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January 27, 2021

Abortion Hurts Women

When a woman walks into a facility to have an abortion, two lives enter the building. When the woman leaves, one life has ended, and the other will never be the same.

As I've written before, abortion always has multiple victims. Consider the father, who loses his chance to be "Daddy," or the would-be grandparents who will never be able to hold their precious grandchild. There are the adoptive parents who are denied a chance to provide love and care to a precious boy or girl, and the children who lose a sibling… or a future best friend. And don't forget the staff at abortion facilities, who participate in and are exposed to unthinkable violence against the unborn—men and women who will never be able to erase from their hearts and minds what they have seen.

Yes, abortion ends one life and impacts many others. But perhaps no one experiences this ongoing trauma so much as the mother. Research proves this reality. Consider the work of Dr. David Ferguson, a pro-abortion researcher who discovered, much to his expressed surprise, that women who have abortions experience much greater levels of depression, alcohol and other substance abuse, and anxiety disorders. Even though Dr. Ferguson described himself as "pro-choice," he recognized that his research demonstrated that abortion was a "traumatic event," one involving "loss and grief" and something that may, in fact, predispose women to mental illness.

That is to say, Dr. Ferguson came face to face with the fact that abortion hurts women, emotionally and physically. This isn't something our society talks about. Instead, Planned Parenthood and its allies dismiss the precious child as a "bundle of tissue," and they tell the woman to "shout your abortion," as if celebrating death will negate its impact.

We don't talk about the truth…and when the truth forces itself to the forefront, we deny it. When Dr. Ferguson presented his findings, he was discouraged from publishing them, and when he persisted, he experienced great difficulty in finding a journal that would publish the study.

But the truth remains—abortion hurts women.

And maybe, just maybe, if we continue to speak the truth, people will hear it and take it to heart. If we continue to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, maybe one day we will hear their voices, and they will thank us for not giving up. If we come alongside expectant mothers who feel alone, maybe they will realize they are not alone, and our courage will give them the strength to choose life. If we faithfully and consistently teach our children about the value of all human life—and if we demonstrate our conviction by reaching out a helping hand to those around us—maybe this next generation will finally be the one that says "no more" to abortion.

This year is the 48th annual March for Life (being held virtually for the first time). I urge you to participate this Friday, January 29, but not just for one day. Every day, let us speak for the unborn. Let us show compassion to the post-abortive women who are hurting. And let us extend a hand to expectant mothers who are scared, and who desperately need both hope and help.

Abortion ends one life…and it irrevocably alters so many others.

It's time for us all to choose life.

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