Celebrating Moms CD

Celebrating Moms CD




This special edition CD includes three broadcasts dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and celebrating moms. 

1. Unshaken Faith — Prayer is a powerful tool that parents, especially moms, must use to intercede for their children and the next generation. Sally Burke, President of Moms in Prayer, talks with Dr. James Dobson about her ministry and her book, Unshaken.

2. Parenting Well: Balancing Marriage and Motherhood — Are you a mother struggling to care for your children while remaining a loving and devoted wife? Mommy blogger and author Becky Thompson encourages moms in an interview with Family Talk co-host, Dr. Tim Clinton. The two discuss finding a healthy balance between mothering and marriage, and remind women to rely on God and His love in tough times.

3. Celebrating Moms — Who has a limitless supply of hugs, a keen wit, and an uncanny ability to know exactly when we're hurting ... and how to fix it? It's MOM, of course! Dr. Dobson reflects on the impact his mother has had on his life in this special Mother's Day tribute.

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