Igniting Men for the Cross

Dr. Tim Clinton
Joe White
When Joe White spoke at the Ignite Men's Conference, he carried a massive cross on stage. Then he invited all the men in attendance, in their vulnerability and brokenness, to write their shameful sins onto index cards and bring them to the altar to be nailed to the cross. Romans 8:15 declares that God offers forgiveness and enables them to cry out, "Abba, Father!"
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Meet the Guest


Joe White

Joe White is president and chairman of Kanakuk Kamps, a family of ministries headquartered in Branson, Missouri. Joe has written 20 books, including Faith Training: Raising Kids Who Love the Lord and Irresistible Love: A Journey to the Heart of Jesus. After playing football at Southern Methodist University, Joe was a defensive coach at Texas A&M. Dr. James Dobson has cited Joe as "Knowing more about teenagers than anyone in North America." Joe is a sought-after speaker who has appeared at Promise Keepers events, Life on the Edge Conferences, and has spoken to MLB and NFL teams. Joe has been married to Debbie-Jo for 45 years, and they have four children and 15 grandchildren.

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