The Mystique of a Woman

Dr. James Dobson
Jean Lush
Keeping the initial interest and spark in a marriage can be difficult to do, but what is the mysterious it factor that everyone seems to be wanting? Dr. Dobson explores the need for wives to maintain feminine mystique in marriage. You can learn to develop a gentle and quiet spirit in the midst of everyday demands. Find out how, onDr. James Dobsons Family Talk.

Meet the Guest


Jean Lush

The late Jean Lush was a counselor with CRISTA ministries in Seattle for more than 30 years, where she offered incredible insight into the dynamics of womanhood and becamewell-known for her radio and television outreach. Lush was coauthor of Mothers and Sons and the bestselling Emotional Phases of a Women's Life. Lush attended The University of Adelaide located in Adelaide, South Australia, and was the first woman certified as a marriage counselor in the state of Washington.

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