Overcoming Alcoholism

Dr. James Dobson
Bob and Pauline Bartosch
Many people struggle with alcohol and other addictions, but very few actually receive any form of treatment. Bob and Pauline Bartosch, authors of Overcomers Outreach: Bridge to Recovery, reveal to Dr. James Dobson that Bob was dependent on alcohol and Pauline relied on valium. Ultimately, both found hope and healing in the Lord, as well as support communities in Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. Out of their experience, they founded Overcomers Outreach, a Christ-centered addiction support group.
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Bob and Pauline Bartosch

Bob Bartosch was studying for a career in ministry as a young man, but alcoholism nearly destroyed his life. A series of miracles led to his involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous, where he found sobriety. Bob’s wife, Pauline, secretly became a Valium-addicted codependent who found hope in Al-Anon just weeks before Bob became sober. Once they rediscovered their “higher power,” Jesus Christ, Bob and Pauline started Overcomers Outreach to assist those in search of recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other substances. The basis to their ministry and sobriety is the fundamental faith each person must place in Jesus Christ alone. Bob passed away in 2006, and Pauline passed away in 2019. The Bartoschs leave behind three sons, Bob, Mike and Steve, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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