time to spend with them. Still....I know God has a plan and I just need patience. However.....everyday I live with the anxiety of all the money I owe to other people (which is truly not my debt) it is my ex-boss...but my bad decision). I live in a different state than all of my family, and have not been "home" for two years. I can not face them knowing I owe them $. It saddens me so....in my heart....I know that God is first, and family is second. I hate the situation that I am in ( not being with my family) due to guilt. I pray daily that I may be able to forgive my ex-boss for what he did to me - but still struggle because his bankrupting me has turned my life upside down and he continues to still practice dentistry under a different name and his life just goes on. I now suffer from extreme anxiety as I have lost everything I ever saved for and now live day to day ( which turned out to be a blessing - that is what God wants us to do)! If I could somehow pay my past debt, I can now support my family with my job, but I don't anticipate earning enough to pay off my friends and family. I just pray everyday for a miracle that I may be able to pay off my debt and be able to look my friends and family in the eye guilt free and I want to be able to spend time with my kiddos and not be crabby all the time because of financial stress. I pray and pray and pray about my situation, and so much of the time I feel guilty like I am complaining. I have a great life compared to millions in this world - I have health, a roof over my head, a car, and food. God is giving me what I need on a daily basis. I am just having a difficult time financially...and I realize others have so many more problems that $ can't solve. For them I pray continually. God bless you all and thank you for listening.


My family has been struggling for years. But help others when we can. I would love prayer for my family, my husband who works so hard to keep a roof over some food & us. My 4 children who don’t even ask for things anymore cause they know we cant. I'm grateful that my kids get excited about the little things others take for granted like socks. I know their are so many families in need, It would be great for my kids to see that if you yourself do for others & believe then good things will happen to you. Once you are blessed, you become a blessing. May everyone have a blessed and Merry Christmas.


I am a single mom with a beautiful 3 year old. I am raising her alone and going full-time to college to get my RD in nursing but it has been a difficult journey especially since I don't work and with Christmas on its way it just seems so hard to be able to give my daughter what she needs. I trust in my Lord he always knows what's best for me and always guides my steps. God bless.

Yorba Linda

My family is in need of help because we are struggling so much with our finances. We are one month behind on our house payment, two payments behind on our car payment as well as several months behind on our utilities & other payments. My husband & I are not making enough money to keep up with all of our payments. We haven't been able to buy food for our family this month due to expensive car repairs. We had to get food from two local church pantries. At this time we do not have any money for Christmas presents for our three kids & we have creditors calling everyday. Thank you in advance for any help you can give us!



I was out of work the last year after breaking my leg. Thank God I had met a wonderful woman and we got married this year! She has been working to support us and I have started school. We thought we had enough saved from my loans to cover Christmas. However, over the past few months that money has been used. We have encountered some expensive experiences and just are not going to have anything left for Christmas this year. We have four boys ages 14,11,10 and 8 and two girls ages 3 and 4. They will be receiving a few gifts from their grandmother but I'm afraid to have to let them know that my wife and I could not provide for them. My wife also informed me that her and the kids had bought me a gift months ago when we thought we had money and that she cannot return it. I can't imagine how that will feel if I have nothing in return for them.

I am a disabled 40 year old with a 7 and 10 year old both girls. W e really need anything you can help with. Thank you.

Colorado Springs

One year ago, my husband and I found out we had an unplanned pregnancy. We were overjoyed, and we love our beautiful baby girl so much, but we were not prepared for the financial challenges. We decided that I should not work while I was pregnant, because I have type 1 diabetes. We wanted to make sure that I was able to focus 100% on having a healthy pregnancy and baby. I don't regret that decision one bit; however, financially, we are struggling. We have used all our savings, and we have a number of large expenses coming up, including a forward facing car seat, a high chair, replacing bald tires on our car, and moving expenses (we're currently in a one bedroom apartment with the two of us, the baby, and a mastiff!) God has been so good to us, and we have managed to pay all our bills without using credit, but we've agreed not to get each other gifts for Christmas, and we have no idea how we'll stay afloat with everything we're going to be needing in the coming months. Even if we just got enough this Christmas for me to get my husband a gift, that would be such a blessing. I'm happy just giving him something; he absolutely loves Christmas! Anything to help would be so appreciated. Thank you for prayers and support!

I am blind and my husband is a lung amputee. At present we are supporting pur family with my ssi blind check and small welfare stipend. We are blessed with a home and love our kids very much but our low income and poor transportation options limit our ability to bless our kids this holiday. We would greatly appreciate any help and if nothing else, gift us with prayer that my husbands disability will be approved soon. Thank you!

I am single father who does not get to see his 4 children very often during the holiday seasons and would like to be able to send them each a gift for Christmas. As I am out of a job and am struggling to make ends meet. It would such a blessing if someone could see it in their hearts to deliver not only a blessing to my children but to me as well. Thank you for taking the time to read over my need and I wish you a very merry Christmas. God Bless. (Ages 15, 13, 11, 10)

I am married with 3 kids on the Autism Spectrum; ages 12 y old Boy, 3 and 5 y old girls and I am writing to request a blessing or donation from your organization. I was referred to your organization by friend, who believed that you could be of help to me. I would like to ask for a blessing or a donation for my family, my son’s recent had ankle surgery; due to a deformity being corrected, getting around to his follow-up and Physical Therapy appointment. After his ankle has heal with Physical Therapy he has to go through another surgery to correct his heels. Also, I have 2 girls that are diagnosed with Asperger’s on the Autism Spectrum, including my son. All 3 of the kids have appointment Monday thru Saturday; Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ABA therapy and Physical Therapy for them. Financial, We are not able get gifts or able to get new washer or dyer and a new couch for our family even gas money. My husband Robert, A Disable Veteran of the Army of 10 years, is going to school full-time at Community College, finishing his Associate Degree in Construction Management. As for myself, I recently went through surgery in Oct 2014, so working was out of the question. I, Also cannot work because of my 3 kids, needing my everyday demands, helping them with appointments and self-care. My husband cannot get a job because he is a full-time student at Community College, using his GI Bill. He receives BAH, for our rent and utilities. But he does his best on working day jobs at Labor Ready, Labor Source, Apprentice Personnel and giving Plasma twice a week for bus fares. Having to blessed with gifts for our kids or even donated items to us will lessen our burden on taking our kids to their appointments and not worry about missing or canceling their appointments because of not making it on time between their appointments every day. I don't know what else to do and really need your help. Thank you for your time in considering my request for a blessing or a donation. Thank you.


I am a married mother of 4 children, 3 boy’s ages 16, 3, and 9months & a 14 year old daughter. Our family has been hit negatively financially and physically over the past year. November 2013 my husband lost his 2nd job of substantial income while I was on bed rest with our 4th child. In February 2014 our baby boy was born 8 weeks prematurely. The day after his birth, my husband crushed his foot at work with a 200lb metal bar and was out of our main income job for 4 months. He was on workman’s comp which is better than nothing but he was only paid 2/3 income. We have since maxed out all credit we had and live paycheck to paycheck not knowing if we will ever be caught up. If that wasn't enough in September 2014 my husband was out another week of work extremely ill only to hear he is borderline diabetic and has non specified fatty liver disease. He doesn't have sick time or get accrued PTO. We are at our wits end barely holding on to our faith and hope. We know we serve a big God but life seems overwhelming right now. Christmas coming without knowing how we are going to get gifts for our children is an added hurt and stress. We know that we may not be able to be helped by gifts but prayer through this time of trials would be just as great. Thank you and God Bless.


I'm a single mom of two girls living with my friend I was employed till I hurt my back now just barely getting by my friend already has five kids of her own so it has been a struggle trying to help her and myself but we make it I'm not one to ask I'm usually the one helping others in need so just this one time we do need help and are very thankful and blessed to have people out there that help out , thank you for listening and god bless!

Two years ago, my daughter, then 6, was molested by a family member in our home. I chose to remove myself and my two young children, away from the person who harmed her. Having been displaced, I struggle with paying my bills completely. This year, the balance on most of my bills have caught up to me. It is hard to choose whether you buy something for your child , or try to explain to them what bills are. I hope there is a secret Santa out there somewhere, as I share my families journey with everyone.


My family and I have been on a journey for the last year and a half full of tough moments and amazing moments of Gods grace. We are a family of 7 with 5 great sons! In April 2013 I lost my job which led to the beginning of our financial challenge. We trusted that God would provide and in many ways he did. As we continued to fall behind two jobs opened up for me. I took both and my husband works two jobs. We began to slowly recover. In February 2014 I suffered a stress heart attack and am very thankful to be alive. After many days in ICU and a hospital stay I was allowed to go home. The medical bills have been a difficult thing for us. We again financially found ourselves struggling. We have trusted and been faithful. We have always been the givers to others and have never wanted to ask for help. As I was looking for a scripture on the focus sight this popped up. We are seriously behind on our vehicle and at risk of losing it. We have trusted and still do that God would provide. We need $2000 to be able to keep our vehicle. Thank you for reading our story we are blessed just to have a safe place to share our struggling in an safe loving environment.


In 2009 God called my then husband and I to Colorado, where we have no relatives. Unfortunately we went through a divorce two years later and that left me as a single mother to my two children (now 6 and 19). I then was unemployed for two years due to a layoff and finally in October 2013 I landed a permanent job. However, years of disruption in my life caused me to fall behind in bills and I am still digging myself out of a hole of debt. As a result of all this, I have not been able to afford to fly to visit relatives. God has not released me from Colorado yet and honestly I love it here, but my children are not developing appropriate relationships with relatives. I would appreciate assistance with airfare to fly out to one of three destinations where we have relatives, in this order, St. Louis, Boise, or Seattle. Thank you so much if there is a donor that can help. This would be a tremendous blessing to reconnect with relatives.


We are a family of 5. There are 3 kids and it seems for the past few months we have struggled financially and I don't think we are going to be able to get our kids anything for Christmas. I have tried to budget and spend around 130-150 a month on groceries but we still are living paycheck-to-paycheck w/nothing left over. I know gifts aren't the reason but our tradition for the past few years has been to get them a pair or two of pajamas and I don't think we will be able to do that this year. God has been faithful to make sure we have enough to pay our bills and get groceries and for that I am truly thankful!! And I am truly thankful for whoever decides to be a blessing to our family this Christmas season. Our kids are 15, 13, and 4. Girl, boy, girl in same order. So thank you very much for taking the time to read my story and God bless you too this Christmas and in the coming year!!!



This is I and my husband's 2nd Christmas. My husband and I both have mental health challenges. Just two months ago my husband started receiving SSI benefits. We thought he would be able to work also for the season, but he was told if he worked more than 1 hour a day they would stop his benefits. I love my husband very much and I want this Christmas to be special. I had dreams of getting him a fishing rod and some fishing gear and I really wanted to decorate the house for the holidays. To have some of these things happen would make a very special Christmas for us.

Jewett City

I am a single mom of a two girls. I have stage IV metastatic breast cancer and am undergoing treatment. I am unable to work due to the nature of my treatment and the severity of my condition. I am struggling to keep a roof over our heads. I know that we are in God's hands! He has never left us or forsaken us! I am not one to look for a handout at all but in light of my circumstance I am in a place where I have done all I could do to help myself. Please consider my family to be a blessing to this Christmas.


Atlantic Beach

My husband and I have been struggling for months just to make the bills. We were hoping to find better jobs in time for Christmas. But, we've had no luck. We also tried placing toys on layaway but been having trouble paying it off. Christmas is turning out to be a stressful time for us. If anyone could help make Christmas great for our kids. I would appreciate it. Our kids have dealt with so much this year like champs. They deserve an amazing Christmas. Thank you


I am a married mother of two young girls 9 and 12. 4 months ago my husband left us. He was the main provider for our household as I homeschool and own a small home-based business. I had thrown myself into working harder on growing my business and looking also for outside employment when I started having health issues. It took the doctors a month to finally figure out my problem and 3 weeks ago I went in for emergency surgery to correct the problem. I am now recovering and once again working my home based business, however 6 weeks of illness and recovery has put us even more behind. I cannot be cleared for any kind of physical work until the second week in December. I know that I need only to rely on God through these difficult times for my family, as He is my provider. I know also that He sometimes sends blessing and relief through the Body of Christ. At the end of the day, all I can do is know that I am doing my best and that He is holding us in the palm of His capable hands.


I just heard about FHF today when a friend shared about them in a status on facebook. Our family consists of myself, my husband, our 4 year old daughter and our 3 children in heaven. My husband is attending seminary so that he can become an ordained minister. On top of that he is working himself to the bone for us to barely scrape by on bills. If it were for the college, I don't know what we would do for food, so the holidays are a little beyond our reach this year. I can't work because my daughter is not yet old enough to attend school and we cannot afford day care so my husband is doing it all on his own. No matter what happens, he tells me that God will provide, and I have yet to see Him fail at that. I am thankful that God has given us such blessings in our lives and that He walks with us daily. I know that He will not forsake us in our time of need.

I am a month behind on rent and disabled with chronic pancreatitis, Addison's disease, IgG 4, and just found out I have vascular necrosis in my right leg. I'm great behind on my payments for my vehicle. I really need a financial blessing. I have two children that are teenagers. I live off disability, and spend much time in the hospital.

Cape Coral

I have been a respiratory therapist for 30yrs. Saving lives, etc. I have had to file for disability for multiple medical conditions. I moved here to be with my mom. She went to Heaven on March 29, 2014. I have no income to pay for this home, medicine, dr. visits, etc. She did not have life insurance. I could use any kind of help. Even if it is a loan until my disability is approved. Bless you!

I'm a single mother of two amazing little boys who receives zero assistance/help. Times are tough, but we struggle together, the three of us, a family. This year has been extremely difficult. My children have been sick, requiring me to miss time at work, leading up to losing my job. I start a new job tomorrow, but know my car is not going to make it much longer and am very worried about what will happen to us after that. For now, I just want my boys to wake up Christmas morning and still believe in the good.


God is so good and has given us so many blessings...but this year has been harder than most. My husband lost three family members that he was close to including his mom. He is struggling with it a lot. But with all the funeral expenses and my husband switched jobs this year it has been hard buying gifts for our 4 year old daughter. Its been hard enough paying the bills. We just want her to have the best Christmas. She doesn't need a lot but she deserves something joyous this year. I know it would also provide comfort to my husband who has so much on his mind to deal with already. Whatever God uses this submission for I know it's for our best. Thank you for reading this and taking the time.


Single mom. I'm a nurse..lost my job. Cannot make bills especially Christmas. Two teens. One boy. One girt. Looking daily for work. Scared and at the point of dreading the holiday.


I am a single parent to a 2.5 year old boy. My baby daddy left after my son was born and he lives out of state now. I receive no child support and I lost my job in October of this year. I'm struggling to put clothes in my son's back and my food stamps barely cover food essentials. There is no way I can provide Christmas for my son this year. I recently started attending church so I'm trying to get my life together. Please pray for me and my fatherless son. I feel so overwhelmed and scared of the future. My brother is in prison and I don't want my son to end up there one day. Thank you!

Daytona Beach

My husband, our 3 children and myself are staying in a homeless shelter. We were unable to pay our rent when we had our house my employer had made a mistake with my check. Our landlord was supposed to work with us but decided not to and filed an eviction. I have since then lost my job, my husband is looking for employment and we recently lost our vehicle because we could not make payments on it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get my story out there! This is an awesome outreach. Gratefully yours.


I am a single mom with a 14 year old daughter. I raised my 13 year old granddaughter since she was 4 months old, but now is living elsewhere which left us heartbroken. Also, my little bit of monthly income from my granddaughter recently stopped leaving us with an income of $57.00 per month from section 8 housing for my electric bill. The Lord does provide for us. My 14 year old daughter wants a couple of things for Christmas, and I would love to get them, but I see no way without a miracle. Furthermore, my 13 year granddaughter wants a couple of gifts too. Thank you for hearing our story. God bless you.


I'm a single mother of an 11 year old boy recently diagnosed with aspergers. He is the sweetest little boy but has been thru some rough times in the past three years wwe've lost three key people in our lives..my mother, his father and my sister ( his aunt)..who he was closer to than anyone. This took its toll on both of us so I had to stop working. We've lost our home and are staying with a friend..for which I'm so grateful..I would live to be able to give my son a real Christmas.

Fort Myers

I am a single mom of a 15 month old. Her father is not involved, probably for fear of having to pay child support. He was against me having her because he said he couldn't afford another child. So it's just the two of us in the house. We don't receive any government assistance because I work full-time I don't qualify for anything, apparently I make "too much" however with her in daycare so I can work, I am coming up short $400 every month. At this time she is in need of size 4 diapers, sensitive wipes, size 4 and 5 shoes, and a bath toy. We have plenty of toys and clothes that we receive 2nd hand from friends.


I'm a single parent of 3 and grandparent of 3. I struggle to just get the bills paid every month, my two daughters have just had babies that I have to provide for and it's really hard for me to do. Please help me.


I am a single mom. We don't have much, including no child support after 11 years. I managed to buy my daughter an XBox 360 this Christmas and would really appreciate any used games someone else's child has tired of.

My mom passed away when i was pregnant with my son . I just recently lost my job and my son is almost 2. I have no help and no family.


My daughter decided she did not want to be a mother. I went to court and adopted my disabled grandson. We barely are able to pay our monthly bills. I will not be able to buy him anything for Christmas; I was not able to buy him anything for his birthday. I would really appreciate any help I can receive.


I am a single mother of two sons. My sons are 13 and 8 years old. This year is difficult for us because I am unemployed this year, once again. Only that this year we have to move and don't have enough money to move, we also have bills to pay that have not been paid and Christmas is almost here without one dime to buy my children at least two presents each. Everywhere I have asked for help or assistance to help pay for bills or rent, are out of funds. I have no where else to turn and I am desperate although, I trust God has a purpose for everything that happens in my life. God will never leave his children alone, I have faith in Him. I really hope that someone can find it in your heart to help us get through this because its not an easy situation. Many blessings and Happy Holidays!


My husband is our sole provider. For us, it would be fine, but we have three small children. My husband works very hard, but there is rarely ever any extra money to do anything other than pay our bills. I know things will get better because we trust our Lord. After losing everything in a house fire earlier this year, we are still struggling. My husband lost his job around that time because he was at risk of being fined thousands if he didn't demolish the burned home. We owned the home, but not the land. He had to choose between us being homeless because we couldn't afford the fines or losing his job. That job paid more than the one he has now. We feel that it was unfair so we're trying to petition them to remove his no rehire status. We remain hopeful despite our setbacks. If he gets that job back, we'll be better off. Until then we pray and wait patiently. We do count our blessings and are glad that we are all together as a family. Times are tough for us, but they will get better. Thank you for your consideration.

I have been in a divorce struggle for over a year and the expenses are so difficultt. I have five kids, 4 still at home. I was laid off in Feb. I am trying to finish my Bachelors degree for education but the finances will not let me attend next term to finish my internship. Each time we have a court date his attorney cancels the date and I end up having to borrow more money from friends and family to set a new court date. We now have a Dec. 9th date and then I will have 60-90 days to move out of the house.  It is just difficult right now with trying to take care of my kids and deal with the divorce. My stepdad passed away last year and it makes it difficult for my mom to keep helping me. My children are so precious and I just want to make the situation easier for them.

Lake Wales

Our house was struck by lightning Tues night blowing light bulbs from the sockets panels blown off breaker box messed up they say the house is unlivable cause we have no water or electricity. I have six kids staying in motel running out of money only get take stay till thirtyish have fifteen hundred dollar deductible cant pay my kids aren’t going to have a Christmas.


I need help with Christmas for four children. I have ms and can't drive so its hard on our family getting to work...if you could help with anything....God bless.


I am a single, unemployed mom of 5. My mom always helped me with Christmas and back to school for the kids. This year she cannot. She has terminal cancer. I would like a Christmas tree and decorations please. God bless you.



I am a 64 year old male with a special this Christmas. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in October - it spread there and to my bones as I've had a long battle with Stage 4 prostate cancer. My family is just making it as we are relying on Medicare, social security, and my some of my daughter's income. I still have my faith in Christ through out it all - He always provides. This Christmas I really need a more mobile walker to help me ambulate, which will also assist me with my daily living. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my request. Many blessings to you and yours this Christmas season.

New Port Richey

Hello my family has always had a great Christmas but this year I lost my job and I couldn’t help my mom with my little brothers presents. My uncle and my grandma have always been a great help but this year my uncle’s wife left him and they haven’t had alot of money to buy presents for his kids. My little brother just turned 13 and has autism and my cousins are 6 and 11 please if you could make their Christmas better that would be awesome thanks

I am a 21yr old single mother of a 4yr old girl.  I have just lost my job and I'm in need of help for the holidays for her. Thank you so much and God bless.


Hi, I am a single mom with two teenage boys and I am barely able to make ends meet. I work two jobs just to pay the bills and because of that have been turned down for any public assistance. For the last two years I have been putting my life back together by God's grace. There are times when it is very hard to keep food in the house much less imagine trying to buy Christmas presents for my boys. We would be so grateful for any type of help this Christmas!



Hi this is my first time seeing something like this and it appears it's right on time for us. My husband has been out of work since June at no fault of his own. The new manager at his company just decided he didn't want to keep him and let him go. They tried to say he had not done something properly but thankfully since my hubby had been through this before with a big corporation he saved a screen shot and gave it to the unemployment office. We were at least able to collect unemployment, which we were truly grateful for. The reason I say this is because we have been through this before with another big corporation. Sadly my husband was let go by Verizon wireless in 2011 shortly after I lost my job because the company closed due to the economy. I felt God was calling me to put more focus into our four children and that was why I lost my job. However I could not figure out why my husband who had been with the company almost 5 years was let go and when he tried to collect unemployment could not because the company sent a fictitious letter to the unemployment office that they claimed my husband wrote, saying he quit. It was proven that he did not write the letter by a forensics analyst. However the judge still sided with Verizon saying the letter was inconclusive and he lost the case. Needless to say we went 9 months with him tirelessly looking for work and couldn't pay our mortgage, which was in my name. I lost my credit but worst of all we lost our home. We were led to Ocala like Abraham and Sara was led and the Israelites were led. We got here with him having no job just the promise from God that he would have one. He quickly found work with AT&T and then went on to work with Apple from home. It was like a dream come true. Although our income was tight (as it always has been) we were grateful. We had decided to homeschool the children because one was special need with a mild autism and the other was gifted special needs with an IQ of 130 and a reading level of grade 6 in 1st grade. My oldest was slipping through the cracks with her math in the public school system and we had already decided that she would be homeschooled in middle school. I also did not want to put our 2 year old in daycare. I felt God wanted me to give up the things that we didn't need while I was working (like cable) because my children needed me. Things went great for a little while I cleaned my husbands credit and he was able to purchase a home for us in his name. I still had my credit to clean but we were at least able to try and become stable again. After being in the house a year Apple let him go. The worst part was that I was diagnosed with hemorrhagic cysts on my ovaries that could be malignant or benign, our daughter with the autism symptoms was diagnosed with autism and sleep apnea, I needed to get a routine colonoscopy because of the problems I have had in the past and now none of this was or is possible. It was like the same thing happening all over again. God has carried us through this whole ordeal but it's been tough. My husband lost his unemployment in October and was not eligible to re-apply sadly after only 5 months. We have gone a whole month with what God provides. I don't know how we will pay our mortgage for the month of December in the amount of $780 nor do I know how we will pay the electric bill of $185. It is truly sad to me that God gave us this house, which was worth $257,000 in 2007, and we only paid $110,000 for it last year and now we stand to lose it. It is also sad that my children may have to endure homelessness again and quite scary. However the saddest thing to me is knowing that I may have to ruin the innocence of my younger children by telling them I have nothing to give them for Christmas and that there is no Santa. I love the magic of Christmas and this is the 1st year that my 5 year old really gets it about Christmas. They all know it's not about the presents but about Jesus. I just love to see their faces light up when they receive their gifts. I have been praying to God for a miracle and for this storm to end. I pray that someone can help us. Thank you for reading this and God bless you.


I have two little girls5&8. my husband abandoned me 2and a half months ago. I have no contact with him, he changed his number , left through a text message , filed for divorce, and is in an adulteress affair. the girls are heartbroken and we pray for restoration everyday, but we are just trying to find our strength in Jesus. the best Christmas gift we could receive is our captive set free. but in this desperate time of so much change, finances are beyond what I can bear right now. i would be so great full if in spite all the pain the girls would be able to have a Christmas. blessings in Christ to all.

Palm Harbor

My husband lost his job on 10/31/14. I am in nursing school and am not working. He sold his 401k to help us get through Nov. and Dec. It's just enough to cover 2 months of expenses. He is a reservist in the US Coast Guard, 22 years of service, and is one of the most wonderful men I have ever known. We've been together 20 years and married for 17 years. Our faith has been tested many times during our marriage, at worst when our 16-year-old son was killed. We feel like if you've experienced your worst day ever, nothing will ever be as bad. Including a lost job or financial strain. We have each other and God's love to carry us forward. We need a blessing for the New Year. Please pray he'll find a new job, as this is not only a financial need but also an emotional need and desire for him to provide for his family. Thank you in advance. God Bless.

Hi I'm just a single mom of 3 I've lost my job, my home and everything..but I'm truly blessed because my daughter just had a heart surgery and she is doing much better..and I'm able to stay with my mom to keep a roof over our heads. However I feel horrible that I can't do anything for Christmas and this year is even harder cause my other daughter will be one on 12/26.  I pray someone can help us even if it's just a prayer.. :-) thanks


Hi! We are a family of 5! My hubs and I have 3 boys, 7,4, & 17 months. He works, but we can't catch a break. We have a bill that we are struggling to pay off, and can't...We have no family here, it's just us. If someone could help with out kids Christmas, that would be awesome!



I lost my job back in March and ever since we have been struggling. My husband only has a paper route, so it doesn't bring in that much. Our mortgage is 3 months behind, and our bills are really piling up. We really don't know how we are going to make it much longer on just one small paycheck. Please pray he finds a better paying job and also that I find one. I really don't want us to lose our house and also I want to give our 15 year old son a decent Christmas. I just don't know what to do, but God is faithful, that we know for sure.

Pinellas Park

I am in need because my husband is disabled and unable to work. I work but I don't earn very much. We have 6 kid's from 8 to 17 and my 18 year old nephew my sister passed last year. I have no money to buy gifts. My 17 year old graduated this year and I couldn't do anything special. I some how always juggle to pay our household bills although I am usually behind on everything by about a month. We have a house and we really are blessed in so many ways. Thanks for listening. God bless.

Pompano Beach


I am a single mother of a 17-year old son. I have raised him by myself for all of his life without any financial support from his father, who we have not seen in over 15 years. I am blessed to have my son and have tried to make many sacrifices for him to have a good life. He was saved at the age of 8 and God showed me the importance of letting him be everything that God has created him to be and I have worked hard to honor that. I have never been able to provide too many extras because I've had to focus on our basic needs - food, clothing, and shelter. This is his Senior year of high school and God-willing he will be going off to college in 2015. I would love to be able to bless him this Christmas with something special. I've always wanted to take him on a real vacation. He's always wanted to visit Italy and I would love for us to experience a trip to Italy together before he leaves home, but I will be happy with however the Lord blesses him this Christmas.

Port Saint Lucie

My husband. Therefore we will have no Christmas tree, presents or food. Please pray for our family, I am having health problems and we have no insurance.

Saint Cloud

I'm a 66 year old disabled-widow; with lots of health problems, Kidney Renal Failure and Diabetes and Dizzy spells, IBM, bad feet and back problems "just to name a few." So my daughter had to quit her job to help take care of me full time, but she was involved in a wreck, where someone totaled her car, so we've been without a car now since (2007). And, since my husband of almost 40 years, left me back in (2001) and he moved away, but promised to pay the house taxes up, but he later died in (2007), so the bank was forcing my house into "Foreclosure," by (2011), and then I my kidneys shut down on me in (2012) and I had to go on "Kidney Dialysis," and then I fell in (2013), and broke my left foot and fractured both my legs, so I'm wheelchair-bond, and without us having a car, or a scooter, my daughter has to push me around all the time, and lift my heavy wheelchair, which hurts her bad back. Plus, the Dialysis Center told me last year, to have the "Death Talk" with my daughter, because they said it's my next step... :( Since having to move out of my house in (October of 2013), my daughter "my caretaker," and I have been homeless, without a car, stuck living in a run down hotel. We really need a MIRACLE!!! I want to get out of the hotel, and get us a good working car "that will fit my wheelchair "or" a scooter, if I can ever get one. I don't know how much longer I have here on this earth, but I want to live in a place, not a hotel. I raised my two daughters, without their two father's help; and I also helped raise 5 of my late husband's children, but my youngest daughter is the only one around to help me, so I wish God would help make life and things much easier on us. Thank you, and God bless!

Spring Hill

Single mother of 3you kids,only two still at home. I do work full time,still can't make ends meet. I am behind 2 months on rent. Cannot afford Christmas for my kids.I only get $158/mo. in food stamps,and for 3bringing of us that doesn't go far. We have no food hardly. My ex was abusive,he is behind in child support. I only get $300/ mo. My kids at home are 17 yr old female, 9 yr old son. God Bless you for considering us.

St. Augustine

I am no longer at my full time teaching job of ten years, which I found out about one week before faculty/staff went back. At least I have a part time job. I have been putting in applications for full time jobs, but have heard nothing back. Because of this sudden change, we have become behind in our rent...2-3 months. I am very concerned that we could be evicted. We have no money to go anywhere else.... nothing for a down payment or anything extra. I try to continue to pray and leave the situation at the feet of Jesus...but it's hard. I am not sure of my spouse's relationship with Jesus, but our relationship is very strained. (A lot having to do with lack of security in all areas.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

St. Petersburg

Hello and Merry Christmas! I'm praying my family will receive some holiday blessings. I have 5 kids and we are not able to afford Christmas. We have 3 boys ages, 16, 7 and 4. We also have 2 girls, 6 and our youngest will be 2 in Dec. We have been struggling financially and just able to pay our bills. My hope for my children is that they can all wake up on Christmas morning, God willing and they will have just a little something to make them happy. As the season approaches I want my kids to, see the importance of giving and loving on others and we hope to volunteer our time and talents to encourage others. Would you please consider helping our family this Christmas season. Thank you and God Bless!


I married a man in 2010 and he has been beating me, along with psychological and emotional abuse. I now have PTSD and lost my job as a nursing supervisor. We have two toddlers together and I’m currently pregnant with medical complications and can barely walk (pelvic issue). Home in foreclosure. My husband assaulted me again in May after we learned of our third baby. I did another restraining order. He has now left us for his oldest sons daughter who is 20 yrs. younger than him and with my stepson for three years. She’s met me and knows we are married with small children and one on the way. My husband refuses to help financially. I've been beat down, traumatized and lost everything I worked so hard for. I have no ideas how I’m going to provide Christmas for my children. Not that I can drive or barely walk to shop if I did have any money. I’m waiting on the eviction notice in the foreclosure any day. I’m due on Jan 7th. I have nothing for this baby boy that’s coming. I have a 10 yr. old boy, and 3 and 2 yr. old boys. I’m just so lost and hurt! I was raised a witch my whole life, 3rd generation. But I felt the lord call me and I converted and was baptized in Jan. I’m very proud of myself even though since converting this has been the hardest time of my life yet!! Please keep me and my boys in your prays as we need all the help we can get right now...thank you for listening.


Living for Christ since 1987, working for the Lord's since in Cuba, Jamaica and Belize, Mexico and Guatemala. Just arrived to the USA for safety for me and my family, living like I never thought I will do with my wife and kids, keep me on your prayers from this is going to be our first Christmas in free land.

Two years ago, I stepped out in faith taking a job with a small Christian ministry. Although it was a huge paycut, almost 50%, I knew and still know it was Gods plan and He is still in control. Seeing this opportunity with FHF further confirms this. At the time our family made this step, my husband's income was sufficient to support us. But during the year he had to find a new job at a lower salary and a more hours. We were still doing fine as we live a simple and conservative life, but this year things took a few turns that have stretched us. I had to have surgery to remove a tumor - which Praise God was not cancerous but was expensive. I know my health is a blessing in itself- many do not have that. Then this summer, our roof started falling in, but again God blessed us and although a costly fix, we were able to have the roof fixed by a friend - helping him at the same time by providing him some much needed income. I know just having a roof over our head is a blessing - I know many do not have a home. When it seemed things were starting to come together, two of our children came down with an illness that landed them in the emergency room. Although, they have recovered now, the bill was substantial and our funds had been severely depleted by the other challenges we had faces. We are chipping away at the $5000 plus in remaining medical bills. I know the fact that they are out of the hospital and out from under medical care is a blessing many families do not get the luxury of having. With this medical situation coming at the end of the year, it has made our financial situation tighter. Our children don't expect a lot at Christmas gift wise, and they know that the bills have added up. But as a parent it is tough to have to prioritize medical bills. And what the kids are having a tough time with is not being able to buy for other people. We are learning to make things for others. But even that costs money. We are truly learning from this. I know that God brings us to situations so that the outcome can only come from and point to Him and most importantly so that others may come to have an eternal relationship with Him. I am trusting this is God's plan and I will continue to praise Him in the storm. I know that others have situations much tougher than us. And I know that God continues to bless us with a family of loving children and an opportunity to serve Him everyday. Our faith is growing and God is good all the time. So if you should decide to help us in a tangible way, we would be grateful. But if you would consider praying for us, we would be eternally grateful. Thank you.


I became disabled July 24th when I developed a heart problem due to chemo I had over 7 years ago. I currently have an external defibrillator, but the doctor wants to implant a permanent one. I have no insurance and the hospital won't due the procedure without being paid first. I am the caregiver for my austic daughter so it is imperative I have the device. I have been unable to work since July due to the fatigue and shortness of breath.



I have four daughters and my husband had been out of work. He just got a job, but we will not be able to get our girl's any gifts for Christmas because of bills that need to be paid.




Since July 31st of this year, I have not worked because of the choice I made to serve in a ministry two weeks every six months. I am a father of four boys and a guardian to a sixteen year old double amputee girl, and a husband to the most kind and supportive wife. I will be making a trip to Ethiopia in January to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas with my other children there. I pray and hope and ask for a job that will allow me to take time off to do my ministry in Ethiopia.


