Motivating Your Child to Learn - Part 1

Dr. James Dobson
Cheri Fuller
Young children have a God-inspired curiosity about the world around them, typically prompting a flood of questions. But with parents busier than ever, the danger is that we either ignore these questions or belittle them. Cheri Fuller, author of Motivating Your Kids from Crayons to Careers, urges parents to affirm their child's desire to learn—and, if you don't readily know the answer to his or her question, look it up together.
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Meet the Guest


Cheri Fuller

Cheri Fuller is a public speaker and author of over 48 books, as well as hundreds of articles for print and online publications. She is also a co-founder of "Write Well Sell Well," a national writer's conference. Cheri's books include best-selling titles, When Mothers Pray, When Children Pray, and Opening Your Child's Spiritual Windows. Her ministry, Families Pray USA, motivates and equips moms, dads, children, teens, and churches to impact the world through prayer. A former teacher and leader of a "Moms in Prayer" group for 12 years, she holds a master's degree in English literature. Cheri is married with three grown children and six grandchildren. 

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