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April 17, 2020

Live Alone? Feeling Isolated? Here's Hope and a Powerful Prayer

Are you feeling lonely and isolated? Missing human contact?

Many singles of all ages live alone. And living alone isn't always easy, especially during these days of the COVID-19 crisis.

You can't visit with friends or family outside the home and you need to social distance. You miss warm hugs and the joy of face-to-face conversation. And the weeks are dragging on.

I get it. I'm single and I live alone, too.

The truth is, we were created for connection and relationships of all kinds. Love and friendship are vital to our emotional well-being.

So, what can you do during this crisis to feel less alone and more connected?

First, connect with God. Make a primary connection with the One who loves you most. Through prayer and talking with God, we can have the most meaningful connection possible.

Prayer is a holy conversation of both speaking and listening with God. He knows you better than you know yourself. In fact, He created you! So your words don't have to be perfect or rehearsed, just real and from your heart. Pray and talk with God about your feelings and fears. There's a helpful prayer below you can pray. When you know God, you are never alone. Today, ask God to make His presence real to you.

Remember Who is in control. It's important to remember that God is bigger than this crisis. He is sovereign and in control. Remember His mercy and grace. His power and strength. His comfort and unconditional love for you.

Get out the Good Book. Turn off the TV news once in a while, and pull out your Bible. Take time to read it more than you usually do, and in doing so you will be saturating yourself with God's powerful Word. The truths in the Bible never return empty, but accomplish God's purposes. (Isaiah 55:11)

Use this time wisely. Get a journal or notebook (or device) and write down what God is teaching you during this time. Consider and journal these questions: What needs to change in your life? How can you pray for others? What is on God's heart for such a time as this?

Then, connect with others in virtual community. Right now, our women's Bible study is meeting on Zoom every Wednesday night. And our monthly prayer night is meeting online, as well.

You can make a plan to have virtual visits to connect with family or friends. Sure, it's not the same as in-person time, but it sure helps to have some sort of human interaction—even on a computer or phone screen.

If you don't have virtual connection capabilities, you can phone or text a friend. Just think, you could be the answer to someone else's prayer. Your friend may be feeling lonely too, and you could brighten her day with a call to check in.

Here's a powerful prayer you can pray.

"Lord, I have this lonely ache inside of me. I feel so isolated. And sometimes I am afraid. What is going to happen? I long to connect with other people in person, but right now I cannot. We have a stay-at-home order because of the virus going around. And it's hard to be home alone by myself for weeks on end.

Yet, I take comfort that you are bigger than this crisis. I thank You, Lord, that You are here, near. When Your presence is with me, I am never really alone.

Will you help me to choose FAITH over fear? And TRUST that You are in control even when I don't always see it or feel it?

Help me to saturate my heart, soul and mind with Your unchanging truths because it's the TRUTH that will set me free.

Thank you for being my protector, my provider, and my strong peace. I choose to trust You. And I pray believing. In Jesus' might and powerful name. Amen."

Amen! Be at peace.