On July 1 2014 my husband was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. He had just gotten home the day before from working out of state for 3 months. He was on his motorcycle, our children and myself were in our family car behind him heading to town. When a car pulled out in front of him, our children saw it all. He was in ICU for 28 days, the first 14 he was in a coma. He was transferred to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta GA for 36 days, our children finally got to visit with him in late August, he was able to come home in September although he is home he requires 24 hour supervision therefore I am unable to work. Struggling to keep the bills paid were unable to purchase Christmas for our children. God bless.


My husband was laid off in September and the only job he could find is one third of his prior income. We have three boys 4 and under and I have stayed home with them since the birth of our eldest. I am currently searching for employment, but this takes time to accomplish. Needless to say money is tight, we don't need much but every little bit helps. Around $500 would allow us to fully meet our needs for this month. Thank you.


We are a family of 4 that is having some rough times. My husband is currently a full time student and I am an lpn supporting us on one income due to him not being able to find work. We try and give our 8yr old daughter and 4yr old son some extras but we are barely making bills month to month. Any help would be most appreciated. God Bless Us All.


I'm a recent widow and have been layed off of work since the death of my husband. I've struggled since then. I have 3 beautiful granddaughters that I am not able to get anything for them this year. They all under the age of seven. I wish that I could have just a little help with getting them a little something for Christmas or maybe help with one of my bills(electricity or telephone). I would so very much appreciate any help that I can get!


My Granddaughter and her husband took all our Jewelery, and got some checks in our drawer, they wrote checks and wiped out our checking account. We got so far behind on bills and no food our children got us groceries. They tore our house up so bad, that our children paid a lady to come in and clean for me. My husband and I are both disabled and live on medicare and social security. We are in need of help with some of our bills. My husband had a good job but lost it due to his disability.If only we could get some help it would really be a Blessing. God Bless anyone who can help us a little.



I am a mom of 4 special needs children. My son has severe autism and is nonverbal. I have 2 desperate needs. We were given some used furniture by a neighbor a couple of years ago and due to it having holes in the fabric my son who is a sensory seeker and who had PICA started to remove the stuffing from the furniture until he got it down to the wooden frame. We had to throw it away as it was a safety concern for my son. He is now doing this to the only 2 recliners we have. We will have to throw them out soon; this will leave us with no living room furniture at all. We are in desperate need for a couch, love seat, and a chair for our living room. Our roof is also leaking and when it rains the rain comes out of our electrical outlets. We have a tarp up there, but it will not last much longer. Thank you for any help we can receive. Please pray for my family.


I have 6 kids and 1 granddaughter. We are struggling because my husband was in a car accident when he was sitting stopped at a red light. We are 1 month behind on our mortgage and they are threatening foreclosure.


Asking for Christmas help for my family. I'm married and have 2 boys 14 & 9. My husband lost his job of 14 yrs as a police officer in July and just found a non-service job 2 weeks ago. We have struggled financially since his list his job. I clean houses 3 days a week to help out. We won't receive a first paycheck until 2 week in Dec and have to pay bills. Won't have much left to get my children some gifts.


I am new to this so bare with me. I was out of work for 4 years during those 4 years my husband did whatever he had to do to make ends meet. We are both working now but are still struggling with the bills. We live week to week. We don't have health insurance and I have several health problems at the time. I'm Bi-Polar and suffer from Depression. I have recently started having awful headaches. The Doctor has done CT Scans and said I have migraine headaches. Somehow my thyroid was brought up and we are trying to save the money for me to go to another Doctor to get a complete work up done so they can test me for thyroid problems. We are already behind on our bills and I feel awful about it, if anyone, anyone at all would like to help us out with our daughters Christmas I would be more than grateful for it. They are both wonderful girls, 11 &4. Thank you for your time! God Bless you and your family!


I have a 14 yr old step daughter who likes accessories such as bows sunglasses infinity scarfs costume jwelery 10 yr old step son who likes Legos building model cars planes ect wears size 16 husky pants,xl shirt, size 6 sshoes I have a 9 yr old daughter who likes anything girly hair bows nail polish make up animal print pajamas. Size 8-10 pants medium shirts and size 1 shoes I have a 7 yr old boy who likes cars motorcycles skate board stuff. Really wants a bike wears size 7-8 pants size medium shirt size 13 shoes likes anything outdoors.

Powder Springs

I am a mother of 3 adorable boys all less than 8 years. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I can't work as much as I used to due to the treatments which means I don't earn as much as I used to. The bills are piling up and sometimes I wonder when it's all going to end, but the Lord is faithful. I'm trying to get a job that I can do at home that will have insurance benefits and will accommodate my children as I don't want to be on disability because of my current insurance. Thank you and God bless you.



Mostly, I want to get back to basics. Jesus is Lord of our hearts and home. Godly mentors, friends,fellowship. Debt free.

I am not going to ask for much..I am a grandmother raising my 2 children..their mom, my daughter died and I am raising them..they are 14 and 11 good children..anything helps..Thank you.

Warm Springs

I have my 2 grandkids that is 6 and 8 that live with me that i can't buy for I was hurt on the job and had surgery. and it didn't work so I was not able to return to work I can't pay my bill more less buy them anything , we would be bless to have anything and again thank you.


I had never heard of FHF until tonight .I had just gotten through having a conversation with my husband about Christmas and I see this!A mama's prayers were answered!You see I am unsure how we will provide Christmas for our 3 children.My husband and I both work.We are very blessed to be able to provide a roof over our heads and put food on the table but there is absolutely nothing left afterwards.With that being said I am completely trusting in the Lord.I know he will provide and my babies will have Christmas:) I have always said to receive a blessing you have to be a blessing!God Bless all who read my story!!



Aloha! I am a single parent raising 3 daughters. I work full time to make ends meet and still struggle before the end of the month as I have child care to pay for my 3 year old who's Dad is incarcerated at the moment. I'm in the process of trying to find a part time job to help because what little I get from food stamps still isn't enough with the cost of food prices here in Hawaii and with my electricity cost every month being half of my check I hardly have money left to do anything or buy anything fir my kids. I have 1 daughter who attends college and a 16 and my 3 year old and this Christmas just will be very hard because I just don't have the extra cash to buy much. Anything or any help would be appreciated for them. I don't want nothing for myself. Just to see the smiles on there faces would make me happy! We live in public housing and my rent recently went up and equals to one paycheck so that basically leaves me with hardly anything. Thank you for letting me write this! Mahalo



This last year me and my husband had our fourth baby. He was born with life long diabetes. We have spent the last 4 months spending our time at the hospital, paying medical bill and paying for our sweet blessings monthly medical supplies. We have put everything we have into his care. We just lost our home and had to move in with family. We also lost our car. We want so badly to get our 3 older children Christmas gifts. They have been so amazing the last couple months. We truly need help. We pray that God Guides our family in the months to come.


I have 2 children 10 year old son soon to be 11 on 12/22/14 and 14 year old daughter. My husband is on disability due to back problems i work part time. All our income goes for bills. I'm just asking if you could help to get a few things for my kids for Christmas. I asked for help last year but never received any thing so I'm not sure if I will this year either but i will always trust in the Lord to get me through difficult times He always has always will. It was a difficult year. If you could help a little it would me a lot to me and my family. Thank you.

Post Falls

I am a single mom of an 11 year old girl. I am struggling to make ends meet as I recently lost my full time job. I teach one class now as an adjunct (my job only goes until Dec 16) so I am barely making ends meet. I receive no child support from my ex-husband. I have no idea how to buy any Christmas presents for my daughter never mind have gas for my van. . I do have the potential to sub in January and for another part time job in January but I am trusting God will provide for December. I am of no concern for Christmas...I want my daughter to have a wonderful Christmas despite my financial shortcomings. I had to get a title loan for my van in order to pay rent this month and I trust God to have enough to pay it in January. My daughter will visit her dad in St. Louis in mid-December. I am sure he will get her stuff for Christmas but I would like to have a special time here at home with her, too.



I have ovarian cancer and my daughter has pawned all her belongings to help me with meds I would like to give this wonderful 24 year old something to let her know what a wonderful child of God she is we have nothing now about to lose our house the only vehicle we have to get me to chemo and radiation and her to work is falling apart but we are blessed we are here.


I recently got diagnosed as pre-diabetic and I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I am morbidly obese and my Dr. told me to go low carb with fresh fruits and veggies. This is very hard for my family and me and out budget. I can know understand the way my body feels when I eat something I am not supposed to eat. We live paycheck-to-paycheck trying and struggling to pay Al our bills and put food on the table let alone to even think about Christmas. Our 13 & 12 yr. old boys badly need new winter clothes, shoes and coats with hard and gloves. Things are so hard and I pray every night for strength. I am asking for prayers that I can deal with my new diagnosis and hopefully we can find a way for us to eat better as there are days I don't even eat. I have been trying to find a better job and we are also trying to turn our two-bedroom mobile home into a three bedroom. One of our plugs in the kitchen broke so we have an extension cord running to the fridge...we have to unplug the fridge to plug the stove in to cook.


My husband lost his job of 3 1/2 months 4 weeks ago. We are a family of 6. We were living paycheck to paycheck. Our rent is due tomorrow along with many other bills that will start to "pile up". We have moved around a lot and do not want to relocate our children to another "new" school. If anyone has a job opening in the Effingham, IL area, or Grand Forks, ND area we are in need. My husband's background is in call center management. Thank you in advance for your consideration.



Hello, My name is Carissa. I am 34 years old and I am the proud mother of 6 children. I have 4 boys and 2 girls. I have been married for 9 years. We can usually buy our kids Christmas but not this year. We REALLY are looking for some help this year due to a year ago the oncologist told me I had 5 lung tumors and I have been in and out of the hospital for about 8 months now. I had lung surgery and had 5 lung tumors removed only to find out they all grew back again so I have to have surgery again to remove 5 tumors. I haven’t been able to work in 8 months so we are only living in one income and raising 6 children. It’s been extremely HARD! My husband has been trying so hard to pay the bills but we are falling behind in rent too and might be evicted before Christmas. I pray that someone can help us make this Christmas one that our kids can remember. Thank you for reading my story. God bless you all.


I am seeking a blessing to help my family get our gas turned back on, so we can have heat once again in our home. Earlier in the year my husband was laid off from his job, in the meantime, he continued to get sicker. We are now traveling to St Louis for his treatment of his severe RA and Gout. He is taking injections from home, but is still spending a lot of time in bed and completely unable to work still. The bills have piled up and we need to pay $300 towards the back bill in able to have gas back on in our home. We are currently using an electric heater in our bedroom, but I know it’s only going to get colder. I have a daughter, but she is staying mostly at her grandparents during this time. I suffer from lupus and fibromyalgia and we’ve had a year filled with illness and financial difficulties. I am usually to the one to do the “blessing” of others, but have found myself in the situation to actually ask for help for our own family…. I don’t want to think of it as a “hand out”, but a “hand up” to help us get back on track. I appreciate you reading this and even if you can’t help us financially, I do ask for prayers for our family this Christmas season.


I am a single mom. Its just me and my 8 year old daughter. I get very little child support. My hours got cut at work which caused me to lose $120 a paycheck. I've been behind on all my bills including my rent. My land lord wants to evict me and my car is in jeopardy of getting repossessed. I'm not asking for much and nothing for myself. I would just like to make sure my daughter has something to open on Christmas morning. Thank you so very much and God bless :)

Lake In The Hills

I am a single mother who just recently lost my job. My position was eliminated. I have 2 children my daughter is 11 and my son is 7. I have limited finances right now and keeping our rent paid, utilities on and food is the priority right now, and saving to get my car brakes fixed. I don't have credit cards to go shopping or live off of during this season of our life. I am not sure how Christmas morning will be for them. I am trusting that I will find a way to get them each something special. Any help would be such a blessing.


I am a single mom and have a son with special medical needs. I have 2 girls, 9 and 15 and a five-year-old boy with disabilities. Living paycheck to paycheck. Would love to have some help to make Christmas presents possible. Thank you.


Things have been a little tight this year with my oldest in college and my son having surgery. Because of this, to save money, I now take the train to work and have to walk 2 miles everyday because of the distance from my job. We can pay our bills but not much else. If someone could just help provide tights, leggings or long underwear that I can wear under my clothes, it would help make the walk to work a little easier on the brutally cold days. I wear a size large. God Bless you.


I'm a single mom of 3 children & a grandma of 1 toddler. (He's 2.) I am currently living in a very small rental house that has recently been bought by a new owner. The rent has been raised & I can no longer afford it. I was doing well for the past 5 years but since my daughter & grandson moved back in after she broke up with her boyfriend, things started to get worse financially. I was helping my 20-year-old daughter & grandson. I've missed work to help her out & get her into an apt & it has exhausted mentally & financially. As I am soon to lose social security for my soon to be 18 year old who receives money from his father's disability, I realize I have to live within a tighter budget. My car broke down & I had to get another car. My teenagers have been breaking me yet they have no responsibility therefore it is time to concentrate on myself & raising my youngest child whom is 8. I have not paid but half my rent for November & now December is upon us. My utilities here are too expensive & every day that I'm here is getting me further behind. I found a place today that is for rent. $200 cheaper lowers utilities. I don't have the money for rent & deposit, which is $1,000. I am currently meeting with a financial counselor from my church & I realize I need a budget to adhere to. Hasn’t been this bad off for years. Trying to get any help that God provides.


Budget is over maxed and there's little to nothing left in the account to buy Christmas gifts for our 3 kids or get groceries for the month. My husband and I are both working. He's full time and I baby sit in the house so I can keep my kids home during breaks. I have a child with some speech problems among other issues that can be a hand full for day care or a baby sitter. I'd greatly appreciate any help with getting gifts and food for the holidays.


I need a blessing in my health as well as my family too. Also need a miracle of money to pay off medical and dental bills. I cannot work due to health issues and we are financially strapped tight!


My wife and I have a daughter.  She is 35 yes old and has severe brain damage. She lives in a group home about 4 hrs away. My wife works hard making only min wage and I am on disability due to strokes and cancer. We do our best to visit her every month but with gas prices and price of living we struggle greatly financially. A blessing that would bring my heart joy would be to make our Christmas visit this year without worry. This would also bring such hope and joy to our Carolyn Rose! If God lays it on your heart to help I want you to know how truly thankful I am..God bless! <3


I am currently unemployed and have a family of 5 that is struggling of keeping up with the house payment, gas, electric, water, and health insurance. I am praying and searching for the job that will bring my wife and family out of this slump in our life. We are ones that try to leave within the means and circumstances that are set before us.

I have 3 daughters age 11,12,3 and my son 2 years old i am married for 12 years now i am also s stay at home mom but goes to online school for criminal justice .right now is very hard for us because of no jobs we been looking but cant seem to find one for him so we struggle to makes ends meet and it make me cry because of it i love my children with all my heart and i just want the best for them i would do anything for them this is one reason i sm going to school so i can get a job after college so i can provide for my family i am bless to have a family because there so many people that don't .i know god will bless up because he never failed me yet.thanks for reading my story


We were taking care of my father for the lasts 15 years and on the 10th of November he signed his self into a nursing home and when he did they took all his money which made our income of 4200 go to 1500 dollars and we were stuck with all the bills and we have nothing for our kids we lost our house and still have bills totaling 2000 dollars we can't afford to pay for we even had our cell phones shut off cause we couldn't pay it anything is seriously appreciated it is so hard for us that my son didn't even get a party for his 12 birthday in November I would of never though this that my father would of done this in a million years after all we have done for him I just don't understand how people could put kids on the streets and not care when it's your grandkids.



This year my family has fallen into some hard times. my youngest son which is 11 has been in a mental health residential program and will be coming home soon. We will have a very long road in front of us with all the treatment and programs that he will have to be in. my husband and I have 5 children total between the two of us.out of our five children we have three of them have any medical conditions which makes it all so tough. it's really tough with the fact that he has family and I do not so our children tend to suffer with everything that is going on with us trying to make it day by day paycheck to paycheck just to be able to pay all of our bills all we do is pray each and every day that God will help us make it through to the next with his help we do. I'm hoping that someone can understand everything that we are going through and maybe be able to help us make it through this year to give our children a somewhat decent Christmas.

The last few years have been very challenging for our family. My ex-husband tried to kill me in front of my children. Which has now left us all with different issues. I don't have no family or support except from every day praying that God helps us get through it. My youngest son has been in the hospital since Aug. for sever mental illness and my other child also deals with mental illness now too. I have been diagnosed with a type of migraine that never goes away and sever anxiety and fibromyalgia. I work full time and my youngest son comes home the week before christmas but due to all our medical bills and how much driving I due to go see my son I am struggling with being able to make it this year. So any help at all we would appreciate. Thank you God Bless


I'm a single mom of a 7 year old boy, and I haven't been able to find work for several months. We are out on our own after a divorce (it's been almost 2 years, but it never seems far away), with both of my parents deceased and no close family to lend a hand or to even spend time with. The house we are staying in does not have working heat, and all of the funds I have are going to running electric heaters. I am particularly down due to our situation, which my son is picking up on despite my efforts, and while the future is uncertain, we are doing our best to remain faithful and know that God will see us through.


I'm a stay at home mom of 3 kids (a 4 yr. old boy, a 3 yr. old boy & a 22 month old girl). My husband has always worked very hard to provide for us but about 3 months ago he started getting debilitating migraines and missing more work than he made it too. The Dr. hasn't been able to figure out the cause even with an MRI. He got laid off 2 wks. before Thanksgiving because of all the time he's missed. While he is working for his cousin part time now we're extremely far behind on bills & we're going to have his medical bills on top of it. It's already been a rough year as our daughter spent 10 days in the PICU with severe RSV. God's blessed us in so many ways this year I just pray that we're blessed with some help for Christmas. Not for us but for our kids.


We have really struggled with vehicles breaking down , things around house breaking down so we would appreciate prayers and a gift card to get our 5 kids something for Christmas. Due to a medical issue I haven't been able to look for a job. My husband is a hard worker who puts in 60 plus hours a week. Thanks for any prayers!!


I'm a widow on disability trying to help my daughter and her family. My son-in-law loss his job and my daughter is unable to work due to her health and her son's health. At present I'm supporting 5 people and we are behind on our house payment, electric bill and medical bills are adding up. My grandson has autism and he is wanting a really bed this year. I only have one bed and everyone else sleeps on the floor. It would be a blessing to have a queen size bed for him and his mommy to sleep in. God bless>

It is hard to ask for help. I am a freelance photographer and trying to get back on my feet after my ex-fiance nearly ruined me financially. I had a very nice Sec 8 apartment for myself and my 6-year-old daughter. Her daddy comes around once in a while but never pays any support. I try to provide for her on my own, but it is difficult. My ex-fiance stole my identity and took out charge cards in my name. The companies forgave that indebtedness, but it ruined my credit that I was trying hard to build. He stole much of my student loan monies going on drunken binges. Then after breaking it off because of these matters, he stole my car and totaled it while I slept after a long day of classes. All of these matters caused me to lose my apartment. My parents took us in, but there is stress in two families living together. Then I fell and broke my ankle and shattered my heel - getting back on my feet has been slow. For 18 months I have been working like crazy to move out and was able to find an apartment, but at double what I had before because to be close to mom and dad because they let me borrow their car with 135K miles for photo shoots and emergencies. My 6-year-old daughter doesn't understand a lot of this and wants life to be normal again. My heart breaks for her when I see her Christmas list, which isn't much, but things mommy can't afford this year. My parents are buying gifts for her as they can, but they are running thin after helping me out. That makes me feel like a horrible daughter and I just need to get back on my feet. I am working to pay my bills, but that's about it. I have a load of debt that I'm afraid I'll never get out from under. I'm praying for a miracle and know God is in my corner, but sometimes it's just hard to understand why life is so desperately hard. If not for my parents, we would be homeless.


I am a single mother almost finished with school and looking for a career in said area but am struggling to be able to provide Christmas. I try to teach my children it's not about the gifts but they are children and I fear the looks of disappointment in their eyes.


Struggling with money, I am worried about Christmas. Praying that all will work out. My husband doesn't have that many hours at work. I babysit to help but we are always behind it seems we have 5 kids. Both boys are old enough and looking for jobs to help out. Just praying for a blessing for our family. Seems like we are always struggling. I am grateful for what we have though. I know there is always someone worse off than me.


Well,I'm a mom of five girls and one boy of which is grown now..my husband is a disabled veteran and I just started working part time..it's not enough to live and make sure my children have gifts. My daughters are 15,13,8,5,4.



My husband and I have 2 little girls (a 3 yr. old and a 2 yr. old) and a child on the way. My husband is the only one working and we have to choose between rent and food, let alone Christmas. We are on food stamps, but the amount we have been getting doesn't cover a family of 4 for a month. We would love to be able to give our kids a nice Christmas but do understand there are others who are more in need than we are.


A friend of mine told me about this. I never ask for help and always find a way to make what I've got stretch. This year is different. In trying to give my children a better life, I put the down payment on our house. Now I find myself in a seriously bad way about Christmas. I have an 8-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl, a 5-year-old girl, a 3-year-old boy, a 2-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old boy.

My husband left me two years ago and filed for divorce. And we lost our family home and are living in government assistance apartment and I was. Trying to go to school full time and work and had to give up school for now because I need to be there for our kids and granddaughter. I don't make enough to cover all the bills and put food on the table. I pray every day for God to restore my marriage and family. My kids and granddaughter deserve a good Christmas we have been through and are still going through slot and trusting God. Please join me in prayer for my marriage and family. And may God bless you for your help in the Holiday season.


I have three teenagers. I'm a single mom with health issues. I have lost my job due to being in and out of the hospital and doctors offices for testing and appointments. My bank account is in the negative and I can't afford to get them anything for Christmas. I can't even afford to buy them much-needed clothes. They would love to go on a mini vacation and I can't afford it. My church has helped pay my water bill because it got disconnected. Is there any help out there?

New Carlisle

My husband and I both are on S.S. disability. Our 15 year old granddaughter came to live with us in Jan.2013. We are living from paycheck to paycheck, and very little help with child support. There is no extra money for Christmas gifts. Thank you.

New Castle

Hi. I'm not good with writing these types of things. But here it goes. I'm a wife, a mother of two. I stay at home and raise my children. My husband is a very hard worker. He has been laid off and we just cant seem to make ends meet. We owe so much money and we are so behind on bills i don't know how we are going to make it. I'm so desperate. I pray and just hope things turn for the better. I get so depressed i have no one to talk to about it. I cant afford to see a therapist let alone go to the doctor. I'm trying so hard to keep my faith. But as the bills keep piling in i just don't know how we will make it. We will probably end up losing our house. Because we cant pay our rent. We can barely afford food right now. We have under $5 in our bank account. I don't know where else to turn to. Even if all you can do is pray then Please pray for us.


I am a single mom of two teenagers. We are all 3 survivors of domestic violence as well as the court systems who do not seem to listen to us. I have struggled for over 6 years now after leaving a marriage that almost took our lives. No matter what I have seemed to do, I can't make a sound life for my children, living in fear on a day-to-day basis. In the last year I my financial situation has worsened and in turn my life is spinning out of control and therefore, my children's lives have once again been turned upside down. I am unable to pay my rent and the car is going to be repossessed. We have tried to keep our faith and lean on each other, but it is tearing us apart and I feel like such a failure. Needless to say I won't be able to get my two children anything for Christmas once again. We just spent Thanksgiving together with no meal. I know there are meals throughout the community but my children are so proud they wouldn't go. I am tired of struggling and seeing my children suffer. They are the ones that keep me alive on a day-to-day basis.


My family and I are struggling this year financially. Finances are always tight but over the last several months I have lost income along with losing child support due to other parent losing their job. I have tried to continue to press on and know that God is going to provide for my family and me and He has in so many ways already and with Christmas coming I just don't have any extra money to provide a Christmas for my preteen son. Thank you for your consideration for helping to give my son a good Christmas. God Bless.


I am a single mom with two children still living at home. I work full time and am taking college classes online. Unfortunately my paycheck is barely enough to get us by, and this year it seems everything is going wrong here at Christmas time. Our furnace has quit; thankfully we have a wood stove and have acquired some electric heaters. We have also had a water leak, which we managed to get fixed. Unfortunately, our electric and water bills our higher and I not sure how I am going to manage. I know that God will provide whether it be from this or somewhere else. Thanks for taking time to read my story. Have a Merry Christmas!



This Christmas I am praying for a miracle for my son and I. I am a 35 yr old single mom of one very Sweet 14-year-old son.  My son has a mental delay, ADHD and Asperger’s. Even though everyday is a struggle in some form for us. I am great full for his smile and love each day! This past April at 34. I had a Heart Attack. It shook both our worlds in many different ways. Due to other medical issues. I am not able to work. That part haunts me daily. My son needs warm clothes and I need to fill my gas tank up to get through the winter. I did get a half fill 270 gallons for $667.71 but even though things could be worse. I know some how God will help us get through this. Jesus is my only Hope!


I am a single mother of two children. My son is two and was just diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and my daughter is one. I work full time and attend school fulltime and can barely pay my bills. I can’t afford Christmas this year and it's breaking me apart. I try so hard to be able to pay my bills and not having enough money to buy them presents absolutely hurts my heart.



I am 55 years old. For the past three years, I have been taking care of my 83-year-old mother, who has dementia. Recently I had to put her in a nursing home. I have gone back to work, but am not making enough to pay all the bills. To top it off, my car is failing. It is a 1999 and desperately needs brakes and tires. My prayer is that I can receive help to have my car repaired so that I can continue to work and provide for my mother's day-to-day needs. Thank you and God bless.


I know it says submit for yourself only, but its not me that needs the help. Its my son. I am a single mother with no job, an the father doesn't help, nor did the court make him pay. My son receives that which gets us by with bills, so affording everything else is difficult. I honestly don't know how this works, I've never asked for help except from my mom. My son is only 6 months old an i cannot afford winter clothes, diapers, an toys. He will turn 7 months right before Christmas, an being a first time parent. I'm not sure what he would be happy with. My mother helps babysit so i can look for a job, because the one i had did not last with it only being seasonal work. I really hope this works, so i can give my baby the best first Christmas he could have.


Des Moines

I have injuries suffered in a fall from my chimney in 2006. My wife died in 2010. I'm blessed to be remarried to a beautiful woman who loves the Lord. She lives in Long Beach with her 2 minor sons, sharing a home with a woman going through a divorce. Neither one is able to find a job that pays enough to put food on the table. I work for American Airlines so we can be together every other week, but it is low paying and very difficult as I am on my feet the entire time. My feet, hip and ankles were damaged when I fell. I support my wife, her 2 boys and my daughter, but we fall at least $500 short each month. I've been selling antiques my late wife had purchased previous to us meeting to make ends meet, but eventually, there will be nothing to sell. My wife cannot move to Iowa until her boys are 18, and I can't afford to move to California the way things are now. Her ex has taken her to court at least 5 times since we married and currently is suing her for child support for $5 a month. He works, but we are unable to find out where, so he was relieved of paying child support as they have joint custody. He spent $20,000 last year trying to win full custody of the boys, or at the very least, prevent them from traveling to Iowa, but lost. My wife has all of her belongings in storage and spent this weekend sorting through one of the units to reduce the cost so we can get closer to making ends meet. I don't know how much longer I can continue my job as it is taking its toll on my ankles, making it unbearable to walk. I am blessed in that I retired from the Postal Service so I do have a modest pension, but to make ends meet, I would have to sell the house I've lived in for 26 years, and would take a loss as it needs so much work to be marketable. I have been unable to keep basic maintenance up since falling. Both our vehicles have expired registrations and of course her boys are still growing and in constant need of clothing and school supplies. My daughter will graduate from College on Dec 13. She suffers from severe anxiety and struggles constantly over finding her mother dead 2 weeks after her 21 birthday. We have a multitude of challenges and many are emotional attacks from the enemy, but we rebuke that. My wife Lynne and I are strong in our walk with the Lord and feel blessed to have each other and know the Lord provides all our needs. Thank you for your ministry.


I am a widow and still a mom and grandma. Working for the post office which I am done there on Dec. 12 for I got a better job with benefits but I will be a month behind on pay and not sure how to pay bills plus Christmas. I do not get a check until Jan 1st.  Just need some help for I live week to week in this society the way it is today... I have three grand babies and my older two sons understand and they are truly a blessing. The ironic thing is that I used my Christmas money that I did save to help someone in need. To turn their electricity on, which is way more important then presents and Christmas food.


I'm a stay at home mother of 5 children. This year we are struggling because the van that I take my kids to school in broke down at the same time as my husband's work car. We're struggling to afford to remedy the vehicle situation, wondering husband how were going to buy Christmas gifts for our 5 children. We know God has a plan. If you are part of it, thank you.


Our family had a car wreck that broke my finances neck he's a roofer and has recently been released to work again but the season is over. I am a concrete truck driver and was recently laid off.....struggling with bills and will not be able to provide Christmas for the 4 kids we have. They are teenagers and most places that do offer help don't really do for teens.... prayers that God will find a way would be appreciated as much as help. Thank you.


My son has three kids he is incarcerated so I want the kids to have a Christmas but on a limited income.


I would like any assistance you can give me. We are in need of gifts for our children. Two 14 year old and one 15 year old. We currently are living on my husband's disability pay which is $700 a month, he is retired from the Army. The income we do have goes for living expenses so that leaves us with no extra income for gifts. God has blessed us with these beautiful chilldren, it is our prayer that we can have a happy Christmas for our children. Thank you for your help. God bless you.



Hello there. I saw your website information posted by a friend on Facebook. How amazing you are for doing this to help families. God bless you. My story: my husband lost his job a month go and has been struggling to find another one since. I spray fervently that he can find another job soon and that we can get our bills paid and make sure our kids are fed and maybe get to open a few Christmas presents this Christmas. I'm not asking for any money, I would like prayers please. I know God will provide and take care of us. He always has. Thank you!

Kansas City

On January 1st of this year we were blessed with a beautiful 5 lbs little girl. She for moths seemed to be a normal baby. Then a couple months later she kept crying and crying like she was in severe pain. Finally the doctors listened to me and gave her an ultrasound to see if there was something going on in her stomach to be causing her so much pain. Well they found a tumor inside her belly. She was admitted into the hospital and had surgery the following morning. After her surgery we found out that she has Stage 3 Neuroblastoma cancer. It was on one side of her belly and goes over to her spine and intertwines in her spinal cord. And there is some a little past her spinal cord. She began chemotherapy to see if it would start shrinking her tumor. On August 1st she went in for yet another surgery and they removed a good portion of her tumor. She still has the part that intertwines in her spinal cord though. She is being closely monitored every couple of months to check and make sure that it's not cancerous again. As we do these scans every couple of months we are also waiting and wandering if she is going to get leukemia. With every thing that she has had to go through I could not return to work. We only have one income coming into our home. And we are a family of six. We have used all of our savings to get bills paid. But we are still falling behind. As of right now we are struggling to pay bills, buy household things, diapers for the baby, food at times, and with Christmas coming up we don't have any money to spare for Christmas for the girls. I just don't want our kids to have to go without a Christmas with all the other things we have had to deal with this year. This year has really been tough on our family. Thanks for taking the time to read a little about our story and I would be so blessed to have someone's help in this time of need. Thanks again and God bless!!


My husband and I were unemployed for over a year. It's the hardest thing we have ever gone through. We are behind on every single bill and even though we are employed now (such a blessing) we are still struggling. God moved us an hour away from where we lived and our house hasn't sold yet. We are almost $9,000 behind and getting further until it sells (we got behind due to the unemployment). It would be a big blessing to have some groceries this Christmas. We can't afford Christmas this year (we have an 8 year old daughter) but just to have food on the table would be a blessing. God bless ALL of you!


I am a single mom of 3 girls. I'm a nurse working pediatric home health. My child I was caring for full time was put in hospital for a couple weeks and I didn't get paid or any hours to my schedule. I have been struggling to make ends meet since. I am looking for another job. I could use any assistance to help get thru Christmas.


My husband and I pastor in a small community...we just love it here and are blessed to be here.... this past year my husband who is legally blind from a cancerous brain tumor several years ago has suffered a small mini stroke...the healing has been slow but coming...I myself have had to endure 2 full knee replacements as well.... with myself being the only driver and my husband caregiver with ministry work has been a very tough year, emotionally, physically and financially.....we are praying for a miracle and believe that God will meet our needs....in His timing and His way....we just want to Thank you for all that your ministry does for our Lord's kingdom...may you all be Blessed beyond measure as you continue to do the Lord's work.....THANK YOU for all that you do!!! NOTHING is impossible with God.  God Bless.


I am in the midst of a divorce due to my husband's drug abuse and violent nature when he is using. We have 4 children his daughter my bonus baby from a previous relationship who is 6 and our 3 boys who are 3, 2, and 8 months. He is currently in jail in domestic abuse charges and criminal threat. His drug use has left our family in financial ruin I'm in the process of trying to get the money together to file for bankruptcy because of it while trying to keep my head above water at the same time. I do work full time so I don't qualify for any state assistance or etc. It is also difficult because it is it so close to Christmas and along with the regular bills that have to be paid I have 2 other bills this month and have some unexpected expenses for repairs that need completed soon on my home. Also it is also complicated by the fact that I do not have custody or guardianship of my bonus baby at this time so that is another constant stressor not knowing if her mother who is not really apart of her life will try to come in and take her from me. I just keep praying...



I am disabled and my husband is the only one working. He is a police officer, firefighter, paramedic and uses all three certifications working at an airport. He does the best he can do but it is there is never enough. We have two 9 yr old twins. My daughter has epilepsy. As of October 31, both of my twins lost their medical insurance. We have been buying most of all her seizure medicines. She is currently on 4 medicines. One we have received help through the patient assistance program. The others we have been paying for. The cost is great and is consuming most of everything we have. My older son lives with us as well. We are supporting him as well right now. I just would like my for my twins to have a good Christmas. We do belong to a church and we make Christ the most important member of our family. We try to stay focused on God and have taught our children that Christmas is about Jesus Christ our Savior.


Last year, my checks were garnished from youthful mistakes. My beautiful children did not recieve gifts from me and my husband because of it. This year my husband does not work at his decent paying job, he is in school to get a better job. It is looking like Christmas for my 5 children will be cheated again. The wonderful thing about it is my children never complained. I have never reached out like this before, but if there is someone out there looking to help a good wholesome christian family. Here we are. Sincerely a third grade teacher in Wichita Kansas.



