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Lisa Rowe

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

January 18, 2023

What happens after a woman has an abortion? What resources are available after that grievous choice? These are the questions that Lisa Rowe, founder and CEO of the Support After Abortion ministry, is trying to answer. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Lisa, a licensed social worker, who works directly with women experiencing this tremendous loss and pain, shares that women consider abortion to be the best option after enduring other preliminary traumas. She says that post-abortive women grapple with regret, anger, grief, and anxiety. Through the network of counselors available at Support After Abortion, women learn the difference between guilt which says, “I did bad,” and shame which says, “I am bad.”

Meet the Guest


Lisa Rowe

Lisa Rowe is a licensed clinical social worker and the CEO of Support After Abortion, a non-profit that works with over 800+ agencies to individualize the care that a person receives after being impacted by abortion. As a therapist, Lisa has spent over 20 years equipping and empowering thousands of at-risk children, hurting adults, and broken families to find hope, healing, and restoration. Her areas of expertise include helping individuals and families heal from abortion, codependency, foster care, teen parenting, unexpected pregnancies, addiction, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and divorce. Her clinical experience benefits government, nonprofit, and private organizations to grow their impact, increase their sustainability, and leave a national imprint. Lisa is happily married and enjoys raising her blended family.

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