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Faith Must Be Tough - Part 1


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March 04, 2016

The Adversity Principle

From the time I was 10 years of age and read my first book about the stars and planets, I have had a fascination with the subject of astronomy. What captured my imagination was the relative ...

November 30, 2015

Building Trust With Actions

Beautiful, enticing, forbidden fruit will be offered to you when your hunger is greatest. If you are foolish enough to reach for it, your fingers will sink into rotten mush on the back ...

November 09, 2015

Finding True and Lasting Fulfillment

Author: Rebecca Hagelin

In his last years, Solomon wrote what is now known as the Book of Ecclesiastes. In it he recorded what he discovered through his lifelong hunt so that we might benefit from it. At first ...

August 01, 2015

Expectations of God in Tough Times

I've often heard that God will not abandon us when we go through the fiery trial. But I don't know what that really means. You've shown that He still lets us go through some hard times. ...

June 26, 2015

Expectations and Disillusionment

The keyword here is expectations. They set us up for disillusionment. There is no greater distress in human experience than to build one's entire way of life on a certain theological ...

June 24, 2015

Dealing with Betrayal and Abandonment

Perhaps you are among those who have struggled to comprehend a particular heartache and God's reason for allowing it. A thousand unanswered questions have been recycling in your mindmost of ...

April 01, 2015

Reflecting on How Jesus Suffered and Sacrificed for Us

Author: Rebecca Hagelin

The crowds that normally pressed in tight around him made way, decorating the dusty ground with the shirts off their backs and branches freshly cut from palm trees. He came riding in on a ...

March 04, 2015

6 Really Good Reasons to Have Hope

Snow. Ice. Delays. Bitter cold. In many parts of the country, it seems like this has been a never-ending winter. Maybe, like me, you need a new infusion of hope that spring will come again ...