It's Okay Not to Be Okay

Dr. Tim Clinton
Shiela Walsh
Many times, believers accentuate their shortcomings, and overlook Gods potential in their lives. Dr. Tim Clinton sits down with speaker and best-selling author, Sheila Walsh. She opens up about her painful past which included an abusive father, feelings of worthlessness, and a mental breakdown.

Meet the Guest


Shiela Walsh

Sheila Walsh was born in a small fishing town in Scotland and was raised by Christian parents. Sheilas life flipped upside down after her dad experienced a cerebral hemorrhage, which led to abusive behavior and a mental collapse that tragically ended with his suicide. While working for the 700 Club, Sheila experienced her own mental breakdown. After receiving help, she has become a courageous voice all over the world, brining hope to those struggling with mental illness. Sheila is an author, speaker and bible teacher. She’s the co-host of a television program called Life Today. Sheila resides in Texas with her husband Barry, son Christian, and two dogs.

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