Cissie Graham Lynch: Continuing a Godly Heritage

Dr. Tim Clinton
Cissie Graham Lynch
The renowned Reverend Billy Graham left a towering legacy that continues through his children and grandchildren. Dr. Tim Clinton talks with Cissie Graham Lynch about her early struggles to live up to her family's name, and how her spiritual growth blossomed by seeing the fruit of her grandfather’s dedication to God.
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Meet the Guest


Cissie Graham Lynch

Jane "Cissie" Graham Lynch is the daughter of Franklin and Jane Graham, and granddaughter of the late Reverend Billy Graham. She works closely with her father at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and serves as ministry spokesperson and special projects producer at Samaritan's Purse. Cissie hosts her own podcast, Fearless: Fearless Faith in a Compromising Culture, and is a regular contributor on TV and radio programs across the country. Cissie has been married to her husband, Corey, a former NFL player, since 2007. They have two children, Margaret and Austin.

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