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Jill Savage

Host: Dr. James Dobson

June 26, 2018

Many Christians view Jesus as completely God, but sometimes forget that He was also completely man. Jill Savage, author of the book Real Moms Real Jesus, shares why Jesus understands the exhaustion, disappointment, and vulnerability that mothers feel. She also unpacks with Dr. Dobson the need for people to define themselves by who Christ is, and the necessity for a mom to have a supportive and caring husband.

Meet the Guest


Jill Savage

Jill Savage is an author, speaker, and the former founder of Hearts at Home, and now runs JAM Savage Ministries. She is the author or co-author of twelve books including Professionalizing Motherhood, My Hearts At Home, and Real MomsReal Jesus. She has been featured on radio shows, websites, and various magazines. Jill received her bachelors degree in Choral Music Education from Butler University. Jill and her husband Mark have five children, and three grandchildren. They make their home in Normal, Illinois.

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