Live to Forgive: A Family Story of Pain and Redemption

Dr. Tim Clinton
Jason Romano
Jason Romano always had a passion for sports, an interest he shared with his father and grandfather. He turned that passion into a dream career at ESPN, producing SportsCenter and Monday Night Football. But sadly, Jason couldn’t always share his "love of the game" with his father, whose alcoholism was a constant source of anguish and shame for the entire family. On today’s edition of Family Talk, the author of Live to Forgive says the four steps toward forgiveness are to feel the pain, evaluate the trauma, transform the wound, and forgive the abuser. In Matthew chapter 18, Jesus commands us to forgive. If we don’t, we hurt ourselves more than our offender.
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Meet the Guest


Jason Romano

Jason Romano is an author, speaker, and media consultant. For 17 years, he was an Emmy-Award winning producer and senior manager at ESPN. He is the host of the podcast Sports Spectrum, which features athletes, coaches, entertainers and other personalities sharing their stories on the intersection of sports and faith. Jason has been featured on various programs including The 700 Club, CBN, Moody National Radio, Family Life Today and Faithwire. He and his wife, Dawn, have one daughter and they reside in Connecticut. 

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