Google, Loretta, and Life-long Marriage

James Gottry

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A great nation is built upon strong families, and strong families are built upon great marriages. VP of Public Policy, James Gottry, shares how a popular commercial, featuring Google Assistant and a woman named Loretta, helps remind us of the beauty of lifelong marriage.

Key messages
• Our society doesn't work without strong families, and strong families are built upon vibrant marriages.
• Ask any couple whose marriage is measured in decades to share the secret of their success and you will undoubtedly hear admonitions to communicate well, resolve conflicts, and put each other first. In other words, you will hear that marriage is hard work.
• We are designed for intimacy. Not a shallow connection that persists until physical attraction fades. And not the temporary blending of lives that eventually and consciously uncouples, but the lasting union of heart, mind, body, and spirit.

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