Living with the Strong-Willed Child - Part 3

Dr. James Dobson
Joy Solomon, Debra Merritt, Kristen Walker, and Lizz Walker
Christian parents instinctively know that they’re in a battle with Satan himself for the souls of their children. But the parents of strong-willed children grapple with that spiritual reality more dramatically. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson visits for a third day with three mothers who fasted and prayed and disciplined until they saw victory. Lizz Walker, a 17-year-old, confessed, "I've spent all of my life being strong-willed and wanting to win a battle." God told her, "I want you to be strong-willed for Me!"
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Meet the Guest


Joy Solomon, Debra Merritt, Kristen Walker, and Lizz Walker

Joy Solomon is a mother of two, and has been married for 46 years to her husband, Davey. Debra Merritt is a retired teacher who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is the mother of four children and grandmother of several grandchildren. Kristen Walker is a high school teacher and mother of four children. She has been married for 45 years. Lizz Walker, who was 17 at the time of recording, is now 39, married and a mother of two kids. 

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