I have 3 boys ages 11, 12, and 17. They need clothes more than anything. It is winter time and I live on a limited income and because their father draws SSI and the state law only requires that he pays 60.00 in child support. I was in a vehicle accident and was hit head on by a semi truck which disabled me and I now draw Social Security. My children so not draw a check on my Social Security because I did not have enough paid in for them to draw off me. I am struggling and I have never asked for help because I am just not use to doing so and it is hard sometimes to put your pride down and just ask.... I don't feel like it is any one elses responsibility and the father has just not been a father to them. It is cold here and they have 2 pairs of jeans that fit them currently and maybe one hoodie a piece. I have been given a few jackets, but we just do not have the financial means to buy any clothing. All my money goes to is food and bills. Thank you so much and any gifts would be much appreciated.


Single Mom of 2 children ages 10 and 6. Holidays bring me alot of stress and anxiety..to know my kids want christmas presents, like any child does..but I worry daily how I'm going to pay my everyday bills to keep a roof over our heads and the essentials...I do work, but only make $8.40/hr


Our story, wow where to begin. We constantly are struggling but are so far behind on our bills. Mostly medical for me. I have been in bed for the most part of the last 2 yrs. my husband works long hours and still as he says get no where. Pray daily we don't have a repo show up for the car that my husband needs desperately to get back and forth 70 miles a day sometimes 7 days a week. Which by the way needs tires and brakes. We have a daughter at home who is working two jobs going to school full time; we also have another daughter who has health issues who is just starting out in the work world. Also we have a son, who is teaching in China. Which is where God has led him. Need some relief somewhere. Paying the absolute necessities can be difficult let alone anything extra sometimes that is food. But we are blessed. No starving, church is our refuge as is our Lord and Savior! Just would like to breathe a bit. Thank you for listening. May you have a blessed Christmas.

My husband has been out of work over a year and a half due to health,I don,t make enough to meet all the bills,let alone any extras.I need Christmas gifts for my children.(G) 13, (G) 9, (B)18. Our truck is barely running and have no heat in it.We can't afford to fix it or our dryer which is also broken. Dustin is working part time and going to school. We could use help if possible. We would appreciate any help.


My husband has ALOT of health issues,he is on ssi,I also have health problems.we have a 99 Taurus it is not dependable to get around I do substitute for the school but it not enough to pay all our bills .we get some food stamps but it is not enough to make it through the month.we stay behind on electric bill and house payments.I just wish we could get ahead to keep up and a dependable car to get around in.


Prayer for a job. I've been unemployed since June. They base it off the quarter prior to loss of work to compute a figure. I was out seven weeks that quarter getting a hysterectomy. So my figure is very low. And because of that for the past six months my utilities have been turned off every month. I am trying desperately to move from the rental I'm in because the utilities are as much as rent in winter. But I don't have ability to save for a deposit and first month because I'm barely able to pay rent and utilities. I took a lien out to move here and now am about to lose the only vehicle we have. I am supporting my 20 yr. autistic daughter, my three daughters ages 10,7,and 3; my mom who has been denied disability twice and just had knee surgery and my bipolar sister and her two daughters ages 5&2. I cannot afford presents. I worry myself to death trying to make ends meet and job searching. Any help would be appreciated.


My husband lost his job a few weeks ago. My job only pays about 1/6 of his former salary. We have two children, 12 and 5. Our church and family has been such a blessing to us in lean times. We need prayers that God will provide a good new job for my husband soon so we can pay our bills and not lose our home.


I just heard about FHF, from the Internet. I am a single elderly mother of an adult child. He is mentally ill and it is very hard for me to explain to him that money is tight and we won't have Christmas. His mentality level is that of a 10 year old. Leaving our needs in The Lords hands.  Thank you for letting me share.


My husband just recently got married on June 27. Between the two of us we have 4 children. He is a disabled veteran and due to health issues, I have a pending disability case. We are on a very fixed income and could really use some help right now.



Hi, and just want to say Thanks for simply being here for me to find something to maybe help with Prayer and even simply the opportunity to listen! Thing is, lol I'm not quite sure if I can go on with my entire chapter of what my life has been through in the last year and a half with my two sons was just a phenomenon! But I will say, Thank you Jesus! My Lord has allowed these Terriable experiences to get my life with him here today! But first off really I'm needing so prayer right now with my oldest son, now 22, was almost 21 at the time he whom also exsperienced this! It's just so crazy I couldn't begin here anyways! Lol my mom says write that book! So, another issue, but first will of course give thanks to The Lord even for this he has allowed my lil boy 9 at this time, well he is 10 now, soon 11 and also he has Autism! He is doing so much better as for as being Autistic is concerned! God did something to my lil man he has never even thought his lil mind could wrap a around! lol but also I must say myself are my oldest either could have began to say anything could have happened if asked before hand!? But thank God for God I say! And Iran that with my whole and complete Heart! We really need so much prayer! Gods just an Awesome God! And I know for a fact! He's hearing and listening to all my cries n pain I go to him with daily! So, thanks to whom ever takes the time to even read this! And I just ask that God puts us in yours prayers for all now and Holidays soon approaching for a single mom and a one month income for my lil Man! He did have a tree finally last year, after not for 3 the past before! He has not had a Christmas in almost 4 years I'm gonna say! And as a mom, all I want for Christmas every year, is for him to experience a real and true Christmas my older two had when I was married to their dad! well his dad can't even be with in a certain range from either of us! By courts! So, I have The Lord! Thank you Jesus! I do have to also no matter the outcome, include that I also have 3 Grandbabies, really close together, 1 1/2 second, 4 months, and needs prayer that I can please lord get him away from the enemy that surrounds his parents daily! My oldest son I mentioned earlier! And then my lil newest Baby girl.  I'm one proud MiMi that's no secret! And oh my I live them more than I could have ever known! But, something that tears at my heart, is the fact that honestly, not one time, not one thing was I ever able to get none anything! Just a simple gift, anything needed! Never! And My heart hurts terribly! He still has not been Circumcised! It tears me up! And I pray for him and I know Gods got us! So here y'all go with just some of my much needed book needed to be written! Lol And in Jesus name, Amen! Also that phone number is a government phone and only get minutes on the 1st of the month, but if no minutes? I can text. Just putting that in, lol and thanks!


I'm going thru a divorce. My husband left me no money at all. Staying with my sister. Have a disability from a car accident. Can't work at all. Also domestic violence twice. Need ya'll help.


I’m n need of Christmas help with my kids this Christmas.


We are a struggling family. My hours were cut at work. We fell behind on things because of it. We are still trying to catch up from that. My husband and I have 4 children ages 9, 7, 4, 3. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Also, our trailer needs many repairs as well. Thank you so much.


I got married in May to someone I was seeing on and off for 7 years. I moved in with him, he started being abusive and now runs to New Orleans every weekend. He started doing drugs again too. He filed for a divorce and suppose to go to court on the 8th of Dec. at that time he is asking for the home and to have me and my kids evicted. My trailer is over run with spiders, and yard is grown up, vines growing around the porch. I don't have a Lawnmower because the guy I paid to fix the Lawnmower ripped me off. I don't have money to get utilities turned on let alone buy the kids anything. They said they were fine with it but it still hurts. I am going to nursing school and struggle a little harder to learn than others, so I can't get a job, tend to my kids, go to school everyday and clinical a on weekends and study. I barely get 5 hours of sleep a night as it is. It's easy for people on the outside to say get a job, when they don't know how it feels. I already feel like I'm neglecting my kids. They are also homeschooling and falling behind because I can't do everything. I don't have a free day to even go and enroll them back in school. I would really just like to be able to get some help getting the yard fixed and my trailer utilities back on.



After 10 years of being married our marriage has a downfall and we moved to Puerto Rico to get help to restore our marriage and help our children. Now we came back to the states so he can work and proved for our children. We have been here in Maine for three months and came here only with our suitcase. Our marriage is good but we are starting over. My husband has a job. We moved to our apartment in August of 2014. We are slowly buying the things we need for our home. Because of this, Christmas presents for our children will not be possible. If there is anyway you guys can help, we will be grateful. Thank you for reading this.


I am a happily married, mother of two beautiful girls. One is 5, and the other is 18 months. My husband and I are currently renting a condo that we really like, but we continue to live paycheck to paycheck. Between rent, daycare, before/after school care, regular utilities, groceries, gas, and other miscellaneous bills, we are not left with much for Christmas gifts or oil to heat our home. I am definitely not one of those people to come out and ask for help because I feel like so many other people are worse off. I am learning that I also deserve to be taken care of. My husband and I sacrifice a lot for our children, and we would appreciate any help that someone offers. Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas!



Hello, my family and I have been going through a bit of a rough time of late. We have had tough time before but this time seems a bit harder. My husband came out of the full time National Gaurd at the end of January. He is still a weekend reservist. He was hired at a company doing sales in March and in the beginning of October he was let go on the grounds he wasn't selling fast enough. We both have part time jobs while he searches for another job. We have four beautiful kids and right now are struggling how to pay rent, cars, and Christmas in general. We have signed up for county help but it is taking awhile. Even with all that's going on we know we are blessed and there are people far worse off than us. I did receive word that we will be getting some help with gifts for our kids . We sill are not sure how we are gonna fully cover our rent. So that's my story. I have faith that no matter what God will see us through. Merry Christmas and God bless.


I need help with clothes and shoes we are bouncing around place to place.




A year ago my husband had to have a below the knee amputation he was hit by a car as he walk down the sidewalk a few years back. I would not heal. So he was out of work for 9mouths. It was very hard with the income that was coming in . When he was able to go bake to work I lost my job so just as we thought we would be able t get our heads up out of the water we went back down. I have not been able to get a job yet. My husband just went back in the hospital for a week which will hurt us more. we just need help to give our children Christmas not much just a little something.



My husband has been out of work 2 years, unemployment stopped in April , we get a small retirement payment once a month of 306. half of that goes to var insurance and the other half goes to gas, rent and utilities, we are on food stamps and have a housing voucher, we have 2 children with special needs age 10 and 15 , we really cannot afford Christmas presents this year , thank you and God Bless



Our family has had a rough time. There are three children ages 11, 14, and 16. I have m.s and other medical issues and ended up raising the children alone without any financial help but knowing they are all safe emotionally and phisacally is the most important thing to me. I ended up finding a man that is an amazing father to the children and does everything to allow me to get the rest I need. He takes Carr of this family and is a very hard working man. He got laid off after 18 years on the job and still can't find work at all. He has been to job fairs and put applications in travels a hour each way looking. We are living on 300.00 a month with a family of five. We are in need of prayers right now. It was much sorry when kids started school with torn bottom tennis shoes and having to wear slippers and we have all accepted in time god has a plan to make this better. We are a week from December and my worries are getting deeper our water tank broke and electric is to be shut off next week. After ten months of things continually getting worse today for the first time I cried and I found myself praying for help instead of thanking him. Within a few hours this website was sitting in front of me. I am asking for any help this holiday season. Without electric I no children are gonna need warm socks warmer blanket then what they have. Or if anyone has shoes that are no longer needed in size 7 girls both girls wear same size or size 9 in men size for my son. Shoes or boots that are not being used that you would be willing to send. It would truly make there Christmas special.

Benton Harbor

I am a mother of 2 with one on the way! The father of my youngest and my unborn child has lost his job and I have been the only income...i barley make ends meet and with Christmas coming around its tough!


My family lost our home in July of this year and my daughter's and i have just relocated from Fl. to Mi two weeks ago so we could live with my family. We have been living on a garage floor in a friend's house. I know that moving was the right thing to do, but Christmas is just around the corner and I have not received any phone calls with the applications i have put in for jobs. I know that God is in complete control and He continues to provide all of our needs. And for that i give him all the praise. This year hasn't been easy for us. I just want my girls to have a good Christmas. Thank you and God bless.



My husband lost his tool and die job several years ago and went back to school to become an RN. At that same time my daughter was diagnosed bi- polar and was extremely suicidal. We were receiving unemployment from the tool and die job and my husband was working at a pizza place but when she began cutting and acting on suicide impulses he quit the pizza place so we could keep a 24 hour watch on her. Unbeknownst to us he wasn't supposed to do that and after becoming a RN his checks were garnished to pay back unemployment. We just finished paying that off but are still struggling to make ends meet because since Obama care passed and now our youngest is having problems our co-pays for just October were $589 in medical expenses and things like blood work where you don't pay your copay before you're seen are in collections. We are seeing a financial counselor, but he has said there is no money for Christmas. My oldest son living at home is sixteen and i would like to get driver's lessons for him (required for a permit in our state) but i think it is close to three hundred dollars and would love a stand alone basket ball hoop for our driveway for my youngest son.


My husband I have 2 children (10 yr. old girl and 3 yr. old boy). We are both working part-time jobs and our hours have been cut. We are struggling to pay our rent and bills. We have no idea how our kids will have a Christmas. Our utilities have a shut off notice and we are doing the best we can. Please help our family.

I am a single mother of two kids.I lost my job and having a difficult time for Christmas.I just want my kids to have a Merry Christmas.

Hi im 36yr old mom with 2daughters the oldest will be 14 on December 16th & the youngest is 4yr old all i want is for me and my 2girls to have a xmas but we need a home we stay in a house but it needs lots of repairs done we have lights we share a room with one tv and electric heaters to stay warm we wash u with water bottles or go to a friend or family members home sometime i dont ask for much i try to make it the best i can my oldest. Girl dad is in prison hes been out her life since 2004 and she always ask momma when we gone have a normal house again we had a house we lost in house fire in 2013 august since then we havent had a home to call ours with all the necessity and use of water and our own beds and tvs we share a twin bed and two toddler beds but we make if yiu can help us get a new home me a my girls. Will appreciate it it would be a blessing chanell the oldest symtays a family members often cause theres no shower or all the other things missing we had stove and refor till someone broke refrigerator till someone broke in back window and stole it so now we cant cook we use microwave or eat fast food or go to friends. And family members whatever yiu can do to help us we would be greatful they want a xmas at they own home again so bad amd i cant make it happen i wish i can i want to see my girls happy again tahnks hope to hear from you soon god bless you.


It has been a rough couple of years. I have lost two jobs in two years. Fortunately my husband is employed. Each month we struggle to make rent. We have so far been blessed to have patient landlord and electric companies. It will be the first of a very empty tree. This year. Not necessarily a bad thing.


this past year has been incredibly hard. I work away from home. I make decent money. But you'll see in a minute. It's never enough.  I'm raining on the job as well to get a license that comes with a substantial pay increase. Unfortunately there is more to it than just my hard work to get to that point. It has to do with the team around me and the location of the work and training at this point. I'm over half way on my training and had hoped to be further along than this. My wife last spring started school for herself. A 10 month program that will have her licensed in a career that she is incredibly gifted at. Her drive to school each day is about 40 minutes one way. Not counting dropping four of our kids off at the bus stop and the fifth at a friends day care. Expenses of life are eating us up. I picked up an old car to try to get her better mileage to school than the lone family SUV that we have. But the car has been a headache all year. New starter and alternator this summer.  Then also it has an exhaust problem or something as the heater blows in an awful smell. Both vehicles are in need of tires as the weather is starting to get bad. And I don't know how I'm going to do that. It's required me to work a lot o extra days away from the house this year to make all things work. And it's just not enough. Christmas is going to be rough. We have serious marital problems that being so busy this year has not helped. And doesn't appear that 2015 is going to be a great year either. I've always been a very prideful man and humble about things too. Rarely ask for help. But with the things in my life the past few months I realize that it's Gods plan and His will and that there are things I can't do anything about and what I can, I can't do it with out His help.


This year has really been tough on our little family.  I have had 4 different surgeries and just had to post pone one as we were going to be moving into a new apartment with more room. Each year it just seems we struggle more and more especially at this time of year. Living paycheck to paycheck it seems like we never get a break. I have two early teen grandkids who I live with along with their single mom who works hard each week to make ends meet. I look at other families and wonder why do we struggle so hard and others have it easy. We were going to be moving this week to a new place but Satan wants to ruffle us up and have his glory in discouraging us, but we won't let him. We need this bigger place and many have been praying for us on this situation. We have stepped out in faith, believing God would meet our needs and he has. But we have pulled all our finances together to move and Christmas looks very slim. Hard to tell kids their will only be one thing under the tree because we choose to move to a new house. One year maybe we will get a break. And Christmas won't be so depressing. Thank you for this program and your ministry. May God continue to bless it to further His kingdom.


God is so good and has given us so many blessings...but this year has been harder than most. My husband lost three family members that he was close to including his mom. He is struggling with it a lot. But with all the funeral expenses and my husband switched jobs this year it has been hard buying gifts for our 4 year old daughter. Its been hard enough paying the bills. We just want her to have the best Christmas. She doesn't need a lot but she deserves something joyous this year. I know it would also provide comfort to my husband who has so much on his mind to deal with already. Whatever God uses this submission for I know it's for our best. Thank you for reading this and taking the time.


First and for most, I would like to thank God for His blessings upon my family. My story: Currently, I am separated from my estranged husband. He wants a divorce. He does not recognize me at this time. I was homeless for 2 weeks, living out of my car. He'd kicked me out. I had no money, no food, no extra clothing. I found a landlord who would work with me and moved in a couple of weeks ago. I have 2 teenagers, who went out and found 2 jobs each to help pay for rent. I am waiting on disability so I am limited on working. I will try 20 hours at a fast food restaurant here next week. We have had to start all over at this time. I pray daily for our safety and finances. I feel guilt for my two babies working so hard to survive. We have been here before. It can swallow u up if you're not careful. My eldest is in a major university and my youngest is still in high school. I attended a Christian college. Have a semester left to get my B.A. I would like to pray for all those suffering this holiday season and for those that the holy spirit touches to reach out and help a brother or sister in need. That's God's agape love. God bless you all.


I am a single mom blessed with 5 beautiful special needs children. Finances run thin traveling to and from many Dr appointments that are not close to home. Christmas is a hard time of year for me because it is not easy to know I can't provide both traveling to and from Drs , medical equipment , gifts and a dinner. Any help would be extremely appreciated.


We are unable to afford a new hot water heater and replace some flooring in the area where it goes. (the old one leaked) We have gone without for about 6 months because there just aren't enough funds to pay the mortgage and do this repair, and I'm not sure my husband's health would allow him to do the repair himself..


Hello there, I'm a single mom of two terrific boys, ages 14 & 12. I'm struggling to pay our monthly bills, let alone provide gifts for Christmas. I did just get a new position at work, which will be 40 hours/week, so this will help, but I'm still considered poverty level for a family of 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me for more information. Thanks for considering us.


My husband and I have been struggling for a while now. My two older children have outstanding medical bills I can't pay and now I will have more medical bills for my younger daughter. Have gotten behind on our house payment and other bills and have been trying to get them caught up. Right now Christmas looks dismal for my 4 children. I would really appreciate any help I can get with Christmas and bills, but mainly Christmas. Thank you and God bless!


My husband (Ron) & I are senior citizens. He has had MANY health issues over the last 10ish years. I've had to quit my job to care for him. As a result, I do not have enough money to put fuel oil into our tank for winter heat. We live totally on S. S. and there just isn't enough to go around, once house payment, ins., taxes, utilities, medication, & a few groceries are purchased. We are getting a small amount of help with food from food banks in our area, but the fuel oil is a desperate need. We had retired from a good company, invested with a financial adviser who lost every penny we had, during the crash of the market a few years ago. I immediately went back to work, but since Ron's critical illnesses (6 heart attacks, quadruple bypass surgery, 2 back surgeries, multiple amputations ending with a below the knee amputation, blindness in one eye & deafness in one ear ---- all due to the surgeries and infections running rampant thru his body), we just have had a terrible time getting on our feet. Our goal is to sell our house and an acre or 2, to eliminate house payments and high utilities, but won't be able to do that until next spring. I know, it sounds like a soap opera ----- we NEVER IN OUR WILDEST DREAMS, pictured all the health issues Ron's had and all the financial difficulties that have hit us. I truly pray that somehow we can get help enough to heat our house this winter! Dr. D9bson, I can't thank you enough for helping those who you are able to!!!! God Bless you and your family and the work you do for our Lord!!!!

Swartz Creek

I would like to ask for a family blessing I have been struggling for several months in the beginning of this year i was underemployed because hours cut down at my work place. I have been in foreclosure and had to do the one thing that i thought i would never do my mortgage company would not accept my last two late payments and wanted to foreclose on my home so i had to do the thing i did not want to do i had to file bankruptcy just for a temp thing to save my home i only owed approximately 2,000.00 on my home which i was paying off in April 2015. now i am struggling financially because of this i am unable to pay my vehicle insurance and unable to get my son anything for Christmas. i know deep down in that my son has lost his faith as well. i also think that he blames me for this happening to us. i am a single mom going back to school getting my degree next year. i have tried so hard to make ends meet and some how i just keep getting knocked down no matter what i do. i would appreciate it to be a family that gets blessed this year. i am ashamed that i even have to ask this. i am thankful for my son and the roof over my head and food in our mouths. i am also thankful for the job that i have even though it is because of this that i got to where i am at. thank you so much for letting me enter this.


I have full five Children in my home. I am a single parent. My income dont evev pay my rent let alone electric and gas bills. I can't afford Christmas.


Hi, Were a low income family and my b/f just stared working again after 4 yrs of not working and having his Skin Cancer removed from his face and then finding out he has diabetes so he is just now working but what I get from SSI and what I get for my daughter's support just covers the lot and house payment and leaves us with next to nothing for other bills and things we need so it would be a blessing to be able to have her get something for Christmas. She is 12 and I just want to see a smile on her face Christmas morning.



I have a 14-year-old son that I have no way to provide Christmas for him. He likes gift cards for Xbox, McDonalds, and Visa cards.


Hi, I really have a hard time asking for help of any kind, so to write this is a challenge for me. I am a single mom and I am in need of a cheep, but dependable mini van. I had one and the transmission went out and it is too old and too much to fix. I have been trying to get another used one but I'm having trouble getting financing. All I am wanting is prayers for someone to give me a chance with financing on a used one. Just something to get us around and not need a lot of repairs all the time. I have 3 jobs trying to get what I need for my family. I am pretty independent and do not like to ask for help, but prayers would be awesome!! I do believe in the power of prayer and I know God will provide in the right time. Thank you so much.


Hmm, where to begin. I'm a mom of five awesome children ranging from ages 4 through 13 who I have the privilege of home schooling. For girls and one boy. I'm going through a divorce from my husband right now. He just recently checked himself into Teen Challenge after years and years of drug abuse and prayers would be appreciated for him. I had a job interview on Dec 3. Prayers would also be appreciated for that as there is no child support coming in yet there are plenty of bills coming in.


I heard about FHF on Facebook. I love Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson and enjoy reading his daily posts. They always seem to apply directly to our family. I love how God speaks to us if we truly listen to those messages. I am a mom of 6 children, 3 in heaven and 3 boys here with us. I am a wife to my husband of 14+ years. In those 14 years we have been challenged beyond what I thought we could withstand. After experiencing our first miscarriage we were blessed with our first boy. I struggled with the loss of our first baby and why we were being "punished" by God for our mistakes. I became depressed and with a baby who never slept I never went out. My marriage was suffering and I thought I didn't deserve an ounce of happiness in the world. I just wanted to have my baby back. I finally reached out to my doctor for help so I was able to function again. Things started to turn around and my husband lost his job. We were devastated. He wasn't able to find anything so he had to go back to manual labor. He had moved into sales because of his back issues. It wasn't long until he was in and out of work for weeks at a time due to his back issues. It was hard to not have financial stability. During all of this God blessed us with another pregnancy. We were thrilled. Shortly after our news my husband really hurt his back. He was down and it seemed like he wouldn't ever get better. We finally were able to get him to see an orthopedist and they scheduled surgery. After a few bumps in the road of recovery we had another baby boy. My husband was still recovering and things seems to be better. Our next pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 15 weeks and this was 2 days before Christmas. It was hard but we needed to be there to have Christmas with our two boys. Two years later exactly 3 days before Christmas we experienced the same situation only I was 17 weeks along this time. I really didn't know how I would survive. Our lives seemed to be too hard and to much for anyone to handle. We were trying to get through the losses of our children and without money things seems to be spinning out of control. We were barely making it. We seemed to be challenged around every corner. After a time my husband couldn't keep up any more physically. The pain was too much day in and day out. He works part time now and is home with our boys. It is nice to know he is there for them and we can do the right things by trying to raise our boys. I am sure there are many others in greater need than us. We have accepted life without all of the stuff. Actually, we would like to have the stress of life without insurance, not being able to shingle our home, have comfortable beds to sleep in, fix our vehicles or lawn mower or snow tractor, go to the dentist or buy the food we want at the grocery store. Life is simple and we can live without the things but we are hoping that we can start to live life by having the day to day comforts fulfilled and the financial strain reduced. We have learned so much and have truly worked at putting God first in all things. It is work in progress and we pray daily for financial relief because that is about our only problem in our marriage! We always joke about being "rich in love" and for that we are blessed because when we look back on all of those challenges that we have overcome each of those have brought us closer to God which is ultimately where we want to be. Merry Christmas!


Some great friends told us about FHF. God brought my husband and I together three years ago. At that time he was estranged from his 3 kids, but he opened his heart to my 4 kids and quickly fell in love with them. Less than a year into our marriage we were given temporary custody of them, due to abuse and neglect in the mothers home. That was a very dark time for us...lots of tears and fits of anger. It was very trying on our new marriage. And to top it off, this time, my husband was unemployed and in college. Even though, I have been the sole breadwinner for a few years, we have stayed strong and somehow it. This experience has been very humbling for all 9 of us. I see that my children appreciate so much more, as they often have very little. We are a family just trying to survive on faith, love, and respect for one another. I would love to see my kids have a comfortable holiday this year, they are so deserving of it, as they ask for very little and are the most amazing kids that a Mom could have.

Saint Michael 

Solo mom of 3 girls (7,7 &9 years old) struggling to get by. We've been thru some hard times and are trying to get things back together still.

St. Cloud

I am a single mom of three wonderful kids. I was recently divorced, and am struggling to give my kids a Christmas they will never forget! We are all believers, and know that JESUS is the reason for the season. I just recently bought a house, and have exhausted all my finances doing so. Anything helps!


I don't know where to start. So I probably should back up. On December 4, 2013 two of our six children died when our house burned down. I was home with the kids, as school was cancelled due to blizzRdy type weather. We were napping and I was unable to get Hazel Anne (7) and Isaiah (4) out. I got four of our children (Zachary 12, Gus -- Hazels twin brother now 8, Maxwell James (5), and Beatrice Grace (3). out but could not get back in due to the flames and heat - and could not get onto the roof due to the ice and winds. And the ladder melted into the side of the house. It was horrific. The first part of the year was a blur.... I was in shock, we lived in a rental home, then moved into 'our' now house, because it is two blocks from our kids school and two blocks from our church and 4 blocks to walk uptown. I am no longer working. For the first few months I could not remember what I was doing and felt like I was in a 'fog' all the time. It's gotten a lot better in that regards but I still have anxiety attacks out in public, I still forget many things, have nightmares, and some days are just hard. My husband took care of all of us after and he had been amazing but he too is grieving. He is self employed auto frame tech and he has told me that many days he struggles to get things done or just lays under the frame rack and sobs. I volunteer one day a week in the school library and then help every other week help out at our local food shelf. This takes a lot of 'energy' or strength for me to do. Some days just getting 1 thing done makes it a good day. These past couple months have been rough, with school starting back up, class activities, Isaiah's birthday , Thanksgiving and all the "family stuff" that we would share and rejoice in each year - now it's painful and hard. They believe our Christmas tree started the fire... And it's been very difficult to get a new one. I finally did go and get a tree, no lights. None. And some ornents and things for it, as the kids kept asking. But I am not feeling the joy, or peace I normally feel leading up to advent and Christmas. Please pray for our family, so that we may feel Gods love and safety enveloping us this advent season. Pray that we find joy in our memories of Hazel Anne and Isaiah. Thank you and God Bless.



we are in great need of a blessing this year. We have no income at all. My fiance was working but lost his job on November 12th right at holiday season.can't get unemployment until the 1st of the year. We have a ten year old daughter that doesn't understand about our money situation and she really shouldn't as she's a child. I don't have a job.haven't in awhile due to heavy anxiety and nerves & depression. I am at my last rope. I don't know of any other way to get help without asking & hoping & praying someone will help. Neither of us have family to get money from at all.we have no way to make our bills or buy Christmas for December. We have 4 kids in all but 3 are grown and can understand. So I'm here asking and hoping that someone somewhere can help us please. I didn't know where else to turn.May God Bless you all that helps anyone. Its so good to know there's still some good left in the world. Thank you for listening to me about my problems.


My husband had a stroke this year and we find ourselves in considerable financial difficulty due to our medical expenses and his job loss. We have cut back in every conceivable area and still our budget is in the red. Even with all of this we find ourselves very content. Believing that God has a plan and there are things we are to learn thru these circumstances. Last Sunday my husband stood up in church and told everyone that he was thankful to God for his stroke. It was amazing to see him talk of how his faith in God has grown and how he draws closer to Him each day as He reveals Himself thru his recovery. I too am thankful for his stroke. You see for a number if years I watched as my husband walked a path that was taking him away from God but stood by helplessly praying for God to bring him back to me. Well He has done just that! Today he goes with us to church every week and is excited to be part of a small group bible study. The Lord has changed him and saved our family from the path he was on. If our story touches you in any way I believe our Lord will use you and others to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our lives, just as we have been to so many others over the years when our mare sources allowed. God bless.


I am a married mother of two. My husband and I have been struggling ever since before we were married, a year and a half ago. We made mistakes and ended up pregnant before marriage. I was three months pregnant when we married. We married because we loved each other and thought it best for our child, not just because we were pregnant. We had to live with (his) parents, and still do, because we didn't have the income to completely support ourselves. Today, we still struggle financially, but we also have family problems. We can't seem to get along with his parents, especially his mother and me. And it affects our marriage and parental relationships with our children. We are desperate to find our own place to live and at least get by financially. If we don't, I fear our marriage is doomed and our children will be raised knowing no respect or love for us as their parents.

Olive Branch

Being the first to volunteer, to give, share or help, it is humbling and disheartening to find myself on the receiving end. I have a masters degree and 14 years pharma sales experience, I have been unemployed for 10 months.. We have gone through our savings. We have a 10 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and no medical insurance. My husband is working 6 days a week to try to make ends meet. He has such a positive attitude. I have been selling homemade candles and wreaths to supplement a little. That has kept me busy and kept gas in the car. The perfect helping hand would be to land the perfect position/job. When you do from making 6 figures, to receiving $232.00 a week unemployment, which ended 4 months, has left me wondering how are we going to make it. Our situation wouldn't be so bad, however, 5 years ago, I was downsized and off work for a year and a half. With that being said, this is the second time we have depleted all our savings. My husband's dream is to own a high end mens consignment store. He has put his dreams on hold to make sure he could provide for our family. I would love to be able to support my family (provide insurance) it is too expensive through my husband's employer, I usually provide it with my employer. I know God will not put more on me then I can handle, I most say…I finally feel down with little fight. I/we Need A Blessing.


We have two boys with special needs plus one needs special foods. Groceries alone cost $900 a month plus $500 a month for gas to get to medical and therapies. My husband works from home to help with the boys since I have many health issues. We want to get the boys sensory toys from fat brain toys to help them to improve, One wants drums which would help with his hands but the cheapest full size set I've found is $255 on eBay and that is a lot.  We would be grateful for any assistance and prayers.


We are a family of 7. It's my husband and I and our 5 kids. Four boys: 13, 11, 7, & 5 and out daughter who is 4. We had our Christmas all planned out and we're doing fine until we lost our food stamps due to someone trying to hinder us. We were going to get them back up heard God talking to us asking who we're going to trust more Him or the government and we picked Him. Even though I know God will get us through this because we are obeying Him & thought maybe I would put a little of our story out there to maybe help our kids out.



Hi, I am a home stay mom for my two daughters one is 2 years and a half, and the second one is 6 months! I love my husband and my girls very much! My husband is the only person working in the family and we are having hard time each month from bill to bill. Its just a hard time we are going trough , but I just thank you God everyday for Health and for our healthy kids! Please, please pray for my small family , who is really in a need of help, anything will help a lot food, clothes for the girls diapers! God Bless you for everything you do!


Hi, I have a son who is 7 and my partner and I do our very best for him but this holiday season we find things to be very hard, our car has taken much of our finances and is still not fixed. So I would say our greatest need is a vehicle that has heat and is safe and able to get back to work and his important appointments. And possibly winter clothing and for him to wake up to something on Christmas. Thanks and God bless.
Second Submission: We have been having a lot of struggles this year, from moving, to financial problems with our bills, car trouble and illness. All we ask is that we can make sure our 7yr old son has a good Christmas he deserves. He is really excited when it comes to Christmas and I would be devastated if he wasn't able to keep that positivity due to struggling to get him things and we would love to be able to have a good Christmas dinner for him. Our little boy believes in the kindness of others and this would be a good way to show him that their is still some good people in our world. Thank you and god bless.


A few years ago, my hubs lost his job. He ended up working several odd end jobs just to keep us barely afloat and we had to ask for government assistance with electric bills, and food stamps to eat. Last August we lost our house. We found a rental and hubs have a job. God is good, but since our rent on this tiny house is over 1/2 of our monthly income, and with the addition of a preemie baby this year and all the extra expenses with traveling 2 hours to see her on weekends, we are TIGHT! we are scrapping by....because God is our provider, and we have never had to do without needed items.....but we certainly do not have extra for Christmas. I don't care if I get anything, and hubs doesn’t either. But our 8 and 4 year old will be devastated if they don't have a little something under the tree, and our 6 month old...well it sure would be nice to buy some sleepers and diapers. Nothing extravagant. If anyone could help, it would be a blessing, and we would be forever thankful to him or her, and to God above.



I am a single mother of five children needing help to buy Christmas gifts for my kids. It has been a struggle keeping food on the table and providing things they need. The job I work is not enough hours so I have applied for another. I have a 15-year-old son that had a kidney transplant August 6th of this year. He is doing well sometimes I feel as though I am failing as a mother to try to keep a roof over my kids heads which I am behind on rent and my car payment. All of these things I need and I'm trying so hard. Please pray for me that I can get this job and get out of this rut.


