Building Women of Integrity: The American Heritage Girls

Dr. James Dobson
Patti Garibay
Culture is on a mission to confuse and corrupt our young girls, but the church must be willing to stand up for godliness and integrity. Dr. Tim Clinton talks to Patti Garibay, Executive Director of American Heritage Girls. They discuss the mission of this organization, and how it is encouraging young women to know their true worth in Jesus.

Meet the Guest


Patti Garibay

Patti Garibay is the founder and Executive Director of the American Heritage Girls. Educated at the Ohio State University, Patti has served in a variety of capacities as a volunteer at church, school, and scouts. She served as a Girl Scout volunteer for over twelve years as a recruiter and troop leader. Patti founded the faith-based inter-denominational alternative to the Girl Scouts, the American Heritage Girls, in 1995. Patti and her husband Pat, of 40 years, are blessed with 4 children, and 9 grandchildren.

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