Children of Divorce - Part 2

Dr. James Dobson
Dr. Arch Hart
90% of children from divorced homes suffer from an acute sense of shock. And one-third of kids fear abandonment by the remaining parent. Compounding this, 37% of children are even more unhappy five years after the divorce than they had been at 18 months. Time clearly doesn't heal all wounds. Dr. Arch Hart, author of Helping Children Survive Divorce, declares that divorce, after a relationship has been established and the nuclear family has been forged, is actually more damaging to a child than the death of a parent.
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Dr. Arch Hart

Dr. Archibald Hart is a retired clinical psychologist and board-certified diplomate fellow in psychopharmacology. He is best known for his research on the hazards of ministry, depression, anxiety, divorce, and stress. Dr. Hart is Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus at the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, and is the author of over 30 books, including Safe Haven Marriage and The Digital Invasion: How Technology is Shaping You and Your Relationships. Arch and his wife, Kathleen, live in California, and have three daughters and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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