The Hidden Message of the Great Seal of the United States - Part 1

Dr. James Dobson
Michael Kanis
Youve probably seen it thousands of times, but how often have you really looked at it? guest Michael Kanis encourages you to look closely at the Great Seal of the United States to discover hidden messages from our founding fathers. Learn how these messages can help us to preserve the values our nation was built upon. Thats today on Family Talk.

Meet the Guest


Michael Kanis

Michael Kanis is an entrepreneur who started a small business in 2000. He is also a student of history and a seeker of knowledge. He has been a believer since about nine years of age and since about twelve he has been a seeker of the Kingdom of God. He resides in Holland, Michigan with his wife Tina. They have been married for 21 years and have 4 children.

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