Mental Disorders, Families and the Church

Dr. James Dobson
Amy Simpson
The church, as a whole, is very uninformed and ill-equipped to care for mental illness. Dr. Tim Clinton discusses this difficult subject with author, speaker and leadership coach, Amy Simpson. Amy shares how her moms battle with schizophrenia, impacted her family. She also explains her passion to educate the body of Christ on their role in this crisis.

Meet the Guest


Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson currently serves as Editor of Christianity Todays Gifted for Leadership, Senior Editor of Leadership Journal, and is a member of the board for Minds Renewed. She is author of the award-winning books Blessed Are the Unsatisfied, Troubled Minds, and Anxious. Amy has previously worked in publishing for organizations like Tyndale House, Standard Publishing, LifeWay, and Christianity Today. She holds an English degree from Trinity International University, an MBA from the University of Colorado, and a CPCC certification from Coaches Training Institute. Amy and her husband Trevor have two teenage girls, and reside in the suburbs of Chicago.

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