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Julie Barnhill

Host: Dr. James Dobson

January 18, 2019

Parenting can be an overwhelming job, which drives some moms, who struggle in handling stress, to lash out at their children. Dr. Dobson concludes addressing the anger moms feel with author Julie Barnhill. She identifies how a womans emotions buildup under the surface, and the connection between depression and rage. Hear why forgiveness is important to solving this tension.

Meet the Guest


Julie Barnhill

Julie Barnhill is a writer and speaker, using her humor and honesty to unpack topics in many areas of life and faith. She has authored twelve books, including Shes GonnaBlow!, focusing on womens non-fiction, parenting, and spiritual development. Julie is a popular keynote speaker for MOPS International Conventions, and Hearts at Home National and International Conferences. The mother of three children, Julie resides with her husband, Rick in Illinois.

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