My father pays My bills because I lost my job in July. I have two kids and I am a single parent because the kids mom left us and remarried. she has no contact with us and I am on my own to raise them, which is fine with me cause I love them I just don't know what I am going to do for them this Christmas. I do not like asking for help and my dad give all he can to help, but I don't know what to do. now I have a 20 year old daughter and a 15 year old son, I think my daughter is fine and my son will not complain for any reason, they just deserve so much more. I feel like a failure.

I'm a pastor for a small home church here in DeSoto. To help provide for my family, I work door-to-door sales for a local cable provider. I get a base pay and benefits, but the base pay is barely enough to put fuel back in my car to try and make sales. I have been working for this company since July and have not yet received a much needed commission check. My wife was recently released from the hospital after a 7 day stay (I'm thankful for my health benefits from my employer!). I've had to make some tough choices in order to keep food on the table. I've been paying our electric bill one month in arrears and it has just accumulated to be over $1,000.00. Any help towards this bill will be appreciated, it is due for disconnection around 12/10. I'm not asking for any money to be sent to me, instead my Ameren Acct. Any help will be a blessing. Merry Christmas!

I am not sure where to start. I am a mom of 4 children. Ages 16, 14 (girls), and 12 and 4 are boys. My husband most recently was a custodian at the local school, and hurt himself on the job. He was put on disability, had several surgeries - neck, back, shoulders, hands - and later had open heart surgery (unrelated) 2 years ago. Since then, he has had a lot of health problems, and depression issues which we later found out is common. I also lost my job of 10 years when I asked for a leave of absence to take care of him after the surgery. Last year, after a terrible cold snap, the home we lived in sprung multiple leaks in the plumbing, had no furnace, and more. We moved in with family, but after 4 months, had to move within one week. My husbands depression landed him in the hospital, and without giving too many details, family service became involved (too many people in the house) and we moved. I got a low paying job, and we almost make enough to survive. This doesn't leave a lot of room for Christmas. I was wanting to figure out something to write, and what the kids wanted, but realized that they haven't been asking for anything. When your kids don't ask for Christmas presents, or even birthday parties, it lays a heavy burden on one's heart. Thank you for reading.


My fiance and I have 3 wonderful boys. I lost my job and have not been able to find anything as of yet. My fiance's paycheck goes to bills and trying to keep food on the table. We are behind on all bills and our oven just broke. We have nothing extra to give our children a Christmas this year. Anything would be appreciated. I just don't want my kiddos to wake up with nothing under the tree. God Bless.

My husband is addicted to prescription pain killers. He just left last Saturday to go to rehab. Fortunately our insurance is paying for it. However, it leaves us with a sudden loss in the majority of our income. We have no savings because of his addiction. I have two kids at home, 18 and 8. We have one car to share while both myself and my oldest daughter are in college. Anything would help.


I'm a single adoptive Mommy of two and in the process of adopting my two nieces that could possibly be final this month just waiting on a date. I was injured in April of this year and tried to work for a couple of months but do to the pain in my wrist / hand area the Dr put me on restrictions with the restrictions I'm unable to work and work comp doesn't pay well. Do to this money has been tight. I'm having surgery on December 5th Friday and I'll be off for 6 to 8 weeks. I was going to see if anyone could help my family for Christmas? This would be a blessing. Thanks in advance.


I’m a single father of two boys ages 13 & 9. I’ve been fighting for disability for 3 years now. I’ve been thru 3 back surgeries, 3 heart surgeries, and have a brain tumor that is stable. I receive section 8 and food stamps. I currently have no car to get my boys to and from their mothers, go to doctor appointments, church, etc. A car would be nice for Christmas.... nothing fancy. I’d have help with gas and insurance. I don’t have a way to buy Christmas for my boys. The say they want nothing but me to be healthy and for me to get a car. Make getting them easier. I'd still love to get them something. Any help would be so grateful. Thank you for taking the tome to read and may God bless you and your family this holiday season. Thank you!

I am a single mom of five children, three living at home. I like so many others have struggled to find employment. I took off work several years ago due to a young child with special needs. As years went by and my youngest began school I went back to looking for work. The openings available were limited and not easy to find for someone who had been out of work for so long. Jobs tend to hire those who were just recently laid off elsewhere. I have been able to do odd babysitting jobs from time to time but now they are few and far between.


I am a widow and I have several health issues. I am on a cane & have a difficulty walking. Due to my health issues, I just work part time so I am really struggling. I didn't have much over the amount of paying for my husband's funeral in the way of life insurance. He was sick for many years before his passing. My son is in Bible college so he doesn't work full time. My husband was a minister also. I would appreciate any help that would be offers. Thank you so much for your consideration of my need. May the Lord richly bless your ministry. It is such a blessing to people.


My husband and I haven't been married a year even, and we have had so many blessings! We have a 5 year old son, from my previous marriage, and an almost four month old baby. Our five year old, has really been struggling this year. He has Post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and some other unspecified psychiatric issues that we have been dealing with. God has blessed us with a very good couple of doctors for him. We know where his diagnoses have came from and we are now in court trying to keep things from getting worse. The bills from the attorney are more than we can take at times, but we have to be sure that our son is safe, and not going to be harmed. We pray God will provide for our family and to show us the way and put the right people in our path. My husband has struggled with getting a good job because of mild cerebral palsy. He has gotten a job now, and we are going to be relocating soon. I am really hoping we can manage to provide all the things we need to for our children this Christmas. Meaning, with affording the move for my husbands job, the attorney to ensure our sons safety, a new baby, and all of our other normal bills-- as well as being able to provide some gifts to our children and a dinner to remember. We have always managed to make too much money to get any help from the state. I would love to be able to get my 5 year old in preschool when we get moved before he starts school, but finances is making that nearly impossible to even think about. We have been selling things we really don't want to on online yard sale sites just to keep up with buying diapers and things the kids need. I am embarrassed to be asking anyone for any help. I do have faith that God will provide for us, and I am asking for prayers above anything else. Prayers that we will get moved, and that I can continue to keep my son safe through court, as well as find some more answers for his conditions. Prayers that we will be able to provide without struggling. Thank you for providing such a site for people, it is amazing that you would help people that way you are!! God bless you!!!


Our family has had a very rough couple of months. My husband was laid off from his job because they had to close the business. Within three weeks my husband developed pancreatitis and the next day he had to have his gallbladder out. He has had many set backs and complications from the surgery. We did not have health insurance and are really struggling just making our normal bills let alone the medical bills. I have been working as much as possible but we are still coming up short. My husband has not been able to start a new job since he has had so many complications after surgery. We have a little boy who is 2. We could really some help with our car payment and rent, anything will help. Thank you so much.


This year has brought about many changes for my family. We (my husband) planted a church here in our home town that is going on it's 5th year now, We have always chose not to accept pay for his pastor position and both have full time jobs. My husbands job/pay had decreased significantly due to praying and accepting a job closer to home that had good insurance and retirement but far less pay. We do have a peace about this even though on paper it doesn't look like his new job will pay the bills (he had been working away during the week and coming home on weekends) since we made that change we felt God leading us to become foster parents so that we could minister to and give children a safe, loving home, so that is what we did and are currently doing. In October my husband after coming home from church suffered a major seizure that has left us with several medical bills to pay. Yes we had insurance but still owe 10% of all hospital and testing bills. Then at the end of October, my daughter who is 12 had to be taken to the hospital with Osteomylitis (infection in the bone), we were in the hospital for 6 days and came home with a picc line and home health. She is still taking medication and recovering from this illness. We are praising God for improving health and my husbands new job and insurance, we are still left with medical bills. We have told our girls that this Christmas won't be as good as in the past and they understand and know that gifts are not what Christmas is about, however we would still like to be able to get a few things for them and especially for our foster daughter as this will be her first Christmas in a family setting. We know God will provide so we are asking for prayer for our family, we know God delights in working in areas that we see as impossible. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone reading this and praying for our family!


My husband kicked me out last February while I was still pregnant with our now 4 month old daughter I stayed with my mom until recently because I needed to get out from under her controlling me and taking over my daughters life wanting to be her mom that I decided to move back to Missouri. We are in my car currently waiting to see if I have one of the two apts that my daughter and I will be living in. We have basically just the clothes I packed up and could fit in my car and go with along with a few things that my daughter loves. When we have our home it will be just the two of us with her things and my clothes, nothing else.


I am a single mom; I have a 10 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. I work part time, attend school part time and co-coordinate a local chapter of a women's ministry. I try my hardest to make money stretch, but this Christmas it isn't stretching very far. I've been able to buy some little things. I know God will carry us through!


Single mother of 3 kids, only two still at home. I do work full time,still can't make ends meet. I am behind 2 months on rent. Cannot afford Christmas for my kids.I only get $158/mo. in food stamps,and for 3 bringing of us that doesn't go far. We have no food hardly. My ex was abusive,he is behind in child support. I only get $300/ mo. My kids at home are 17 yr old female, 9 yr old son. God Bless you for considering us.

South Greenfield

Hi, my name is Ginger. I'm married but my husband walked out last Friday also We had a house fire last Monday and it will take up to 8 Weeks to get it fixed. It has been a hard Week. I have 4 Kid's. My son is 14 and could really use some clothes, shoes and He loves body spray's and deodorant. He wears xl in Men and Size 13 shoes. Levi is 12. He also could use clothes. Adult medium shirt and size 18 pants in Boy's. He likes anything to do with sports. Shoe size 9 in Men's. My other son wears 16 size pants in Boys and Adult Medium in tops. He is into spider man. He wears size 9 shoes in Men's. My daughter is 11 is wesring Adult medium shirts and junior bottoms size 2. She is into the lumen bracelet supplies. She wears a size 7 in Women's shoes. We would be blessed to be chosen. Thank You


I'm not really sure what to say. This Christmas is going to be tight with providing presents for our two boys. I haven't been able to work much with having a newborn. One income from my husband is making it hard for this holiday. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

I was a career firefighter until about 2 years ago when injury and schedule issues when trying to go to school caused me to take a job as a security guard. I lost my job as security guard at the end of Jan 2014 after the company I worked for outsourced my department. I was looking for work for 6 months before I found anything that would also work around my school schedule. This event completely exhaused our savings. I was architecture major until I felt led to change my major and go into the ministry. After much prayer I changed my major to religion and psychology starting in spring semester. I feel I have been called to utilize my experience as a firefighter for 20 along with this new major to become a chaplain working with fire, law enforcement, emergency medical staff to help them with the stresses of the job and also with relationships as they are very different due to some of the job issues. I'm married (wife also a student hoping to work with those involved in or survivors of domestic violence (huge problem in area we live in) and do some marriage counseling.) We have 2 girls 8 will be 9 in two months and a 5 year old. I am working now and have been since August but am still struggling to make ends meet, keep rent paid, have car-needing repairs (our only one), and have no idea how I will provide Christmas for my girls.

Hello, I am a wife and homeschooling mom to soon to be five beautiful babies. My husband left his job in March to start a business that we prayed over and feel that is Gods will for our life. We lived off tax return and savings which was working until about August. The business is still our desire and we believe it is still Gods. I decided to take on a part-time job to help make ends meet. Every month we are only getting so far so it is piling up. We have decided to do homemade Christmas and I really feel excited about the blankets and journals my three oldest will have under the tree. The only thing I would ask for is that the house payments ( 2 if them) get caught up. It is hard to ask for help when I know we did this to ourselves. I also struggle with the idea that God asked us to step out in faith and I am not sure it's showing faith to ask for help. I believe Christmas will be what we need this year and I am trusting God to know what that is.

St. Louis

My husband is laid off work and we have four kids that stays with us and one on the way in December. We are in danger of being evicted from the home in which we rent, and not have a place to bring our new son home. All of our money is going on trying to play catch up and pay our utilities. We dont know what to do at this point and don't know what's next. We need help

My family and I are in need of a blessing. Currently my home is in pre-foreclosure and I don't have the money or resources to move.Each month is a struggle trying to keep all utilities on and make sure my two daughters are provided for.I am currently on the verge of having to file for bankruptcy. I am on disability and unable to obtain a full time job.I help take care of my aging parents by cooking and doing laundry for them.My dad has low grade dementia and this puts stress on my mom and myself.I try and help them as much as possible but my debt makes this difficult. I thank God for everything and thanks for reading my story.

West Plains 

Hello my husband got in a car accident a month ago and lost his job now we have now way of giving our little ones a Christmas any help would be wonderful they are 2 and 1 both girls. God bless



I take care of my elderly dad, and I am also his personal care assistant. I get paid biweekly for 2 hours a day and up to 14.5 hours a week/$10-hour. My dad is going into the hospital for heart surgery on December 5th, so during this time I won't get the hours I will need for a paycheck and before Christmas at that. Need help with a Christmas present for my children. My husband is out of work at this time and we support 3 children, three older one's.


I do not even know where to start. I find myself sitting here in tears, just thinking that I am even having to share my story with you all. I have begun to type many times, but find myself erasing it over and over. I am usually the one doing anything and everything that I can to help anyone and everyone, whenever the need arises. Now, I am finding the tables have turned, and that I am the one who is needing to ask for help. I am a single mommy to my 4, soon to be 5, beautiful babies. 8,5,3 and 1. I am also expecting another baby boy in April. I am currently going through a terrible divorce from my husband, who kicked us out of our house in Washington, forcing us to relocate to our current hometown in Montana. I had been fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom for the last 7 years, so when my husband kicked us out, I had absolutely no money and we were forced to leave pretty much anything and everything at our home in Washington. I have been diligently searching for work, but to absolutely no avail, and I am having a heck of a time trying to get back on my feet. The only income that my family currently receives, is the $660 in child support that I receive from my first ex-husband. Our rent is $630/month, leaving very little money left for anything else. Luckily, we have been fortunate enough to have been approved for energy assistance to help keep our heat and lights on and are currently receiving help with food through the SNAP program. While my children and I have been instilled with the true meaning behind Christmas, I would still love to be able to provide them with some sort of gift for Christmas. If there is anyone out there at all who would be able to help us out, even in the slightest way, my babies and I would be eternally grateful to you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. May each of you have a wonderful holiday season and God Bless you fully. Thank you.


Las Vegas


Hi I would like to request help this Christmas for my children I have 7 children 2are my grandchildren whom I have had since birthday our youngest child has tbiand several holes in his brain and has seizures daily my husband works his but off to support our family as I'm home with our children. Any help would be such a blessing to us. Thank you for reading our story. 

My Husband and I have 4 kids and just can't seem to make ends meet since he had an accident and broke both elbows i have been trying to find work and just can't seem to get a call so it looks like we won't be having Christmas this year we're behind on rent and bills



I have 2 sons living w/ me. Age 17 & 22. We all work and youngest a Junior in HS. We feel the financial pinch, often. I use the envelope system and it works wonderfully well. We are a Christian family attending Evangelical Free church. Have a wonderful church family. If I were to ask for needs for us. Jeans for each of us. or Christian dvds Gods Not Dead or Heaven is for Real. I thank you for reading and praying for us.



I have struggled with MS for 5 years, and worked solidly through my disease until March 2013, when I found myself unable to walk. Eventually, I regained my strength with exercise, diet and medication. I was able to find a great job in my career field in August 2014, but was hospitalized in September and out of work for two weeks. At my 90-day review, I was let go. I am a single mother with one nine-year-old still at home. Christmas time is difficult because it is also my birth month, bringing vehicle registration and inspection costs, along with Christmas for four "kids" and my only grandchild's birthday. My second son entered the Army in October and will be graduating out west in January. There just isn't the money for car, birthday, Christmas and plane tickets to watch his accomplishments. I don't know where the need is greatest, so am just reaching out with my story. Bless Family Talk for this ministry. I love Dr. Dobson and reared my kids with his guidance! May the love of Christ (continue to) dwell in your hearts richly!



I am having trouble this year because we recently were forced to move. My husband, my two boys, 5 and 6, and I recently lived with my parents in Keansburg, NJ. We were forced to move to Belvidere, NJ because my parents were evicted. We had come to find out that my parents were using heroin and the money we were giving them towards bills was being used to fund their habit. Now Abby money that we had for Christmas is gone. And it was to late to sign up for any other programs. I tried. So please of anyone can help out would be a blessing from God. Thank you and hope everyone has an amazing holiday!


I lost my home in July 2013. Lost my belongings to flooding a few weeks later. After a 15 months picking up the pieces I was able to finally find a place to rent. I work PT as local publisher. I own a MLM home business. But I got a winter layoff from my FT job the week I moved in. I am working hard to keep things going, but being I started with nothing, there is no extra income to establish let alone do Christmas. My daughter is 13 and my son in 18. Both good students. My daughter is only here on weekends. Both old enough to understand and be grateful!. We do not have cable or internet but do have a TV with DVD player... so would love some DVDs. I am trying to get a twin bed for my son, who is currently sleeping on a loveseat. Could really use help with food & paper goods! We are also getting one of our furry friends back from foster-care, so litter or cat food helpful also! Wishing everyone gets to feel the love & happiness that we do this year!


We need repairs on our home after Sandy hit...the front door ceiling the rugs ruined and out stove going out...ceiling in places bcroof has to be patched....if you could find in in your heart to help me and my three boys two are autistic one is blind in his eye and LD...so I work to keep insuarance and billd paid...its been rough two years..but God is good.


These last few months have been very hard. It mainly started in July. I was in a car accident. A young girl hit me. I now have 3 herniated discs in my neck. I’ve been out of work since July. Disability barely has given me any money due to paperwork errors. I fell way behind on all my bills. I recently got a court eviction notice. I have shut off notices for my utilities. I am able to call and make a small payment occasionally when disability actually decides to send me a check. I missed Xmas sign ups for my 3 children. I have been back and forth to specialists with my son and myself. Thursday i went to see my breast surgeon because i had a quickly spreading very large abscess. She put me on a second antibiotic to try to clear up the infection. By Thursday i spiked a 103 fever, was in excruciating pain, and it felt bigger. I saw the breast surgeon again. She did an ultrasound and told me i now had a second abscess and it was already getting pretty big. She sent me right over to the local hospital. He next morning she did emergency surgery. The infection had spread and was making me sick. I couldn’t keep anything down. Im out of the hospital now but i still have 2 drainage tubes and stitches that will remain in for 6 weeks. I was cleared t go back to work Wednesday but my job told me they had no open spaces available for me and they will give me a call when something is available. I still have no income so trying to provide gifts for my children this year is going to be next to impossible. My son who turned 4 on Wednesday has a lot of health issues. He is on medicine for high blood pressure. He’s allergic to dairy/milk, almonds, and anything scented. His body has a hard time processing sugar. When he has sugar he gets the shakes really bad. He’s on 2 allergy medications. He’s had 2 ear tube surgeries. He went partially deaf in his left ear until they did the second surgery for ear tubes. Then right after that he has surgery to have his adenoids removed. Now he was recently diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He may possibly be in a wheel chair and blind by the age of 20 because of it. He currently sees a nephrologists (kidney dr), allergist, rheumatologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, ears nose throat specialist, and a cardiologist. My oldest son was just nominated for gifted and talented because he is so smart. He had the highest grades in his class. He is such a loving and sensitive child who deserves a Christmas. He’s always the one trying to keep the peace, stay out of trouble, and make everyone happy. I also have a daughter. She thinks she is a princess but also is very loving and caring. We think she may have a comprehension learning disability. She struggles in school. My older children both have the same father. He helps out if and when i need him but nothing more nothing less...when I NEED him. My youngest child’s father has been in prison since our son was 2 weeks old. He became a raging drug addict and needs help. Jail is the best place for him. He has not a single thing to do with his son. He has never helped out financially, emotionally, or physically. I do not have many options as far as asking for monetary help from my family. My grandmother is disabled and retired. My mom lives with my grandmother and doesn’t work because she has custody of my two nephews and takes care of my 13-year-old autistic sister. My family does not come from money. My aunts and uncles all struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. If I needed then emotionally or physically my family is there in a heartbeat. But financially I’m on my own and haven’t had any income. Things have been bad but I’m trying to remain strong. This is a little glimpse of what my life is like. God bless you all.

Hello. I am writing because I am in of some help this Christmas. My husband just recently started his own business and I am very proud of how hard he works to take care of us. However, our financial situation right now is worse instead of better. It is going to take some time before his business gets off the ground and any money he makes right now just barely makes the bills and rent. We can hardly afford food. I am a full time student working toward a degree in education and psychology. We are both working very hard to give our kids a better future and it isn't easy to ask for help. But we have 5 girls and if we don't get some help they probably won't have a Christmas this year. They are good girls who work very hard in school and they really deserve a good Christmas. It is heartbreaking for me to think that I might have to tell them Santa can't make it here this year. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you.

I have a 7year old son. It's been a very rough year for us. I lost my 11-year-old son in April and I'm separated from my husband. I'm a single mom. I work but just barely able to pay my bills. I'm not in holiday spirit but my son deserves to have a Christmas. He loves sponge bob and NY Giants. Anything that you can help me with would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much.

Hello .. This year is a very tough year since hurricane sandy we just moved 3 months ago due to fact of mold throughout the whole house FEMA replaced most material things but as mother of 2 its so hard we lost their dad to a drunk driver my son is 8 and daughter is 7 I try to work as much as I can but my son is autistic n bipolar so his difficulty in school is rough I used to get by but this Christmas is gunna be tough I just want my kids to know what it is to have a great holiday we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving I couldn't afford it this year but to have a Christmas to remember for them would be huge blessing .... Thank you so much for your time ...

Please i am interested with help with Christmas for my 2 daughters. 17 and 6. We are currently living in a hotel. We have signed a lease but have been waiting for a move in date.

I got help for my daughter. ..but I need help for my sister who is 17...she hasn't had a real Christmas since her dad passed away five years ago she don't even like to celebrate anymore. .I wanted to give her a nice Christmas this year but don't have the money I live paycheck to paycheck paying rent and bills. I would appreciate if you can help me give my sister a good Christmas to remember she likes make up, bath sets, perfume, candles, costume jewelry, and Joyce Leslie clothes thank you in advance if u can help.

Our son is 17, He is not a child anymore, Still wish to give him a special Christmas. Things Have Changed Here Dramatically Over The Past 2 Years.


My husband and I are both disabled. I am very sick and they took my Medicaid away from me. know in January I am being cut again. we are in our late40,s and we can't live on what we get from disability. they even cut our food stamps. we cant afford anything. I have a 5 yr old granddaughter and I cant even get her anything for Christmas. life has beaten us down so far. any kind of help or answers to help us would be appreciated. thank you.


I have four children and I am not able to provide them with any gifts for Christmas. I am worried about providing them with daily meals let alone a Christmas dinner. My house is currently up for sale and I'm in fear of foreclosure. I don't know where we will go but I trust The Lord knows.

Hello : ) I am writing this because again it's Christmas time and again we find ourselves scrambling to make a nice holiday for our 4 children. Our oldest daughter is 7, our son is 4 and we have 2 year old twin daughters : ) Several years ago we had everything. My husband and I had great jobs, bills were paid and life was great. Then I was laid off at 8 and a half months pregnant and had to have my son with no medical insurance. Shortly after that my husband was laid off. It was a steady decline after that. After we found out we were expecting twins we even considered putting them up for adoption. In the end we kept our babies but doing so put us over the edge and we lost our apartment. We stayed with friends for almost a year and just moved to Middletown about a month ago. We are slowly getting better but now every dime we earn goes to keeping this roof over our heads. Our children deserve so much more than we can give them :/ they are great kids. Any holiday help we receive is appreciated so much more than you know. Thank you so much!! : )


Hi I had a fire in my house in July and my boys lost everything. I'm still trying to get them everything they need. They don't have any video games or toys. I lost my job and we are living off one income with 8 kids. 6 boys and 2 girls.


I am a single mom of 5 great kids and I work between 50&80 hrs a week, but am still having a hard time paying the bills let alone anything for Christmas. As of right now my kids will not b getting anything for Christmas. They dont get to see there father hardly ever as he has a new family and doesn't make time for them so I am both parents all the time. I love them with all of my being and just want to be able to give them a Christmas of some sort. I feel like a terrible mother I couldn't even get them a gift for there birthdays. I really need a blessing right now because they deserve a Christmas and they shouldn't suffer because I can't make it.


Hello, I am a 29 year old single mother of 4 wonderful children (Ages 12, 10, 8, & 4). I just recently lost my job and things have been pretty rough. I know that we wont have the Christmas my kids may be hoping for but I'm more concerned with making sure we stay warm and toasty as the colder months approach. Any help with blankets and pajamas or anything else to keep their little toes warm would mean the world to us. I thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Thank You.

South Amboy

Hello, I am a single mom of three, with another due in March 2015. I was divorced in Aug. 2012. My divorce attorney misrepresented me, I've been told by two other attorneys. He didn't bring in any medical experts to testify about my medical conditions, or my daughter, with Cystic Fibrosis' medical condition. He also did other things, and gave me horrible advice during the time leading up to the divorce, which greatly affected the outcome, I believe. I'm trying to keep this short. The court awarded me 212.00 per week, child support, which was just changed to 218.00 per week for cost of living increase. I was also awarded 408.00 per month alimony for 7 years, because since my medical conditions weren't considered, the judge believed I only needed limited duration alimony, even though I've never made more than 16,000.00 per year in the whole 14-year marriage. Add my SSD, which is, 685.00 per month for me, and 27.00 per month for each of my two daughters, and I have a total income of, 2091.67 per month. My son just turned 18, so he doesn't get anything from SSD any more. He's also in college full time, and has been applying for jobs. No luck yet. I live in low-income housing, otherwise, forget it. We wouldn't be able to survive at all. I pay 635.00 per month in rent. I have a 300.00 per month car payment, car insurance, phone, etc. to pay. I lost my food stamps this month because my income is too high, they say. So, needless to say, I have 3 children, barely enough money, and Christmas is 4 weeks away. The past couple year’s family helped out, but this year, nobody has been able to, and I don't know what to do. I'm sick to my stomach, every day. I try to sleep as much as possible, just so I can get away from it all, because it's overwhelming, and I know the stress I'm feeling is not good for the baby I'm carrying. So, that's pretty much the short version. If there's anybody that can help out this year, at all, I have two daughters, age 12 and 9, and my son is 18. I thank you for your time and consideration. :)

I have a 15-year-old son and am struggling with Christmas. I work but its for a construction company and its very slow this time of year. I cannot afford to get him anything for christmas he is mostly asking for clothing and any art stuff markers crayons paper hes a good kid honor role student and it breaks my heart i cant get him some of the things he wants. I would be grateful for any help, thank you.

I am a newly single Mom of 13 yr old boy due to domestic violence. While we both are safe and free from our abuser, we are struggling severely. With the abuser incarcerated (the father) we have lost our main source of income and there is no child support either. To top it off I was laid of from my job on Oct 27th. I have no income ....currently I am waiting on approval of my application for TANF w/ Social Services and actively seeking full time employment. I ran out my NJ Unemployment this past March...so currently my household is with out an income....or means to purchase any Christmas gifts for my 13 yr old. I have poor credit due to years of financial abuse as well by my abuser. I am reaching out to you in hopes you can assist me. During recent domestic violence rages in my home, my sons Kindle was smashed and thrown in the toilet, his baseball helmet was thrown up against the brick fire place (I was the intended target). He has just about outgrown his catchers gear too, will need new gear by Spring. I have no way to replace it or even make some kind of a Christmas for my son at this time. I can't go to a retailer and apply for credit as it won't be approved because of my credit history and no income. My son Vito is an awesome kid who has stuck by my side thru this DV ordeal, all while maintaining honor roll status in the 8th grade, being a great athlete in baseball (primary catcher & outfield) and wrestling for travel & the school teams. He is also now a new member of the Sayreville Jr. Police Explorers. Hoping someone can help me with giving this kid a new outlook on life and restore his hope and faith that we are going to be ok. We re currently about a week away from running out of heating oil as well. Please contact me if there is any way you can help me make a little Christmas for my son. He really deserves and needs his faith and hope restored during this recovery of years of witnessing the domestic violence his father had us a prisoner of. I do have all the documents to back up what I am telling you is true. Thank you ad God Bless us all.

Spring Lake

I am a single mother to a beautiful 6 month old boy. I have been so blessed by my son. I was told I could never have children. When my sons father became abusive when I was 3 months pregnant I had to give up everything and do what would be best for my son and I. It has not been easy but worth it. I currently live with my disabled parents and go to college online for my Masters in Forensic Psychology. Due to my situation I am unable to work outside the home. I work as my parents caregiver and put the money back into the home for bills. It has been a struggle. We just get by, but I am doing my best to provide for my family although it is difficult. I go to food pantries and do what I can for them. However, there are priorities and no room for recreation things. If there is anything you can do to help me, I promise you when I am on my feet, I will pay it forward. Thank you in advance!

Union Beach

I am a single mom of 3, one still a teenager. We lost our home and EVERYTHING we own to Sandy. I was hurt during clean up and doctor will not clear me to return to work yet. My employer will not hold my job so I am unemployed and no pay since Sept 2. Waiting for appt for UI. Although my son is a teenager, he is still a kid and should be able enjoy Xmas Thank you.


Boyfriend is dying of cancer. It is his last Christmas with us and I'm raising my 4-year-old grandson and I am the only one supporting us and need help.


I am in need of help with my electric bill and Christmas gifts for my three children. My daughter had taken ill and we didn't know what it was. For a year we were back and forth to doctors, to have testing and than surgery . She's much better now but I miss a lot of work and fall behind on a lot. I am almost caught up just need a little assistance.



I am a mother of a 5 year old girl a almost 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old boys and my husband and I have done just about everything we can think of to make it by this year including sell my suv and currently trying to sell his car he owns and single handedly operates a detail shop for cars which he does every day up to 11 hours a day which has been a dream of his for.years and up until 6 or so months ago things were doing fine until a freon leak caused us almost $4000 dollars in electric bills and a water pipe breaking put us behind another 600 we have put off as much as possible but are in dire straits as we are close to having all out utilities shut off we have done our.best to manage and with me being pregnant due to birth control failure I have been unable to find a job and she is.due the end.of February we have been unable to.sell his car which we were going to use to.buy a cheaper and bigger vehicle plus pay everything off and I have even put off.getting a pair.of pants bodywash and other things to try to.squeeze a little more out for my kids which at this point Christmas is even out of the question for us any kind of help qould be nice and we desperately try not to ask and are fine with living in simplicity and without nice things as long as our children are taken care of but now as this year comes to a close im afraid we arent going to be able to get through I am blessed for everything we do have and very thankful and wish I didn't have to ask so there would be more for others but I'm at the end of my rope and very scared if its possible to get help I would never know how to.repay it and. normally try.to be the one helping so if there are others in more need I would understand not receiving it.

Las Cruces

I don't even know where to start. My husband has been out of work for a while now. They are trying to take our home cause we haven't been able to pay it. Even though we live in a mobile home I still don't want to lose it. We couldn't afford to pay rent for another home .We have hard enough time paying what we owe here.We are trying hard to trust God and believe he will provide. We have no family or friends to help us either.We barely keep our utilities on .I have been applying for all kinds of programs and having a hard time finding any help.I have two kids at home a daughter 14 years old. And a son 16 years old who probably won't have a Christmas this year. There aren't to many programs out there to help teens with Christmas where I live. Although my kids are very understanding and they know we are struggling and they also know the true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus. They have very big hearts.And they Love the Lord. I am disabled and have a disease in my brain kinda like MS. So I can't work . But I do try to pay whatever I can with my small income. If we don't come up with payments soon we will be homeless. And I know God has a plan and He is the one who is in control. And it happens in His time.But we are at that fine wire. I just can't lose my home. Please pray for us! We need a miracle! Thank you God Bless You!

I heard about FHF from a family member. I am Married my husband is working but I recently lost my job but one income just isn't enough to stretch out. I have 2 Children ages 17 and 3. Im a little embarrassed to ask for help as I adopt a few children myself every year. But this year im just not sure what I can do. I know times are tough, I'm determined they will get better! God bless! Thanks for reading

Los Lunas

I am a single mother of four a 16 year old son a 15 year old daughter and 10 year old boy and a 4year old boy. I have a job but I only make enough to cover the bills. I would love to be able to give my kids an amazing Christmas but I just can't afford it.

I’m a single Dad of two beautiful girls 12 and 10. My girls got burned at the end of April of this year so I was at the hospital a lot and my boss had to let me go. Now I can't find a job and the holidays are coming up my family helps me out tremendously but I still would like to get my girls things for Christmas and new school clothes.

I am a widow and struggling with utilities this season.


I am a permanently disabled mother due to a massive stroke after the birth of our youngest. My husband is out of work. We have 2 children left at home, girls, 7yrs. & 15yrs. I get SSI, but it’s not much. I'm not sure what to share.  We simply need financial help this Christmas.



Hi, I am a stay at home mother of four little girls. I love the Lord and ask you to pray for my husband. I do not think he is saved and would just ask the FHF ministry to pray and show my husband God is forever faithful. My husband is like most has a lot of pride and wouldnt ask for anything. I know he struggles with the bills, our needs and with winter fast approaching I pray we get ahead. I know there are other famlies in need so if anything Id appreciate your time to pray for our family and my husbands salvation. Thank you, Friends in NY


I am a young grandmother helping raise my 3 year old grandaughter. I just started a new job working third shift and watch my grandaughter during the day while her parents work. Also just moved into a new apt and trying to maintain and maintain stability. I've read your posts and heard how u reach out to people this time of your. I feel my purpose is to guide and teach my lil grandbaby while her mom and dad get themselves together. She is My heart and although it has been difficult wouldn't change a thing when I think about her happiness and future. Blessings that have entered my life have encouraged me to do the same and to continue in doing so. God is my strength to keep going and I wouldn't be where I am today without all the commitment and dedication.


I just want a good English Bible.

I am a single mother of four children who is having a rough time making ends meet. We are backed up with rent and need a miracle. I know Our God is the owner of silver and gold and that somehow He will provide but any help would be greatly appreciated. God bless you and thank you for your consideration.


