The Importance of the Family - Part 2

Howard Hendericks
The centerpiece of society is not the government, schools or the church; it is the family. On this edition of Family Talk, listen to the remainder of a stirring presentation on this topic from the late Bible teacher Howard Hendricks. He further exposes the harmful effects that secularism and materialism have had on the Christian home, and then implores the next generation to stand for godly values.
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Meet the Guest


Howard Hendericks

Howard Hendricks was a longtime pastor, professor, author and speaker. For sixty years, Professor Hendricks taught Bible exposition and hermeneutics at Dallas Theological Seminary. He was a mentor to many prominent Christian leaders, including Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans and David Jeremiah. Hendricks served as chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys football team for eight years. He evangelized in over 80 countries and spoke for many groups, including Promise Keepers, The Navigators and Billy Graham’s The Cove. He authored over twenty books, including Say it With Love, Heaven Help the Home, Husbands & Wives, and A Life of Integrity. Howard Hendricks passed away in 2013, and is survived by Jeanne, his wife of 65 years, his daughter Beverly, sons Robert and William, and many grandchildren.

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