Wrestling for Thee, Oh Christ

James Gottry

In our society today, simply sharing the truth of the gospel—the good news—is often viewed as hate speech.

But while we might face insults and attacks for living out our faith, others have encountered far worse. Listen to this story about forty wrestlers who made the ultimate sacrifice rather than deny their Savior.

Standing for Jesus Christ and the Word of God is not always popular, but it’s the right decision. This year, we will have ample opportunities to proclaim the truth and to do so in love. May God grant us the courage to stand, and may He be glorified through our witness.


Key messages
• As Christians, we need to be courageous, loving, and truthful.
• The gospel has good news about life, marriage, and about human sexuality.
• Jesus didn't come to this earth and die on the cross and redeem and transform us so that we could be quarantined from the culture. He came and saved us so that we could permeate the culture.

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