The Longings of a Father

Julie Clinton

Did you know that God the Father longs for you? Not only does He long for you, He longs to be gracious to you! He is constantly finding ways to shower you with compassionate love—a love like that does not exist anywhere but in the character of God.

I love my kids. I enjoy blessing them with my love in many ways. Providing, protecting, counseling, instructing. Sometimes they notice, sometimes they don’t.

Sure, I am not perfect and can’t say that I have been perfect in my love for them. The stuff of life affects my judgment if I am not careful. I am so glad that I have an example to follow in God the Father. He never gives up. His love never fails! 

You may be struggling with a wayward child who makes loving seem impossible. Or maybe you never had much love shown to you. Rest in Isaiah 30:18 and know that your Father in heaven longs to be gracious to you… right now!

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