Domestic Violence and the Trauma in Its Wake - Part 1

Dr. Tim Clinton
Dr. Shannae Anderson
Tragically, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a noted increase in domestic violence in the U.S. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. Tim Clinton and clinical psychologist, Dr. Shannae (SHAWN-ay) Anderson reveal that the ongoing isolation has compounded spousal abuse. In order to survive, victims often experience dissociation, in which the mind essentially separates from the body. The helplessness and powerlessness that the victim feels at the hands of their abuser is often unspeakable terror. Dr. Anderson reveals the means necessary for a survivor to regain their voice and feel safe again.

Meet the Guest


Dr. Shannae Anderson

Dr. Shannae Anderson is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist with over 25 years of experience. She opened her private practice in Thousand Oaks, California in 1998 where she works exclusively with adolescents and adults with a number of complex issues. Most recently, she has worked closely with survivors of the 2017 Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Music Fest, and the 2018 Thousand Oaks, California Borderline Grill mass shootings. Dr. Anderson also provides professional consultation to other therapists who seek her clinical expertise. She is currently an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary where she teaches Pastoral Care and Addictions in the Recovery Ministry Program.

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