School Choice is About Power for Parents

James Gottry

"School choice" is about power; specifically, the power of parents to choose the educational model that best fits the needs of their children. There is no shortage in the marketplace of education: public school, private school, charter school, and homeschooling, to name a few. The shortage lies in equal access to those opportunities.

As reported in Fox News, the coronavirus crisis has caused more parents to contemplate homeschooling, but many "progressives" seem determined to oppose this effort. Why does the U.S. have less school choice than so many nations? Could it be that the bureaucrats and union leaders in charge of the system have a vested interest in not only preserving the status quo but also in producing a certain type of graduate?

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Key messages
• America's educational system is hostile to many of the virtues and values championed at this nation's inception.
• School choice enables a student to obtain the education that best fits his or her individual needs.
• Bureaucrats who oppose school choice may have a vested interest in promoting a "progressive" worldview, rather than promoting the best educational opportunities.

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