Turkey, Dallas Cowboys, and the Salvation Army

James Gottry

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On Thanksgiving Day, the NFL's Dallas Cowboys will play their traditional Turkey Day football game, and all of America will gather around the TV to watch. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the halftime show is being used to raise awareness for the Salvation Army's "Red Kettle" campaign. But in the spirit of "tolerance," some people were outraged.

Key messages
• The Salvation Army serves everyone. Like many faith-based groups and businesses, the Salvation Army seeks to operate consistent with its faith, which includes the charge to demonstrate love to all people.
• Tolerance is not synonymous with uniformity; a tolerant society welcomes diverse views, it doesn't seek to eliminate them.
• Promoters of true tolerance don't bully groups or individuals who hold different views.

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A Revival of Free Speech (and True Tolerance)
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