Parenting Well: Balancing Marriage and Motherhood

Dr. Tim Clinton
Becky Thompson
As a mother, do you ever feel you should have been more patient with your kids, or more loving toward your husband? Popular blogger Becky Thompson, author of Hope Unfolding: Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma's Heart, says it’s time to get off the carousel of guilt, and don’t let the Devil accuse you! God wants you to believe in your ability to be a good mom and not second-guess yourself. In a fitting pre-Mother’s Day message, Becky says it’s time that moms saw themselves through God’s eyes.
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Meet the Guest


Becky Thompson

Becky Thompson is an author and popular "mommy blogger." Her books include, My Real Story, Truth Unchanging, Hope Unfolding, and Love Unending. Becky speaks on the issues of balancing life as a wife, a mother and daughter of God. She is the founder of the "Midnight Mom Devotional" Facebook page, and is known to millions through her blogs at Becky and her husband, Jared, live in the Nashville area with their three young children.

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