Parenting Teens: Loneliness

Dr. James Dobson
andy braner
Most teenagers today communicate by way of texting or through social media like Facebook or Twitter. If you are a parent who sees your high schooler more interested in sitting behind a computer than investing in real face-to-face relationships, tune in as Ryan Dobson and Andy Braner discuss the importance of investing in relationships and how they keep us grounded and healthy. Andy Braner is an ordained minister and the former president of Kanakuk Colorado Kamp in Bayfield, Colorado. His mission is to create a place where teenagers can explore their faith and understand the Christian worldview and to provide opportunities for teenagers to engage in God’s work around the world. Andy recently started a nonprofit camping ministry called Ahava ministries. The first location is KIVU (, where a team of exciting college students provide Christian worldview training to teenagers for fourteen days a term each summer. Andy teaches Christian worldview classes to approximately a thousand teenagers and three hundred college-age counselors each summer. His desire is to teach young people what it means to be “Realife/Realfaith” followers of Jesus. KIVU has started a gap-year program for high school students to take a year between graduation and their freshman year of college. This program is proving to be a wonderful opportunity for students to explore issues such as poverty and God’s view of the poor, international business, and global relationships with different countries. You can learn more about the gap year at In an average year, Andy speaks to more than 80,000 high school and college students in both public and private schools. He teaches on a wide variety of topics, including Christian worldview, basic apologetics, sexuality, culture, Christians in the arts and entertainment, and world religions. He frequently speaks at youth conferences, churches, schools, and universities. Andy lives with his wife and five children in Durango, Colorado, where they continue to seek God’s will for their family.

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