What Kids Need froma Mom

Dr. James Dobson
Angela Thomas-Pharr
Mothers provide their young children with the perfect blend of nurturing love, direction and discipline. On this broadcast, Family Talks co-host Dr. Tim Clinton will talk with author, speaker, teacher and mother of four, Angela Thomas. The two talk about how women can handle the immense responsibilities of motherhood, while still having fun along the way. Theyll also stress the need for parents to live out their genuine faith, so their children will follow them.

Meet the Guest


Angela Thomas-Pharr

Angela Thomas-Pharr is a follower of Christ, mother, friend, best-selling author, speaker, and teacher. Angela graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in economics and television production and earned her Master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. She is the best-selling author of over 16 books including: Choosing Joy, 52 Things Kids Need from a Mom, and My Single Mom Life. Living in Greensboro, North Carolina, Angela is wife to Scott Pharr and mother of four, and recently added an exchange student from Africa.

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