Softening a Crusty Heart

Dr. James Dobson
Don Coble
Severe childhood trauma, heartbreaking loss, and painful life experiences can all contribute to a hardening of a person's heart toward the gospel. The late Lt. Col. Don Coble shares his powerful testimony about how the death of his father in his youth and a difficult time serving in the military created a callous indifference to the Bible—and how God redeemed him.

Meet the Guest


Don Coble

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Don Coble (July 3, 1936 - January 28, 2018) served in the U.S. Army for over 20 years. Once a self-proclaimed hard-hearted man, Don struggled with alcoholism and workaholism, which led him to neglect his wife and children–until he met the Lord. After becoming saved, his life shifted dramatically and the pain from his past began to heal. God opened his heart and his eyes to a love that he couldn’t comprehend, which in turn led to a life of richness in Christ, hope in hurt, and joy in the face of trials. Don became a pastor and evangelist whose reach spread across the country through Life Ablaze Ministry. He retired in Arizona in 2002 but continued his service to the Lord as chaplain for the Mesa Fire Department, and through an outreach called Crescent Run Community Church that he started in his community. Don passed away in 2018 and is survived by his wife, Jackie, his two sons and his grandchildren.

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