Coping witha Messie

Dr. James Dobson
Sandra Felton
Dr. Dobson welcomes Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous, who shares about the woes of living life as a messy person, touching on the pain and frustration experienced by those who are not able to keep their lives in order. She defines what a messie is and explains how marriages can survive this obstacle. Sandra formulates how she finally decided to stop being a messie and gives guidelines for getting a house under control and keeping it that way.

Meet the Guest


Sandra Felton

Sandra Felton, The Organizer Lady, is the author of Organizing Magic, The Messies Manual, and Messie No More. She is founder and president of Messies Anonymous, a group for those who seek a new and better way of life. Sandra holds a Bachelors from Columbia International University and a Masters of Education degree from the University of Miami. Sandra has three adult children and lives in Miami, Florida with her husband.

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