I have three children, teens. I work full time caring for people with developmental disabilities. I have been sick lately and have been diagnosed with neuropathy, as well as mixed tissue connective disease combination lupus and scleroderma which has lessened my ability to work the hours needed to cover expenses let alone Christmas for my children. My children are very understanding and have said that Christmas isn't about gifts but about celebrating Jesus instead, they are great kids that give to others often and it breaks my heart that I'm going to be unable to give to them this year.


I am a single mother of 6 children ages 19 down to 4. I have been unable to work due to back and other issues. I have taken a loss in income and have been struggling to even keep the home I worked for. With increase of expenses for basic living it has left nothing between having to go to specialists for the kids and myself. This year I am struggling and am asking for some help.


We are a family of 5 with my husband being the sole provider. We have a daughter who receives a private education and this year we have found our selves financially struggling in every aspect. We cannot afford to fulfill our oil tank due to a balance that's owed. I a grad student pursuing a degree in mental health counseling and pursuing this degree has not been easy as I'm constantly reminded of the cost. I feel for my husband because he works hard however we can't seem to catch up on any of our bills. We are behind in electricity, water bill, daughter’s payment for school, cable and oil bill. It feels like we are drowning and don't know how we are going to give our children a Christmas. This is the first time where we are struggling so hard. Lately find myself waking up in the middle of the night with worry about all of these things and I take it to the Lord.


We are a family of eight in severe need. We had a medical emergency about a month ago- wife almost lost her life, then this past week we have lost our fridge and all our food.... costing us a lot of money. Husband had to take time off to take care of children for weeks while wife was on bed rest...things are sooo hard right now barely able to afford thanksgiving dinner. I just want a nice Christmas for my six children. This year has been very rough for all of us thank you in advance....God Bless everyone.


I am a mother of 4 ages 20,19,17 and 16. I have been a working mom since my oldest son was born and I lost my job in May and have been struggling horrible with finances as well as anxiety and depression. My husband works and my oldest son does too and my oldest son is such a blessing he helps pay extra out of his paycheck to help so much to try to relieve stress off of me. I also have a mentally handicap son who is 19 that I have had struggles with which also makes finding work hard because he has needs and I am the only one that tries with my son :( I have always believed and trusted in God and he has always pulled me through my hardest times. This year with losing my job we have gotten behind in bills and times just got by with enough food. I have faith and pray everyday that God will reach down and keep me strong and pull my family and I through. <3


Hi I am a single mom of 4 children. My husband walked out on us this past week. I have no money for gifts for my kids for the holidays but I know that I have to trust in god to get us through this tough time. I would be so grateful for any help at all. Thank you and God bless!


Our family just needs prayers. We have enough material things, but we had a year of being unemployed and playing catch up with bills has been difficult. My husband had to accept a job offer out of state and left his older children are now with mother full time, we had had 50/50 custody. It's been especially difficult on their relationship with my husband and our family. Please pray for God to Bless us and to provide for our needs.

Tupper Lake

I had a total knee replacement on October 16,2014.My landlady graciously offered to take $150.00/month off of the rent beginning in May when my widows benefits ended. we are living on my daughter's Survivor's Benefit of $1,127.00. My recovery is taking a little longer than I had hoped. I will find out next week if my surgeon feels I can go to work.



My husband and I have been blessed with eight children, beautiful, hard working, respectful, Children of God. My husband was on the job and his leg was almost taken off. Thru God's grace and a great doctor he still has a leg. He was out of work a year and soooo excited to go back, and then another surgery took him out again for another 3 months. He's a great man, provider, and the kind of guy who would give you his shirt if you needed it. He's frustrated not being able to provide for his family like he use too. He is back to work this past month and so thankful, but I know he is living in pain. I would love to be able with your help, ease some of the financial burden. Bills are stacked in the drawer, mortgage is due tomorrow, and Christmas is coming. Getting caught up on the bills would be a miracle and giving our kids a couple gifts to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. They have had to do all the chores around the house/farm here when their Dad couldn't walk and they did it, without complaining, mostly :). Thank you for reading and please pray that God's plan is clear for us as we continue to serve Him and raise these children.



I am on disability and have a 13-year-old daughter. I will not be able to buy Christmas this year for my daughter or my family. Please consider praying for us to get through the holidays and may GOD BLESS.


My husband and me recently had a miscarriage that caused me to be out of work for two weeks. My post operative appointment they found a baseball sized ovarian cyst I had surgery right after recovery of the miscarriage, I've not been able to work for a total of six weeks of unpaid medical leave. We have been praying for a financial breakthrough trying to sell what we can, with it being Christmas we've had no potential buyers. We have a default foreclosure notice on our house we are in need of a blessing. 


Do to an unknown medical problem I passed out driving & hit a tree on 10/20/14, punctured my lung, broke 7 ribs & suffered a concussion. I for the most part am bedridden due to the impact this wreck had on my hip. I work for a tree company as a groundsman & have been unable to work as I wait for charity care from a local hospital to help with a hip replacement. I have 3 children 14, 7 and 18 months who deserve so much more than I can provide. My wife cannot work as I have become like a small child myself and need almost constant care. I am not asking for pity for me, I don't need much of anything but would like to see my children happy. They deserve to wake up on Christmas morning excited to see what Santa has left & not be disappointed. That's more than any parent can bare.


Dear sir, I feel weird writing this because it is not material things we need...but monetary help would be a blessing...my husband is a retired veteran and I work in the operating room at UNC HEALTHCARE...however I fell in October and broke my arm and fractured my coccyx...and although I am receiving workman’s comp...it is just enough to keep us afloat...our daughter, who is 17 is working and helping out as much as she can....if nothing else, please pray that God will continue to bless us...thanks in advance!!!


I am hoping to get some help for my children with their children. I was diagnosed with an illness that most people don't understand and fail to recognize how devastating it is. My children have sacrificed so much including two of them losing their jobs to accommodate and take care of me so now not only are they unemployed, but they have no way of providing a gift for their children for Christmas. I am not eligible for Obama care and I am not poor enough for medicaid so I wait until it gets really bad to go to the emergency room to end up hospitalized for treatment and get prescriptions that my kids pay for out of pocket, taking away from their children. I am not asking anything for myself, I just want my children and grandchildren to have a reason to smile and not worry about me if only for a moment, I know that their are others who are less fortunate than I so I will truly understand if they need it more than we. I thank you for taking the time to read my requests. Thank you and God bless you all.

I have twins girl & boy i lost my job some mouths ago it's hard to find a job. I love my kids with all my heart but it hurts me to know that i can't give them the Christmas they wont. I'm a single mother of twins i have been taking care of them without a father in their life it gets hard sometimes.


i have 5 children. We both work, but missed a lot of work and had unexpected expenses. My 13 year old daughter committed suicide June 17,2014. I have someone buying the other 4 a few gifts, but we might not have a home to spend Christmas in if we don't get help. I actually have to pay a large amount this week. We have saved as much as possible.


I am 62-and -wife is 52 and disabled. We have 2 lovely grandkids.1 boy 7 --1 girl 4-every year we try to give them Christmas but because of us retiring we don't even get enough to live on.my son moved to ings mountain from Kentucky because no wor was available.the family has had to sell almost everything the owned just to get this far---so far not much work is available for him.they are having a very rough time..cant even claim bankrupt.anyway.the kids are the ones who are suffering.have never asked for help before but would love the kids to have a nice x-mas--he wants a basketball and hoop----I was able to get him a bike----she loves dolls.


I am a 42 year old mother of 3. I have been married to the love of my life (a Marine) for 23 years as of oct 13th, two days before our 23 rd anniversary my husband came to me and said he no longer wanted to be married. He wanted a divorce and moved out of our home we built 3 years ago. We share three children a son that is 21 and twin girls that will turn 16 December 19th. I have been actively looking for work since I graduated from college last year. I am now forced to move back to my hometown in SC for friends and family support. I am not sure how I am going to provide Christmas this year as every penny I have right now has to be saved for a rental home, deposits and moving, which is becoming an issue because I can not find a home in my rental range and size. Plus we have four cats and a black lab. My girls are heartbroken enough and I can't bare to have them give up anything else especially their animals that are rescued...My credit isn't good enough for me to purchase a home and I currently do not have a job!!!! I had faith that God would fix my marriage as my husband has been unfaithful from two years in. I prayed and prayed and he was saved during our 5th year of marriage, things were great as we attended church for 6 years faithfully. Then after 9/11 he decided to rejoin the Marines...It has been a struggle and i kept our family in church through the various moves. I had found a new home church here in NC and was at peace that God was working in our lives to repair the damage over the years... In fact I thought this was the best year our marriage has had...This was shocking news to everyone! I can handle the pain and heartbreak, my girls are struggling with their fathers decision, as they know he is talking to another woman. He did this in front of them? I don't understand his life right now but I know that God will provide for me and my kids. My girls love to paint and do anything related to art. My plan this year for Christmas was to create for them an art room where they could paint and draw, but with me only having 1000.00 month it's hard to think about Christmas. I did tell them that I just can't afford to buy more than one or two presents this year because of the move we have to make from NC to SC in January. They understand but it is heartbreaking that their father picked the holidays along with their supposed to be sweet 16 Birthday to do this! Prayers for us are appreciated!!


This year has been a real challenge for us as a family. I am a single mother with a 5 year old daughter. In April her father passed away from a rare cancer. In September I started nursing school to make things better for us as a family. We are able to make it by on what little we have, however there is very little to make this Christmas special. Of all kids who deserve a special pick me up this Christmas its, Mackenzie. She has fought through adult emotions and still got good grades in kindergarten. She deserves the world and all I can afford to give her is a globe. Thanks for even considering helping me make this a special Christmas.


I am 59 and my husband is 81. Due to all his health issues and him having some dementia I am unable to go out side of the home to work. I dont know what he will do while I am gone. We are having a problem making it from month to month, especially this month as he is in the gap on his insurance and some of his meds are costing us more. We have not bought groceries last month and wont have the money this month. We do get $15 in food stamps at the end of the month. We can pay our bills but there is nothing left after buying his meds as he has to buy 13 different bottles. If anyone could help with groceries it would be greatly appreciated and take alot of stress off of me. We dont buy Christmas for our grandkids or family as we never have money for this or for us to buy each other anything. I am just so glad that God has left Jim with me for this long as we have been together for 15 years. He has had 2 heart attacks with a stent put in, quid triple by pass surgery, a stroke, thyroid cancer, his lymph glands in his neck taken out, a brain tumor that came from his thyroid cancer, kidney stones, his gall bladder taken out and when they did this a stone lodged in his liver duct and was in there for 8 months and he would have died if they had not found it out, he has seizures from the brain tumor which are under control now and he was told at the time of the gall stone in his liver that they found a blood clot in his heart. I am not telling all this for pity but to give God the praise that he is still here and looking out for him. I pray God lets him stay with me and we can go together when the Lord comes back. sorry this is so long and know if anyone decides to help us it will be greatly appreciated. It is hard for me to ask someone for any help and makes me feel like I have failed in my life.

Mount Airy

My precious and brave, courageous son has endured 6 brain surgeries in the past 3 years..three this past January. He was in ICU at Duke Hospital for 3 1/2 weeks. He has so much faith and so much love for Christ and other people. I would just like to be able to make this Christmas special for him. You see he is also autistic, but he understands the real true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for wanting to Bless others.


My husband has 2 rare autoimmune diseases. First was diagnosed right before his 33 birthday last September. End stage pulmonary sarcoidosis. Steroids, chemo, and a year in and put of work led to remission this August! That same month, he was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis- where his spine and bones are fusing together. He hadvto stay on his chemo and add a new infusion treatment to his regimen. God is good, and he is able to use his hands again after 16 weeks of infusions and new medications. With these INSANE medical bills, we were forced to give our home back to the bank and file for bankruptcy this month. I am really wanting to fill our pantry (for the first time) and make sure we can buy our 3 kids a gift from us, Santa, and a few stocking stuffers, but I just can't seem to budget that out. God has led us to a new home that we have used all savings to fix up- flooring, paint, new roof, toilets, sinks, and we just got the heat working. We just need a little help and this mom needs a minutes rest from this wild year and a half. I celebrated my husband's 34 birthday this September!!! God has given us our daily bread, but a little cushion and a magical Christmas for our children would help out. They deserve the world and have been so patient as we have been so focused on his illnesses. We are visiting the National Institute of Health in January to be a part of a genetic study for his AS. God bless your message you are able to continue to spread in this scary scary time. Your family messages have helped me when I feel my candle is burning at both ends.


We are the parents of 4 beautiful children. 3 girls (11,11, and 2) and one son (8). 2013 was by far the hardest year of our lives. On April 13, 2013 we welcomed our youngest son in to the world, and God called him home 6 hours later. We then lost our car, our home, and my husband’s job. We moved back to our hometown, and in Nov. 2013 our youngest daughter underwent her first brain surgery, and had her second one two days after Christmas. 2014 has been a year of trying to recover, emotionally, physically, and financially. My husband got a job in April, but unfortunately I am not able to work, as our daughter requires full time care. We have a wonderful church family that has gone above and beyond for us. I want nothing more than to give my children the Christmas they deserve. The 3 older ones know the true meaning of Christmas, and rather than make a Christmas list, they want to donate things to our church toy drive. Money is so tight; I just don’t know how we will be able to afford much. What I do know, is that God has been with us through all of our trials, and isn’t going to leave us now! Thank you so much for reading our story!


Hi I am a single mother of teenage twins one boy and one girl I recently had an accident were I broke my bone n my left knee and had surgery 4 weeks ago I am a social worker but I have not been able to work since the accident in Oct. Although I worked about 40hrs a week on my job my job title is considered a Sub therefore I have no benefits or medical leave on my job so I have been without a pay check since Oct of this year and have been praying to keep a float. Therefore I am struggling to pay my daily living expenses for my family. However I am thankful I did receive food assistance, which allowed my family to have a blessed Thanksgiving. I am hoping to return to work within the next 3 weeks unfortunately it will not be in time enough to have a Christmas my children are older enough to understand our struggle they also know the meaning of giving as I am a social worker and has instilled that inside of them. So if nothing but your prayers will greatly be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!


I am a family of 5. My husband and I work 40 hours a week. This year has had a lot of set backs. We live paycheck to paycheck . My children's ages are 16,8,and 6. We don't ever have any extra money after we are done paying our bills. So we will struggle through the holidays. I pray for a Christmas miracle. I know we are just lucky to have each other and good health. I just don't want to see the let down on our kids faces as we suggest day to day through the holidays.


I have 3 kids in my household,and there mother lost her job ,without my help my grand kids wont have Christmas,I'm on a fixed income and pay all the bills I just need a prayer and strength,and a little help.

Winston Salem

We have 3 children. Our youngest had leukemia at 2 and a bone marrow transplant of 4. While his leukemia was cured he started suffering from seizure's at 6 and learning disabilities and other issue's. My husband lost his job and I am only able to work part time. We are behind on our rent $400 and Christmas is in a couple weeks. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Hello, I find myself once more at the mercy of God, this year has been very hard- on so many. My husband lost his job 2 days into the new year, then again in June, He found a good job and started work the second week of November. We have a daughter, 15, who we had to send to a christian girls home 4 hours away. She has been there since June. We have 5 children, the ones at home are 13(boy), 9(boy), 6(girl), and 3(girl). We have barely been able to stay in our home with power and water during the last several months. We are thankful for answered prayers , and there have been so many. My children are my world, and we have no way to buy gifts for them this year, we are still playing catch up with bills. We get a 12 hour visit for Christmas with our daughter in the girls home, she has really gotten help and will continue to be there until at least next June. My children are very understanding, they know we don't have money, and I have avoided the Santa subject because I don't want them to think they have been bad. If there is someone out there who can help bring a little Christmas hope and spirit to our family, I ask that you please consider us. My kids don't need anything, except maybe to have a little more joy in their hearts. Thank you and God Bless.


My husband has been sick for some time now and is getting worse. They are now testing for A.L.S. He has applied to Social Security Disability but it is a very long process. I have had 3 back surgeries and am on disability so we have a very limited income. We are 2 payments behind on our mortgage and our car is in need of repair, we need help every month with our electric bill because there just is not enough money for our bills. We could use help with gas a swell as my husband has many Dr. appointments at UNC in Chapel Hill.My daughter helps us out as much as she can but has 3 children and her own bills. She provides a phone for us due to our health. Any help would be appreciated and a blessing. We continue to make our payments on our mortgage just got behind back in the summer due to medical expenses. We have done what we can to cut our expenses like discontinuing garbage pick up, cable,cell phones.



Our family of seven has recently moved to the northwest for hopes of work. Where we lived previously work was scarce and we struggled to provide basic needs for our family. We have a genuine hope that this year ahead will be better for our family. However, the expense of moving obviously depleted our family of what little we had. Our biggest need this holiday is pretty much everything. Our only reliable vehicle is just days away from being in a repossession status, and we are at a loss for how this month is going to yield anything that even.closely resembles a Christmas for our five young children. This is the first time I've ever asked for help in this way, and it is truly humbling as I type this and the tears stream down my face..........you never think YOU and YOUR family are going to be in a situation like this. I know there will be hundreds of submissions for aid this holiday season, and if nothing else we need the prayers of believers to surround our family this season, and help us through whatever trials may still be yet to come. Thank you for this program.God bless.



I am a single mom of seven children an eleven grandbabies which I can't afford to get a Christmas tree nor gives for them let along anything for myself I need some help an somewhat blessing thank you.


I am a single mother of a 6 and 10-year-old boy.  I am a hard working mother who does her best to provide for my children, but at times just really struggle.


I sell insurance for a living. Sales are down, I have only made $400 in the past month and don't have money for my expenses let alone Christmas. I have an 11 year old son and I would truly appreciate anything that will help me give him a couple of nice gifts for Christmas and something to help make a holiday meal for us to share with his older brother and sister and her husband. Thank you.

Canal Winchester

We lost our company in 2010. My husband feel into depression for awhile. And because of that traveled from Ohio to North Carolina , to Tennessee, to Texas , back to Tennessee ... Finally back to Ohio. But because of him being a business owner know was willing to work him. And then my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in June of last year. And she passed February 17,2014. And we got evicted on Feb. 18, 2014. And buried my mother Feb. 25 , 2014 and had to be out by 27th of Feb.before noon. So we travelled to Tennessee to bury her and back to have 24 hrs to move ... And finally my husband found work. But we have lost our van because we are barely making rent and bills. We have 8 children ,,, 23,22,21,19,17,13,3&2. And our two daughters that are 23 & 22 have came back home with thier children and now we have 6 of our kids home with three of our 6 grandchildren. And one just found a job a day ago the other not so. One daughter lost her husband to another woman... So she is going through a divorce. The other the babies father is locked up for 25 yes. We are unsure of tomorrow let along Christmas. We tried to put layaway in but could not even afford to pay it. And haven't seen my father since the funeral of my mother ,,,and our daughter and her children in ten and our son and his daughter in tx. Because no transportation and funds. We are staying positive because we know GOD will make away. But prayer is always needed .



I'm a single mother of joyful 4-year-old little boy. My husband left us 2 years ago for another woman and this past summer our divorce was finalized. I tried everything to save my marriage but he did not want anything to do with me. Financially, it has been very difficult. I barely make enough to cover bills, mortgage, gas, and food. I love Christmas but this year it has been so difficult to find the joy. I don't have any extra money for presents for my son and family. They have been such a support and I just want to give back to them in some small way. What is needed most is prayer. Prayer God will heal my son and me emotionally and prayer that a better job would open up to provide us with more stability. Thank you so much!


I am a mother of 4 youngest is 15 months. My fiancée was laid off a few months ago and soon after that we were without a babysitter which makes the job hunting process tough. Both of us have worked since we were teens. It's difficult to ask for help when you feel as if it's all up to us. I know that everything happens for a reason and God is testing us. As our family moves closer to God its been one thing after another..some days I'm so discouraged. One step forward 2 steps back. I never imagined a difficult Christmas this year and 7 months before our wedding that we would be in this position having less income.


Hello we are a family of 5. My husband, our 3 children, ranging from 8 to 14, and myself. I am a seeing doctor for MS and Lupus and I am unable work. My husband is a very hardworking and has always provided for our family. He works for the railroad and the day before Thanksgiving he was hit with a moving train car, drug 15 ft and thrown on the tracks. His coworker had to pull him off the tracks before the next car ran him over. He was rushed to the hospital where he was examined! Because of Gods protection he had no broken bones or life threatening injuries. He has lots of cuts, stitches, bruises, sprained ankles, knees and legs. He has to see the doctor this week for further test to see if he has torn ligaments in legs and knee. He is on crutches and in a lot of pain but he is here with us and in one piece and for that we are thankful. He has to be off work several weeks to heal and possibly longer depending on if any tears are found. This is hurting us financially because he will not have his check before Christmas and we are not even sure when the next one will be. We have a lot of upcoming doctor visits for him and we need copayments for along with medicines and we are struggling to find a way to have Christmas for our kids. This was hard for us to reach out and ask for help usually we are on the other end of it and are able to help others. This has been a very humbling experience. Above all we appreciate prayers for his healing and us financially! We thank you for this opportunity.


I am writing this for 2 of my grandchildren girl 6, and boy 4. My daughter and het fiance were both laid off lay week, and are in process of looking for new jobs, but I am unable to help them as I am on SSI due to having a brain tumor and losing peripheral vision in both eyes, and my husband of 44 pissed just 3 yrs ago Thanksgiving morning. We are all really struggling with the holidays but the kids shouldn't have to! I truly hate the thought of having to sit them down too explain that this year Santa had to skip out home. I understand this is truly short notice but we put the tree up, and I just want to put everything away, and would have if not for these sweet grandbabies! I have 5 total grandkids, but they will be fine as they have other grandparents to help out, but it's just me now and I feel like such a total failure! But seriously I do understand if you can't help out! I still believe in Good and pray he will bring is a Christmas miracle!!!! God Bless!!


Every year my husband's work slows down during the Holiday Season (Thanksgiving into the New Year). This year we are struggling to keep up with our bills and have had trouble keeping groceries in the cabinets and fridge. I am praying for a miracle to provide Christmas to our three children (ages 16, 14, and 6). They know that things are difficult and they know that Christmas is about Christ but as a parent it still feels like a failure when you cannot do for your kids. We are not one of the worst off families but we are struggling. We went to a food pantry this morning and got some canned and boxed items to put in the cabinet. For the help we are truly thankful.


My husband and I have 4 children (ages8-21) and one very sweet grandson. My oldest daughter has a 2-year-old son. For the last few years my husband and I have struggled to support everyone including my daughter and her child so that she could finish college. My husband is a very hard worker and a good provider but we have had a few obstacles the last few years including a storm that ruined our roof, illness without adequate insurance and a deer totaled one of our cars. I am not complaining because through all of this The Lord has protected us and supplied our needs as he promised. Unfortunately we have become delinquent on our property taxes so this holiday season has become very stressful on my husband. I can tell he is worried. Any help at all would be a blessing even if it were prayers for us. God knows what we need better than we do.


I wrote last year and I'm still out of work. Have been working with welfare to help me find a job. My grandparents have been paying my bills including my rent for a year now. I'm really struggling because my spouse is in prison. He’s been there two years got 3 more to go. I have two children.


My husband left me & our 4 children and moved out of state. He is not supporting us in any way. Our home is going into foreclosure.


My husband walked out in July. At that time I was not working. I have a teaching job but I don't work or get paid in the summer. I only work part time and don't make a lot. My husband does not pay child support yet. The process has been long and taken forever. I don't know how I will afford Christmas. I am going to eventually lose my house. I have two minor children 16 and 12 and one adult child, 19. It would be a blessing to have just a little help to get through the holidays. I know Christmas is not all about gifts it's about so much more. That's my plan to tell my children that there is so much more.



I was so excited to be offered a "full-time" job (30 hours a week) 2 months ago! Now we'd finally be able to catch up on our bills and not fall behind. However, I had to have surgery, which sent the bills skyrocketing again. I feel like we are taking one step forward and 3 steps back. Getting the job was exciting for me because that meant I'd be offered insurance for our family. However, that insurance is taking most of my pay each week so it still leaves very little for bills, the old ones and the new medical bills I've incurred, much less anything for Christmas. I've been a stay-at-home mom for 21 years off and on. I was so ready to get back into the workforce, but now I'm questioning my return since the bills are mounting again and our current insurance is costing us almost as much as our old. I had a small amount set aside for Christmas for our family, but had to use that to pay on some of our bills. My kids are older (21 & 15) and I know they'll understand why there's very little on Christmas morning, but it still makes me feel like a failure as a mother.


I'm a Single Mom of a 13 Yr Old Son & a 19 Yr Old Daughter (Were Estranged) ! We have no other Family & the Holidays are Extremely Hard due to the Fact (Fixed Income-Enough $ for Rent/Utilities but Not much more & I suffer from the Holiday Blues (My Parents are Gone, Few Friends & My B-Day Jan 1st)


Struggling financially but I work in a preschool n claim my ex husband's social security. I need to be eating better but do a lot of oatmeal n peanut butter bread in order to pay my bills. All my family is in PA and I am in Florida. Thanks.

The Plains

My wife of 9 years left me Thanksgiving weekend over two years ago, taking my little girls with her. It took me several weeks before I could confront her in court and get access to them as well as Visitation. Making a very long story shorter, although God has used this to draw me closer to Him, I am in great financial difficulty. I have been preparing my girls to expect a meager Christmas from Daddy this year and that we may have more presents when after Christmas sales begin. They are ages 9 & 7, and although I believe they understand, I know they feel downhearted over this. I pray God will use this to strengthen their faith also, as well as thank Him in advance of any assistance He will give us.


My husband and I have a total of 10 children between the two of us, and 5 of them live under our roof fulltime. On March 17, 2014 our lives were drastically changed when my 38-year-old husband had a major heart attack and our income is now just me. I currently work 40+ hours a week trying to catch up, stay up on, or just pay our bills. I know God will not let us go without, as he never has, I just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel; even though I know it's there. I'd just be happy with some extra prayers and peace of mind; can’t seem to find that.

Asking this year with help with presents for our 3 girls ages 16, 13,11. If anyone can help it would be a blessing!!! Thanks & GOD BLESS!!!

West Alexandria 

We could really use a Christmas blessing. My husband works hard, but we are still struggling financially. Being able to provide a few things for my kids would be a Christmas blessing. I am looking for a job as well and have submitted over 10 applications in the past two weeks. Thank you.


I am a single mom of 3 kids. I lost my job of 13 years last year I work 2 part-time jobs and I am still struggling to pay bills. I would just like for my children to have a good Christmas.


Broken Arrow


I am in tears right now. I saw this and thought it might be an answer to prayer. I never thought my husband and I would ever come to a point in our lives where we would have to ask for help. We have always been the ones giving the help. Everything for us has changed in the past two years. I was a school teacher and he is a police officer. I am embarrassed. We both have a bachelors degree. We both work in a career that contributes to our community and we are barely able to keep the lights on. 2 years ago we had our 3rd child. She was a surprise, a beautiful and perfect surprise. However having 3 children now and 2 children under the age of 4 I choose to stay home because the cost of daycare would have taken up my whole paycheck. So we are a family of 5 living off my husbands income. We make too much for many of the assistance agencies but can barely keep our utilities on and food in our pantry. We are fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We attend church, we help others as much as we can. We used to give more than we would ever receive but now the table are turned and I can barely hold it together. We don't want our kids to know. We put a smile on our face and keep pushing forward. However at this point I don't know how to do anything for them for Christmas. We don't focus too much on the monetary gifts anyways. We didn't even when I was working. However we are 4 months behind on our house payment and not even sure what Christmas will look like around here. My heart hurts for my kids. They are so innocent, they don't understand financial hardship. I don't care about myself one bit. As long as my kids are taken care of then I am happy. We both have old cars with no car payments, we don't go out and spend money frivolously. We pinch pennies, we volunteer in our community we are trying to raise our kids the way God has planned yet I am at a loss as to what God is telling us to do financially. I am not even sure what to ask for through this chance as a blessing. What I do know and what is the only thing that is allowing me to ask for help is that you better believe when I go back to work and when we have another income coming in that we will be giving back generously. I have had to go to the food bank 3 times and when I got in the car I bawled harder than I ever have before. I am so thankful for their help, just saddened that I am having to ask for it. I will be giving back to them in time. We are just two parents working hard and trying to provide for our children. I do think about going back to work. However with my husbands police schedule and the cost of daycare it seems it would be even more stressful. It is not that I am not willing to work, it is just our situation and schedule. Thank you for a chance to let me share my story. I keep our financial burdens a secret from everyone. I am embarrassed and feel terrible having to ask for help. If we are chosen for a blessing just know that it would be for the benefit of our kids and we would be forever grateful. Also know that we plan on being irrational givers once we are able to for we feel it is so much more of a blessing to give and receive. Thank you from our family to yours.


I am a father and husband. I got layer off around the first of the month and so did my wife. We are not having luck finding work. I only wish to provide my 11 year old some Christmas and keep a roof over his head. I ha e turned this over to god I know he will provide.

Dell City

Dear FHF, I don't know where to start. This year has been a total nightmare. Earlier this year, my oldest of 3 daughters tried to commit suicide. I had to leave my job to take care of her. My husband was denied for the 4th time for disability for his hearing. We lost our home and had to move in with my friend in Texas. We stayed for 3 months and returned to Oklahoma due to family medical issues. We have exhausted everything we had. My children are currently staying with my ex-husband and My husband and I are practically living out of our vehicle. earlier this month, my husband lost his brother to stage 4 brain cancer after only 3 months. Hardships keep coming. I have been trying to find work but have been unsuccessful. At this point I'd take anything. Most places tell me I'm "over qualified." I cant don't anything but cry. I am the one who supports my family and I can't. I hear my girls ask when we can be together again but I have no answer. I know something has to change. I know there is a job for me but right now I am so lost. No money, no food, and no home.

Dill City 

We are a family of 5. My husband works really hard for the phone company. But he just doesn’t make enough money to cover our bills and Christmas this year. He was getting overtime all year, but they have recently cut all overtime until the end of the year. We have 3 boys, 17, 14, & 6. We are just asking for help to get them a few things to put under the tree this year. Anything you could do to help our family through Christmas would be much appreciated. God bless!

Midwest City 

Single mother of 2 boys, 10 and 8. I simply am asking for just a little help this year as my youngest has been overcoming verbal and emotional abuse by his grandmother, my mother. Neither boy’s fathers are in the picture.


I'm a separated mother with four kids, two kids still at home (boy 15, girl 13) who has fibromyalgia, which is a debilitating disease that makes it very hard to work, let alone have a life. I don't need anything; I just want my kids to have a Christmas. Right now I have no money for anything and can barely keep the lights on. Anything would be so wonderful for them. My daughter likes anime and drawing with professional markers, and my son is into basketball (Thunder team or OU). We're simple people and are grateful for any help. Thank you for your generosity for even considering helping us. God bless you!


I am a single mom with 3 kids at home. My 19 year old son has disabilities (ADHD, severe asthma and mild brain damage caused by respiratory arrest and going without oxygen for an extended period of time 4 years ago). and is currently attending vo-tech with Vocational Rehabilitation. I also have two daughters, 15 and 13. I'd say that we live paycheck to paycheck but I don't even make ends meet in between. I barely bring home enough money to cover rent and utilities, let alone groceries and other basic necessities. I did pretty good keeping afloat until my ex husband lost his job and the child support stopped coming. Now I feel like I'm drowning just trying to keep caught up on the basic bills. I drive an older model car that runs but desperately needs 2, maybe 3 new tires. This is my only mode of transportation to and from work 10 miles away and worry that I'll get stranded one of these days. I've asked each of the kids what they'd like for Christmas, and knowing that I just don't have money, they've all told me they don't need anything. I know they're older and have a better understanding of the situation but it doesn't make it any less disappointing for them not to have gifts at Christmas. I would LOVE to be able to give them all some new clothes and shoes. I was unable to take them shopping for the typical back to school clothes most kids get. My girls literally have 3 pairs of jeans each (most purchased at the thrift store) and older t-shirts, with the exception of a few nicer tops or name brand items they've bought with babysitting money. My son does work 15 hours a week so he is learning to be independent and buy some of the things he needs with his little checks but he also needs some new clothes as most of his pants are frayed and he has very few nice shirts (again, mostly old t-shirts). They are all 3 great kids and are deserving of so much more than I can give them! I do not like to ask for help, especially in my little community, because I do know there are folks worse off than us. When I first saw the post about requesting blessings, I thought "There are so many worse off than us< I can't do it", however, I prayed for several days about it and tonight, after a good cry and some prayer time, I sit typing this request. My heart is breaking knowing that I can't even provide the basic necessities (weather appropriate clothing) for my kids. Thank you for your consideration and God bless!



Myself and my 2 kids spent the entire summer at a local homeless shelter. While at the shelter I did manage to find employment, only to be asked to leave the shelter due to being employed. A friend moved her house around an let us stay with her thru the holidays last year. Since then I have been let go from my job and find myself again struggling this year during the holidays. I am currently trying to become a certified nurses aide but it appears that employment will not be coming before Christmas, I have a 16 year old daughter who has a 2 month old daughter herself and an 8 year old son. Any help for us during this difficult time would be appreciated. I simply would like for each of them to have a gift or two under the tree this year. I know that being with my family is what is important, I believe that these kids deserve a break and a better Christmas than they've had in years past.


In the past, we have been the ones doing the blessing. This year, we need it. Our year has been one of obedience and struggle as we work on the restoration of our marriage after an affair (his) and reach out to other hurting marriages in our life group. God is blessing this difficult ministry but we are falling further and further behind. We have cut as much as we can from the budget and have been looking for side jobs and selling items we no longer need. We continue to tithe faithfully knowing that God will honor that. Right now, we need the blessing of prayer! God will take care of the rest.


Recently relocated back to Oklahoma looking for work with my 13-year-old daughter. My 3 younger children live in Wisconsin with their father and my daughter and I are unable to be with them for Christmas. Right now I can't do anything even for my 13-year-old. So right now our Christmas is dinner with family. Please help me do something for my children for Christmas.


