Socialism: The Enemy of Christianity

Dr. James Dobson
Dr. Jack Graham
Throughout history, Christianity has been constantly challenged by dangerous ideologies and wayward societal trends. Dr. Jack Graham focuses on one of those threats that has risen in popularity in recent years: socialism. He identifies its notable failures around the world and explains why socialism is in direct opposition to Gods Word.

Meet the Guest


Dr. Jack Graham

Dr. Jack Grahamis the Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas and the founder of PowerPoint Ministries. He has authored numerous books, including:Man of God, You Can Make a Difference,and Angels. Through broadcasts and online sermons, Dr. Graham addresses relevant, everyday issues that are prevalent in our culture. He served as Honorary Chairman of the National Day of Prayer in 2015 and served two terms as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. He currently serves on President Donald Trumps Religious Advisory Council. Dr. Graham and his wife, Deb, have three adult children and eight grandchildren.

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