Dr. Dobson on his February Newsletter: Where Do We Go from Here?

Dr. James Dobson
James Gottry
In his February newsletter entitled, "Where Do We Go from Here?," Dr. James Dobson underscores his frustration that the U.S. Supreme Court sidestepped the issue of election integrity, and that both Georgia Senate seats were won by leftist Democrats in that state’s January runoff election. As a result, Americans will be burdened with a radical agenda. His advice? Like the faithful farmer who weathers the heat and rain, we who are conservative Christians must continue to "stay in the field"—knowing that God gives strength to the weary.
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Meet the Guest


James Gottry

James Gottry serves as Vice President of Public Policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. In this role, he leads the effort to monitor current events and legislative measures that impact the institution of the family and culture, interpret them in light of the Bible, and provide appropriate strategies for response. James also writes about constitutional law, religious freedom, and cultural issues, and his work has been published in The Wall Street JournalNational ReviewFox NewsThe Hill, and various additional print and online outlets. He has appeared on MSNBC and has been quoted by USA Today, NPR, Fox News, and others. James earned his J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School in 2011, where he was elected to the Order of the Coif and served as senior en banc editor of the Vanderbilt Law Review. He obtained a B.A. in public relations from Northern Arizona University in 1999.

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