2012 Gift Idea Catalog

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Family Collection   Standing for the Family
With millions of copies sold, Dr. Dobson's Handbook of Family Advice, Dare to Discipline, and The Strong-Willed Child are the cornerstone of any parenting library.   In order to reach and connect with millions more families in the United States, Family Talk will add new broadcast radio stations to our radio network in key cities across the nation.
The Best of Home Life   Help for Hurting Families
Dr. Dobson offers encouragement and solid answers in three of his most loved books.   The Family Talk ministry exists to be a real, tangible resource to marriages and families in need.
Dobson Family Collection   Building the Digital Family Ministry
You probably know that Dr. Dobson is a prolific writer, but did you know the rest of the family is as well?   We will build online tools to provide easy-to-use and on-demand access to Dr. Dobson's wisdom.
Raising Girls   Raising Boys
These resources will go a long way toward equipping and motivating you in raising girls to become godly women.   Dr. Dobson provides highly practical advice for moms and dads who want to shape the next generation of godly men.
2012 Broadcast Collection   Strengthening the Next
Generation of Families
These entertaining and informative programs are sure to bless you and will become a cherished part of your family resource library.   Family Talk is increasing our ministry outreach - broadcasts, articles, devotions, videos and one-on-one counsel on Facebook and other Internet communication channels.
Young Couples   Create Your Own
Highly practical and nurturing, these titles are foundational in any marriage and are ones that you will find yourself returning to over and over again.   Select any three of the proven, practical, and best-selling books, audio books or broadcast collections featured in Family Talk's robust family resource library!
Download the 2012 Gift Catalog