Rise of the Servant Kings

Dr. James Dobson
Ken Harrison
At the end of his life, King David told his son Solomon, Be strong and show yourself a man. This Family Talk broadcast will look at what the Bible says about manhood, through Dr. Dobsons conversation with Ken Harrison. Ken will talk about his current role with Promise Keepers, and his new book for men titled Rise of the Servant Kings.

Meet the Guest


Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison serves as Chairman of Promise Keepers and the CEO of the WaterStone Foundation. He started his career in the LAPD, serving South-Central Los Angeles. He received numerous commendations and awards, including a nomination for the Police Star for Bravery. Ken graduated from Marine Corps Officer Candidate school, and received Bachelors Degrees in English Literature & Management and Communications. He has authored 2 books including Victors or Victims and Rise of the Servant Kings. Ken has been married to his wife Elliette for 28 years, and they have 3 children.

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