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January 18, 2018

Top 5 Living Single Blog Posts to Inspire and Encourage Singles

If you’re single or single again, the Living Single blog will encourage you with inspiring, uplifting and practical content on dating, relationships and living the faith life.

Maybe it’s time to heal your heart. Or shore up your self esteem. Or make better choices in your dating life. Could it be that you rush into things and you need to learn to wait well? And, how can the church do a better job of welcoming and meeting the needs of singles?

Those topics are covered below in the Top 5 Living Single blog posts.

Read them. Share them. And ask God to guide your dating life. He is the One who loves you most, and He wants the very best for your love life and for your whole life.

1. The Power of Wisdom: Making Better Choices in Your Dating Life 

Wisdom is essential—in your dating life and in your whole life. Without it we often do foolish things that hurt others or ourselves.

2. Waiting? 5 Important Ideas to Help You Wait Well

God has good reasons for delays. We may not always understand what He is doing or like it, but the One who loves us most asks us to obey his commands—not to withhold from us, but to protect us and guide us.

3. Building Confidence and a Solid Self Esteem

When you fail to see who you really are, you lose sight of your true worth and value. Like a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription, the lenses through which you’ve been viewing your life may have become distorted. And you need God’s perspective, the true view, to gain a clearer vision and see yourself as He sees you.

4. Brokenness and the Healing Power of Surrender 

God is in the business of healing broken hearts and lives. He redeems our losses and messes for His good purposes. But it's not always easy. The good news is that a transformation of the heart happens as we surrender to God our longing, our lack, our mess, our confusion, our whole hearts.

5. How the Church Can Welcome Singles and Help Them Thrive

While the church is a place to worship, connect and serve—a place to find community and fellowship—many singles find the church to be a lonely place. Some feel “less than” because of their marital status. They feel unseen, forgotten or left out…How do you meet their needs and ensure singles grow in their faith?

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