I am a husband and father of three. I lost my great paying job in 2012, and have been working at least two jobs ever since. During the summer months I would mow lawns also. It has been a struggle the last 2 years, but The Lord has blessed with hand me down clothes for my kids and various gift cards and many other ways! This year is proving to more difficult. Staying behind on all of our bills, even the mortgage. My wife and I both work with special needs children at public schools, trying to be a blessing to those less fortunate. Both cars are on their last legs. Our credit is not good enough to purchase another car but could not afford a payment if we could qualify. My wife and 2 daughters are putting up our Christmas tree and decorations while I am writing this story. Our 12,11 & 10 year old children are hoping for a Christmas this year while my wife and I are praying for any Christmas at all. We serve in our local church in the youth ministry, choir, and about every other ministry there is. We love serving others. We know that is what the Christian life is all about. Just hoping for our kids to have a great Christmas this year!



I'm a single mom of three beautiful children. I do not have a car, which is making it hard for transportation. We have all been through a very hard year of me being abused in the beginning of the year by my ex-husband, their father. He is currently now incarcerated. I have custody of children taking care of them. But when I saw this ad from you guys I knew that maybe there's a possibility that my kids can have a wonderful Christmas.

Butte Falls 

My family and I have been struggling financially for some time. My husband and I both worked but I have had a back surgery from a injury at work in 2012 and a emergency hysterectomy a year later. The back surgery resulted in permanent nerve damage and left me unable to work or do much at all, we have had a hard couple years and almost ended in divorce although we started attending our local church, listening to family talk. And my husband and children came to Christ a blessing and answer to prayer, my stepson however did not and became so angry with the mention of Jesus he now lives with his mom and will not talk to my husband witch hurts my husband deeply. We are a close family and we have stuck together through it all with the help of Jesus we miss my stepson in our lives and pray constantly for him. Financially we are hurting due to my medical bills, my daughter also has a scoliosis of the spine witch creates constant medical bills due to testing and scans, we are behind on house payments .God did bless us with a understanding owner. Going from two incomes to one was difficult and we have struggled since. My wish is just to be able to get my children a Christmas present nothing extreme but the are very accomplished students my son is a senior this year he is number one in the state of Oregon in speech and debate and valedictorian for the senior class , my daughter is fourteen and also speech and debate student and plays all the sports she can. She is a real trooper and loves the Lord with all her heart. I have never asked for help before so this is new to me, sometimes my pride gets in the way of asking but I am letting that go. I don't know what else to do. Thank you for your time.




My fiance is currently in prison. I was in a 4 car accident on labor day which made me so I am not able to work at this moment until I get a doctor release. I went back to work for 3 days in which I had 5 seizures and the doctor restricted my work privileges until I see a neurologist. My appt is in January. I am enrolled in school for psychology and Christian ministry. Me and my children are currently staying in a homeless shelter. The ages of my children are 4 and 5.


We are struggling financially this year. We have 3 children, one with special needs. We are renting our house and we struggle to pay for everything every month. This month (the past 2 actually)it was our phone that lost th battle so we have no phone. It is our only way to contact our child's doctors and school. We are not good at asking for help but this year we could really use the help.


I’m a disabled single parent of two children. My daughter age 9 has several disabilities (Autism, ADHD, Mood Disorder, Sensory Disregulation, Epilepsy, etc). Due to these disabilities the past four years have been extremely challenging, especially this past year. Her behaviors/struggles have been so hard at times that she's had to be admitted to our local hospital psychiatric rooms taken by ambulance at least 20 times this past year. I've tried for past year to get her help but our system in Oregon for mental health is very broken. Since August of this year she's been living in a residential home. It's been such an emotional roller coaster; I've put it in Gods hands. We are financially really struggling; prior to entering the residential home our monthly income (my disability & her SSI payment) was approximately $1500. Since she entered the residential home her SSI income goes to the home she's at so now my monthly income to try to maintain our home, gas for her weekly meetings/appointments and her and my twice weekly outings & overnights, I'm just struggling so badly right now. I can barely pay our monthly bills let alone put food on the table. The thought of trying to afford gifts for my two precious children just seems impossible. Christmas is our favorite holiday, we are the type of family that starts to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies beginning in October :-) I've always instilled in my children that Christmas is not about the gifts, the lights, the tree.. They know the reason for the season however as children they of course get excited at the aspect of being surprised and running out to the tree in the morning. As I'm typing this I'm in tears. It's been so unbelievably hard. My children are wonderful, loving, caring, kind. As a single parent who's been the victim of serious domestic violence & who's body aches in 24/7 pain (I've had early onset Rhuematoid arthritis since age 10, I'm now 37), I have severe carpel tunnel, a herniated isc in my back & my feet and ankles are so bad I can barely walk). I can deal with the constant pain of body and the pain in my heart of what we’ve all been through within the past 4 years with everything that's been going on with my daughter, but the fact that I’m not able to provide any gifts and a meal on Christmas literally breaks my heart for them. We basically are surviving off of $876 a month now. My mother informed me about the Families Helping Families and encouraged me to write and share my story. I'm not the kind of person to talk about our struggles or ask for help. But the idea of my little family being blessed this Christmas made me decide to write to you. I thank you for your time and ask that we be kept in your thoughts and prayers. God has a plan for all of us, he has a plan for my little family and I trust in him to heal our pain that we've been through and that we continue to go through. I'm optimistic that my daughter will return home in the next couple months (she's receiving the help she needs as far as behavior and medication help). I'm just hoping and praying that we may be considered to be blessed with some help for Christmas. I'd love to be able to see the kiddos run to the tree in excitement this year :-) That would truly warm my heart. Thank you and God Bless.
Second Submission: I wanted to add something new to our story. Last night while my vehicle was in a busy store parking lot someone decided to break our passenger side window out :( I came out to my car to see glass all over the ground, all inside the car. Here in Oregon we are experiencing freezing rain & very cold temperatures in the 20's & 30's at night. I contacted our police department whom took a report over the telephone, they don't come do finger prints or even come look at the damage or anything. I then called my car insurance agency & filed a claim. I have full coverage however my deductible is $500.. So not only was I struggling to pay bills, attempt to try to buy a couple Christmas gifts (Im a single disabled mother of two) but I wept the whole cold drive home last night trying to 1st understand how/why anyone does this sort of senseless crime but also wondering how on earth I will be able to get our car window fixed. then I prayed for whomever did this to our car. I've been a Christian my entire life, my two children are Christians, I grew up as a child listening to Dr. Dobson :-)He is such a wonderful kind Godly man. Anyway just wanted to add to our story that I submitted the other day, that our vehicle window was broken out, our need for a Christmas blessing is now an even greater need.. Thank you.

Our family is struggling this year, as we have the last three years. My husband was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade III (terminal brain cancer) December 2011, and although his tumor has been stable for the last two years I can't bring myself to go to work and be away from him. He walks with a walker and has had two strokes which make him weak and tired at times. We have nine children between us, five which are grown and four ages 17, 15, 13, and 11. We would really like a family gift for Christmas to be able to watch movies, but individual gifts are a blessing as well. Please keep my husband Robert in your prayers. His prognosis at time of surgery was twelve months to two years which he has already surpassed. My prayer request since the diagnosis has been fifteen years. I know it sounds like an odd request, but it is what I have specifically asked God for.


I'm a 59,have 6 adorable Grandkids(and another due in Feb.) I have 4 adult daughters. I lost my only son last year. He was only 26 & suddenly died from Coronary Arrest. He was paralyzed for almost 6 yr. before his death. When he became paralyzed, I became his Full Time Caregiver & was paid by the state for his care. As soon as he died, those funds were immediately stopped & was without work for 5 months- no Unemployment because the State DID NOT pay into it while I was a Caregiver. I finally found another Caregiver job in a wonderful, Christian Adult Foster Home. Unfortunately, while I was without an income, I got very behind on bills. Now, I make about $1000 a month & my rent is $840. I desperately need less expensive housing, but can't afford to move because of Deposits, etc to move into a new place. Also,I drive about 20 miles to & from work & I have to pray that my '97 van doesn't break down. I have to climb in the back door because the side doors do not unlock. If I ever have a wreck, they will have a very hard time getting me out, not being able to us the side doors. It is very hard to ask for help, but I'm having a very hard time dealing with my sons death & all these other things just add to the Burden. I've tried to keep my faith. But, many days I just have lost the will to keep trying to overcome my grief. I don't know if anyone can help me. But, I will put it in God's hands to supply my needs- not my WANTS, but my NEEDS! Thank you & God Bless!


I have recently lost my job and I have no way to give my 4 kids christmas gift. It has been a hard year my husband was laid off in the spring and just recently started over the road trucking and is gone 3 weeks out of the month and not making much. Without my job we will be struggling just keeping upwith tthe monthly living. Expenses. I would love for my kids to have something for christmas. If u could help it would be great.


Our family has had a tough couple of years because my husband’s employer has not given raises. With the cost of everything increasing and not getting as much as a cost of living adjustment we have unfortunately added credit card debt to our plate. Something that is very stressful. It would be a blessing to not have to add to that while blessing our kiddos.


I am a 63 yr old woman just lost my job and I have 8 family members, need a job and some peace of mind.



I am a 42 yrs. old mother of two sons: 8 & 4 years old. I am separated from my husband for 2 yrs. I am struggling trying to start over. My husband has a baby with his mistress and moved in with her. I need help with Christmas, getting my heat back on in the house $4,000 and paying back rent of $1,300. I'm currently working making $12.02 and hour but cannot catch up. I just started receiving child support the order was for $1,217.00 but my husband kept quitting jobs and working under the table and its been reduced to $690 all the bills were in my name and he's moved on. I am in over my head and am in need of help. I have been on welfare for 2 yrs. now. I can verify all info. Please help me.

East Vandergrift


We are the parents of 8 beautiful children two years ago I was injured at my job in a mental health care facility after being attacked by a patient these last few years have been so difficult as I was our main income this year our youngest had his third heart surgery he is doing great thank god but this Christmas it is just tough and we need help with so many things we keep praying and we just need some help to get through the holiday thank you so much.


I've been struggling for over 20 years to raise my 5 kids as a single mother with little support from their fathers. We struggled through two divorces (the older three and younger two have different dads), and they have all reached some stage of adulthood. Due to the issues we have had to struggle through, (spiritual, spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, mental health, financial, legal issues, and interaction with juvenile justice) I had a type of "nervous breakdown" of sorts about three years ago. I have been receiving SSDI, but it’s not enough to pay the bills. I cannot go back to the work I previously did due to the after effects of depression, anxiety and addition of arthritis, fibromyalgia and a knee replacement. My previous employer considers me to be “non-rehirable” (so much for a company I worked for, for 21 years and with Mercy in its name). I tried a similar job for a few months in the spring of 2014, but failed. After that, we went through having the electricity, water, cable and phone turned off. The Church came through with help to get the electricity back on and I was able to make arrangements with the water company. After several more months search, I found a job that I am able to do, and have been doing it for two months now, but it is less than 1/2 my previous salary. It’s a temp to perm job, which I am hoping will become permanent by the end of the year. Meanwhile, I am in danger of losing my home and I am working with my Credit Union to try to save that. I don’t qualify for State assistance due to a previous home that I lost after the second divorce. We’ve been in this house 10 years now, renting when we first moved in and then working with the owner to purchase it for ourselves. I am also trying to keep my car so that I can get back and forth to work (public transportation isn’t so great in my area). My youngest son is still home with me. He is 20 years old, has Aspergers/Autism Spectrum Disorder and insulin dependent diabetes. He bought himself an old car and just found out that he needs about $2200 worth of work to get it back on the road. He just started working a part time job and gets SSDI. He also needs the car to get him back and forth to his job, and our hours overlap, so sharing is difficult if not impossible. He is very upset about his car right now, and he is also depressed. I know that he feels that God is not hearing his prayers, and I fear he is giving up. I know that this request is intended to be for myself, but he is my son, a part of me and I would like him to receive help with getting his car fixed and back on the road. This car has given him some motivation to work and improved his desire to take care of his diabetes and his health in general. I want him to be able to be independent so he can care for himself when my time on earth is through. I’m approaching 59 and although that is not old for today’s’ standards, both of my parents died in their 60’s, so I do have a concern that I will follow in their footsteps. I’m not worried for myself, but for my youngest son. The other 4 (34, 31, 28 and 21) have demonstrated much better (although not perfect) survival and self-preservation skills. There is a “great divide” in our family, between my “two families”, and many have been praying for us for a long time, but the divide still exists and seems to be wider than ever this year. Thank you!


I am a single mom of two boys and two German Shepherds lost my job and need help with food for my children and dogs.. gifts for Christmas for my boys.


My husband and I recently moved from Ohio to PA for a fresh start. I am expecting a baby in April. Well 3 weeks ago my husband fell from a ladder at work and is unable to work for 2-4 months because of the concussion from the fall. We are waiting on workers comp to kick in but it will be another 3 weeks before we see anything and now bills are piling up and my 14 yr daughter who lives with her father in Ohio will not be getting anything for Christmas because all of our money is going towards food right now. We were planning on going back to Ohio for Christmas to spend time with my daughter and my ailing grandparents but right now that is not going to be possible. We really need help to get thru the holidays. Thanks


Hello and first I want to say I thank God for this ministry and the opportunity you are given. I have been in and out of the hospital for I am physically disabled. I have CHF, a form of lupus, sleep apnea, morbid obese, severely depressed and suffer with panic attacks. I say all this to say my now 14 year old son gas seen alot and been through alot. He has endured bullied as well been teased on a daily basis because if him being fat, the clothes he wears as well as because of me. Recently I had to be hospitalized from February to July, my gas was cut off in October, our food stamps had been cut and I had a rough time where I thought life just wasnt worth living. His father took his life last year and all I want is for him to have a smile on his fave this holiday but I cant take from rent or utility money to do it. That would just not be showing good leadership but only foolishness. So if I could get some assistance and be able to put up a tree with some gifts and show my son you are loved and appreciated, it would mean the world to me. i know being materialistic is not love and that is not what im saying but he often looks sad and i know its because he is use to hearing I cant do it....no I don't have. So on one hand im glad he can see what struggle looks like because I tell him trials come to make us strong...we must e sure and hold on. I also always remind him to live by Prov. 3:5-6.He is a good young man, and at a young age gas endured alot. I know it can be hurtful when everyone else is opening and receiving gifts and you aren't able to do the same. Thank you again for allowing this time and if anything can be done or our family is chosen to assist it would mean the world to me and I am very thankful to and for God for any blessing and I promise one day to pay it forward. Be blessed.


I'm a single mom of 7 kids that just left an abusive husband and found out that I have leukemia having a hard time getting on my feet I recently got a job but its still hard right now.


A little more than two years ago, I went thru a divorce and was left with nothing. My ex husband and I did family based counseling to help our 3 boys learn to coupe with this change. I now have 2 small boys to my current relationship. I am a stay at home mom while my fiance works. He has started his own business but with that came the overhead and alot of other unforseen bills. He works alot of hours to make ends meet. Most times till he gets home, we are already in bed! With only one income and times being so tight I dont think we are able to afford gifts when we are barely making ends meet. This Christmas, I would like to be able to give my boys one gift and also make cookies with them like we did before the divorce. We are fortunate to have each other which is most important and I stress that Jesus is the reason for the season. But I would still like to be able to do a little for them without putting more stress on my fiance who already doesn't get much family time because he is working. Thank you.


Hello. I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old boy and 10 year old girl. I am married. My husband works two jobs. One as a tractor trailer driver and another in a nursery. He starts most days cat 1:30 am and gets home around 3pm. He is so tired and does not have much time before he has to go to bed. Our two children are enrolled in a private Christian school on partial scholarships. Our daughter had special needs and needed a certain environment for school which is how we ended up there. We do all we can to keep them there but really can't afford it. We cut just about anywhere we can. I had a blood clot in my lung in February which caused a lot if medical expenses. My husbands primary job just got bought out so we now have all new insurances and deductibles. My husband is looking for a new job but due to a ticket may not be able to find one. Our marriage has been falling apart for the past five years due to my husband having an affair. We have been doing our best to work it out and stay together for Gid and our children. My dad lost his keg this year due to diabetes and Hus wife just died last month from stage four cancer. Our lives seem to have been upside down for years now. Our children still believe in Santaveven the oldest one. We always try our best to get them what they ask for. Its never as much as their friends since they can afford private school and are in larger pay rates. My husband works so hard and I never want him to feel like its not enough. He dies not even own a coat. He would rather get groceries for the week. He works to exhaustion and never gets anything for himself. I would love to be able to buy him some gifts for Christmas. He would never give me the money because there are too many other things it could be used for. I font wanted added stress on him or our marriage. Christmas is supposed to be about giving and celebrating the Lord. I want my family to be able to do that!


This month I lost my job that I had been with full time for 16 years. With the holidays approaching and three kids, we could use a little help this year.


I am usually the one who gives a blessing to many families in need throughout the year and at Christmas. However this year we are in need. My husband works but his hours have been cut and we can barely make ends meet. We are behind on lot rent and our trailer payment. We have been using the food pantry once a month for food because groceries just aren't in the budget. However, you learn how creative you can be. The stress of finances has taken a toll on my husband and we fight all the time, my little girl just tells us to pray, to pray. He has now been in the hospital for his blood pressure which is over 200 we do not have medical insurance and are paying these bills out of pocket at well. I am pending a disability claim, I have been diagnosed as being clinically depressed and bi-polar. My blessing would be for our little girl who has a loving heart for the Lord who is 10 years old. She understands our situation but there is absolutely no money for presents for her. She wants a tablet and a beta fish for Christmas. Her brother is buying her the fish. She also has asked for some clothes from Justice or Once upon A Child. She had to take hand me downs for school this year. I promise when we are on our feet to pay it forward and give back. If there is time a Christmas for Madison would be a blessing for her for how she carries us all the time.


My family has really fallen under hard times...since last Sunday my family has been in 2 traffic accidents with totaling both of our vehicles...our injuries are small with bruising and bumps & some pain both physically & emotionally. We have 2 daughters who are 14 years old. We have to beg for rides so my husband can get to work...he is a truck driver. We could really use some help to get the spirit of Christmas back in our family. Can you please please help us? We would be so grateful! Blessings to you all. <3


I have recently decreased my hours at work back to 24 hours per month. I am a nurse and have taken care of alot of patients but due to a chronuc illness that keeps getting worse I've had to cut back. My first marriage ended because of this illness however I found a Christian man who loves me and has stood by my side no matter what. I am very thankful for him. Together we have five kids. His paycheck alone does not cover all of our bills and I'm not sure how we are going to afford gifts this year. It difficult for me to get the rest I need with this debilitating disease as I am always worried about the bills and the holiday adds to it.I know I need to trust God to provide and I am often in prayer asking for provision. If someone could help us out, it would be a tremendous gift.



Hello, I was put out of work a few months ago to health issues.. They didn't know what was wrong with me.. They have ran all kind of test to try n figure it out.. N still don't know.. I'm in pain a lot of days n still unable to go back to work. My husband is a paramedic n having to work 2 jobs to support us both.. N we are still struggling to pay bills n keep a roof over our head. We live from pay check to pay check. I never thought we would be in a situation like we are n I feel so bad that my husband is having to work so hard n feel less of a man because he can't take care of me like he should. I would love if someone could help my husband to take a little weight off his shoulders this month. To make his Christmas a bright one. I really hope u can help my Christmas wish come true for him.. Thank u so much!

Fair Play

I have a wonderful little family a little girl who is 2 years old a little boy who just turned a year old and a wonderful husband who works too hard for so little. After he retired from the marine corp he hasn't been able to catch a break because we married young an started a family young... I was 18 when we got married and 20 when i had my oldest blessing.. I wouldn't trade them for the world... We are currently living with my parents who have been so gracious to open there home up to us when we had no where else to go from being kicked out of our small 2 bedroom trailer. Even if they are barely making ends meet as it is but they are always there for us.  All I want this Christmas is for my two little ones to have a very merry Christmas.

Ninety Six 

We have been struggling to keep groceries stocked in our house. Have had to visit our local food pantry twice in the past month. We have four children, ages 10, 8, 7, and 1 and my husband and I. We only have one income because I am unable to work due to my one year old; having therapy several times a week as well as several doctors’ appointments due to health problems. The extra money spent in gas is eating away our savings and causing us to struggle with buying food. We have been blessed with so much and could use a blessing of full freezer, fridge, as well as pantry so that we'd have one less stress this Christmas!

North Augusta

I have over the past several years had quite a few surgeries, including a bilateral mastectomy, multiple reconstruction, and have gone through some hospital stays due to infections. Last year at this time I went in for a hysterectomy and removal of tumors and coded on the operating table. I spent several days in CCU and more in ICU. Unfortunately the surgery had not begun, so later had to go back for the hysterectomy. And now, in a few weeks must have surgery to have my gallbladder removed. Of course, it stands to reason that any time I have anything done now, I must have cardiac clearance, (even to get my teeth cleaned). The medical bills are tremendous to say the least. I've used my paid time off, my job is suffering from economy and we are not always allowed to work 40 hours. I am struggling to keep afloat financially. Single, divorced, and medically challenged. My kids are a little older now so it's not as if they need "Santa" but I would love some help til I can get back on my feet from the surgeries. I'm not afraid to work multiple jobs, but I am not in a position to do so at this time. Don't have a place really to call home... Would appreciate any help possible.

Rock Hill 

My husband was laid off last year, our savings spent on living & it took forever to find a good steady paying job, but that meant relocation. He's in commercial sales & was to receive commission along with base pay. He has only made one commission check but won't you know my vehicle broke down two days later & every last cent & then some went to fixing it! We live pay check to pay check & I Homeschool my children & cannot work myself. We have no way to provide for our children this Christmas & just found out today that my husband has not been with the company long enough to receive a bonus. If someone is so gracious enough to help you will truly be a Godsend. Thank You SO much for this opportunity. Have a blessed day.


Hello.  I am a 30-year-old Mom to a 7-year-old little boy named Dylan. I was researching places that helped families who are in need of help for their kids at Christmas time. I came across Dr. James Dobson’s website. At this time, I’m out of work due to an injury to my hand. I worked at the local hospital in my town. I am a CNA. My passion is helping others and bringing a smile to their face during their time of need or sickness. My Mom was diagnosed With MS when I was 16 years old. Her disease took over her life and all the things she could once do, were gone overnight. She was unable to take care of herself. My Mother was a single mom, just as I am now. Her life was dedicated to making sure I was provided for and loved unconditionally. Even though we struggled...I was taken care of. So when she became sick, I knew that she needed me. I graduated high school early. Started college right after for my nursing degree. I got my CNA license do I would know how to take care of her instead of putting her in a nursing home. I took care of her 24 hours a day until she passed away suddenly. Her disease had overcome her. Even though I was devastated that she was gone, I knew she was with God. She was happy, no longer in pain, and in the most wonderful place. I had to take a break from school. I was overwhelmed. I became pregnant with my son Dylan. His father and I were happy and excited to have this precious gift from God. Dylan was born and his father became distant and left me struggling and barely making it because drugs were more important to him. So it was just me and Dylan.. Even though we hit hard times God was always by our side. I grew up in Church. And I wanted Dylan to do the same. He loves going to Sunday school and learning about Jesus. It,makes me smile when he comes home from school and tells me that he told his friends about Jesus. Or at bedtime when we say our prayers, to hear him talk to God and ask him to help people, or make his friends who are sick better. I have hit hard times. I hope to go back to work at the hospital soon. I know God has a plan for me and I trust in him. Even those things are rough right now I thank God everyday for the roof over our heads and for my healthy, happy son. God has already blessed me so much. I know in time things will get better. I still worry about paying my bills and worry about how im going give Dylan the things he needs. But the one thing I do know for sure is that God is by my side.

I am a Single mother of 3 kids. I recently went threw a Divorce which While we was going threw all this my x took all the money from the bank and Left me with Nothing. he came into the house and Busted holes in the walls and tore up our heat unit. I am struggling to get all this repaired and trying to get heat because i am having to use our heat furnace and my power bill is our the Roof. I would love to have some help with Christmas for my Babies and a heater to keep us warm. Thanks for everything you guys are Doing its a true Blessing.

I have a 2yr old an a 16 Ur old boys that I need help with for Christmas we are having a rough time rite now my husband works but part time only make enough to pay rent my father in law help as much as he can put he on a fixed income so we don't have the extra money to buy Christmas for them an we took I'm my husband sister an her husband so that wouldn't be on the st her husband is looking for a job now to but not having any luck. I can't work because we have one car an can't pay for daycare rite now so if some one could please help us it would be very greatly appreciated. An I have a little boys winter jacket size 18-month that I'm willing to donate to some one.


I got injured on the job in June and got laid off shortly after.My husband works very hard and we are barley making ends meet.I am looking for a job daily.One of our cars engine blew and we used our rent money to get it fixed.We do not like asking for help.I do feel The Lord showed me that you guys are helping this year for a reason.


I am struggling with disability approval my. Husbands social security has been stopped One reason after another! We are losing the house where we are currently staying and moving to Walhalla.I have just found out I have endometriosis and need a hysterectomy soon. I have applied for a small donation here in our county but I'm so worried I have 2 daughters one is 22 and the other is seven months I know y'all probably want help with my oldest n my baby will have a few things through one other small town donation .This is her first Christmas and I wanted it to be special we have no income except Wic m food stamps! We are a christian family who do.Go to church n struggling for church clothes also! I need to more surgeries n lost n pray that with the other organization n this I can give my daughters a good Christmas I pray about this situation daily but if BC of the other organization helping some n you can't I'll understand and I know you more than likely want help my child that is 22 but I thought I would ask. I don't want to get in any trouble so if I'm breaking rules by asking you too please don't help but I really appreciate your time and patience.My husband is disable also so this is worrying me but I don't get help here a little also I completely understand but I would like to just ask for prayers from all of you!! Thanks

Hi I am a single mom with 2 kids and I am struggling to make ends meet. I do work a full time job but by the time I pay bills I have no money left. I have a 14 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. They don't ask for anything because they know we are struggling. I have even looked for a part time job just to make a little money to buy Christmas for my kids and my daughter found out and told me mom it's ok if you don't have the money to buy us anything. But as we all know our kids do want Christmas. I hate asking for help from anyone. Any and all help would be appreciated. I was denied for ebt benefits they say I make to much money because they only go by the necessity bills, I have 3 bills they don't use as a necessity but when I got those we were working a lot of overtime and my husband and I were still together. We are barely making it and have little food in the house. My kids could use clothes and would love to have a bigger Christmas tree the one we have is small and sits on a table. Thank you and God bless.

West Union

I am a disabled mother of three children an 11 year old boy with autism a 7 old girl and a 3 year old. I have a terrible stomach disease called gaztroparesis m cyclic vomiting which keeps me in the hospital most weeks. We have no extra money after paying what little bills i can from social security and would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.


'm a 37 year old single mom of 4 my youngest being 10 and 12 years old..We lost their father 5 years ago.I don't really have any family I can turn to and only with the help of a therapist was I able to keep myself together and strong for these kids and unfortunately we lost her to a car wreck 2 years ago..She was the only one that I had to turn to for advice and support besides praying daily that things will get better for us..These past 5 years have been an awful struggle..I had to quit my job back in April due to health issues that limited my daily functions..The Dr.diagnosed my with fibro and even with the medication the pain of just doing daily activities is still sometimes so debilitating I can't get out of bed.I now suffer from depression that has gotten me to the point I've isolated myself from friends and making it hard to even go out in public to the grocery store alone because I panic..This past summer my grandmother came to live with us because she suffers from dementia and can no longer live alone and I couldn't find it in my heart to place her in a nursing home.My income is limited to survivor benefits which is barely enough to pay bills and usually not enough for food to last till the end of the month..I've tried fixing things around the house room by room as its not in the best shape but in the past two years I haven't been able to get very far due to our limited income..The bathroom floor fell through recently and we was able to put new plywood down but thats all..Our refrigerator leaks water and my oven went out months ago so we use a toaster oven and outside grill to cook our meals..My heat currently dont work bc the duct work has apparently been torn to shreds by animals..we use electric heaters to stay warm and the girls have to sleep in the living room at night to stay warm until we can get it fixed..I was hurt that I had to send my girls to their dads sisters on Thanksgiving because I had not only the funds or a way to cook for them..With Christmas right around the corner It's not looking like its going to be any better unless a miracle happens..I understand that you may get lots of requests and cant help everyone and may not get to this but even prayers as many as u can send my way will be greatly appreciated..Thank you and God bless :)

i have been out of work for almost 2 years. I've filed for disability and have been denied 3 times. Now I have been approved for a court date, and I'm just waiting now. My husband works as hard as he can at multiple jobs but with my medical expenses and regular bills it's hard to make ends meet. We have 4 children ages 19, 13, 13, and 11. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



We have been dealing with multiple health issues this year. I was going to have knee surg. in March they did a stress test on my request and found that my heart was 21/2 times it's size. They did more test, and I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, cong. heart failure and anxiety. I now have a ICD unit, and lots of restrictions. My husband needs surg. but the Dr. said it is to risky so they won't do it. We have trusted god thru all this, and have received miracles and blessings. financially it has taken a hard toil. We are both depressed and have outstanding bills we can't pay. Please, prayer .



I am a single mom with 4 children. I finally got a part time job working at the dollar store. The money I make barely pays our bills. I am desperately in need of help to give my children a Christmas they deserve. My oldest is 15, and the youngest is 7. Their father is not helping with child support and is constantly in and out of jail for not paying. We live with my sister and her husband until I can get back on my feet and get some money saved for us to get our own place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


We have five children that are in need of winter clothes. Ages range from three to fifteen. Three of them are special needs. Both parents are unemployed.

Bethel Springs

HELP! Hi, I'm a single mother of a ten yr old, five yr old, and a four week old. Just recently displaced out of my job and housing and currently staying with some family so my children have a roof. I have no means of providing anything for christmas for any of my children and would really appreciate any help anyone might be able to help with. I know that it's already December and with such little notice I have a low chance of being able to find anyone to help, but it also doesn't hurt to try. So if there is someone out there that could potentially help please contact me by phone or email. Thank you for reading and a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours.


I have been a single mom to a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 17 month old for the last year. My 4 year old son was born with a heart defect and had open heart surgery at 8 days old. He also had a hypospadias repair at 9 months old. We are getting ready to schedule a surgery to have his adenoids removed after the holidays. He has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and has several developmental delays. We are going through genetics testing now to try and figure out what may have caused all of his complications. We spend a lot of time in doctors offices, so as a result I had to quit my job in March of this year. I have been extremely blessed to have a family that have been blessed enough to help me pay my bills for the last 8 months. After all I they have done it's a little hard to ask them to help with Christmas as well. Any help would be a tremendous blessing and greatly appreciated.


I'm a father of 4 wonderful kids and married to a great wife. Our struggle at present is with payment of utilities and food because my wife and I are undocumented immigrants but cannot work. We have survived by the grace of God and donations gotten providing counseling for families of fellow immigrants. God willing, with the recent order by Mr. President we should be able to obtain work permit soon. I can provide more detail if required. Thanks and God bless.

Where do I begin!!!! Well, I am a grandmother...who was abandoned by my husband in 2007. I have raised, since he was four years old my grandson, whose parents are both addicts. I was abandoned by my husband in 2007...and left with all the bills and the mortgage. I received no support for my grandson from either parent or alimony from my husband during or after the divorce. I work hard every single day programming voting machines. I am a Christian woman...do not drink or drug or smoke. I have literally taken care of my grandson, me, our bills and then his addicted mom came and asked for help too. There has been no room in my depleted finances to take care of another, but I did it and she successfully completed rehab and is now in transitional living about 75 miles away. I am currently about to lose my home and am working with Chase Bank for a loan modification and a payment deferment plan for a while. Don't know if it will go through. I have prayed that it will. I just truly need some help and a boost in my finances for a while. I write devotionals, minister to others and tithe and am sold out completely to Jesus Christ and the gospel. I am someone I would help if I knew someone like me because I have tried with every breath in my body and every ounce of strength to care for my family. My grandson got student of the year in 2010 in Memphis and is an awesome young man today because of his removal from a horrible situation and being placed with me. He is an outstanding precious person today. I really really need help....so I can recover from these years of struggle. I am just so tired of struggling all of the time. Thank you.


My family and I are going through a difficult time right now, financially. I knew times were getting tough, so since the youngest is almost 4, I could help out and work. I received my real estate license in June. I have worked and prayed, but one sale after another fell through. I recently started a direct sales business (free start up) in a last ditch effort to avoid borrowing money We can't afford to pay back. Today, I took 3 kids to the eye doctor and 2 of them need glasses. Please know that my husband works hard. He works almost 60 hours a week at his job, and most everyday he is off he does extra work. Right now, even basic necessities are very difficult to buy. We are used to helping and giving to others, not on the receiving end. I ask you to prayerfully consider being a financial blessing to our family in our time of need. I know God has a plan for everything and this too shall pass, but for right now, this is our children's only hope at gifts under the tree. My husband and I haven't exchanged gifts in years, so please know that I ask for my children's sake. Any help is greatly appreciated.


My husband became unemployed November 2012 for 9 months. We had to file bankruptcy in November 2013 because we just could not get caught up. The bankruptcy takes 50% of his check each week. The weather has drastically changed in the last few weeks so we were not prepared that we would already be behind. He will not get a check next week and we haven't even begun to buy any gifts. If the weather does as it is predicted it won't be long that he is laid off again. My kids have already went through 2 Christmas' that they have gotten very little. I would love if this Christmas didn't have to be the same. My husband is a carpenter for bridge construction so his work is seasonal. Right now we are just praying the weather cooperates until after Christmas but that isn't promised. We have 2 boys ages almost 8 and 9.5. They want big-ticket items for Christmas and have wanted these things for the past 2 years, but we will get what can be afforded. Thank you for this opportunity.


I have three beautiful amazing kids who deserve the best. They are now 8, 6, 4. The two oldest are my girls and four year is my boy. They lost their dad when my son was just a baby. He died in sept.15 2010. Broke my heart in places I didn't know exist. My middle miracle is a sweet angel. Has turner syndrome and went thru four different heart procedures and been to Vanderbilt hospital a lot. At the age of 2 she had her first open heart surgery and I had to go through it alone. Of all days It was on the daddy's b-day who just passed.  My kids just need a blessing. I'm not doing for me. I'm doing this for my kids to have a good Christmas and to have a good day or life. They are really good kids and God bless.

