What does "Fairness for All" Mean for People of Faith?

James Gottry

In December, a U.S. representative introduced legislation titled "Fairness for All," touting it as "a balanced legislative solution for preserving religious freedom and protecting LGBT civil rights."

And yet, as critics of the legislation have noted, the so-called "Fairness for All" bill would bestow special rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), and "empower the federal government to punish citizens who believe sex is rooted in biology and that marriage is between a man and a woman." It would also strip away First Amendment-protected freedoms of expression, belief, and conscience for many businesses, charities, and citizens.

Such freedoms should never be surrendered as the price of citizenship in a free society; rather, they are the mark of citizenship and the fruit of a free society.

Key messages
• "Fairness for All" is mislabeled legislation that would require many Americans to surrender their constitutionally-protected freedoms.
• Freedoms of expression, belief, and conscience are not tokens to be surrendered as the price of citizenship in a free society.
• Now is not the time to partner with proponents of SOGIs in the hope of catching a few crumbs of liberty that fall from the table.

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