America's Spiritual Civil War

America's Spiritual Civil War

Does it seem sometimes as if America is coming apart at the seams? Ideas we commonly shared are now shouted down. Judeo-Christian values are openly disparaged. The spirit of our nation is strained. This is no coincidence, as Dr. Dobson reveals in America's Spiritual Civil War.

DARK AGENDA—Christianity has been unfairly targeted by the progressive culture. Fortunately, more and more secular groups are coming to the defense of religious liberty. On this timely CD, Dr. Dobson welcomes popular conservative author and speaker, David Horowitz. The two men discuss the origins of hostility toward Judeo-Christian values, while Mr. Horowitz explains why he walked away from a liberal mindset.

NO SAFE SPACES—Historically, colleges and universities were places dedicated to encouraging open dialogue and a free exchange of ideas. Sadly, intolerance and censorship toward conservatism is escalating. On this special broadcast, Dr. Dobson talks with popular radio host Dennis Prager about his new documentary No Safe Spaces. Hear how free speech is under attack on campuses across the nation.


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