Johnson City

I have been out of a job for three months have been going through trials I put in many applications I know god will give me a job but have no money to get my daughter any thing for Christmas she has moved in with her aunt because times are hard she lives an hour away and I don't have a way to see her I have lost my car and I am three months behind on my rent need I need prayer thanks


This is my story that God has blessed me with. My husband and I have 4 beautiful children n 2 amazing grandsons. We own a small business tht has been open for 10 years n the good Lord has blessed us with loyal customers n new friends. But times have gotten real bad, we have recently lost our only car n we r borrowing a friends single cab truck which makes it very hard bc my stepson is 5 so he still sits in a booster seat n I watch our 5 month old grandson while our daughter goes to work so my husband n son in law have to ride the bikes even in the snow n cold. The truck only has heat if we r driving down the road so I am scared to death that I am going to make the baby's sick. We have downsized out home bc we couldn't afford the monthly payment. Our daughter helps as much as she can.b we all live in the same house n its great to have my family so close together n I feel truly blessed for tht wonderful opportunity but it Haas came to the point where we are getting ready to b with out lights n water n means of transportation n I feel like I am a huge failure for my family. I haven't ever asked for help bc I completely believe tht God will bring us through this bad time . n then this morning I was scrolling through n this caught my eye n after intense reading something in my heart said to submit my life to u. We have always helped anyone n everyone we can but now we r the ones tht need help n all I can do is pray and have faith. Thank u so much.

I am a single mom of two little girls ages 8 and 11. I lost my job,through no fault of my own,and have struggled to find another. Meanwhile I am cleaning any house I can to make money. This week I will lose my car because the payment has gotten behind. No car,no job,my kids don't have access to transportation to school. Things are such a mess. I just want to keep working and cleaning or doing whatever I can..Without my car we will lose everything. I'm praying for patience and peace and understanding.. because at this moment I'm scared to death. Thank you and God Bless everyone.


I am trying to raise 3 grand daughters I have custody of. I am disabled. By the time I pay my bills. There is not a lot left for household things and stuff the girls need. I would love for them to have a good Christmas. I'm lucky just to keep them in things like shampoo, conditioner , personal items. Oldest one is 15, next is 13 and 11. I also need prayer.


My husband lost his job. We are about to be foreclosed on. There is no money for Christmas this year. I would appreciate anything you feel led to give. I have a teenage girl, a preteen girl, and a 10 yr. old boy. Thank you and God bless.


Hello, I am writing in hopes that God has blessing in store for my family. See, my husband I work very hard to support our three boys and it is all we can do just to provide basic needs for them such as food, clothing and shelter. My husband works construction and during the winter months we barely scrape by I also work and go to school just to try and build a better life for our children, and Christmas is hard we struggle to pay our bills and buying gifts is even harder. It is hard to even keep our cabinets and freezer full of food for our children. We do not receive any assistance from the state because they say we are over income, which I do not understand when we survive on $75.00 a week for groceries to feed a family of five. However, we are grateful and know that God is in charge. We know that this is a trial and test of our faith in God and we must ask in order to receive. I hope that we will receive a blessing but if not I hope it will be given to a family that is need.


I work in a factory; I decided this year to pay all of my bills instead of putting any off. I have grandchildren who live in my home. Their mom works also but had to have surgery recently. I never ask for help. I trust God to make ends meet and I’m sure he will. I am tired of hamburger helper to be honest. I make eleven dollars an hour so I don’t qualify for food banks.my house payment is six hundred and sixty a month. I am just doing what I can. I’m not asking for material help I could be happy with food. My girls understand the true meaning of Christmas



My husband was injured in Iraq and our family is waiting for the VA to complete his paperwork. We have 6 children and with recently having to move and my husband facing amputation we are severely behind on bills. I would like to ask for help with our medical bills and maybe a little help for Christmas for our children.. Thank you so much for your organization and all that you do.


My 10 yr old son & I relocated to Amarillo from Lubbock. We had help to relocate from the TX Atty Gen Victims Asst. I have a great job, but only $11 an hour. I had to miss 4 days of work because my son was sick. I didn't have PTO yet because I hadn't finished my 90 days yet...1 week shy that week. We are strong but facing many difficulties. The upcoming trial is set tentatively for Feb. God has blessed us with a wonderful home (2 bd apt), great school, great parents & kids, great job & a rescue dog. We are VERY BLESSED! We are struggling with 2 late car payments, & rent for Dec. please pray for my strength, for our electricity to not be disconnected, my son's extended day to be paid, a raise at work, a job part time Sat & Sun at a breakfast lunch restaurant, to keep our apt & car. I am a hard worker. I have faith & will not give up. God has been carrying us through this awful journey. God has a plan for us. Thank you & God bless you for your prayers.


Our story...Im a single, married mother. How? My husband walked out on us 4 years ago. I had a toddler, a newborn and a son with leukemia and another child. We have been surviving off my son's ssi which is 721.00 a month because i couldn't afford to pay daycare for 2 children. So i couldn't. Work. Now that my son is 2and a half years cancer free they may cut him off. I need at least 7 more months cause my Now 4year old will be in school all day next year. I am a faithful tither at my church. Believing God to provide for us. U still have not filec for divorce although i have the paper work. Ive been praying for restoration. All my children are A and B students. The only problems is i can't provide as much for my kids. We all could use beds. But i can't afford it. I don't even have a decent coat for myself. We had a 1992 Oldsmobile that had no air and bad tires an tge Windows dont go up once you let them down. A couple wanted to be a blessing to me and the children so thry bought us a 2002 ford explorer but DIDN'T GET UT CHECKED OUT!! So what we thought was a blessing is now a burden. Needs. Back brakes and other things. Im not asking for all that. Im just saying my children could use a smile and a blessing for Christmas!!! We dont even have a tree. If we dont get chosen. Please pray for us!! And that God would save my husband and that he would help take care of the children...Thank you!!!


My husband and I relocated to Austin with our children for a job in construction. Soon after the move the company fell apart. My husband has since found work but at a lower wage. I am at home with our four kids ages 5, 4 and twin 1yr olds. Our twins were born very early and they need therapy every week. We are currently living in a hotel since we have been unable to secure housing due to our financial situation. I would like for my little ones to have some kind of Christmas this year. They have been so resilient during this hard time. Blessings to each of you who are reaching out, to help those in need.


I've just moved back home too help take care of mom.and I'm on disability and not doing well myself.


Well, first of all I would like to thank Dr. Dobson for his humble spirit for allowing someone to be blessed by someone one else. We are a family of 5, my husband, two teenage boys, a 3yr old baby girl & my self. As parents on Christmas holiday we would love to give to our kids presents to open on Christmas day but like everyone's financial situation it's kind of difficult at times. We have our boys a 16yr old & a 13yr old which we are blessed because they are so understanding & take our financial situation into consideration, they don't ask for phones, electronics because they already have that (no phone for our 13yr old) but what they do ask for are suites to wear for church (I’m tearing up just by writing this) as a mom they are my biggest blessing to know two teenage boys love our Lord Jesus to ask for suites. This will surely bless my boys & bring a huge smile on their faces. May the Lord bless you all abundantly. We give with a humble heart...God bless you & have a blessed Christmas.


I am getting a divorce after 24 years faithfully with my husband. It will be final this week. My kids are 13 and 10. There has been domestic violence and we have been in and out of our home for the last 10 months. My husband has been in and out of work for some time and is addicted to alcohol. Me and the kids have been in our own place for the past 7 days. It is not easy. This morning my son broke his arm. Nothing lasts forever and we are making it. I still have a house to sell and I am paying for rent and a mortgage and utilities for both. It's been a year like no other. I just found out last week I need a hip replacement as well. I have no idea on how or when this will get done either. One day at a time is all I can think about.


Hello, I'm a single mom with four kids.  Three teenage sons (17, 15, & 14) and a four-year-old girl. I've never considered myself 'in need' really, I mean struggling financially is just part of my bad choices I made at a young age. About two & half years ago I was laid off my job & every since then I have struggled more than ever! I did get another job that I happen to love & am thankful for, but I just don't make enough to 'make it'! My children's fathers do not provide consistent support financially and zero support physically or emotionally! The last few years have been a season of humility where I have had to accept help when people have been lead to give, accept the boxed lunches ministries provide on school breaks, accept the free lunch program at school, etc. Every month is a faith thing to come up with my rent. I just have to trust God will provide and so far He has not abandoned me. Although I have never splurged or been able to provide Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or back to school gifts, this year are different. My kids have been so good about not asking for anything, being in good spirits about wearing hand me downs or last years clothes and shoes their brothers wore. As their birthdays came and went, they didn't ask for anything and didn't make me feel bad that I couldn’t get them anything. When school started I could tell they wanted school clothes but they didn't want me to feel bad! But for my birthday, my middle boy hand wrote me a card and gave me $10 that he had received and saved from his b-day. They remain givers although they have nothing to give, just their hearts! Daycare takes 50% of my salary; and on top of that medical bills and prescriptions take up a big portion as three of my kids take medication for asthma and three take a daily medication for ADD. I have a surgery scheduled for Dec 17th and all the doctors’ appointments and diagnostics procedures leading up to it has completely wiped us out. I honestly feel my kids can't catch a break. They have had great attitudes as we live in a community where their friends have things, lots of things... They still don't expect to have what they have. They know our situation and I am so grateful that in the midst of our struggles we still serve in different ministries, they are still active in what they can participate in, they don't play a victim role and they are just lights to me daily! I saw this FB post and I decided to humble myself and ask for help. We are facing eviction because I haven't been able to pay November or December rent, but like I said God always shows up in time. I feel my kids deserve a break! I would love for them to receive a gift, even just a new pair of shoes! That would mean the world to them! I appreciate ministries such as this and never thought in a million years I would be attempting to use one, and I know there are a million other people that are in a lot worse off situations than we are, so we will not be offended if we are not chosen. But thank you for letting me tell you what great kids I have! Be blessed.

Corpus Christi

We are a family of five. I am a recently widow. I lost my husband to 4th Stage Lung, Bone and Brain Cancer last Christmas Eve. It was and has been very devastating for me and my children. I have two boys (14,13) and two girls (9,6). For me the Christmas season has hurt me so much. I am so broken. As for my children they are so desiring and I do not want to take that away from my children. Please help my children through this Christmas season. It hurts me that I can not give them a desiring Christmas. My husband left us a little funds but they were all depleted due to medical/legal/financial fees. We have been struggling day by day, but with Gods grace he gets us through each day no matter how bad it gets. God is good.


I have 4 kids ages 14,6,5&4. We moved from Texas to indian/illinois for a new job for my husband . As we were on the way up to our new home we found out that we didnt have a place. Something happen and the people where not moving it out. So we are now homeless. My 5 year old has autism, epilipsy and sever adhd. We are struggling to make life normal while we are homeless and its a little hard. But i know sadly the day when christmas comes santa will not be able to leave presents for my kids. And it breaks my heart to think that i will have to explain why they didnt get anything. Nothing big or fance in fact i think my kids would be happy with a place to call home. I pray they will het that soon. Thank you and god bless.


I have 3 boys and my husband moved 2 months ago, and I had to take a leave from work due to my 9-year-old with DS.

Deer Park 

We are in need of a blessing! My husband lost his job in July 2013 and has been unable to find another. We have 3 small children and I have been on medical leave for 2 months so I am only getting 30% of my pay. That does not begin to cover our bills so we are now 2 months behind on car payments and the house payment. I know that God has a plan for us and I have faith he will provide. Some days it is just hard to make it through. I worry about providing for my babies, especially with the holidays approaching.


My family has come through many struggles in the last three years. Of which, God has restored, healed and brought us back together. I struggle every week to keep the utilities on and when birthdays and holidays come around, I feel like a failure because I can not afford to get our son anything. I struggle but God renews me every morning and strengthens me throughout.. I press on and trust in God! I know He has a plan for me and I desire to live for him every single day. God will provided and his holy spirit leads me!


I’m recently divorced from an abusive spouse who divorced me because I believe in Jesus. I have two young daughters. I have no car. I’m still looking for a job. Though it’s been hard, I have kept my trust in the Lord. God is good. He never fails!!


My family is blessed to know that Jesus is the reason for the season. However, this year has been challenging for us financially,and i don't see it possible to buy my 3 children and wife even one token gift. I give praise and glory to God that our needs are currently met! Because the numbers definitely don't add up since my hours at work were lessened the last 6months. I stumbled upon FHF on facebook and decided to reach out. This is new and different but Grandma used to say "a closed mouth won't get fed" Since this is a Christian organization, i expect that i can get help from a cheerful giver,and next year i will be able to bless another family by sowing into their lives!

El Paso

Hello I'm a single mother of two kids. I go to school and work with my aunt as her care provider. She is about to lose her Medicaid in December. And well I could really use a miracle.


Hello, I am a single mother of 2 beautiful girls who are the most wonderful and supportive / understanding children in the world. No matter how hard times have gotten for us, the kids have always said, "Mom, we know you are doing your best and we love you!" I always cry myself to sleep that night because I realize that is God telling me I need to have more faith he will provide. We have been blessed this year with a house to move into, however, we are moving with little to nothing, as we have never been able to afford furniture. My daughter has been sleeping on a floor for a year now in this apartment but has never complained one time. She is 19 years old and graduated with a scholarship and acceptance to a state university; however, due to my medical issues she came home in October and has not been able to return because of finances. I am doing my best with my new job to get caught up, get the 20 year old car tuned up that we just bought for $500 because we had nothing else, get some furniture for the home and provide a small Christmas for her and my 13 yr. old daughter plus pay the bills but I am afraid it's not going to happen. I prayed last night while crying myself to sleep because my daughters had told me "mom, it's okay, we know you are doing the best you can and we love you!" that some thing would show me a way to succeed in fulfilling their needs. I am not sure that FHF is the way but it was what I saw this morning when I woke up and opened my FB page. I am so tired of having to tell them I can't afford something or having them to sleep on the floor, or in the dark because the electric gets turned off...I just want a small break so I can get caught up. I know I need to have faith that God will provide, so I am going to let go and let God! Thank you for listening and your consideration of my family for this program, I am sure it is truly a blessing to those who are chosen.

Grand Saline

On Sept 12 my 17 year old son shot me twice with a .22 and when the gun jammed he beat me in the head with it. He won't tell anyone why. I was in ICU for almost a month, 3 surgeries where they took a kidney, spleen, gall bladder, appendix, part of my liver and stomach. My diaphram was severed and the lining around my heart was punctured as was my left lung. Then one of the bullet wounds became infected sending me back into the hospital. My son is being held on attempted murder charges. I still have a 16 year old son at home who is afraid to leave mama at home while he is in school. My fiance lost his job because he rarely left my side. I lost my job for mssing too many days even though I was in ICU and it was beyond my control. I am not asking for monetary help. I am simply asking for prayer. This incident brought my fiance and my youngest son to God. I have forgiven my middle son but know that he has to be punished. I am not allowed to have contact with him so I ask that you pray that he knows I still love him. Pray that he knows he isnt alone in this world. Pray that my youngest son can let go of his fear. Pray that my fiance is able to provide for us. Pray that I continue to heal. I died once but the dr brought me back. The only communication I could manage when I woke up was to scribble on paper. My first three scribbled words were...God loves me. Thank you for allowing me to write this and ask for prayer.


My husband was diagnosed with ALS in April 2013. Since then he is no longer working and we are waiting for his disability. I work outside of the home. We have 3 kids, 2 of which still live at home. We are struggling so bad to pay our monthly bills and responsibilities let alone medical bills and Christmas. We keep hoping there will be a light at the end of the tunnel but so far there doesn't seem to be one. I know there are people that are struggling worse than us and my heart goes out to those people. I wished I had the opportunity and finances to be a blessing to those people.


The past couple of years have been hard for my family, but this past year especially. My pastor from my church recently sent me a $100 gift card to Walmart because we needed groceries and diapers and we honestly didn't know how we were going to get them. My request this year is just something (anything) small for my husband for Christmas. Our children, a little girl age 5 (she will be 6 December 30th) and a little boy age 2 already know mommy and daddy can only afford one present each for them this year. Our car (our only transportation) broke down a few months ago and my husband had to save for 4 months to fix it. During those 4 months we had to depend on people to give us rides everywhere to get groceries to go to doctor appointments etc.. My husband works 6 days a week 10-15 hours a day just to take care of us right now. Right now all 4 of us are living in a one bedroom apartment because its all we can afford on one income. I cant work right now because I have been battling with Crohn's Disease so all the bills fall on my poor husband. I just want to do something nice for him this Christmas so he knows how much he is appreciated and even though we don't have much right now we appreciate him providing a roof over our heads and making sure we always have something on our plate to eat. And he always calls me throughout the day to see how I am feeling and even as tired as he is after work, he comes home and he helps me with the kids and dishes and things on days my disease is acting up. My husband deserves the world for all he does. I hate seeing him struggle so much to take care of us. I just want to somehow make it easier on him.


My husband has been incarcerated for 5 years and is now facing possible deportation. I had been unemployed for over a year and barely started working but have gotten behind on my rent and need help to get caught up. I was served with eviction papers this week. My car has been acting up and I'm not sure exactly what's going on with it. We need the car in working order so i can leave if needed to Mexico to meet my husband there. We have a special needs child and i have health issues plus there's no public transportation where we live to get around. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you.


A year and a half ago we found out the unthinkable.... my children's grandfather, my father was sexually abusing my girls. Since that time our family has been through unbelievable trials. My husband and I had to separate due to the tremendous strain it placed on our marriage. Financially we were already in a difficult place, but to have this burden placed on us too-- our entire world seemed to explode. There were multiple visits with counselors, law enforcement etc. It was like a complete nightmare for months as things unfolded. It turned into a Federal case as well as state due to the nature of the crimes. Our whole extended family was very inflamed as well, because many people didn't understand the feelings we struggled with because of what my dad had done. We were provided some free counseling by the state that helped tremendously. But my husband and I still need marriage counseling and some of our older children really need professional counseling help as well, which is out of the question because of the cost. We are currently working very hard to get back together by Christmas. God has done marvelous things the last few months in restoration and the children are starting to really heal (the youngest victim was 2 at time of crimes) But on the financial front we are in a real problem area. We are 4 months behind on rent with a pending eviction ($2600), we have over $1000 in unpaid medical bills that we have collectors calling about daily and we have almost no money for gas and groceries. All of our income is going to try to catch up and it seems impossible. For the first time in my life I have learned what it is to be on this "side". We had always made it fine before, but I have learned that one tragedy can befall a family and knock them off their feet. I feel ashamed when I realize how judgmental I used to be toward people who were desperate financially. I have learned a valuable lesson.

Karnes City

I have not been able to work due to fibro. degenerative disc disease and severe depression. I am having many back surgeries. My bills are all behind and I know the Lord will make a way.Thank-You & God Bless!


Any children's items: Boy age 11 1/2, he has enough shirts, pants, underwear & socks, hopefully until summer, clothes socks for girls ages: 9, ( sz 12-14 pants) 12 other, 5, 2 1/2 & 1, &/or any small item will be a Christmas 'gift'. As well as appreciated. Anything; school items or other necessary/useful item would be a blessing, They are unable to have Christmas gifts this year, although will be celebrating the real reason for Christmas.


I lost my job due to our house being burned down.


Here is my story. We are a family of seven. My hubby is active duty military. Served 17 yrs so far. Has had 6 yrs of deployments under his belt in war zone. This has just been a hard year. I've been a stay at home mom for the 17yrs but have taken a part time job with about 15hrs a week. I just feel blessed to have a roof over our heads and food on our table. Thank you for taking time to read my simple life story.


I am a single mother of 3 children. My oldest is 14, he is turning 15 on January 7. My middle child is 11, he is handicapped. He is diagnosed with hypo-plastic femur syndrome. He has had many surgeries and sees many specialists. My youngest child is 6. She just started going to school full time this year. I have been a stay at home mom since June of 2007. That would be because most employers were not OK with me having to miss so much work to take my son to all of his doctors appointments. Secondly, because of my daughter and not being able to afford daycare. Thirdly, because I am diabetic and have awful migraines. I don't have health insurance, so I had not been seeing a doctor. I moved to Lewisville in June of 2013 so i could be closer to my son's doctors and not have to be so far away from my other two children for long periods of time. I have applied for different jobs but, since I haven't worked since then, not too many people are in a hurry to hire me. My kids and I live from check to check and sometimes don't have anything left over for anything extra. My kids don't ever complain and that makes me proud. I just for once would like to have my rent and electric and car payment and insurance to be paid on time, even be ahead if possible and have something left over to give them a great Christmas and great birthday for my oldest. It is very humbling asking for help. I thought that people would only help people that are homeless. I have heard so many awesome stories of so many people being helped and it helps to build my faith. None of my kids have a relationship with their father. I get some child support but have to do everything by myself. Regardless, they do know that God is their Heavenly Father and He will provide for us. Thank you for your generosity, whether you help my family or another family who is in more need than us. I pray blessings over you and your family.



My Husband is Legally blind, has had 3 strokes; I have to take care of him at home. We Live On 721.00 a month Our Rent is 525.00 it would be such a blessing for us to be able to buy some small gifts for our 5 Grandchildren and pay still pay the bills. Thank You Leaving it all To Jesus.

Little Elm

I found myself 2 weeks before Christmas 2012 my husband waking up saying he wanted a divorce. After being a stay at home mom for 10 years I found myself back in school 4 weeks after he left to find a way to provide for my kids. I struggled the entire year to finalize my divorce my kids were faced with the fact that my ex did not believe the church was the right way after raising them as strong believers. My kids are still in therapy struggling with depression and anxiety. After a long year of divorce proceeding came to an end my kids have suffered the entire time. They felt the hardships they we have had to go through. Visiting a food pantry for the first time. They have been juggled from friend to friend so I could cont with my school. At times my kids have felt they have lost both parents. 2014 brought new challenges. I have two daughters both suffer from a blood disorder and both have asthma... One of my daughter severely asthmatic. With this has required many medications. But one of my girls had nosebleeds for three months some lasting up to three hours. With many trips to the Dr and a few er visits. We still are working on things and she will go for a MRI next week. Many struggles to then to be hit with my major supporter passing away. My mother passed in June. To me it was all of a sudden ... My kids and I are going through another grieving process over the lose of her. Two weeks after her passing my fathers Dr told me that my fathers kidneys were failing. So he would need to be placed on the transplant list but during that process he was taken off because they found he had prostate cancer. Juggling caring for my father, my kids... And passing my classes in school. I find myself overwhelmed with life. Not to mention my water heater exploded:-( fortunately it will be taken care of by ins but in the meantime I have been out those funds. I am at a point of being a burden to my family and friends. I feel awful because everyone has tried to help but I can't see taking anymore. I look at this as a season of my life... Thatt my God will see me through the harsh things in my path. My kids and I talk about how things will be better soon. And that God has challenged us to grow deeper in our faith. I listen to my kids pray for other peoples struggles... My kids are a true blessing and deserve so much that I can't give them. So I have decided to reach out.


Im here to ask for assistance. My family has had a rough year, my ex son in law is now in jail for abusing my 7 year old grandson and almost choking my daughter to death to prevent her from calling the police. Which she did and thankfully, he was arrested and remains in jail. We lost one income, then my husband lost his job for 3 months so we, as a family have struggled the last 4 months financially. All that aside, we took in a single young lady with a 1 year old baby, to give a warm home, food, blessings and a chance. She was stopped 2 days ago in Dallas after stealing my daughters car. We used every dime we had saved for Christmas for our two grandchildren, including my husband and I both pawning our wedding rings to get money to get her car out of the impound. This leaves us with no money to leave under the tree from Santa. I know the kids KNOW its been a rough year and they have lost so much, but we are in dire need of assistance. My grandson has asked for a gaming system - he said even an old one with some old games would be cool. He is 7 - Bryce, my big boy. Taleigh, my 5 year old granddaughter, likes to play dress up, sing and dance. We KNOW that Christmas isnt about money or toys, but these kids have been through so much this year, we would like to ask for help so that maybe we can get them some things that they need like some jeans and so and maybe a used gaming system with age appropriate games. Anything would be appreciated. Ill be happy to share all details to whomever helps us to prove we arent making our story up, we have the police reports and hospital records and Dallas impound bill. God Bless everyone and thank you in advance for any help anyone can give us.


I am a single mom to a 4 year old special needs girl. I just separated from my husband because he was abusive. I am currently staying with my sister and her boys. I am looking for a job, while with my husband he did not want me to work. So it's been hard. With Christmas fast approaching I am afraid I will not be able to get her anything for Christmas. Plus she is in need of Winter clothes. If someone would find it in the or heart to help me it would be an answer to my prayers. Her name is Bella, she is 4 but have a developmental disability, she is on a 2 yr old level. So any toys need to be appropriate for a two year old. She wears 5t pants and shirts. And size 11 shoes. She is in need of a winter coat as well. The one she has is too small. Thanks so much, hope you have a blessed day.



I was divorced a year ago and he took EVERYTHING. I am fighting just to get to see my little girl... I work 6 days a week and as many 16 hr. shifts as possible. Right now I walk to work which I thank God that I'm healthy to do so. I need a blessing for finances or a cheap car or just prayers would be great! Thank you so much! God bless.


My husband is a firefighter medic, and has worked constantly to provide for us, we are a family of 6. Last year he decided to change careers to make better money. After almost a year at the job they laid him off last week just before Thanksgiving. Due to the stress of him feeling like a failure to provide for us he has started having seizures again and now his stuttering is so bad sometimes there are moments where he cannot talk at all. The neurologist say it’s his body's way of dealing with the stress from everything. We have 4 children: 10, 5, 2 and 6months. We have always known God will provide for us just not sure what his plan is now. Thank you and god bless!


I am struggling to raise two amazing boys (17yr old and a 9yr old) but am unable to give them any sort of decent Christmas this year. I have a tree and ornaments and stockings to hang. I have assistance to provide meals and housing but I'm unable to put gifts under the tree from Santa and items in their stockings. My children are not the least bit greedy nor do they complain and have only asked for one gift each this Christmas. My teen wants a boxer puppy and my 9 year old wants a drum set. It breaks my heart that I can't even do that. I've been very sick and undergoing very expensive treatments for my debilitating migraines and have only been able to work two days a week because of my illness. Please if anyone can help in any way I would be forever grateful to be able to see them smile in wonder on Christmas morning to see that Santa didn't skip our home this year. As every year we will celebrate the birth of Jesus at our amazing Cowboy Church and sing praises to our Lord and savior and for that we are truly blessed. Thank you in advance for listening and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Regardless of our situation we will also donate simple gifts to our church to give to needy children in the Cowboys for Kids toy drive so that other little boys and girls can also have new basketballs, footballs, baby dolls and board games to unwrap on Christmas morning and that just warms my heart to be able to give back regardless of whether my children receive what they are hoping for themselves from Santa. Tis the season of giving and that we will make our priority for other families who are much more in need than us. God Bless!!


I have been a stay at home mom for the past 6years to my two sons. My husband works full time and we have always struggled to pay bills an keep food on the table for our family. We have had some unexpected hardships in the past 2 months that has gotten all of our bills behind. I have been trying to find work since both children are in school and have had several interviews but have not been selected for any positions. If I could at least get prayer for my family it would be great. I have faith in God that he will provide as he always has. But , my husband does not see things as I do. My biggest prayer is for him.to be more understanding an learn to have faith in God. He says he believes in Christ but his actions and attitude say otherwise. I also want pray for peace for.My two children and I. My husband has a short temper and blames me for our struggles. I am blessed with two wonderful children whom I instill the love an teaching of Christ in. We (children and I) often find refuge in prayer together to ease our burden s of worry, and to feel safe knowing we have God to turn to at these times. I would like to thank you for reading my story and pray that God blesses you as he has me and my children with his love and security.

New Boston 

My heart is heavy this holiday as this has been the worst year financially for my family and me. My husband had a job paying below minimum wage then lost it in May and has been unemployed since. We have not been able to make a house payment since April and owe $6000 toward our mortgage right now. I am the only one who's been working and has lost so much. Everything has been shut off and we are forced to file bankruptcy in December. We will lose our home if we don't catch up on house payments. There is no way we can file chapter 13 and pay what we owe plus our monthly house payment. This has been hard on a marriage but God has been there through it all. We have little 3-year-old girl who has done without too and it breaks my heart. We trust God can do all things and believe for miracle. Thank you for taking time to read my story.


I am a mother of 3 adorable boys all less than 8 years. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I can't work as much as I used to due to the treatments which means I don't earn as much as I used to. The bills are piling up and sometimes I wonder when it's all going to end, but the Lord is faithful. I'm trying to get a job that I can do at home that will have insurance benefits and will accommodate my children as I don't want to be on disability because of my current insurance. Thank you and God bless you.

I am recently separated after many yrs of marriage to a verbal abusive husband. I'm trying my best and struggling as he was the provider of the family and I have very little income now and goes straight to bills and needs. There is no money left for not one gift for my children. I would be so grateful if I were to get help for Christmas for them.it has already been a hard year for us.thank you.

Rio Hondo

I was scrolling through and reading James Dobson, and saw this, what a blessing he has been to me and giving me encouragement with God's word in these tough times in my family's lives. I lost my job December 2013. It took me 5 months to find a part time job; my husband got inured at work in February 2014 and hasn't been able to get back to work because of his injuries. We have 2 children ages 13 and 8. It has been a tough year. God has been my strength through all this; I could not do this without him I am grateful to whoever can help my family. God bless you.


This past year has been rough. We lost our car, had to move in a hurry, and now my youngest who is 16 almost 17 told us he is going to be a father. I am hurt, and angry but my husband and I take the blame as well is having a hard time letting go and letting God move in the way he should. I have fallen on God and let him pick me up more times then I can count. I know God will provide but right now all I can do as I write this is cry. My heart is heavy and I wonder when God is going to give up on us. Right now our main need is a vehicle for me. Two months ago, I had to make a decision of letting my 18 year old son, who just started a career get fired or me quit due to transportation issues. I chose the later after much prayer to God. We need beds and baby stuff and a car for me. I had an interview with our county court last week and I am praying God wants me there but it is hard without a car. Lord please help us. I know you will and please Lord forgive my husband for his selfishness, and self centered ways. I pray someone out there will help us In God's name I pray help us. And I pray my husband will be open to God and his will in not only his life but our marriage. Please help us please.

San Antonio

I need help just for my boys who are 19 and 16.  We have been thru a lot but this Christmas and I will not be able to buy them Christmas gifts. My son was paying rent and fell behind because his job cut his hours. So we are moving in with my mom. I also have a new job in San Antonio but by the time I get paid Christmas will be over and my car payment will be due. My son was working but had to quit cause of our move. My other son took a low paying job in San Antonio just so he can help me and so he can save for a car. My kids do deserve the best because even though we had it rough some choices I made were some of the reasons. I have apologized to them and they don’t mention my mistakes. They are good boys and I try to do the best I can to give them the best. Right now this move to San Antonio has taken all our money. And I know we will get back on our feet. Times are hard for everyone right now but every little bit counts. My son has not bought himself clothes in about 2 years. He wears the sane shoes and pants and shirts and I always tell him to buy him clothes. But he always says to me," Mom I have rent to pay".  He feels he failed cause we are behind rent and had to move in with his grandma. My heart is heavy for him because even though he doesn't say it.... I can see it in his eyes. My other son doesn't say much cause he blocks his feelings. He feels he doesn't want me to feel bad about what he is going through I always ask him if he is ok and he just says, " I am ok mom" I know my kids are stressed out cause we can’t do what other families can. And I want them to know God does exist. I always tell my kids God will help us. He will do a miracle. But every time I say that it seems as if things get worse. And my boys ask, " where is God?" I don’t want them to question God; I want them to believe in Him. Because as for my house, and me WE WILL SERVE THE LORD! I want to thank you in advance if you do help my boys. And God Bless You!

I have never done this before but there comes a time that I realize to get on my own and out of a controlling environment, I must do what it takes to provide for my loved ones without needing to have the controller believe we. Can only receive and survive by him. I am just in a week to start a job at a sandwich store schlozkys, but this leaves me very little to prepare. I have a 18, 21, 11 that will be showing up and I would love to without asking of a ex that controls and relishes in making me need him, I would love to have something under the tree waiting. I listen to all your broadcasts and they give me such Insight, every day is a learning experience and a opportunity through all the dark to try to make sure if I am not to be here tomorrow I w my children will remember that I loved them and that I really tried to show them and that with god looking down he knows what I hold Inside and is guiding me, im not sure were but I'm just letting him show me. One foot in front of the other. I know there are so many in need and I feel guilty for asking but I also realize its a mistake to not start to step up and ask for help to get on my own feet before something tragic Iis to happen. Thank you for all you do.

Santa Fe

Our family is going through some hard times right now since I had to take 6 weeks off work to have our baby. We are living paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet. We really need help on food and Christmas this year for our kids. We have four boys ages 18, 15, 12, and 6 and 8 weeks. Lots of prayers would be good too.


