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March 11, 2020

Arizona House Passes Bill that Would Protect Women's Sports

Last week, the Arizona House passed—on party lines—the "Save Women's Sports Act." As noted by the Center for Arizona Policy, this bill seeks to preserve equal opportunities for women by ensuring that "only biological females (can) compete in female sports."

As we discussed recently, it's no secret that men have biologically-conferred advantages over women in speed and strength. Unfortunately, this reality is increasingly controversial.

As more states continue to consider whether to protect equal opportunities for women, it is vitally important that concerned citizens stand up and advocate for truth. Will you be one of them?


Key messages

• Men have biologically-conferred advantages over women in speed and strength.

• Allowing men to compete in women's sports hurts women. When a man takes the field in women's sports, a woman is forced to leave the field.

• It's time to stop denying the most basic biological differences between men and women.

Go deeper
Victory for Arizona Girls and Women! (Center for Arizona Policy)
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