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John Eldredge

Host: Dr. James Dobson

February 10, 2020

People living in the 21st century have become so entrenched in this fast-paced society, they dont know how to relax or unplug.best-selling author, John Eldredge, joins Dr. Dobson in the Family Talk studios to tackle this pressing issue. The two examine key themes from Johns popular book, Wild at Heart, that relate to this idea of overstimulation.

Meet the Guest


John Eldredge

John Eldredge is a best-selling author, speaker, lecturer and counselor. John serves as the president of Ransomed Heart ministries. He earned a B.A. in Theater from California Polytechnic State University, and then received his Masters Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. He served at Focus on the Family for 12 years and was on staff at Sierra Madre Congregational Church for several years. Some of his best-selling books include Wild at Heart and Captivating. John and his wife Stasi have 3 sons and reside in Colorado Springs.

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