To Whom It May Concern: It is hard to know where to even begin. The past two years have been the most difficult of my life so far. They have been physically challenging, emotionally & mentally discouraging and draining, etc. I am a single Mom (24/7 year round) of a son with special needs. He is 13. I only receive child support when the state finds my son’s father and then he quits his job. He mainly works under the table. He was abusive and praise God, we were able to escape from that situation and start again over years ago. I do not receive section 8 housing or any assistance from our family, which is small. Nearly two years ago, I was laid off after 4 years on the job unexpectedly. The company went under. I had some health issues prior to that and was able to work from home; however, I was taking care of my son and my Mom, who had Alzheimer's (and not myself apparently) and in 2013, ended up spending 12 days in the hospital PCU with a life-threatening condition. I have had some ongoing health issues ever since and have not been able to work full-time. My Mom passed away earlier this year and the grief for my son and I has run very deep since we were very close to her in her final years and I was her main caregiver for years. At this point, I am considering filing for disability and am looking for part-time work; however, there are things I physically cannot do and therefore, it makes it harder to find work. We have many needs right now. If the Lord lays it on your heart to help our family, we will give Him all the praise and pay it forward at some point in the future to be sure. 1. Rent – Need rent for January - due in 20 days, which will be here before we know it. $912 2. Car insurance and repairs - Need $220 for car insurance so it doesn't get cancelled and about $400 for vehicle repairs that are needed. I drive a 1999 minivan and it has been VERY needy this past year. I even still owe the shop that worked on it earlier this year money, well over $1500. :-( 3. Electric bill – Need approximately $100 to pay the electric company the day after Christmas. 4. Medical need for my son - he was tested and has several deficiencies in how his brain processes information. He has sensory processing disorder and has Aspergers as well. Even though he is nearly 14, he tested in one area at 3 years old. He cannot do things other kids can do and he is feeling the pain of not having friends and not being able to participate in activities the other kids do easily, i.e. ride a bike, jump rope, tie his shoes, skip, etc. He needs therapy at Brain Balance in TX; however, it is very cost prohibitive, about $5500. We are praying for a scholarship or a sponsor for him so he can get the help he so desperately needs. It is affecting his school work as well and his self-confidence as you can imagine. 5. Christmas and birthday for my son - I have tried to find help here in town; however, most programs cut off at 12 years of age or 6th grade. His birthday is 6 days after Christmas so that makes it hard to take care of both at one time. Last year, he did not get to have a party of any kind or celebrate and I am praying that does not happen again. Again, thank you for reading our request. Praying the Lord provides a financial miracle, as well as strength, favor, wisdom and direction. Praying He will open doors no man can close. Revelation 3:8-9


We R grandparent’s ages 64 and 55, raising my stepdaughters children, now ages 14(girl), and 7(boy). We have had our grandson since age 1 and granddaughter since age 12. For the last 14m, I have been a single nana- mom as my husband & I have lived in 2 different states because of his work. In addition he is being laid off 12/12 and not even certain how we will find funds to bring him home. Because of the many job related moves these past 5 years and especially these last 14 months having 2 households’ expenses, we are completely strapped and have no reserves left. We are thankful for prayer for employment for my husband that reunites us as a family in Texas, health and energy to continue this assignment and privilege in raising our grandchildren. Also for our marriage, the physical separation and financial stress combined with not having a vacation or time off to refresh has been taxing individually and as a couple. We have been married 23 years, raised a blended family of 7 children, have 14 grandchildren. We also appreciate any Christmas financial, gifts, surprises that may be available.;) Thank you and God Bless You!!


Wow, so amazing to find this site... My family has been experiencing a very difficult year. We have seen God provide so many times and we know He will again. We have struggled with an ongoing legal issue and have learned to thank the Lord through it all as we have grown in Him and may not have without the struggle. We have fallen behind in our mortgage payments due to this problem and are about to be foreclosed on. We have 5 children (ranging in ages from 7 - 19) and our mortgage is truly doable but once we were behind it was impossible to catch up. I have never asked for help like this before and it is difficult. I would so much rather be on the giving end. With Christmas here, Grandma has helped with gifts, but the mortgage looms over us and it is so hard to just relax and enjoy the season. It would be so wonderful to have some relief. It seems like such a huge request and I know there are many in worse situations, but I thought I would just put it out there and leave it in God's wonderful hands. Thank you so much for this opportunity to express a need. In God's hands.


My husband was just diagnosed with bipolar after suicide thoughts and has not been working. I was working two jobs and got injured at one job. Having surgery on Dec 17 and have no income. Behind on bills and one car that needs repairs. Have a 15 year old son that has a Christmas list of things he needs. He has been wanting a Columbia jacket. There is a pair of cleats and a pair of turf shoes he needs for high school baseball season that the team orders from a discounted group website as a team. This would be a blessing to get a helping hand at this time. A learning experience to our son to know how Jesus really blesses us when you are expecting nothing. We have taught him that the season is about giving not receiving. We have volunteered as a family at our church to reach out to others in need, but this season we are on the other side. Thank you and God bless ahead of time. Jesus is the reason for the season.


My husband and I have been married about 6 months. Together we have 3 children. An 11 yr old son and 2 girls age 6 and 3. I have been unable to work since August of 2013. Due to an injury that initially fractured my tailbone and has now left me with a herniated disc. With chiropractor and therapy twice a week I couldn't keep a job even if I was able to physically work. So all the finances has fallen on my husband, who is a disabled veteran. He has been laid off for a couple months now. We have lost our home that we were starting to buy in September. We are currently staying with family in order to stay out of a shelter. It has been very difficult for us and hard to explain to our children being that they are so young and don't really understand. We do the best we can to pay the bills we do have and live day by day knowing that God will provide for us. And using this experience as one of learning for us and a teaching experience for our children. That as long as we have God and each other we will always be ok. Although it is hard for them to understand that around Christmas time as we have always been able to give them a wonderful life. We would be eternally grateful for any blessings for our children around this time. Thank you all so much for what you do for everyone needing help and assistance each year.



I have been a single Mom of 5 children for 15 years now. And even though they are all adults now (my 2 youngest 18and20) still live with me, to help me out. This last year I left my career of 14 years, to work in Ministry, at a school and daycare that is run by our church. God has blessed us with friends that let us rent there beautiful home for a reasonable price, and we usually barely make ends meat. My 20 year old son and I both make minimum wage with part time hours, and my 18 year old son is in the process of looking for a job. I also have 3 grandchildren and a few "kids" that we have welcomed into our family, because they are a estranged from there own. And I am in the process of getting certified to begin Foster Parenting in the next few months. Yes, you could say, God has given me a heart for children. Anything would help and be a huge blessing. Thank you

West Valley

I am a single mom of 7. 2 have moved onto starting their own lives. That leaves my with 5. My husband is in prison for 7 years now. I've been doing my best but this year has been very difficult. We've had some major car issues and other high school commitments that have been expensive. I've just found out that I'm being laid off for 2 weeks at the end of the month and my hours until then are going to be cut. I just need help with the basics. It's going to be nearly impossible to make it through this month. I have done it all by myself for so long I just need help for this difficult month coming. God has always provided for my family and I don't doubt He will not continue to do so. Thank you for listening to my story. I always paid forward and if you select us know this will happen again. Thank you and God bless.

We moved to Utah last year. A couple months ago I found the courage to separate from my abusive husband. I have 2 kids and I am a single working mom. Times are tough. We took in a homeless family with 3 young kids, the mom has recently found a job, the dad is looking. Things are tough, I would love for the kids to have a good Christmas.



I lost my job a year or so ago and never thought we would struggle so since then. This was not going to happen to us, and since then I've drained my retirements, savings and my husband works and is doing what The Lord expects of him and trying to pay all the bills. With the job I do I have found a job as an independent contractor, but it pays very little. We are trying to keep our son in the Christian school he attends as we know how important that is for him. Times are tough right now and even our phone has been disconnected and Christmas will happen and we make it work and I know God will prevail as is his way, it's just been a tough year financially.



I am a single mom of three boys and one girl ages 16,15,8,6.  I receive no help what so ever I am saddened at the fact I can not provide for my children like I want to we are about to get evicted actually right about Christmas because I lost my job with having to go to court so much fighting for my children to get a protective order on their father for sexual abuse on my daughter and to gain full custody I desperately need help my faith in a God is good but all my kids are in counseling due to physical and mental snide from their father and that is a lot to deal with, with four children also all my children have been diagnosed as having PTSD amongst other mental conditions they have to work through please help thank you so much to make the rest of year not so stressful


My husband has been unemployed since the end of July. We've been living on my income as a public school teacher. This is about half of what is needed to cover our bills and other living expenses. He has applied for numerous jobs and unemployment but nothing has come of any interviews and he wasn't able to get unemployment as of right now. I just got paid and the bank took everything. I don't how I'm going to feed my 3 precious little girls and I'm afraid I'm going to loose my house. I don't know where we will go. The electric is behind and I'm just overwhelmed. My biggest need is to make sure my girls are taken care of and we have a warm house for them. I'm not worried about Christmas gifts but I know my girls have a hard time understanding what is going on. This situation has deepened my faith in Jesus and it has given me a great opportunity to remind my girls why we celebrate Christmas. It's not about gifts but the birth of Jesus.


My family is a blended family of 7 people. We are standing on the word and trusting God for healing and provision. We have 3 children considered the facts are special needs. Our house is in need of many repairs and despite me working flex to help my husband try to pay the bills a family of 7 is really expensive. We have tried to keep up with on going expense of medicine, medical insurance for 7 and just the needs of 5 kids. Our house is now in foreclosure with the date set for Dec 22

Front Royal

I am in need of a blessing. I work part time and have been looking for a full time position as a teacher for months. The past few months I have struggled to pay rent. I also don't have enough money for gas and food. This Christmas I don't even have money for a tree or gifts for my daughter. Even during this financial struggle I know God is faithful. Blessings!


This year I became pregnant and contracted Lymes disease. My husband has had to miss a lot of work to help me. He is the only one working, and he is supporting myself, my six year old, and my father who is manic depressive. We have gotten behind on our power bill, and we had to let our car get repossessed. The car we have now has a wheel bearing going out, and we don't have money to buy presents or have food. We are living off ramen noodle soup, and my new daughter will be here in two days. Any help would be appreciated to buy my daughter gifts, or gift cards for food, and anything is appreciated. God Bless!

Highland Springs

I am a disabled veteran, living on a fixed income. I would like to ask someone to help me out with food and toys for my 7-year-old grandson who loves Ninja Turtles. Any help is greatly appreciated, God bless.


My husband worked so hard for over40 years, and was excited to approach retirement, when he was struck down with a severe type of vacuities, microscopic polyangitis. It affected his lungs and destroyed his kidneys. The treatments and their side effects allowed bacteria to damage his vertebrae severely, and he underwent three major spinal surgeries within the next 15 months,. God is good, and he has progressed from a slide board and a wheelchair to a cane after a year and a half of painful physical therapy. God is good! He lived through it all, and has been on the kidney transplant list for two years. He is O+. And no one in our family or church family is a compatible donor. Please bless us with added prayers for my faithful, God-loving husband. He worries about how his condition has affected others, but has never shown self-pity or doubt that God will see this through. Thank you in advance for your prayers!


Hi my husband and i have a 6 1/2 year old. We have hit some bad luck this year. My mom passed away in July with no insurance and i am stuck with the bill. I have no income. Im disabled but cant get my disability. I have really bad nuropthy due to.diabeties. my husband has been in school trying to better our lives hoping to get a better job. He works at a grocery store but it barely gets us by. Were always running out of food and our daughter is always growing out of clothes and shoes. We pay our bills barely but we cant put clothes on our own back. Its hard to make it on minium wage supporting a family and paying bills. Christmas is greatly thin. My husband is a big man and he is needing a winter coat with a hood. I wish i could get him one but we dont have the money. We need prayers that i can appeal for my disability and help my family. Thanks and God Bless. The phone number i gave may not work but you can always email me.


It's hard this season trying to keep food on the table and pay bills than getting my children Christmas gifts.

Prince George 

I am a mother of 4 boys, ages 11,9,7,4. Last January my husband was laid of from his job leaving all responsibilities on me. We decided to put everything that we own in storage and move in with family. During the summer I fell sick and missed time from work, causing me to get behind on the bills. To make a long story short the storage that we had, had all our belongings including everything the boys got for Christmas last year was auctioned. We lost everything! I have since returned to work as well as my husband has a temp job. We have rented a home for us that we get to move into next week. With renting the home and paying all the bills up to date and buying used furniture off of classifieds it leaves very little money for Christmas. I would love to give the boys a great Christmas this year after all they lost. They have taken to it well and I would love to show them that even after the rain there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. I would really appreciate any type of help. The smallest help would make the biggest difference. Thank you in advance.


I'm not sure where to even begin?! My husband and I both lost our jobs at the same time. (He had the same job for 9 years and mine was 4) I have always tried to be the one on the other side of this helping others. My heart ached the other day when my daughter's school wanted everyone to donate a jar of peanut butter to feed a family, the only thing I could think was, is this where we are? Are we that family? As of right now we have canceled Christmas in our ho.e because it's not possible :( we have to cover our bills and we both are working every side job possible and even sold our kitchen table. I have prayed continuously but only to thank God for the many blessings we have, as long as we have each other we will get through this. I lost my parents two years ago or I know they would have helped us all they could. I am hopi g and praying God selects someone to work through and pass on a blessing to my family. Thank you and God bless! ♡


I am a single mom of 3 children. My ex-husband who is also my children's father was incarcerated in October. I had been struggling with no financial support from my children's father already then last Friday, November 21, I lost my job. At this point I have no income at all just before the holidays. I have no idea how to pay my rent, electric bill, etc. besides trying to make Christmas special for my children who are 16, 10 and 4. I have a wonderful loving and supportive family but they struggle themselves financially. I know my God will provide for our needs and put all of my faith in him to get us out of this situation. I just wish all of this didn't happen now. I just want to be able to have a few presents under the tree for the children as Christmas should be special for each and every child. I pray God's blessings on you all.


Hello, we are two working parents of three children, a 19 year old son, 17 year old daughter, and an 8 year old son. Married for 21 years. We had our own home and flooring business, but lost everything during the recession in 2010. We moved back to our home state of WV and moved in with my mom. In April 2012 my husband moved back to VA to find work. My mom passed away unexpectedly in March 2013. We had to find a place if our own. In July 2013 we moved back to VA. I was laid off from my job in WV and was receiving unemployment. In December 2013 I got a job in a Christian Pre-school and After-school program. We are trying so hard to get back on our feet but we keep getting knocked back. Our cars both need work, neither of our older children have a car so there for it has made it difficult for them to find jobs or attend college. They have applied at places within walking distance but have not had success. We don't need hand outs. Just a hand up. We have always provided for ourselves with Gods hand. I have not purchased on single item for Christmas. We are barely making ends meet. My husbands hours had been cut at work but it's starting to pick back up now. He works any over time he can get. We can't not get any other help because we are just over the income guidelines. Jesus is such a big part of our life and we could never have made it thus far without his love, grace, and mercy. Thanks to anyone out there helping others. Have a blessed holiday season!! Remember the reason for CHRISTmas!!



I am just trying to make ends meet most of the year anyway but the holidays are a little tougher this year. I do work part time in a daycare and I am trying to raise a child on just that income. She gets no child support from her father because he is incarcerated. I just want to give her a good birthday (Dec14) and a good Christmas. We both know why there is a Christmas and it is better to give than receive. Bless you all this season.


We are struggling this year do to paying off debt and trying to get our head out of the water. We live pay check to paycheck on my husbands salary. I had a part time job, the only job I could get, but it was housekeeping at a hotel and because of the chemicals I can home coughing up blood and blood come from my nose. I almost fainted a couple of times. So now not working we are struggling. I mean we can pay our bills, late but mist get paid. Groceries are already tight. On top of that we will be fostering in the new year to help a child hopefully have a forever home. We have almost a 5 year old daughter, our angel. We know fostering to some might be crazy in our situation but as long as we can provide them with a roof over their head, food on the table, and most importantly love from a family and the ability to know God lives them, that is what matters. We know this is God's plan for us but at the same time its a huge leap of faith, hope, and trust in him. Honestly in my heart we do not need anything but absolute prayer that God will provide the income we need to pay everything and have a little money in the bank so we are not denied. So please just keep us in your prayers especially my husband who feels the weight of the world on his shoulders to provide for us and another child. Thank you so much and God Bless you all for what you do.

I have been sick and I have been in a lot of pain. Pain so bad that it consumes my body. My father passed the end of September. 3 weeks later my eldest son's father was found dead after not showing up for work. Cause of death is still unknown. I have fibromyalgia, scarcoidodis, lung problems, ptsd, diabetes, spinal stenosis, depression and anxiety. The doctors do not believe I am in lots of pain. My husband has had it with me. I just don't know what to do anymore. Because we had no money. We had no Thanksgiving. And it looks like no Christmas. Since my sons dad passed away he has been stuck in Santa Fe. New Mexico. I have many Dr. Appointments and its hard to find rides. My neighbors charge me $20.00 for a 5 mile drive. I can't drive due to diabetes, and scarcoidosis. When my husband takes me anywhere I hurt so much because my body can feel every bump in the road. And our heater just gave out. The cold and heat causes bad flare ups. I have lost friends and family because of these illnesses. Nobody believes I have real pain! I hate being lonely and mis-understood. I am not looking for sympathy, just understanding. I am Vivian and do need a blessing!

My wife and I will be doing fostering this coming year and because of that we have had to buy things to make our house suitable for a child. So we have been struggling to pay our bills like our car insurance, gas, and electric and are looking at a very bare Christmas for our four year old daughter. My wife said she had wrote in already but I am not sure what she wrote but she probably just asked for prayer since she is very humble. She struggles to ask for help because she is usually the one who is helping out family and friends. So this is very new to her. Being foster parents has been something we feel God is wanting us to do. So I am reaching out one last time just to see if even one gift for our daughter is possible. We know God always provides and has never let us down. We just need to get through these next couple of months so we can get back on our feet. We will give back to this cause, because it is such a blessing to many in need. And also can you keep us in your prayers as we follow Gods will for our life and that he will guide as as we help children have a forever home or a place to always call home no matter what.

Elmer City

All that my 17-year-old daughter wants for Christmas is the funds to finish her senior year at a private school so she can attend college in May. Sadly we are struggling to cover the cost, which is about another 400.00 to complete. Any help at all would be appreciated she doesn’t want to attend public school because it does not believe in Christianity. She has worked so hard we have struggled out the payments since about 6th grade, so if there is anyone willing to help Lord please help my baby girl so she can go to college after finishing her Christian education she has worked so hard for.


So my husband has finally agreed to let the kids primarily live with me. But he also knows that I won't change the paperwork from separation to divorce because it is not a Biblically ok reason to divorce. So not he says that if he has to go to the court for one more thing he will change it. This leaves me with three children and no child support and no set holiday schedule. If I don't let him see them when and how he wants then he says he'll just have to call his lawyer and switch everything. He wants the kids to spend the entire Christmas break with not just him but with me too, as a family. This makes me have to leave my oldest with my parents for her last Christmas at home before she graduates. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I can only pray that all of his deceitful way only go to work against his plans and in favor of God's will please pray.


I have a family of six; a seven-year-old boy, five-year-old girl and twins who are four. Five weeks ago my husband lost his job, which was our main source of income. Things have been tight but we thought that the loose ends could be met at least in the short term. He is actively looking for work and has a part time job to still bring in something. I am a full time student who is going through the VA military program and get a stipend to go to school of 1,850 a month. That was going to pay rent. Well the VA only paid us around 450.00 of that total and now we are in grave danger of going homeless before Christmas. I don't even know how to tell my kids that we may lose our home and it will be very hard on them. We already lost everything we had once before due to life situation and the entire thing has already put my children through so much. We are looking for a Christmas miracle and a job for my husband. I just got a job but its event based and won't make enough fast enough to cover the gap to be able to stay. Rent is 1,700 and due between the 1st and the 5th with a 3-day eviction notice if not paid... I'm just praying God provides something but know that he is good and faithful even if we lose this house. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless...


Hi we have four children ages 7 and 7 twin boys and a daughter who is 4 and i have custody of my niece who is 4 we are two months behind on rent and if December's isnt paid we will be evicted..i just started a job and my husband has a job but ww are trying to play catch up with everything...i want my kids to have a Christmas but every thing were getting is going to bills..can u please help


My husband works full time just to pay rent and bills. I am a stay at home mom of four kids: three boys one girl, ages 2, 4, 14, and 10. We are blessed this year to be part of a church and be in a place of our own. Just two years ago we were homeless for Christmas. God is so good! Anyway we won't have any money for gifts this year. Thank you for your time.

Newman Lake 

Hello friends! My husband of 28 yrs. was diagnosed with incurable brain disease earlier this year. I have the only source of income, which doesn't quite meet our budget. That means we have no extra to go toward gift shopping for our two teens, ages 14 and17. Since, disability still hasn't come through! We love and trust God everyday for our needs. We have followed Dr. Dobson's ministry over the decades and are blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you so much for your loving act of kindness during this very difficult time.


My family and I have struggled really bad this year. My husband was working full time and is not able to work now and I started work full time. My kids have not been able to have their birthdays this year and we r not going to be able to get them anything for Christmas. Been a really really hard year but try to keep faith.


I am married (24yrs) and have 2 children (1 under 18). I had an accident 3 yrs ago and have been struggling with both physical and mental injuries since. I just started receiving disability earlier this year and both my wife and I have been able to meet most of our financial needs until a few months ago. Extra medical expenses have stretch our resources beyond the limits and we have fallen behind on our car payment and are close to losing the vehicle.


I have been working for just above minimum wage I had to go to the hospital one day for what they thought was my heart and i missed a week of work and then my mom had a massive stroke and they told me i needed to come now if I wanted to see her .I got the Ok to go but that was another week out of work. It's not like I'm a deadbeat I am working I just need a little help getting back on my feet...

In May this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This led to a whirlwind of changes for my family, including multiple surgeries, a move to town, change of jobs & regular treatments. Due to dealing with cancer & so many changes in such a short time, we're finding ourselves with a depleted savings account & short on rent this month in addition to Christmas coming up with 5 kids at home, we're believing for a miracle this year. Definitely a time of growth, reliance on our Heavenly Father & remembering that He is ever faithful to provide.


I'm currently a single mom of a wonderful 2 year old girl. After my husband had a long, painful 3 year affair, My daughter and I were forced to move back in with family. I'm currently working full time to pay my way through graduate school and don't have a lot of money left at the end of the month for presents. I'm trying to make a better life for me and my daughter but the holidays are always hard.



Hi: We are a family of 8, husband and wife with six children. We have three boys 15, 8, & 1. We have three girls 13, 5 & 4. We are a blended family and all our children live with us. Their absent bio-parents are not allowed contact with the children due to abuse. We survive on one income and make too much to get government help and we don't make enough to meet all needs at all times. We have no dining room furniture and are in dire need of a table and chairs. We are in need of bureaus for everyone as we don't have any. Our most pressing concern is we do not have a Christmas tree, lights, decorations and need help with gifts for our children. God has recently blessed us with a 2100 sq. ft. two story home at a reasonable price. We were living in a single wide trailer. I buy everything used for our family and make our food from scratch. We've never went on vacation and stretch every dollar we have. We do not even have sufficient transportation. Our hope one day that God will bless us with the opportunity to help a struggling family such as ours. We don't have a whole lot but we have a lot of love in our family and we appreciate each and every blessing God provides. My hopes for this post is that someone who has the means and the heart to help us at this difficult time. We have faith and trust in God. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. God bless!

We are a large blended family of 8. We have a disabled child. My husband works full-time and I am a stay at home mother. We are not receiving assistance. Our children's ages are 15(b), 13(g), 8(b), 5(g), 4(g), 1(b). We are struggling to make ends meet. Our immediate needs are for food this month as my husbands work schedule has slowed down due to the winter months. We need help with Christmas gifts for the kids, Christmas decorations and a tree. We also need furniture for our house (I.e: table and chairs, bureaus, full size bed). We need snow boots for the kids and coats. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless!


I'm a single mom of two boys ages 7 and 9. My nine year old has special needs he has Asperger’s. Their father is not paying child support and I'm only working part time.


Hello, needing help is not something I'm used to asking for. Well here it goes. My wife has been sick for a few months now. She can't work. We are behind on every bill just about. They turned off the water 3 months ago because we are behind on the sewer and water bills. The furnace is broken no heat and doctor bill will start coming in soon. But we do what we can. If my wife weren’t sick things would be different. Thanks ahead of time for any help. I'm not used to asking for help. We we're one ask if you need anything.


I was a victim of a domestic abuse my ex beat me so bad I was in hospital and I have a 3-year-old little girl we have since moved to a place and it cold I have no winter clothes for her and I don't have any idea what we are going to do for Christmas. I sit and cry at night because I am blessed to have my life and my child!!!! I wish I could give just something simple for Christmas but I can't work right now do to my injuries!!!


Over the past few years since my divorce, I have had a difficult time purchasing gifts for my two daughters (ages 6 & 9). I've been a bit prideful and haven't sought any assistance until this year. In July, due to custody and daycare issues, I had to drop from full-time to part-time at work. This means I work only 24 each week. This amount really isn't enough to pay my bills, so I am always behind. A friend suggested I go to the Salvation Army because I haven't been able to buy any gifts at all this year. However, the deadline for their assistance is October 24th, and it was already November. I never have overly spoiled my kids at Christmas, but I do want to give them something! My daughter turns 10 three days after Christmas as well. I have faith that God will provide for us this Christmas in whatever way He chooses. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


It is me, my husband and 4 boys. I was recently put on disability. I have fibromyalgia and back problems. My husband is doing all he can to support us, but we are really struggling this year to put presents under the tree for our boys.



Hello, I'm a single mother of two one autistic child, who's 11,a son, and a 5 year old girl, I'm a single mother of two , I was just sitting here at my table tears running down my face as I see this post, I need help please I lost my kids father 5 years ago do to a heart attack, and his mom right after, then his dad, all in 6 months time, it's been hard I've been sued for the funeral costs because I didn't have enough to pay them, they still have his ashes, it was 5500, I've made payments I have 1400 left but they took a judgement out against me, I lost the house, everything in it to foreclosure, and now recently I had my car reposed, it's been tough, but by the grace of God we've been making it, God has takin care of us we rent a place, we get help from st joes food pantry, clothes closet, and disability, I am not complaining at all just looking for help for them for Christmas please, thank you and God Bless you.



My husband is in the Army and has been deployed 3 years out of our 6-year marriage. We have two daughters 5 &3. We have lost a lot of time together. On top of this, we are struggling financially. The stress of life is taking a toll on my marriage and family. I'd love to just get away together to spend time reconnecting. We had planned a large vacation for after my husband came home from his 21-month deployment, but opted for a two-day stay a couple hours from home so we could pay off a little more debt. So right now our greatest need is to financially be able to get away to reconnect as a family


I first want to say how encouraging Dr. James Dobson's posts are. It's difficult to be the one to click "need a blessing", in my heart I want to be a blessing to others. With that said, I am a single Mom to two beautiful daughters. I recently lost my job of 14 years. It has been the most humbling and challenging time of my life. I am currently 4 months behind on my mortgage and I am receiving foreclosure notices. This is the only house my girls have known and I am terrified to lose it. I have looked into many options for help or assistance with this and have come up with no good immediate solutions. I am searching daily for a new job and as of yet, no luck. I would be grateful for any assistance at all. I have always been a very hard worker and have never been one to ask for help. My faith has been strengthened daily through this very trying and uncertain time. I trust that God has me and my girls deep in his heart and will lead the way to getting some assistance with my mortgage. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please pray for me and my girls, and for all the single parents struggling to provide for their families.


I’m a disabled gentlemen with a 7-year- old daughter who also disabled mom was laid off a few months back and were living off my ssi checks trying to make ends meet.

Glenwood City

My husband and I are recently separated, and I'm now a single mom of 4 AMAZING children, who deserve an amazing Christmas. However, due to my financial hardship, I will not be able to give them hardly anything with rent, deposit, and bills due for a new place. We are in desperate need of help this season!


Hi there, We are a family of seven from northern Wisconsin. We have a little house in the woods and are raising five boys (age 10 down to 2). I am a stay at home mom and home school the boys while my husband works to pay the bills. The last few years have been very difficult for carpentry work for him and this year is another tight Christmas. that is OK, we are making gifts for each other. We are , however, going into winter on an empty propane tank and firewood that will only last us into January. With no work lined up after the current job he is doing, we are having to put off several bills. We have applied for heat assistance which always helps a little but we need some help paying utilities. also, our mortgage payment went up this year due to higher insurance. December and January are always our most difficult months to get through. Any help would be appreciated, otherwise we know the Lord will provide for us because he always has. We are very thankful that he has given us our children and our home and has even recently blessed us with a deer for the freezer. One thing for certain that God has taught us during these hard years is a grateful heart. Thank you, God, for your goodness <3


My heart is heavy this year but my faith in Jesus remains. He is my strength. We received a foreclosure letter for October 25th, God saw us through, over $500.00 overdue bill to the court for guardian ad litem fess or possible arrest for my husband, close to $900 per month child support my husband has to pay while I receive $0 for three children, we have a double mortgage and have to pay for a trailer up north as its court ordered my children have to attend school in that county, our family is separated every other week, trying to pay 100% of all of my children’s' bills, car payment, overdue utilities, and my husband may lose his job in less than 45 days. Financially we are destroyed. There is not much hope for us at all.... but our hope is in God. The children may not have one gift under the tree this Christmas...but we will stress the gift of Jesus is the best we could ever have! I think I'm writing this in a weak moment...I do try and be thankful no matter what and make the best of things...and I love to bless others when I find out their needs...but this time in my life, I am unable to. God has a plan and I know He will see us through no matter what. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, and praise the Lord!


Hello, I am a single widowed mom of 5, currently have all 5 kids at home(4 are still under 18) along with my son in law and grandson. This year is a real struggle and I just don't have any money at all for Christmas for my kids. Things have been tight since my husband died as we only have social security for income but to top that off my car just broke down (beyond being able to drive/repair) so now I am also without a vehicle. I am praying I can get just a little help to at least give my kids a good Christmas as it's a hard time of year for us to begin with not having my husband, their dad here anymore. Thank you and God bless!

River Falls

I am a disabled single mom of an 11yr old beautiful boy. I was in a head-on collision and have some debilitating autoimmune medical conditions. I revive disability, but I am behind on my bills due to my car repairs, roof cannel and crown, and my mother’s sudden passing which I then had a funeral to pay for in October. She had no life insurance. My son has a December birthday as well as Christmas. I fear I cannot by presents for either occasion as I am still trying to figure out how to pay the past due bills and pay for meds not covered by Medicare, pay for food as I don't receive food stamps ($22 over). Thank you for considering helping us.


My husband and I are trying so hard to make sure we will have food, house supplies and Christmas gifts for our three children. Two girls 7&3 and a boy 3. Plus we have another one on the way due Dec 22. The girls are only with us part time.We don't get any state help, he pays almost 400 a month in child support. We are moving into our place in less than 10 days and we have nothing for food house supplies and nothing for diapers or wipes yet. All of our money has went to getting this apartment and fixing the only vehicle we have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. God bless and merry Christmas.

Turtle Lake

Had a rough year with my daughter who was taped 2 months before her 15 th birthday an then in Oct 1 2014 havering a beautiful baby girl who we love dearly an my daughter is really a great mom but is still waiting for the trial for justice. Our finances have been so strained as I am on social security an she is going back to school. We have lost everything in a fire an moved in with my mom an have no car so Christmas may be totally out.



Penhold, Alberta 

2014 has been a hard year for our family. My husband lost his job of 8 years. A co work that disliked my husband phone all the companies in our area in my husbands field to make sure he couldn't find work. Took us 2 potential jobs to figure out what happen later confirmed by a friend. We pray God would provide for a job! I was forced to take a permanent job and the company I was causal at! Which has been extremely hard our 4 children. It took us 23 days to find a new job for my husband. Which he took. This job pays half of what his other job did a year. Savings where credit was maxed. Here we are very grateful for this job. But find ourselves struggling to pay the bills, keep food on the table, and put winter boots on our kids feet. And I just pray God will bless us enough to get all our children 1 present to open! I just find myself struggling to put the Christmas tree up because we can't afford the extra light bill! We're 30-90 days past due on a lot of our house bills! God is good! We have heat, food, and love. We our more blessed then most! Merry Christmas everyone. God is good to those who love and trust him.

Timmins, Ontario

My kids are returning home after a long six months and I have nothing too afford for them this year. I would like toys, clothes and anything can get for them. The help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Victoria, British Columbia

Please can I have prayer I had back surgery disc fused 4 weeks later my marriage Broke husband very abusive, my kids dad has nothing to do with my kids out home is for sale don't know where to live and scared to support my kids pay rent for unable to work due to my back please pray for me and my 2 children please.



We are family from Finland. My husband has been sick for 20 years. His ulcerous colitis was operated 20 years ago. Now he was close to die because of urine is not coming out. He had heart problems etc. I am working in kindergarten with salary for 2000 Euros. We have tree wonderful children two boys 14 and 10 and daughter 12. We love the Lord Jesus and hopeful to get help from Him. I as wife and mother am tired for this situation. Our daughter has strong anxiety and has medication. We would be so thankful for your help.


West Indies

I am a child of god an I live alone have No husband i work a half day job it just to pay my bills and buy a little grocery and for the month of august my refrigerator went and i dont have the monies to buy one as we speak to day i went to see if i got one because from that time i cannot buy the things that need refrigerated so as i see this i decided to asked My salaries monthly is $718, when tax is taken out i go home with $674.28 and tithes is taken out $71.80 and the balance electricty was range from $140-166. its very tough on me so i really need a blessing can you please help thank you kindly.


Makati City, Metro Manila 

I am a Facebook follower of Dr. Dobson. I always check for the page everyday as raising 4 kids alone was not that easy. But I believe in God's sovereignty though I am alone I know He is there always with me spiritually. Waiting from the person who left us cannot that trusting but I know God is my ever great Provider none of those who believes on Him will be left unprovided and will be in lack. God used many situations in His great provisions and this FHF was one of them. Thank you. I speak blessings and provision to all of us.

Marikina, Metro Manilla

I am an academic tutor and a sports coach for kids with 5 children ranging from 10 - 18. I have always wanted my kids to experience a wonderful Christmas which i thought this year would be the year already but things did not turn out good for our tutorial center this last quarter. I am praying that God would provide to pay for our bills and for blessings for my kids this Christmas. I am also praying for healing for my wife and for only boy who are having bouts with sickness. Thank you so much for your timely teachings about family. I always get inspiration and wise decisions from them. Being in lack is not a reason not to praise God, it is a season to praise him more because we Know that even though life is hard, still God is good!!! Thank you FHF for this opportunity if God wills it to receive a blessing from other Christian families.



I have been in one position for 12 years without promotion. I have applied,went to interviews and writting test but nothing came out of the all. I would like to get a manager position at my work place as i'm a shift leader at the moment. I also need a husband as i have been single all my years. i am 45 years of age and i know that all things are possible with God. If it is his Will i will get a someone as a christmas present within this few remaining days.

Cape Town

Thank you! We are really blessed but will not be able to buy gifts or special eats for Christmas at this point, as we have three children studying BMUS Music Performance at UCT and are personally funding them with the rebate we get at UCT. My husband was also laid off from work in 2006 for 9months and we are still in the process to recover from that. We do not possess a motorcar or property or any investments at this point in time. God did and is still performing huge miracles in our lives. The LORD has blessed us with very talented children and they work hard. We also in the process of saving funds to buy two new alto saxophones and 2 tenor saxophones as our daughter and youngest son major in sax and piano and our eldest son in piano. God bless and thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness.