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Dr. Tim Clinton

Dr. Tim Clinton
Dr. Tim Clinton is the Executive Director of the James Dobson Family Institute and recurring co-host of "Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk." Dr. Clinton and Dr. James Dobson have a shared commitment to

November 15, 2016

Open My Eyes

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Not long ago, while preparing to speak to a large group of pastors and counselors, I ran across the following words from Helen Keller: “I, who cannot see, find hundreds of things to interest

November 08, 2016

A Very Real Opponent

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Jesus was God in the flesh and He talked a lot about Satan. He referred to Satan twenty-five times during His time on earth. He also dealt with demons on a regular basis. When tempted in ...

November 01, 2016

How’s Your Heart?

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Google the phrase “heart health” and over 49,900,000 sites pop up. That’s 49 million. Read just a few of those articles and the evidence is overwhelming – there is a direct

October 20, 2016

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Bickering. Backbiting. Selfishness. Grudges. Disagreements and full-fledged arguments. Fighting over things that don’t matter with family and friends, even (and sometimes especially) in the ...

October 13, 2016

How's It Going With Your Kids?

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Psalm 127:3 says, "…children are a heritage from the Lord” (ESV). The same Hebrew word for heritage, nachalah, is also used of God's people, the Israelites, in Psalm 28:9 which says, "Oh

September 28, 2016

When You Praise Him

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Picture that for a second—when’s the last time you actually stopped, sat down, and just remained present there? We don’t often find time to do that, but God does—when we pr

June 29, 2016

No Fear!

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Listen to Dr. Clinton interview Tony Perkins on his radio program Life, Love and Family With Dr. Tim Clinton. Hear inspirational real stories of a courageous new generation standing for ...

March 03, 2015

Building a Family Legacy

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

“Great beginnings are not as important as the way one finishes.” These words of New York Times best-selling author, child psychologist and parenting expert, Dr. James Dobson, continue t